T-Mobile Will Begin Bundling Unlimited Plan And Tethering Feature On Wednesday

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In a move I truly believe should have been made right from the get go, T-Mobile will change their Value and Classic Simple Choice Plans to “bundle” the tethering feature with unlimited data plans right from the start. As 500MB is already included on Unlimited Plans, the addition of 2.5GB of unlimited data with tethering will now be priced at $30 for 2.5GB of allotted tethering data as opposed to $20 for Unlimited Data and $10 for the tethering. The same for Classic Plans available at third-party retails and some authorized dealers, the 2.5GB tethering plan moves to $40 bundled as opposed to $20 each for Unlimited and tethering as separate features.

This move should make the tethering feature far easier to understand and allow for T-Mobile’s retail reps to better up sell. All-in-all I feel this is the move T-Mobile should have undertaken from the start but I’m glad they recognized it after a month and are making the right changes.


New Unlimited Data Features to be Bundled with Limited Smartphone Mobile Hotspot on April 24

Posted on Apr 22, 2013 7:34:01 AM

To help ensure T-Mobile customers are properly set up with the right data plan and service capabilities, we’ve now made it easier to set customers up with tethering on unlimited data add-on features. On April 24, unlimited data features will change to eliminate the confusion.

The new unlimited data features will bundle in the limited bucket Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (SMHS) service which allows tethering, removing the need to add tethering separately. All current unlimited data and Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (SMHS) SOCs will be grandfathered and replaced with new bundled unlimited data add-on features with limited bucket tethering included.
New Unlimited Data Feature
Value MRC
Classic MRC

Unlimited Data with 500MB SMHS

Unlimited Data with 2.5GB SMHS

Unlimited Data with 4.5GB SMHS

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