T-Mobile Will Begin Bundling Unlimited Plan And Tethering Feature On Wednesday

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In a move I truly believe should have been made right from the get go, T-Mobile will change their Value and Classic Simple Choice Plans to “bundle” the tethering feature with unlimited data plans right from the start. As 500MB is already included on Unlimited Plans, the addition of 2.5GB of unlimited data with tethering will now be priced at $30 for 2.5GB of allotted tethering data as opposed to $20 for Unlimited Data and $10 for the tethering. The same for Classic Plans available at third-party retails and some authorized dealers, the 2.5GB tethering plan moves to $40 bundled as opposed to $20 each for Unlimited and tethering as separate features.

This move should make the tethering feature far easier to understand and allow for T-Mobile’s retail reps to better up sell. All-in-all I feel this is the move T-Mobile should have undertaken from the start but I’m glad they recognized it after a month and are making the right changes.


New Unlimited Data Features to be Bundled with Limited Smartphone Mobile Hotspot on April 24

Posted on Apr 22, 2013 7:34:01 AM

To help ensure T-Mobile customers are properly set up with the right data plan and service capabilities, we’ve now made it easier to set customers up with tethering on unlimited data add-on features. On April 24, unlimited data features will change to eliminate the confusion.

The new unlimited data features will bundle in the limited bucket Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (SMHS) service which allows tethering, removing the need to add tethering separately. All current unlimited data and Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (SMHS) SOCs will be grandfathered and replaced with new bundled unlimited data add-on features with limited bucket tethering included.
New Unlimited Data Feature
Value MRC
Classic MRC

Unlimited Data with 500MB SMHS

Unlimited Data with 2.5GB SMHS

Unlimited Data with 4.5GB SMHS

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  • James

    David, I know this is off topic but what happened with the T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger voting. I know it was on the 21st but did it get approved or what happened.

    • thepanttherlady

      Voting is on the 24th.

    • Baxter DeBerry

      Voting day changed because the offer that deutsche telekom made was improved, the 24th is the new voting day

  • justin

    Tmobile needs to stick with what was working, i have the prepaid plan of 70 bucks and i HAD the SMH for 15 additional and then they made it unavailable to add….. well thats ok, i found me some nice free apps that allow me to Hotspot my phone, i would have gladly kept paying the 15 but Tmobile had to ruin it now theyre getting nothing from me…. Well played tmobile, well played

    • guest

      when you we’re able to add the hot spot feature you had a 5g data plan the removal of hotspot happened because the data went to truly unlimited. if you want to use hotspot on the $70 plan you need to be on postpaid not prepaid.

    • psychoace

      Even though they really were saved by their prepaid plans they seem to be gutting them and pushing to a post paid only service. First try to find any mention of post paid plans on T-Mobiles website. You have to do a google search to find it. Then look at the price for phones. They jumped up about $50-$100 per phone right after the new plans came into effect. The L9 for example was down to $189 on its website. Now it’s up to almost $300. So yeah my guess is they want everyone on these post paid plans.

  • Will i be able to add tethering to my 70$ unlimited data, text,talk plan.?

    • your plan will come with 500MB automatically .. if you want more than that, you’ll have to pay for more.

    • OZ

      Yes you can. Add up 2.5 or 4.5 GB. I do not recall pricing.

    • If you are on a postpaid plan, then yes with an additional $10 for 2.5GB and $20 for 4.5GB. Otherwise you already have the 500MB.

    • psychoace

      If you are talking about Monthly 4g/prepaid then no. We get no tethering.

    • ChristianMcC

      Root, have a phone that T-Mobile hasn’t updated in the past year and half(ie moto defy, lg G2x, Samsung galaxy s 4g), or get a nexus 2/3/4(I know they have different names) and then use this websites instructions(unless it’s a tablet, as there is no need): http://www.talkandroid.com/guides/misc/how-to-bypass-t-mobiles-anti-tethering-policy/

  • oh that’s cool .. they’ll upgrade existing plans automatically with this.

    • 21stNow

      I’m not following you. Nothing really changes with this. It’s just a different presentation of the what was already available with the Simple Choice plans and a difference in how the reps add features in their systems.

      • Value plans prior to Simple Choice didn’t have the Hotspot included .. according to this though, they’ll automatically be upgraded to include hotspot those who have Value plans prior to Simple Choice.

        • 21stNow

          From the Additional Details section at the bottom, it seems like it is not for older plans, meaning anything that launched before March 24, 2013.

        • well that’s gonna suck lol

  • epsiblivion

    so does this mean the “unlimited data” tiers are still the same? e.g. $50 for unlimited texts/min/ and 500mb of 4g data and unlimited edge after that. or is this “unlimited data” true 4g? that would sound too good to be true so I’m guessing the former.

    • thepanttherlady

      The unlimited portion is still the same, unlimited. The 500MB is for tethering and that will be throttled once you hit it.

      • epsiblivion

        ah, I was confused for a second. so this just replaced the regular unlimited data addon and threw in the tethering. not included in the base plan

  • OZ

    I guess I will need to keep my grandfathered 5 GB combined tethering/data for $30.

    • Alan713

      if it’s prepaid walmart plan i think they still have it

      • OZ

        Grandfathered MyFaves postpaid. I need unlimited + 4.5 GB tethering. I will need to get rid of the plan.

    • retlem

      call retention and get the unlimited data no caps for the same price and then root your phone and get unlimited hotspot. Works for me.

      • OZ

        haha, there is always a workaround eh? Once my warranty is over, I will consider it.

      • NextBig313

        How do you root your phone and get unlimited Hotspot. When I try to tether on a non rooted device. I get The tmobile message saying I have to add the mobile hotspot feature. I heard of a work around on XDA to get the Server to think you are browsing from a mobile device, never researched and tryed this method yet.

        • retlem

          try a different browser. Depending on your phone, you may have to search XDA to root. T-Mobile actually has a way to block certain browsers but u will still have internet access to download. I noticed they block Chrome, internet explorer, and Firefox. But Opera worked fine for me and also K-Melon. I’m still using the Galaxy S 2 but its rooted with Jelly Bean OS and I have no problems with it since I changed over the software.

  • nougatmachine

    So does this mean you will no longer be able to get unlimited data for $70 per month? You now need to spend at least $80?

    • guest

      pricing didn’t change just how the features are applied to the account changed. this only affects how reps add features.

    • LC

      It’s only $80 if you want the unlimited with the additional 2.5gb for tethering. This change is really just for employees because before the tethering on unlimited was a separate feature that was added on.

  • lithdoc

    This is nonsense, tethering should included in the capped data packages anyway! It is a feature of the phone, not of T-mobile. If you limit my data, it should make no difference whether I use it through my phone or computer. I understand why this may not be possible on an unlimited plan, but the rest is just greed.

    • UMA_Fan

      With all of tmobiles new plans if you choose a capped tier hotspot is included. Even on the 2GB and 500mb plans that throttle yoy

    • Capped data packages didn’t change. They still include full tethering. This change only applies to the unlimited data plan, which you said is fine. So what’s your point in the first place?

  • Marc Klein

    You can tether w/o having a plan. Just use FoxFi and/or PDANet

    • guest

      FoxFi doesn’t work on my phone, the Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4g – it got broken when I updated to ICS. It doesn’t work on my husband’s phone either, a Motorola Defy. It would be nice to just be able to use the data we are paying for whichever way we want.

      • Marc Klein

        Try PDANet

        • Guest

          That’s USB tethering – not wireless tethering. Doesn’t do me any good with, say, my Ipad

        • TMOguy

          Try a software program called “Connectify”. Google it. It works awesome.. Connect your phone to laptop using USB/PDANet, then it uses your laptop WiFi to turn your PC into a wireless hotspot.. Very cool software program.

        • guest

          Thanks, I’ll check it out.

      • ChristianMcC

        For the blaze I imagine it was locked out, but for the defy, you should be able to use the app already in the app drawer, using these steps, (since they haven’t updated the defy in forever): http://www.talkandroid.com/guides/misc/how-to-bypass-t-mobiles-anti-tethering-policy/

  • Goldenbrown

    I’m not understanding this

    • Herb

      It’s really not for consumers. Nothing is changing and this article seems to be confusing everyone but T-Mobile employees.

  • guest

    OK, I don’t get it. Does this mean that existing “unlimited but throttled” lines now have 500MB of tethering added to them with no additional charge? Specifically in my case, I have a 4 line family Value plan sharing 1000 minutes, with unlimited family texting and “unlimited” data, throttled at 2GB. This plan costs me about $100/month after all discounts. I’m very happy with it, don’t want to change, I don’t need more minutes or more data, and I don’t care to spend any more. However, I really could use just a little bit of tethering now and again. Does this mean that my 4 lines will each have 500MB of tethering thrown in, or do I have to pay extra/change my plan if I want to add tethering to even one line?

    • guest

      OK chatted with t-mobile. My 2gb “unlimited” plan is not the kind of unlimited plan that gets the hotspot added for free. If I want hotspot I have to buy a 4.5 GB plan for a lot more, or else switch to the Simple plan – where I will get unlimited minutes and texts and 500GB per line with hotspot thrown in for about the same as I am paying now. I am not at all convinced that would be a good decision, as we never run out of minutes, and we might need more data in the future. Seems silly to give up a total of 6GB of data to get free tethering for emergencies, even if we never come close to using it each month. Guess it’s time to figure out rooting . . .

    • enoch861

      Go online and add the new 2.5gb plan to your account. Same price but you get a bit more data and little bit of tethering thrown in for good measure.

      • guest

        I went online and the only thing I could find was the 4.5GB plan – I chatted with a rep and was told that 4.5 GB was the only thing I could add, or I could change to a Simple plan. I am currently paying $10.00 per line for the 2GB with no tethering, how much is the 2.5 GB with tethering? I would be happy to call retentions and give them a bit of grief if it’s the same price but just not available to me because I am on a plan they no longer sell (which I switched to only a year ago).

        • Will

          Call back and talk to another rep (don’t do it online). I had the same Value plan as you with 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data (200MB throttled). The plan worked out as follows:

          $49 for 1000 shared minutes (2 lines)
          + $5 for unlimited texts for just the main line I use for calls
          + $5/line for unlimited data (throttled to 2G after 200MB)
          Free Wifi calling included.

          Tethering was always allowed on that plan. I started hitting my cap once they turned on LTE. So I called T-Mobile and had them do the following:

          – $5 for unlimited texts (I use the free iMessage built into the iPhone)
          + $5 to upgrade the data to non-throttled, unlimited 4G data plus 2.5GB Hotspot. I only did this on one line but it could be done on both.

          So I now pay $64 total:

          $49 for 1000 shared minutes (2 lines)
          + $5 for 200 MB throttled (unlimited data) on line 1
          + $10 for unlimited 4G data (no throttle) plus 2.5GB Hotspot for line 2.
          Free Wifi calling included.

          Even with the crappy coverage I get in my area, this is enough to make me happy and stay with T-Mobile. I will put up with EDGE at the house because the phones are connected by Wifi while at home.

        • guest

          You were right – thank you very much! I called T-mobile and asked to be switched to the 2.5 GB with hotspot, without any other changes to my account, and they were able to do it for all four lines. Perfect, now we all have a little tethering available for on-the-road secure internet access!

        • enoch861

          Yep, the 2.5 GB with hotspot is only 10 bucks. So its like why would you pay 10 bucks for 2 GB with no tethering when you can have a bit more data with tethering?

  • kev2684

    this is the same as the one announced a month ago. they just combined it as one instead of 2 separate things when choosing a plan for convenience.

    BTW, why are there no new LTE markets yet? it’s been almost a month since the first 8 cities went live. how are they going to do 100mil pops by mid-year if they are not doing massive upgrades everywhere and announcing the list of completed cities with 4G LTE at least twice a month?

    • taron19119

      because the 100 million pops of LTE by mid year will only happen when T Mobile gets MetroPCS

      • jay_max

        Seattle is being lit up (cue 420 jokes), it’s just not official yet.

        • TMOguy

          The only place lit up with LTE in Seattle is TMO headquarters in Factoria (drive over here if you want to try it).

        • jay_max

          I have had two friends (both at HQ – one’s an engineer) tell me it is being lit up, but I’ll defer to your post on this.

        • Herb

          I’m here on a trip right now and haven’t seen any LTE on my HTC One yet. Hoping to get across to Bellevue in the next couple days to see if it’s on near T-Mobile HQ.

    • Nearmsp

      A lot more markets are already on LTE, but this is not visible to customers as yet. Even though many towers are done in many cities, they will switch on and open access to public when contiguous towers are done so there is continuous LTE in markets. This is after a learning process from the 1900 Mhz where they rushed to announced markets refarmed only to have angry customers calling in and completing. The LTE work is continuing at a rapid pace.

  • harleyman4027

    I am on a post paid and it still wouldn’t let me but now I have a nexus from Google and I can use it.

  • SGS3user

    I am confused. I already have 50 for unlimited plus 10 for 2.5gb at 4g…and it already included free hotspot…is my plan changing?

    • tmo

      No this is for unlimited data plus tethering nothing will change for your plan

    • fentonr

      The plans are the same total cost and feature wise, only difference is instead of it technically being two data features you have, its now one. Honestly, I don’t hunk this will impact anyone but reps…and even then they just need to be aware of the change.

  • ogopogo

    I guess this is why T-Mobile can no longer compete on their “Value” proposition – They change their friggin plans every month to confuse the existing and new consumer base!

    Good grief. If I am with Verizon or AT&T, I know two things – I am overpaying. If I am with Sprint, I know that my coverage sucks. If I am with T-Mobile, I have no clue as to what their plan is – Hell, no one can figure out the constantly changing rate plans.

    Business 101 seems to be lacking at the Executive Level.

    I love that T-Mobile is shaking up the industry, but for gods sake, have a plan in place BEFORE you roll out your campaign.

    • PalmOnForehead

      the plans didn’t change idiot. They simply combined two separate features into one SOC so it is easier to manage on accounts. Price and everything is still the same

      • ogopogo

        Wow. You really can’t comprehend what you read, can you? The overall issue is the constant change – it is NOT good for business. It makes T-Mobile seem as though they don’t know what they are doing. If this plan was their ultimate goal, then it should have been proposed originally.

        P.S. The name-calling is not conducive to an intelligent discussion/debate, and makes you look like a fool.

        • Justin

          NOTHING changed. I can understand why it doesn’t make sense to you: because you’re not a T-Mobile sales rep. This “change” is STRICLY for sales reps. So no need to get all worked up, just go on with your day.

    • HappyMagenta

      nothing changed for customers at ALL just easier for the reps and how its explained and added to accounts.

      In the past 9 years they have had

      Get More plans ( several different min options as well as my faves choices later on)
      Even more and Even more Plus ( Same as Get more but they added in sms included rather than bundles of sms, And obviously No contract for even more plus)
      Classic and Value
      SImple Choice (Very similar to Value plans already in use just no more min restrictions nor contracts.)

      So im not quite sure how they “change their friggin plans every month to confuse the existing and new consumer base!”

      Y on earth would they want to comfuse people that have no obligation to stay….right because only a idiot would think the new PLAN is confusing. IM extremly pleased with how simple the plan is to understand. and for that matter always have been. Perhaps you need to listen better when the plans are explained or maybe just actually read them rather than competly misreading what they do .

      • ogopogo

        Please read the response to @78d91fba4cb776378225e54194edff2e:disqus

  • Alex Zapata

    Sweet! I get tethering data!

  • MatthewMurawski

    Kind of off topic, but is there a way to order a phone full retail from the T-Mobile website without having to pay for a months service? Because it says you need a plan to checkout.

    • ssl48

      No, there isn’t. You need to have service for 30 days and then you may cancel the service.

    • Herb

      You can buy one in the retail store but full retail is $30-$50 higher than the price of the phone with a plan.

    • S. Ali

      Yes, check the prepaid section of the website, you can pay full price for the phones.

  • Tmosince2003

    Do you want to make the plans simple? Really?
    Then let me choose how much data I get and stop worrying about which device I am using it on. I paid for 2gb, why does it even matter if I use one of the two on my ipad?

    • fentonr

      It doesn’t. With limited data plans you have tethering included. T-Mobile doesn’t care what device you use it on.

    • Herb

      Maybe they’re not simple enough, because you don’t understand that what you’re asking for exists. You can choose unlimited phone data with added hotspot, or you can choose speed-capped data up to 12.5 GB with included hotspot.

      • Tmosince2003

        Correct, if I was a new customer. Or was willing to give up my plan. That choice is to pay more for same data but with hotspot.

        I am in the camp with a family plan. I already ran the numbers. We don’t need unlimited minutes. It will cost me more to change plans and have the same service and data buckets with or without hotspot, a lot more, so I’m not changing.

  • Trevnerdio

    Liking my truly unlimited data with no tethering because root is the bomb…unlimited data and tethering for $20.

  • Dan

    does any know what’s happening to the android preferred plan @ 5gb 4g for $20

    • ChristianMcC

      What’s the point when you could switch to value and get unlimited data for that price.

      • Dan

        because im only 4 months into a 2 year contract

  • NextBig313

    Will this effect me as a Monthly 4g subscriber?

    • TechHog


  • Herb

    David, you should clarify that this information only affects reps and has essentially no impact on consumers. I know you kinda-sorta said that it’s for reps, but people seem very confused by this post.

  • Wowzertank2

    This really is not an article for customers. This change only affects how employees process the mentioned features. There is no net price change.

  • S. Ali

    I’ll just use my rooted to phone and tether without paying more for data I already paid for

  • nandy

    i wanted to know if anyone here have used ultra mobile ? i know it runs off of t-mobile network, but will the data be given same priority as tmobile phones. Also how good is the service ?

  • your friendly csr

    No nothing is changing this is just how employees like myself add on the feature before we had to add truly unlimited web and a separate feature called a soc that could either be 500mb for $0 2.5 gb for $10 or 4.5gb for 20 ontop of the truly unlimited for $20. Now its all combined and its quicker we just will add one feature and be done. I wish tmonews would stop posting this it makes customers so confused for no reason. Its just for any individual line who wants no slow speed when using web on device and a limit of up to 4.5gb exclusive to hotspotting which slows down when reached.

  • xandermac

    Let me see if I’m right here. I’m on an 18 month old value plan, 500mns, text and unlimited data. Currently my plan doesn’t allow hotspot to be added but with this change I will automatically get 500mb of hotspot with the option of adding more?

    • Will

      They can actually do better. Call them as apparently customer loyalty has better plans than what is advertised.

  • Eric H.

    I thought there were 3 types of plans: classic (oldest), value (older) and simple choice (new). What’s a “value simple choice” or a “classic simple choice”?

  • xandermac

    CS still says my existing value plan has no hotspot data included. Apparently older value plans with Unlimited 4g data don’t qualify for the 500mb included feature and I’ll have to upgrade my plan in order to get it, an extra $10.

    • joe

      Im unlimited data and showing 100 mb hotspot data. Older plan check your my tmo acc info

    • guest

      I was told the same thing in an online chat with CR, but down thread someone advised me to try again, calling instead of chatting. I did, asked for retentions, and asked to be given the same 2GB “unlimited” data I already have with the 500MB of hotspot bundled in for the same price I am paying ($10.00/line) with no other changes to the account. She said, let me check – yup, I can do that. It was done within 5 minutes. So – give it a shot, I checked my account already and 2GB with 500MB hotspot is in there on all 4 of my lines, otherwise plan and pricing havn’t changed.

      • xandermac

        I called in, it’s a no go for me, I have to upgrade to the new plan (which would be an extra $10 per month) in order to be able to use the included 500mb hotspot. Odd seeing as I have unlimited data already that I have to switch my voice plan also.

  • Osasco

    How are prices going down if you have to pay an additional $20/month on your bill for your phone? These phones do not last more than 2 years, so it is like renting the phone from t-mobile.

  • Black TheBadGuy

    lost my tethering when I switched from the G2 to the S3. have the myfaves family plan

  • Justin

    This should not have been released as “news.” The only people this affects is sales reps, and they have already received this information internally. It’s only confusing everyone else.

  • ticket

    The teathering data was an add on feature that can be removed at any time. If in the future when prices will likely increase and you wanted to drop your present teathering /unlimited data to the future unlimited data only plan, the future unlimited plan would be about the same price as the present teathering /unlimited plan. TMO wants you to believe

  • Borillion

    How does this work for those who have “Unlimited” that has no cap?

  • Guest

    So I bit the bullet and switch to the new plan with unlimited and 500 mb of hotspot data. Here’s the odd thing I’ve been using hotspot on my iPhone with my ipad. 4 hours later and my account info still says 0 of 500mb used. Does anyone know how long it takes to register data usage for hotspot or if tethering tablets does not count toward the 500 MB?

  • xandermac

    So I bit the bullet and switched to the new plan with unlimited 4g and 500 mb of hotspot data. Here’s the odd thing I’ve been using hotspot on my iPhone with my ipad today. 4 hours later and my account info still says 0 of 500mb used. Does anyone know how long it takes to register data usage for hotspot or if tethering tablets does not count toward the 500 MB?

    • xandermac

      Still showing 0/500mb used so I’m guessing tethering an iPad doesn’t count against the 500mb hotspot data.

      • Likely because T-Mobile doesn’t officially support the iPad, so the iPad isn’t telling T-Mobile if data is coming from the iPad itself or a device connected to it’s hotspot.

  • Marcos

    I’ve noticed that too. if I use any cell phone, tmobile or sprint and use the hotspot, it doesn’t go down, but if I use a labtop then it will go down, I hope this stays how It does

  • kb

    Just wanted to confirm that this is legit. I just called in to upgrade without having to reach my hotspot limit. Bumped up from 500mb to 2.5gb at no extra charge

    • kb

      In case it matters, I’m on the unlimited plan, paying monthly for my phone, and subscribed to jump.

  • I often find myself in situations where I need to use my laptop (no 3G card) and love the ability to tether to my phone. These plan changes offer at least a little cost savings. I’d definitely be willing to switch.