See The Video Highlights From T-Mobile’s New York Stock Exchange Takeover

Yesterday was a historic day for T-Mobile as it took over the New York Stock Exchange and finally became the last of the four national carriers to go public. While the stock itself didn’t move much in either direction, the stock is up more than 5% as of this writing. Want to see how it all went down? Check out the video highlights courtesy of T-Mobile’s YouTube channel.

T-Mobile US took over Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to announce that it is now a publicly traded company as TMUS. Check out the clip above to see our CEO, John Legere and our fellow T-Mobile employees as they express their excitement and thoughts on the big news.


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  • ceegii63

    LEGERE like a Rock star!

  • Chris


    • Money

      It’s going to level off then drop, I think it hit its highest 4 now.

  • T-FAN

    I’d rather T-Mobile spend that money on putting more towers in my area(Dallas,PA).

  • Zac

    The only thing keeping me from 100% excitement about TMo is the recent changes to the SIM Unlock Policy. Embarrassingly bad…


    Love it!!!

  • tmo_employee

    from this video you would think everything is great and dandy at tmobile but the fact is they have took our raise away, canceled our upgrades, laid off our technicians and continue to ask retail stores to work with less hours

    • Napster87

      working at a third party dealer, we still get our raises, device discounts and benefits all with full time hours. Also we typically make more an hour than corporate stores. ideally, t-mobile would love to just run off of third party retailers.

    • TayshaunBoba

      It definitely sad when any person loses their job or experiences reduced hours, but doesn’t that have to happen if TMo is about to gain some 3,600 Metro employees? Does it make sense having that many employees at that scale? Honest question, I really don’t know.

    • thetruth27

      Agreed…100%….sales are up, fantastic, but morale between employees is WAY down.

      • another_tmorep

        I am unsure of what your store morale is, but my store morale is at an all time high. Awesome store manager, coming out of April with 300+ gross adds (a lot for my market) and reps who get along and work as a team. Yeah, our raises got canceled, but, in the big picture, it will all work itself out.

    • drivethruboy168

      Dude… Man up and make money! They temporarily took our employee phone benefit program, raises.. Well look how much you’ll be making now with all the foot traffic coming through the doors! I understand your feelings, but be greatful you have a job!

      • Guest

        Raises…I worked for a PC OEM and hadn’t seen a raise (good performance…they just weren’t giving raises in my department) in over 8 years (11+ years total) then got laid off in Jan to be replaced by a temp. All this as the company flip-flops as the the top seller.

      • tmo_rep

        Tell that to call center reps. In addition to what was listed by tmo_employee. The company also decreased our shift diff. and took away our same day preto, I’m sure there are like one or two more things that we lost. Everything is looking dandy!

        • David Icke

          the amount of crap you’re spewing is hilarious, our shift diffs were changed not lowered, same day preto still exists if your queue isnt always in red or magenta — so get over it. If you hate your job so much quit so that our customers can have a better experience then with your whining.

    • Herb

      My difference in commission and total sales numbers is a significant improvement over what it was prior to UNcarrier. The raises have been delayed, not discontinued; and they’ve promised a program to buy phones in an EIP-style way. I was mad at first, but the company has proven to me that things will still work out positively.

  • OnlineRefugee

    I’m happy for T-Mobile, but the bone I have to pick with it is that T-Mobile did NOT change the U.S. wireless business, Carlos Slim’s Straight Talk and Metro PCS did that (Straight Talk in 2011 with a $45 total price for unlimited everything; MetroPCS in March 2011, the first prepaid carrier with a smartphone, the Samsung Indulge).

    Later, after the AT&T acquisition implosion, Deutsche Telekom wisely took advice we dispensed. We said that:

    – The prepaid business model is the way of the future. (And don’t call it prepaid if that makes you feel better ;)

    – Instead of competing against Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, T-Mobile should become the preeminent U.S. PREPAID carrier.

    – Offer low priced, flat-fee unlimited 4G data (does not have to be LTE speeds because most consumers don’t view web pages with a stop watch).

    – Payment plans on the latest “first cabin” super phones.

    So saying “We’re changing the wireless business, Hey, somebody had to” as if this was T-Mobile’s idea, that’s not true. Then again, if the “somebody” is referring to the post-paid carriers, I guess then I don’t have a bone to pick :)

    Side note: Are carrier big shots taking note of what we say here on TMoNews? I dunno, read this and decide:

    On November 8, 2012, I posted in here:

    “As I said over a year ago, when I discussed that IMO the acquisition would fail TMOUS’s best move is to become the PREEMINENT prepaid carrier.”

    On December 6, 2012, Braxton Carter (vice chair of MetroPCS) said at a Capital Markets Day Conference:

    “I’d first like to start by saying (the merger) is undoubtedly going to create the PREEMINENT value leader in the U.S. wireless market…”

    • TayshaunBoba

      Please look up the definition of prepaid.

    • Herb

      So you invented the word preeminent? I guess I don’t understand what you’re getting at. T-Mobile does not have a prepaid business model. They offer prepaid service but that’s not their bread and butter.

      No Contract Postpaid =/= Prepaid

  • LTELove

    Anymore LTE sightings?? :) pleast post!

    • bleeew

      this site is just a user submitted LTE coverage map.

  • Texas tmobile

    Terry Hayes in the house!! My favorite VPGM!

  • Binny Gupta

    did the lte gs3 come out yet?