Unboxing And First Look At The International Variant Of The HTC One

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 5.05.29 PM

To say that we’re excited about the HTC One would be putting it mildly, damn near ecstatic would be more appropriate. In fact, it appears that based on our weekend poll there’s more excitement for the HTC One than the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 4 among TmoNews eraders. We’re hoping to get our hands on a T-Mobile variant very, very soon but in the meantime we sent TodaysiPhone.com Managing Editor Cam Bunton into the British wild to retrieve an international version. That means we’re missing some T-Mobile specific features and can’t run a true speed test, but it’s a great first look at the hardware and software.

If things go well, we’ll replace this with a T-Mobile branded version later this month, but in the meantime feel free to ask Cam any questions over on Twitter @tip_cam.

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  • Dennis Da Menace

    Now that’s sexy….

  • if I was an android man, this would be it. the build quality looks very impressive.

    • kalel33

      I am an Android man and I gave up on HTC, not because of great build quality but because of locking the bootloaders, poor timeline in updates(One S Jelly Bean anyone?) and just because I had a Mytouch 4G screen that was known to be defective from the factory and HTC denied it, even though they came out with better screens later. Not to mention the lack of removable batteries, expandable memory, and not releasing drivers so I could put Cyanogenmod on my phones, because I want the newer OS.

      • corona10

        This isnt the device for you then.But the removable battery and s/d card crap is way past old, lame and just isnt worth arguing over anymore. Just be honest you dont want it mainly because of lack of s/d, and removable battery. Those are the real reasons. And they’re a pretty old argument. And you know this is how most HTC device are going to be now. So just keep moving because this isnt what you want.The One S was a mid range device. It was never going to be a priority for getting updates. HTC even stated some devices werent getting JB because it wasnt gong to be a great or good experience because they lack the hardware. I know the One S wasnt one of those, but it wasnt like the device sold that many or was even that popular.

        • kalel33

          Honestly, it’s everything I said. The battery and SD card isn’t way past old anyways. This is only their second generation of phones without them and their first generation got pummeled by phones with those features. People who put custom ROMs on their phone are in the minority but doesn’t mean they aren’t in significant numbers. Look how large XDA is and Samsung even went out of their way to snag one of the lead people for Cyanogenmod as their product developers. I’ve had the G1, Mytouch 4G, and the Amaze. They lost me as a customer and I’m not the only one because they’re getting killed in sales.

          Also, the weakest link in my previous phones and HTC current models(One isn’t current until it’s released and reviewed) were the battery life. I had to buy aftermarket batteries to get the battery life of the phones my friends had. Not a problem until they sealed it. HTC is still known to have problems with battery life. The only sealed battery phone I’d actually consider are the Motorola Razrs, because their battery life is exceptional.

        • corona10

          Yes, it is old. You act if as you didn’t know HTC would be making devices without removable batteries and s/d card slots. They’ve been doing this for over a year. And now you act surprise by this year’s iteration. And the reason the One X got pummeled was because of limited availability. They kept it exclusive in the US for AT&T only. Even after the refresh as the One X+ it was still only available on AT&T and they had one or two commercials for it. They didn’t advertise it and it was only on one carrier. It had nothing to do with lack of s/d card and battery removal.NOONE knew about it. Thats why it got pummeled and no one that was on any carrier besides AT&T was able to get it. I know I waited all year for the One X to come to Tmobile.

        • kalel33

          It wasn’t exclusive with AT&T. It was called the HTC Evo with Sprint and the One S was the exact same phone, just without the better screen. It’s called the HTC DNA with Verizon. SAME PHONES. If for “over a year” you mean one year and one week, then you are correct. They’ve only had one series without the features that were a staple in all previous years when they were doing well. I know for certain that when reps explain the difference between Samsung and HTC phones that they tell them they are both Android but the Samsung does add expandable memory, and many(maybe not most) customers do care about removable batteries, especially with HTC battery life.

        • Fitz.

          Yes, it was exclusive to AT&T. They got the the One X and Sprint received a version with a s/d. Called the Evo 4g LTE. Yes, its the same device but it was altered for Sprint. The One S was NOT the same device as the One X. The One S was a duo core device and the One X was a quad core. So no they werent even close to being the same device. The One X was the better device of the two. The One S was a mid range device.Tmobile got the One S which is inferior to the One X. So yeah it sort of was an exclusive to AT&T since they were the only carrier to receive it as it was designed. No other device received it or a version besides Sprint. And then it was changed. The DNA is not the same device as the One or the Once X, they have different cpus. The DNA uses an S4 pro cpu. The One uses a 600 snapdragon. And the one x was using the previous generation S4 cpu. The DNA uses a newer cpu than the One X did as well. So maybe in looks they were the same to you but their internals spoke differently.

        • unknowntruthz

          If I may chime in I agree that sd expansion and removable battery is NOT old. How can it be? Batteries have a set life span that decreases over time. So when you factor in the the fact that htc has a bad track record with batteries anyone can see why having a removable battery would beneficial. Even the htc one cant go more than a day without a charge. Even less with heavy use based on current reviews. So if the battery life weakens over time and it can only last a day from the start, how is having the option of a removable battery “old”? Especially when once the battery starts going bad and you have to send your phone in just to replace it Which will cost you more than simply replacing the battery yourself if you had that option. As far as sd you cant fully rely on cloud storage especially with a weak network signal. while having a 64gb model would be more than enough space for some, its not for others so having the option to expand your memory is also important. Htc one is a good phone but lets face it, having these options would make it so much better.

        • kalel33

          This from Wired’s review of the HTC One X from AT&T, “Beneath the fantastic touchscreen, the One X is a beast, with a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage (the same set-up found in the One S).” Not my words. You are thinking of the global version that never came to AT&T. All the other reviews say the same thing. The One S was the same internally, with only the much bigger/better screen on the One X.

        • I could’ve sworn at the time the HTC One S was a high-end device at the time. At least partially. It came out around the time the Samsung Galaxy SII came out. It was at least lower higher end scale. Now it’s more phased out as a mid-end. It may not have necessarily been marketed as one (as if it was really promoted at all), but heck for $600, I could’ve sworn it was. It had/has a great camera, beats by dre audio, 25GB of free Dropbox storage for 2 years, it was supposed to actually have Beats by Dre Headphones w/ it, but they opted out of it because of cost, and a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. Heck that’s why I bought it.

  • ant

    will tmobile have the black version (i know they not getting the 64gb which is stupid)
    but they only promo the white like att did the black n white promo where tmo only show the white

    • RonONeal

      T-Mobile chose not to carry the black version is what I heard from a htc rep

  • I don’t know. The design looks nice, the size is good. But I just don’t like the HTC UI. Yuck.

  • sidekicker89

    Can you say “aluminum” again, please… haha

    • an0nim0

      You misspelled “aluminium.”

      • kalel33

        In the U.S., where T-mobile US is located, it’s spelled “aluminum”. Brits spell it differently. Even the American Chemical Society adopted the -um in 1925.

        • thepanttherlady

          I think it was a joke based on the way he says the word.

        • kalel33

          He was correct with the word aluminium, if we were outside of the US. Figured he was probably European. Actually, if I was being picky I’d pick out the David having the typo of “eraders”.

        • Cam Bunton

          I think when you say “differently” you mean “correctly”. ;-)

        • kalel33

          I mean differently. Correctly is based upon the accepted manner in a certain location. It is correct to pronounce the Arkansas river “R-Kansas” if you are in Kansas but it’s also correct to pronounce it “R-Kan-saw” in other areas. Both are right but are different geographically.

  • auser72

    I’m impressed!!!!!! That’s a grown and sexy phone. I might just pay that $200 migration fee and spring for one on new plan.

  • Ann Droyd

    Yawn!!! Bring on the Galaxy Note 3

  • Ann Droyd

    Aww, my Galaxy Note 3 comment got deleted. :(

    • thepanttherlady

      The one below this? :)

      Sometimes Disqus is slow to post.

  • Ann Droyde

    This phone is boring as hell.

    • Deon Davis

      Boring compared to what other phone?

  • bleeew

    I don’t even know why people choose the other plastic android phone. This one is way better in design(not that worse in specs). But I guess android now has SamsungSheep.

    • kalel33

      No micro SD, no removable battery, and no way to run Cyanogenmod on HTC phones anymore, except for the buggy unofficial versions because HTC won’t release the drivers. I want a phone that works for me, not a fashion statement. Hmmm, HTC removes micro SD slot, no removable battery, locks down the phone, and is more for people that are into looks and not specs/abilities? OMG, it wants to be an Iphone!

      • Adrayven

        Ass much? LOL! Most people never mod there phones much less used or know how to use external SD cards. Those complaints are limited to the few minority who would root/mod. HTC needs to appeal to the masses for now. They have gotten a lot closer with this revision.

        • thepanttherlady

          I don’t root or mod my android phones (I did with Blackberry) yet I won’t buy a phone without expandable memory. Minority? Perhaps.

        • kalel33

          I wouldn’t say few minority, because I used to work for both T-mobile and Verizon. If you and HTC believe it’s the “limited” and “few minority” that use micro SD cards then HTC will never dig out of the hole they created. Funny how HTC used to be mod community friendly and feature packed but went the Iphone route. Samsung went just the opposite and even hired the head of Cyanogenmod, which makes them the darling of XDA, a very large website that dwarfs many tech sites in hits. People who put custom roms on their phones are in the minority but they make a big impact on the sales because people listen to them on what phones to buy. People will usually ask their friends who knows about phones on which one’s to buy. I used to herald HTC but now I tell people to steer clear and I know I’m not the only one. Just look at their sales.

          Also, you want to know why I root and mod my phones? Because I know HTC won’t do the updates and so I put the latest Android OS on the phones. My old Mytouch 4g, which I sold to my friend is running Jelly Bean. No current stock T-mobile HTC phone can claim that.

      • Spanky

        Don’t forget that the HTC One comes with an outdated version of Android.

    • fixxmyhead

      maybe cuz its a better phone. why would u want second best when u can get firts best for the same price?

      • bleeew

        SO everyone flocks to an iPhone because its better?

        • fixxmyhead

          in the case of the gaiphone it is cuz its popular. samsung on the other hand at least ups there device each year with new features and better hardware. if they just kept releasing the same phone like the gaiphone then yea u could call them samsheeps but most people buy it cuz it IS an actually powerful, good phone with updated specs not just throw in new camera sensor and call it a day. when the galaxy s series phone start going the apple route of hardly updating it then thats the day u can call people samsheep or whatever but not today

  • MatthewMurawski

    Does this phone support nano SIM or micro SIM?

    • Cam Bunton

      Micro SIM

  • tomarone

    Phone HW is great but the SW? they can’t upgrade their OS, and compare to Samsung, their utilities are almost non-existent. But for photos, music, entertainment, videos? maybe. (and social networking of course) Buy for the hardware though. Probably good for watching TV.

  • Possibly one of the best looking phones ever released. Kudos to HTC on this one. Now just get it in stores already.

    • Singleweird

      i still think my htc one S is the best looking/feeling phone out there. htc just has the best builds

  • TMoFan

    I’ve always been impressed with HTC build quality. My G2 survived many falls and outlived each of them with no major damage. This looks like a strong contender for those willing to overlook microsd and sealed battery and it coming to tmo. I was really disappointed that the hox+ never made it our way. Now to be complete I would like to see the xperia z swing by. That would be one awesome lineup.