T-Mobile Retail Stores Begin Receiving iPhone 5 Marketing Posters

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As the calendar strikes April, we’re counting down the days until the iPhone 5 launch and then watch our attention turn to the HTC One. With the iPhone 5 up first and an actual release date attached to it, it’s not surprising that T-Mobile retail stores have begun receiving some wall posters advertising the April 12th date. The posters are only different in where the body text is, but otherwise they don’t specify pricing details or any of T-Mobile’s new “UNcarrier” Value Plan options.With less than two weeks before the launch date, we expect to see plenty of marketing from T-Mobile surrounding the iPhone. Our hope is that marketing extends to TV, radio and newspapers where word can really get out.

Pre-orders begin Friday, April 5th so hit the registration page below for a reminder. Of course we’ll post a reminder as well, so you can just come back here Friday morning.

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