T-Mobile Retail Stores Begin Receiving iPhone 5 Marketing Posters

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As the calendar strikes April, we’re counting down the days until the iPhone 5 launch and then watch our attention turn to the HTC One. With the iPhone 5 up first and an actual release date attached to it, it’s not surprising that T-Mobile retail stores have begun receiving some wall posters advertising the April 12th date. The posters are only different in where the body text is, but otherwise they don’t specify pricing details or any of T-Mobile’s new “UNcarrier” Value Plan options.With less than two weeks before the launch date, we expect to see plenty of marketing from T-Mobile surrounding the iPhone. Our hope is that marketing extends to TV, radio and newspapers where word can really get out.

Pre-orders begin Friday, April 5th so hit the registration page below for a reminder. Of course we’ll post a reminder as well, so you can just come back here Friday morning.

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  • 21stNow

    Aren’t the Un-carrier plans known as Simple Choice, not Value plans?

  • superg05

    i could care less about an inferior apple device with extreme limitations and with some newly added poorly copied notification features of android but it is good for the health of our carrier so i welcome you to our line up iPhone……. -_-

    • ghulamsameer

      If you could care less, then maybe you shouldn’t comment.

      • superg05

        just trying to make the rats come out and bite the cheese

        • Not inferior to me, but what kind of cheese are we talking about?

        • ghulamsameer

          Well I came out gnawing and crunching!

    • ThatGuy

      If you could care less that means you actually DO care. The proper grammar is couldn’t care less. Just sayin’…

      • Adrayven

        ROFL! Nice catch.

  • trife

    I don’t even want an iPhone 5 and I’m pumped!

    • mdosu

      rofl, agreed, we’re just more excited for T-Mobile’s movement to par with competing carriers. We’ll see how many more customers they can steal from ATT and Sprint.

      • JustSaying

        and steal from Verizon too.. as great as their service is, it is very expensive.

        • Mark

          I don’t want tmobile to steal customers from other carriers. Less traffic = faster speeds.

        • mdosu

          Then you don’t get their profitability model.

  • ant

    i dont know why but im considering getting this iphone and i hate iphone (my ipod n iphone got stolen and they said they couldnt do nothing (find it) because i didnt pay for mobile me then the next year or 6 months they made it free)

    • Adrayven

      Huh? What are you talking about? MobileMe has nothing to do with an iPhone replacement plan. That has to do with the 2 year extended warranty which includes two accidental or lost incidents.

      Maybe you were smoking something when they told you that?

      • ant

        i shouldve said 2010 they offered it by itself for 100 a year i think

  • Elier Ruiz

    They should display the white iPhone. The white one looks better. :-) I’m definitely getting the 32G iPhone.

    • MMakoto

      if i remember correctly from yesterday on a drive by, the t-mo store near my house had a white iphone poster

      • mdosu

        White phone on a white poster background?

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I think the black one looks better but to each his own…


      You better preorder online because TMO stores won’t have 32 or 64 GB.

      • Elier Ruiz

        I am.

    • John

      I made the mistake and getting the white GS3 instead of the Blue. If and when I get the iPhone 5S or 6, it will be the black.

    • mdosu

      that’s racist.

  • will T-Mobile get the iPad… is what i really want to know…

    • macman37

      T-Mobile will probably have to wait for Apple to add DC-HSPA+ {aka “HSPA+ 42Mbps} support before they become an official carrier for it. This will be done more than likely to end the jail breaking due to T-Mobile USA not being currently listed on the device’s carrier bundle; as well as having COMPLETE carrier support on all of their frequencies.

      • They could just offer the wifi variant in the mean time.

        • bleeew

          None of the carriers do that. Only exception was Verizon. Verizon offered an iPad and included a MiFi because there was only a GSM iPad.

        • T-mobile has done so before with different tabs before so what are you talking about? They have sold numerous wifi only Galaxy tabs before…

    • JustSaying

      Well remember the CEO said “Apple products will be coming to T-Mobile”.. and not specifically just the iPhone.. :)

  • TBN27

    I don’t mind spending another $800. I will get this one unlocked and give the one I have now to my sister. Her mytouch wonky and she doesn’t want a Galaxy anything because she cries it is too big.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Great news, with Tmos new phone plans, along with the iPhone, HTC One, and SGS4 coming out, its an exciting time to be part of the magenta carrier.

    • Adrayven

      Agreed. The only fly in the ointment could be the MetroPCS deal.

  • LuvTMO

    Question –

    Currently I am on Classic plan with 2 lines. Can I get the iPhone for one of the lines? If so, do I need to pay the full cost upfront or I can choose installments?

    • thepanttherlady

      Installments are only for Value plans.

      It might be possible to upgrade through a 3rd party retailer or you can purchase outright.

      • LC

        They can use Bridge to Value to use installment.

        • thepanttherlady

          Yes, assuming they want to move to a Value plan.

    • Tmorep

      No you don’t have to pay all up front just do bridge to value… Or just switch to the new plans

    • You need to migrate to the uncarrier plans in order to pay in installments. Otherwise you will have to pay full price.

      • Mikerome

        I was told my value plan was good for the installments.

        • thepanttherlady

          Value plans can utilize the monthly payments. The OP is on a Classic plan which cannot.

    • Dakota

      No offense but never understand why people post stuff lke thus hereffor an anonymous person to answer. Whatever they say good or bad-doesnt matter. Just call Tmobike directly; that’s only way to get a real answer

  • Frank

    So at some point does this mean that we won’t have to manually configure MMS and other settings (tethering) when the T-Mobile sim chip is installed?

    • Jon

      It will be completely compatible on T-Mobile’s network.

  • no surprise that anything Apple related gets announced and has a firm date of when customers can expect it .. not like HTC and others who announce a device and let the world ponder on when it’ll ever be seen. smh

    • David Lebron

      The iPhone was announced for T-Mobile last December – people have been pondering for awhile

      • uhh actually no it wasn’t announced. they just announced a partnership and that Apple devices would be sold by TMO. they never said “Hey we’re announcing the iPhone is coming to TMO just wait for it”.
        this is the first official announcement of the iPhone specifically.

  • taron19119

    I have aquestion can you judge ios just off of useing a ipad and know how the iphone well be

    • Whiskers

      Pretty close between the two.

    • Adrayven

      I would say it’s fairly close. Camera experience on the iPhone 5 will be far superior to an iPad. Also unless you have a cell phone enabled iPad the maps program will work much better because of the GPS hardware.

  • kev2684

    great day for t-mo!

  • Mike

    I don’t know why so many people want the IPhone. I has the 3GS and quickly got rid of it. As far as I’m concern the Nexus 4 is a much more powerful device at a fraction of the cost. Even the highest end Samsung device is less money and much more feature rich than the IPhone. Don’t forget that you will need to buy the TMO IPhone version as your old unlocked IPhone won’t work all that well on the TMO network. Not sure if the IPhone will bring that many new UN subscribers to the UN Network. We’ll have to wait and see after the initial rush is over.

    • Verizonthunder

      Mike the reason’s people love the iphone is one the Operating System is clean and basic, two can function without the worry of random reboot or freeze, three no fragmentation the iphone is guaranteed two year’s of shelf life, four battery life that is a must for most people and even with a small battery capacity it can hold battery life better than their rival competitor operating system, five as a ex android user i like to have a stabilized data connection something the iphone has mastered from day one, six quickly charge’s battery one hour from 0% to 80% and full in 30 more minute’s. So that is the Main reason’s why people love Apple.

      • You are correct on all accounts. Raw power does not equal an amazing experience which is what the iPhone offers.

        • Dakota

          Plus the average person — not the types that read these blogs– don’t care about specs or a thus it that processor. They want a phone that works. Period. Clear calks, smooth, good camera, easy to use, fast enough data, …features they need to make it thru the day. The things I read so frequently on here are things the typical person never thinks of.

      • Dakota

        Seven,great support and even better, a retail presence where you can speak face to face with someone and show them your problem or question. Plus an Apple rep trained on iPhone will be able to help you vs the idiots at Samsung and others that release dozens if handsets and are familiar with none. I own a Mac & GNex. The latter was so u could get a cheap prepaid plan vs the shared expensive vz or att

      • superg05

        okay the iPhone is good overly simplified UI for people need the basics upfront with very little effort simple is good for alot of people but it lacks depth.
        its for all intensive purposes a good OS both OS’s have there strengths and weakness but to blatantly lie and say that android its crashy and buggy and IOS does not your full of it backed way up the tail pipe. when android was young it did have issues but by 2.2 very stable and upward since i have not seen a crash nor freezing on my devices and if anyone did it was likely a defective unit ,cheap as$ phone oem issue or badly coded application causing an issue so don’t act like you know what its like to play on this side of the mountain when you live on the other and to prove my point all you have to do it Google iphone freezing to see a vast number of examples.
        what works for you works for you

        www forbes com/sites/tomiogeron/2012/02/02/does-ios-crash-more-than-android-a-data-dive/

        • iTried

          I think you mean intents and purposes.

  • Sammie Bell

    This is an April Fool’s joke!!!!

    • Seeing as it was announced by both t-mo and apple prior to today thats not even remotely possible

  • The stores here put these up a while back, when they first announced it.

  • weezy

    Rumor has it — the iPhone5S will be released in July, about 2 months after TmobileUSA starts selling the iPhone5.

    Let the whining begin…

    • macman37

      The announcement for the next iPhone may be probably then, but I highly doubt that Apple and the official carriers will change the starting sale date from a “Back to School” timeframe.

      • Khalints

        Not only that, but the iphone 5 will still be relevant, just like how they still sell the GS2 and will still sell the GS3 even after the 4th comes out.

        • Dakota

          At least there’s not a better iOS phone every month like Android. Just assumed mist iPhone fanatics get the phones when released so would now be mid contract. At least all the iPhone users I know .

    • bleeew

      Rumor had it that Verizon got the iPhone 4, months before the 4S came out. Still people will buy it. Honestly I blame stupid consumers.

  • weezy

    Maybe TmobileUSA will sell a few iPhone5 mobiles, then hold out for the iPhone5S, like TmobileUSA did with the Note and Note2.

    Sales will decide what TmobileUSA will do to prevent a pile of dusty inventory, while the hardcore iPhone fans hold out a few more months for the latest features in the iPhone5S model.

    • kev2684

      doubt it. iPhone has a huge of following (considering 1++ mil iPhone users prior to the announcement stuck in edge), compared to the Galaxy Note line which just began it’s journey to popularity.

    • bleeew

      Nope. Im sure after the 5S comes, the 5 will take the 4S’s place. The 5 will be more budget friendly.

  • Ready to get it. Will be going for the 32gb and selling my current Verizon iPhone 5.

  • Paul

    Ha ha hahaha.
    I hope this squashes the whole “we have the iPhone and you don’t” crap from the other carriers.

  • sapphiraa

    For all the people that say, “Android for life!”, I have lag/lockup/freeze issues with my current Android phone (T989, Galaxy S II), and I’ve had Android since the Vibrant where the issues were much more pronounced. I used to use the argument of, “It doesn’t have removable storage!”, but then I thought about it in December…I don’t even listen to the music I have on my microSD card right now as it is. I understand that iOS is much more refined and less buggy than Android, and I won’t kid myself into thinking there are no bugs whatsoever, but I do want a better mobile experience than I’m currently getting as well as a fresh new take on it as all Samsung phones seem to have the same basic feel/experience to them with their TouchWiz UI.

    • You will find that iOS devices are much more smooth and stable compared to Android. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Apple makes both the hardware and the software for iPhone. The mobile experience is much better.

      • superg05

        they crash and freeze like every other device if there is search Google for iphone freezing

        • Adrayven

          The only time I’ve had those kind of issues is when I have jailbroken the phone. And I consider that my own fault.

    • 21stNow

      I hope that an iPhone will meet your needs better than what you have experienced so far. For me, Android phones meet my needs far better than an iPhone could. But, I understand that it’s different strokes for different folks.

      • socnfoot

        I agree to each his own. I have had the original iPhone and both the Samsung Vibrant and Galaxy s2. I feel that android is actually easier to to operate and get around the OS. I am now back with the iPhone due to having an “addiction” to flashing roms weekly on Android. I do miss the back button that Android provides but the stability and overall smoothness ( how the whole system flows) is refreshing.

      • mdosu

        nah..it’s more different horses for different courses ;)

    • Adrian Perez

      It sounds like you need a T-Mobile Google Nexus 4 my friend.

      • Adrayven

        For me the Nexus line would be the only other phone I consider from android.

        I’m a ex-galaxy S2 phone users well.

  • Vloo

    I just got the Note in Decemeber and switched to the value plan, I want the iPhone (please don’t complain, personal decision) and I was wondering if I could get it without paying anything extra. Obviously I would be selling/getting rid of my Note 2, but how should I go about doing this?

    • superg05

      buy selling it on ebay to me name your price

    • Joey

      You can just sell it on Craigslist and then use the money to buy the T-Mobile iPhone :)


    I told my manager to work me on April 12th… woot woot let me some money!

    • taron19119

      I thought every one had to work April 12th

      • mdosu

        Apparantly he makes about $500 a day.

        • taron19119

          What u talking about

  • taron19119

    Ok are y’all going to line up for the iphone

  • jeebus

    I’ll be at my T-Mo store the morning of April 12th. I’m migrating to a Value plan and I have to either do it over the phone or in store because the My T-Mo website hasn’t updated or whatever the lady on the phone told me

    • taron19119

      Do it on the phone

  • turb0wned

    Boring and outdated… Bring the ONE already!

  • Amy

    Quick question, what will happen with our current SIM cards as far as transferring information? I hear something about about a microSIM. Could someone clarify that for me, please?

    • graywolf323

      in stores they usually have a device that can copy the information over from one SIM card to another

  • tomnewtn

    and what of the 5S?

    • sidekicker

      I think it’s safe to assume that T-Mobile will get the iPhone 5S when it is released :)

  • JustSaying

    I wonder how these deals with Apple the carriers have actually work.. so they negotiate a huge price that Apple wants and what do the carriers get? Access to sell the iPhone directly, right? But for how many generations of future iPhones does the deal allow? Also do these deals include marketing for the carriers on Apple’s commercials.. such as the current commercials running with one of the 3 carrier logos at the end of the commercial. I know T-Mobile’s CEO said that Apple doesn’t give the carriers deals but I’m assuming they got some sort of a deal because Apple basically only changed the iPhone 5 and not the 4 and 4S to work on T-Mobile’s network.. not saying I know anything though.

    • JustSaying

      & the carriers have***

  • Cybertron

    Yawn. “T-mobile is finally getting the Iphone”! Translation: “Apple’s reign in the mobile phone market is slipping because Android is kicking their butts, so they turn to the #1 Android phone carrier”. I wouldn’t touch an Iphone 5 with the One and S4 right around the corner. However, I’m happy for Tmobile. I’ve been with them for 13 years!

  • THP523

    Does anyone know how to tell the current model iPhone 5 apart of the upcoming updated model of the iPhone 5? I want to be able to confirm it.. Box? Settings? Help!