• Mark

    I still haven’t gotten a car kit for my One S. TMo doesn’t seem to carry them, and neither does the HTC online store; I’ve had to look in 3rd-party stores and haven’t spent the money yet.

  • mdosu

    So they just sweetened the deal. My wife has a Galaxy 2, so let’s say they will give her a $100 trade (optimistic), + $100 Visa Card, this will make the HTC One about a $380 phone. Not bad.

    • corey csr rep

      good condition she’ll get 33- 50 i cant remember but i know the s3 was 133 but still a good deal

    • Balsagna

      The gift card is the trade, you don’t get 2 trades.

    • oryan_dunn

      The $100 Visa card is the trade in. The $100 Visa card is provided through HTC, and requires you send in your old phone to HTC.

      • mdosu

        oh crap, I thought this was in addition to the trade offer.

  • du22ty

    At least they finally updated the dates on the sign up page.

  • I wish they added an extra bonus for people trading in their HTC One S’s to get a HTC One. I mean it is their device, and it would show that those who had a HTC One S are kinda loyal to HTC. I would really prefer that than a car charger. $100 for my HTC One S, when I bought it for $600 really doesn’t satisfy me. Yes, I know value depreciates a lot over time, but $125-$150 would suffice as a trade-in value.

    • Brian Bloom

      Would be nice for them to do that with the Sensation 4G too. My loyalty is wavering with the 64GB/AT&T news and slipping schedules, but “sweetening the offer” for trading in my current HTC phone would be nice…

      • I completely concur. I had the Sensation too myself. But I upgraded from that to the HTC One S.

  • Kit Pogi

    Still no word on the release date huh? The thrill us killn me man… ^_^


    Looking forward to this…

  • Squirrel

    This was updated about a week ago, still no option to rep-order :/

  • i wonder if a carrier swoops in to make the black variant exclusive smh

  • an0nim0

    Well, seeing as how “purchase your new HTC One device by 4/26” is one of the conditions to qualify for the $100 Visa card, that would imply that the release date is either on (if they’re sadistic) or before 4/26.

    Or are you suggesting that release date may no longer be realistic?

    • an0nim0

      Ah, I should have checked HTC’s page – they’re less committal to a date, listing simply, “Early Exclusive HTC Cash Back Offer EXTENDED.”

  • christopher hill

    This is why T-mobile is still a bit behind, even thou I am a loyal customer 2 other companies have announced release dates for the One and all they have is a “sign up” page…oooh ahhh, still no phone…just sayn.

  • bear55

    Why is Tmobile giving out a wack ass car kit and att giving out a free hdmi cord

  • Goliath King

    I’m Pretty sure that this Phone will come out on the 19th like everyone’s else’s version, they just haven’t said so yet because of the iPhone.. But my Chief concern is… will they offer the Black version.. that one looks SO MUCH Sleeker…..