Hoping To Snag A 64GB HTC One On T-Mobile? Nope, That’s An AT&T Exclusive

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If you were hoping to get your hands on the HTC One with 64GB of internal memory, we’re learning that T-Mobile nor Sprint will be the place to do that. AT&T outed the 64GB model as a carrier exclusive in a five-minute walk-through video posted to their YouTube channel. There’s still the question of when you’ll be able to buy the device period, no matter the size as “April” is still as close as we can get to nailing down a release date. Regardless of when it arrives, if size is the single biggest influence in your reasons for purchase, AT&T is your only option. Look at the bright side, at least we know how much it will cost.

The AT&T walkthrough video isn’t half bad, I’d love to see T-Mobile produce something like this alongside the videos they produce highlighting specific features.

AT&T YouTube

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  • JB

    It’s this kind of exclusive crap that’s killing HTC in part. Not that I would need anymore than 32GB, but with no expandable memory options, that kind of kills it for me.

    • ACNJR28

      you hit it right on the nose. I am in the same boat as you. Its like you said the carrier exclusive mess is whats killIing them. I care less about exclusive carrier colors, just offer the same internals on all carriers. this is why I moved to Samsung and LG…that same old crap they do.

    • Exactly. I don’t know what made them think that this would be for the better benefit for them at all. Especially considering a lot of AT&T customers are already disgruntled about their service, and pricing of plans & service. Smart move HTC (Yes that was an April Fool’s joke). And yes granted, I don’t need nothing more than 32GB’s, tho…. it wouldn’t hurt them to offer it to everyone on the carrier’s it’ll be coming to. Also considering that 32GB’s won’t be exactly 32GB’s because it’ll be formatted. It’ll probably be like 28-29GB’s.

  • Guest

    well looks like at&t were on there knees again….figures..

    • Spanky

      You sure it wasn’t HTC that was on their knees?

  • MonkeyK

    Go for a one phone strategy and then don’t sell it. Makes a lot of sense to me…

    Also, $99 down is not a price

  • Will

    Does it matter since you can go into AT&T, pay full price for an unlocked device and then bring it over to T-Mobile. I thought that was the whole point of the “no contract needed, bring your own device.”

    • JB

      That’s true, but from a business standpoint, if HTC wants to turn around their fortunes they should make all sizes available across all carriers and give customers a choice. Buying an AT&T device just to use on T-Mobile is effectively funding the enemy. Haha. Those poor Sprint customers don’t get a choice at all. Lol

    • Squirrel

      The AT&T one probably won’t have AWS HSPA…

      • Will

        Yes but for some people, size may be more important than function. Mine is bigger than yours…I just don’t get to use it as often.

      • bob90210

        The developer version has LTE on AWS but does not have HSPA on AWS

    • du22ty

      If you were to do that you might as well buy the developer phone which is also a 64gb phone with ATT bands. Problem with both of those options we won’t get to use 4g on Tmo.

      • John

        T-mobile and use AT&T use the same LTE band 4. However, they use different HSPA bands. Please get your facts straight.

    • rob

      Yes it matters! The AT&T device won’t have the proper set of radio bands enabled for T-Mobile.

  • galaxydude

    32 gb is more then enough storage for me i usually upgrade every 10 month’s anyway. I am still going to purchase the htc one from T-Mobile

  • TmoNews_Inuyasha

    *sigh* Of course, it’s an AT&T exclusive… Why wouldn’t it be?

  • Anthony Jackson

    This is how At&t stayed a step ahead for so long. Suckering companies to give them exclusives. Bad for HTC heading in a new direction. I wanted this phone in 64GB, but not from them!

  • I know most of you care …but to 99% of ppl 32gb is fine, they aren’t going to care if atat has a 64gb model

    • ant

      well if u plan on buying a ipod n have this phone its not but when u use your phone for video pictures music n sometimes a usb for school 32gb is not goin to last at all

      • darkjuan

        Agreed. I have loads of pictures (I actually need to clean that up a bit) about 10 gigs of music and mp4 movies on my phone right now (32gb sd card) and I have maybe 1-1.5 gb of space left. It’d be nice to be able to add more music and more movies without having to worry about storage space. I really hope there is another option to purchase the 64gb version.

  • Roy Harrigan

    HTC is only hurting themselves with this dumb $hit. Only a matter of time before thnis stupid management staff takes this company under.

  • mdosu

    HTC thinks if someone needs 64 gbs they’ll switch over to AT&T? The customer is more likely to buy a competitor product. This is killing HTC, there’s no way any analyst can quantify how much more phones they will sell by making 64 gbs exclusive to AT&T instead of making it universal across all carriers

  • ant

    what made me mad is they waited til not to put this out they couldve said this upfront seen the hate n changed it or never let at&t put this video out and another thing what made me mad was i bought some beats for this phone

  • ant

    but then again how do we know this was htc maybe sprint n tmo didnt want to put up what at&t did like the iphone was a at&t exclusive for a while so at&t may pay more for their phones or willing to pay more but htc dont really think they can beat samsung n apple by doin something like this

  • GwapoAko


  • zifnab

    There it is, exclusivity again. HTC really doesn’t want to come back, they don’t want it bad enough.

  • I have been waiting for this damn phone to come to T-Mobile and being a interior memory nut I was foaming at the mouth for the 64gb version. I am so freaken pissed off, how the hell can HTC who has been struggling to say the least give any one Carrier an exclusive?? That is just not very intelligent. They just took away all the Sprint and T-Mobile customers who wanted the 64gb model and sent them to another phone. I will not buy the 32gb model, to me that is not enough, if the phone had 32gb of internal with the sd card then it would be plenty, that is what my SGS3 has and I use it. I know now why I support Samsung, they have been the only Company that has given their customers what they have asked for. The SGS4 is my new Android device and I am proud to say it. I don’t know what I was even thinking, being the owner of many HTC phones in the past I was hoping they would come around. Giving an exclusive to any one Carrier just shows they haven’t learned anything. Pay attention to what the leaders in your fields are doing to be successful, Samsung is that company.
    Thank You Samsung

    • not to mention ATT customers just don’t buy HTC phones .. sure a few but hardly enough to justify handing them an exclusive. they’ll be just as confused on this phone as they were witht he One X and One X+

  • James

    Isn’t exclusivity that killed HTC in the first place, back in 2012 with the DROID DNA, HTC ONE X, ONE S, EVO 4G LTE? Why are they still doing it then?

  • Nick Gonzalez

    Well my intentions were to get the 32GB Black version on T-Mobile anyway, so this doesn’t really affect me.

    However, I completely agree with most of the comments so far. Exclusivity should not be part of HTCs gameplan this year.

    • RonONeal

      T-Mobile is not getting the black version, they declined to pick it up.

      • Nick Gonzalez

        Where did you hear about this?

  • Jack

    f**k at&t everything good they take it.

  • i know people want to throw exclusivity as the reason HTC is killing itself and part of that is true .. BUT the other parts of it are poor marketing, poor direction, poor features etc. The phones are built wonderful but that isn’t the only thing consumers want. they want a confident phone maker, a brand they can identify with etc. what exactly is the signature line for HTC?
    no one friggin’ knows even in the midst of this “One” series .. you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that identifies HTC with any particular brand or series in the same way they identify Apple and Samsung with the iphone and Galaxy.

    • abolds4397

      I agree with that Deacon! They’re going to do it to themselves again too.

  • frontrowfred

    Come on T-Mobile, one step forward (iPhone), two steps backward (HTC exclusive crap)! I wanted the 64GB HTC One from T-Mobile, but no, I have to switch to AT&crappyT to get it. Sorry but no thanks. I’m not leaving T-Mobile, but wow what a let down. Guess it will be the S4 for me.

  • I was on the XDA-Forums looking for some more imfo on the HTC One. One of the members has the 32gb version and isn’t very happy. After the OS and stock apps are downloaded he is left with around 24gb of internal memory. That isn’t very much if you are looking to DL a few good movies and some of the newer games that takes up much real estate. Then you throw some important files, large files that I require to have with me at all times, you are left with shit for memory. My reasoning for needing 64gb of internal memory with a phone that doesn’t support sd cards. The more I think about it the more I want the SGS4. Samsung devices in the last few years have been the best working Smartphones with the most innovations. Samsung is innovation in Webster’s. Bring on the best Smartphone in the world, the SGS4.
    Thank You Samsung.

  • Rocky T.

    Sayyyyy WHATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  • Ozzie

    I no longer want this phone…the release date from what I’ve heard has been pushed to may to coincide with the GS4 launch. In addition, the fact there there is no other option beyond 32GB bothers me. i do alot of work on my phone due to my job, so with no expandable memory, I was banking on the 64G. Guess I’ll stick to the GS3…

  • moises1204

    htc always find a way to shoot themselves in the foot.

    • Josue

      more like kick themselves in the rear end

  • AAE

    Good bye HTC forever! hello Sony Xperia, Nexus, LG, Samsung note

  • Victor

    For me the GS4 took the lead over the One when I found out the One wasn’t getting a removable battery and no storage slot. The 64GB version was the only thing keeping it on the table. Now TMo isn’t getting getting it so as far as I’m concerned the GS4 is the only phone worth getting now.

  • abolds4397

    Way to kill the business by selling the 64GB exclusively through AT&T only! You’re missing out on so much of the population! That’s same crap when the BlackBerry Torch was exclusive through you! You may cash out on this however, it may come back to bite HTC in the butt! As a company trying to gain some ground with Samsung, LG and others ahead I think the logic in this move was not good! There are many out there wanting more than 32GB and getting the HTC One in a 64GB through AT&T only is NOT enough to get people to change carriers. We’ll see though.

  • Randall Lind

    HTC is dead. I just got a cell in April 2012 and it seems the only phone to get is a Samsung Galaxy S or iphone, If you are not in either camp no one give a crap about your phone LOL I agree all phone should come in 16,32 or 64GB no matter who you are with.

  • Josue

    HTC you are so dumb *Antoine Dodson voice*

  • ceegii63

    Chinese HTC ONE 802w gets a REMOVABLE Back cover for access to a an mSD card slot and 2 Sim slots

    HTC: Making sure everybody H-ates T-heir C-rap