New Staples Image Highlights May 1st Release For The Galaxy S 4


Even as T-Mobile’s CEO spoke out regarding May 1st availability for the Galaxy S 4, it’s nice to see company-owned channels won’t be the only T-Mobile outlets with stock that day. A newly leaked Staples document shows the nationwide retailer will also carry the Galaxy S 4 on May 1st, though all release dates are scheduled as “tentative.” Still, with T-Mobile’s CEO already pinpointing the 1st as a “go” date, smart money is banking on that as a concrete date.

With pricing not disclosed, here’s yet another reminder that Staples as a third-party retailer will only offer T-Mobile’s newly released Classic Plans.



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  • Honestly…. it’s a huge chance I might just go for this, if what I’m hearing is true that T-Mobile has pushed back the release date of the HTC One to mid or the end of May, because they have been too focused on the iPhone.

  • Austin Warren

    Verizon’s is late because they have to brand it nice and good.

    • kev2684

      they’re busy engraving that verizon logo on the home button lol.

      • bleeew

        And they are going to fill it up with bloatware for the extra lag.

    • verizon have the best network because they charge so much for you to have there network. but i like to have the samsung galaxy s4 on t mobile because i can take my phone anywhere and pay it off when i what to

      • sincarafan247

        Verizon is not the best network. No network is “the best”. Whats the best for one is not the best for another. Tower locations, coverage, etc. all comes into play. Verizon is the worst carrier where I live where as t-mobile is far superior, but drive 50 miles and its probably the other way around.

    • JustSaying

      It makes sense right? Late to launch the GS4 while they make their customers wait later to upgrade.. ha

  • dandelo

    and not a peep about the One. I’m glad I decided to jump ship to sprint. I’ll have my phone for a month before it’s released on Tmo. I’ve been with them since the G1; I hope all the ifans make up for the android lovers they’re losing.

    • sssl48

      How is your service with Sprint?


    Come on T-Mobile… bring out the HTC One! I would like to make a decision soon between the SGS4 or HTC1.

  • Chris

    Should I stop worrying now David? lmao

    • I think so!

      • Chris

        Like I told you about me selling my Note 2 and using this POS Blackberry curve for meantime. Now I decided to invest 100.00 on a fairly new HTC One and then wait out these 16 more days lol.. what do you think? lol

        • Chris

          meant One S

  • 2 weeks left till launch. do we have any idea which versions we’re getting yet? i don’t want just 16gb in stores.