Samsung “Worried” Build Quality Of Galaxy S 4 Doesn’t Match HTC One?


A new report out of SamMobile is definitely one you should take with a hand full of grains of salt, but according to their source, Samsung is “worried” about the Galaxy S 4 build quality. As HTC chose to use an aluminum body with the One, Samsung is concerned that their device build isn’t up to par.

According to the SamMobile insider, Samsung even produced an aluminum body that was “very popular internally” but Samsung wouldn’t have been able to mass-produce the device and release it on their intended time-frame, so they went with tried and true plastic. It was back on March 5th that Samsung’s Y.H. Lee, executive Vice President of Samsung’s mobile business explained that the company wasn’t just considering hardware strength when consider

“When Samsung looks at what materials to use, it isn’t just taking into consideration the aesthetic quality of the device, Lee said.” Lee went on to say that Samsung also takes into consideration “how quickly and efficiently it can manufacturer a product, knowing it will have to ship a high volume.”

That quote lends a little credence to the SamMobile source, which says that Samsung will look at upgrading the hardware for the Galaxy Note III. In fact, the source says Samsung “will not use the design guidelines for the Galaxy S 4″ for the upcoming device which is now said to sport a 6” 1920×1080 AMOLED display, Exynos 5 Octa CPU, LTE connectivity and 13-megapixel camera.

So what’s the reader verdict? Would you love to see a non-plastic Galaxy series moving forward?



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  • David Lebron

    Seems like everything people want in the Galaxy S series, keeps popping up in the Note devices – definitely waiting for the note 3.

  • Chris

    I just don’t believe this. You think within a matter of months they can completely change their thoughts/design of the phone? They’ve probably been working on the Note 3 for 2 years already.

    And the HTC One X was also aluminum wasn’t it? Why didn’t they care then? This sounds too stupid to me…

    • Hoggles

      The ONE X was polycarbonate, not metal. HTC has used aluminum before several times……just nowhere near the unibody design of the ONE. My Sensation has quite a bit of alloy on the back cover & around the edges.

    • Dion Mac

      Unless I read it wrong(which is possible b/c I’m not that interested in anything samsung) I believe they were talking about going aluminum going foward… not trying to get the S4 into a new dress.

  • Deadeye37

    Some sort of durable metal phone would be really cool.

    Personally, I don’t care a ton either way, because I would just be getting a case for the phone. Unless they made the phone so that it wouldn’t break when it is dropped on the ground, I would just be hiding all that cool metal under some sort of rubber case. The problem is that the front of the phone is covered in a sheet of glass. All the aluminum of the body isn’t going to protect the phone if it lands face first on the concrete.

  • kev2684

    that would be awesome if they do it. popularity + specs + design + software adds + removable high performance battery + expandable storage would definitely push competitors to step it up if they want to stay relevant.

  • Will

    Does it really matter? I think the iPhone 5 stil is one of the best built (and beautiful) phones on the market today. However, I cover it in a plastic case so that it is water proof. Yet my Android phone never received a case since it has so much plastic on it. So either way, people will still cover it in plastic. Don’t worry Samsung. Just make the next one better. People will still buy this one.

    Even better…drop the price to make up for the plastic. People are fundamentally cheap. So if they can save a penny or two, they will.

  • 21stNow

    I think that Samsung’s devices are fine the way that they are right now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • nycplayboy78

      AMEN!!!! But I don’t blame Sammy for stepping their game up…It is customer’s biggest complaint about the so-called cheap build quality…Remember aluminum is metal and it interferes with radio signals and plastic don’t….

      • But people are idiots and don’t realize that.

        • JM

          I have to some what disagree. Is Samsung worried? no. they will do fine but HTC not only brought materials but also great design that makes the GS4 look like a toy. Lets perhaps look at Nokia they just brought their A game on design and looks still using plastics. Samsung decided to go smart with OK design OK materials MASSIVE MARKETING move and great freaking performance. So they are able to keep up with their hype you pick up their phones and is stable +fast + great marketing = massive sales HTC and Nokia in the other hand great designs + Great materials + Lame marketing = low sales

  • nd5

    The build quality of samsung phones is fine. The materials they use are not a problem in my opinion.

    What’s important to me is removable battery and external storage. S4 has both, One doesn’t. Also HTC still doesn’t get that they need to get this out to everyone all at once. Samsung releases on all major US carriers, HTC again has done an AT&T exclusive. That has never worked and won’t this time. I think the HTC one, despite the accolades, will be a bit player compared to the S4.

    That being said, the next logical step for Samsung is to improve build quality/materials of construction.

    • dom

      one thing people forget is that its a launch exclusive not an exclusive and thats because htc wasnt smart but couldnt produce all of the supply to have 64 for al carriers

      • nd5

        Thanks, I stand corrected!

    • Roscoe

      My S3 is just fine with me as far as materials and Almost every phone goes into a case.

    • Spanky

      Don’t forget the fact that the HTC One comes with Android 4.1.2, which was released in early September 2012 and is already 2 versions behind the curve. HTC had a chance to make an impact with the One. However, an aluminum casing is not enough.

      • abc

        Also don’t forget that S4 is using new super fast LPDDR3 RAM, the One is using older LPDDR2.
        The One is prettier and has a better screen in my opinion, but I think S4 will perform faster.

  • D Velasquez

    so “now” tthey want to make a premium smartphone?

  • Mushdagrt

    lol & they should be ….but people are going to buy it anyway…i personally would rather have a metal one but its not neccessarily a deal breaker..

  • Hoggles

    @David B… Speaking of build quality. Curious if you’ve seen the Android Authority drop test of the ONE? I’m still a little concerned on how fast the speaker grill flew off. We now know the grills are glued on…..and that does not thrill me. Word is on the M7 XDA forums, that HTC knows the original glue is weak….and may be changing it for a stronger epoxy. Might be good that Tmo is dragging their feet on the release…maybe we’ll get improved versions…..with the speaker grill gap concern, taken care of as well.

    • I don’t put much stock in drop tests that are one-offs. Any number of factors could contribute to that.

      • Hoggles

        Thanks for the reply David. Patiently waiting for the ONE article from you, letting me know when I’m headin to the Tmo store :)


  • qpinto

    Polycarbonate instead of plastic. The gs3 was awesome when I had it, however the home key felt super cheap and I always thought I would break it. Make the back have a little texture to it so it isn’t prone to slipping out of ones hands. I learned to hold the phone with my pinkies to avoid it from falling out. It looked great however was really slick feeling.

  • TBN27

    Obviously it is a not a problem about if the phone is plastic or metal Samsung’s Galaxy anything sells very well in its plastic glory. When it used to be that everyone had and iPhone, nowadays every other phone is a Galaxy something. It still looks sleek, it still has a beautiful displays, and the features and UI are a gotta have. These attributes plus Samsung’s marketing make the Galaxy 3, Note 2 and even the Galaxy S 2 a must have on Android offerings and the latest trend in the cell phone market. Now if the Galaxy S 4 officially comes off as a larger Galaxy S 3 with gimmicks, then this will be where Samsung has to worry about HTC and its latest Sense UI that looks formidable.

    • Dion Mac

      You say that now, but look at apple. They had/have a great product, but doing the same thing over and over again with the same look and small upgrades each year caused them to lose market share. So the saying if it aint broke don’t fix it doesn’t always apply.

  • IMO Polycarbonate built phones are better than aluminum. They hold up better and more important the polycarbonate device doesn’t have the issues that the aluminum phone will have interfering with radio signals. Samsung is getting a bad rap by some websites for what ever reason trying to push the HTC One. The Samsung phone has removable battery, sd card support and I can go down and every spec is better in the Samsung phones. The camera is unbelievable in the Samsung but yet these same websites will downplay this by saying the camera on the HTC One takes great low light pictures. I am a firm believer in Samsung, Innovation, innovation and more innovation. Samsung is far and away the better built and much better software. The SGS4 is just a freaken beast. Thank You Samsung.

    • Hoggles

      Some good points….but keep in mind, reviews have pointed out pros & cons of each phone. As for polycarbonate used in the ONE X & some Nokia devices… is much higher quality than the cheap plastic Sammy uses. The ONE does take superior low light pics….that’s pretty much agreed on. 13mp shines in detail. Both phones are beasts….and some prefer Sense over Touch Wiz. One thing (no matter what you choose)…..its never a bad thing to hope that all manufacturers increase build quality, the way Apple & HTC do.

    • M Westbrook

      Come on now. You know the Iphone is metal right. No problems there for years. Metal Iphone has been very successful. Metal means way better signal to the satellites.

      OMG HTC One, I went to an At&T store today and
      saw and actually touched and played with the Infamous HTC
      One. Compared to my brother Samy S3. it’s like Day & Night. The
      HTC One screen is so Vivid & so Crystal Clear that the Samy S3
      cannot come close to it. When I picked the HTC One up today, I felt the High
      End Quality and Craftsmanship of the cell. Plus it
      is actually lighter then my Bros Samy S3 cell. The HTC One UltraPixel
      is Super Fast and So So Very Clear. Trust me the pictures and video on the web of
      the HTC One is one thing but once you actually but the One in your hand in
      person you will be blown away. Just do not drool all over the Infamous HTC
      One in the store.

      • kalel33

        OMG, did you forget the “your holding it wrong” when it came to Iphone 4S and the Iphone 5 has horrible problems with the WIFI signal constantly dropping.

        • M Westbrook

          Yea you are right. I remember that problem with the Iphone Death Grip then theirs no signal. But you heard of Practice makes Perfect. I’m pretty sure HTC Development Team did there homework on there new Flagship HTC One before they massed produced it. I have not heard any negative problems about the HTC One.

        • The morons at Apple wrapped the antenna on the outside bevel, and by someone hold it bridged the Di-poles of the antenna thus canceling out the TX/RX. The HTC One accounts for antennas.

  • cybersedan

    I’m really pleased to hear this, all be it a rumor which I hope is true. Samsung seems to listen to the market, people wanted faster updates, they did that, bigger screens they’ve lead the way with that, now it’s time to beef up the feel of their devices.

    Even though how a device feels in your hands has nothing to do with how it performs, it seems like consumers are really keying in on that and why the hell not, I’d love to upgrade from my Note 2 to a premium feeling Note 3, here’s to being hopeful.

  • Tai Nguyen

    well from a consumer perspective, samsung should be very worry. I look at the HTC one vs Galaxy s4 and I see no reason why I or anyone would go with an S4. the s4 is inferior in my opinion. I welcome Samsung to build a unibody note 3 and forget all the none sense that folks keep bring up about removable battery/sd card. I currently own s3 right now (bought HTC one lastnight) and never need to replace battery or sdcard.

    Samsung need to redesign touchwiz. IMO the user interface on S4 is just so ugly. what an eye sores.

    If Samsung camera is still not addressing the low light performance issue, then once again Samsung missed the mark. majory of photo are taken indoor or low light situation, so low light is the most important feature that any high end smartphone must have. day light capture is just too easy even a shit camera can have a good shot, so I’m not too worry about it. Also, only 5% of my shot is in bright light.

    • Chris

      Who are you trying to kid Tai? Wait a minute, do you work for HTC?

    • Dion Mac

      Great points. Touchwiz and the plastic body looks very kiddy to me. I need eloquence Removable batter? Bah-humbug. The only gripe I can have(being a nexus 4 owner) is non expandible memory. But at the same time there are some benefits to it. Ive always been scared that if I lose my phone, i can remotely lock it, but my memory will just be out there will all my incriminating… stuff. And I’m inclined to backup photos to the cloud so there will always be a back up. Cant tell you how many times my memory card just crashed on me and recovery software cost $50 bucks and up.

      • kalel33

        What memory cards are you buying? I’ve always had memory cards in my phones and have never had one crash. I know a lot of people that use them too and never heard of it happening. I was even a T-mobile rep for 2 years and never had a call in about someone’s card crashing and T-mobile used to have quite a bit of phones that came with them stock. Don’t buy the Chinese knockoff memory cards and you wouldn’t have that problem.

    • Dave

      Yes, that’s correct, just because you don’t need expandable memory also means that everyone else does not need it. Everyone is just like me and I’m a star model, so extrapolate everything from me! Just kidding, I hate people like you, so let’s bring some facts in!
      The HTC One’s camera is rated at 5 MP, compared to the S4’s 13 MP camera. This means your photos are going to look like crap if they’re poster sized! Anyways, the low light performance is not a night and day difference (pun intended), you’re blowing it way out of proportion.
      The CPU in the S4 is far superior to the HTC One. The S4 has two distinct quad-core CPUs, one is low power and the other is high performance. Their also clocked higher than the CPU in the HTC One. The eight cores can operate in unison when extra power is needed. Pushing the performance envelope, no?
      Since this is Samsung we’re talking about, we can be assured for a slew of accessories (wireless charger anyone?), what was that you were saying from a consumer perspective? Speaking of user differences, the OS on the S4 is the latest version, 4.2, compared to the HTC One, running 4.1. That’s embarrassing considering 4.2 has been around for months and the release date of the two phones are only 1 – 2 weeks apart.
      The removable battery is nice. If you’re flashing a custom version of android and it freezes or something, ripping out the battery is the fastest way to turn it off! It’s also nice to be able to carry 4 or 5 batteries when going on a trip and, not being next to an outlet constantly, it giving the ability to just switch batteries in and out when juice is low. That’s some more “customer perspective” for you.
      You also realize that you can flash your device to get rid of TouchWiz, right? I mean Sense is not exactly intuitive either… The S4 comes with multi-window tasking, more than two apps running on the same screen? Blasphemy!
      Fun fact: the S4 works even with gloves and has air gestures, it detects finger movements without even touching the screen. That’s right, no longer will you need to take your gloves off in winter to operate your smartphone. The consumer will sure know the difference then!
      The S4 comes with more sensors (barometer and thermometer). So if you’re ever hiking, you can be you’re own weatherman.
      In terms of build quality, who cares if its plastic? I KNOW you’re buying a case for you HTC One because the aluminum chips (plastic doesn’t chip, now does it?) and scratches. End result? They’re both covered in plastic! Ha!

      I just listed 9 factual and indisputable advantages of the S4. You, on the other hand, listed one factual advantage and the rest was subjective stuff you pulled out of your behind. Checkmate.

      • M Westbrook

        The Camera on the HTC One is perfect for what the average person needs to print if they choose to do so. Anything over the 8×10 I think people then are serious photographers and they will be using a DSLR dedicated camera like myself if there trying to print posters. So the HTC One is perfect in this Camera department.

        And for the HTC One 1.7 GHz and the Samy S4 1.9 GHz. You will not be able to tell a difference in speed. There both very fast.

        HTC One 4 Ultrapixel
        4×5″/4×6″:Photo Quality
        5×7″: Photo Quality
        8×10″: Photo Quality
        11×14″: Very Good
        16×20″: Good
        20×30″: OK

        Some Specs HTC One
        CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon
        600 Quad-Core 1.7 GHz
        Super LCD 3 468 ppi
        Camera 4 UP Rear; 2.1 MP Front-Facing

        Samsung 13 Megapixel +
        4×5″/4×6″: Photo Quality
        5×7″: Photo Quality
        8×10″: Photo Quality
        11×14″: Photo Quality
        16×20″: Photo Quality
        20×30″: Photo Quality

        Some specs Samsung S4
        CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon
        600 Quad-Core 1.9 GHz
        Super AMOLED HD 441 ppi
        Camera: 13 MP Rear; 2 MP Front-Facing

        • kalel33

          I agree with you on 5MP is fine for most people BUT you forgot the extra megapixels make it easier to crop without losing much in quality. You crop a 5MP image much and it becomes unusable. The HTC One doesn’t have a zoom, like all smartphones, so you might end up cropping. It’s a wash, a little bit better low light vs being able to crop your photos.

  • I want a Galaxy Note II with a 5 row keyboard

    • Guest

      They have it already. It’s called a laptop.

      • I can’t take it serious. ….5.5 is hardly a laptop

        • Wilma Flintstone

          You’re right. It’s a Netbook Lol

        • Dion Mac

          Kudos 2.0

      • Dion Mac


  • Newmexican

    If the build quality of the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G is any indication than they should really be worried. I will replace my 4 months old Relay 4G with the HTC One as soon as it comes out. I’d rather buy the HTC One outright than continue to use this unreliable plastic toy that Samsung made.

    • M Westbrook

      OMG HTC One, I went to an At&T store today
      and saw and actually touched and played with
      the Infamous HTC One. Compared to my brother Samy S3. it’s
      like Day & Night. The HTC One screen is so Vivid &
      so Crystal Clear that the Samy S3 cannot come close to it. When I
      picked the HTC One up today, I felt the High
      End Quality and Craftsmanship of the cell. Plus it
      is actually lighter then my Bros Samy S3 cell. The HTC One UltraPixel
      is Super Fast and So So Very Clear. Trust me the pictures and video on the web of
      the HTC One is one thing but once you actually but the One in your hand in
      person you will be blown away. Just do not drool all over the Infamous HTC
      One in the store.

    • kalel33

      Really? You bought a low end phone and expected flagship quality? I’d buy the HTC One too, not because of quality but to replace your crappy choice of a phone.

      • Newmexican

        kalel33, I am coming from the HTC G1 and G2, both not really high end phones. But their lifetime was 2 years not three to four months. So I have a valid comparison. I feel cheated by Samsung and they will have to work hard to make me buy any of their cheap plastic toys again. And when I say cheap, I am speaking quality not price.

        • kalel33

          Tell me of a higher level Android phone with T-mobile when the G1 or G2 was released. There wasn’t one. The G1 was the first and only Android phone for awhile and the G2, along with the Mytouch 4G, were the flagship phones for T-mobile. The Vibrant was old by that time.

          The Relay is a mid-range phone with the same screen that was used in the old Samsung Vibrant and you think it’s on the same level as phones that were the top offerings from HTC or even comparing it to Samsung’s current flagship phones? There’s a reason why your phone was much cheaper than the G1, G2, or any other HTC or Samsung flagship phone….it isn’t of the same caliber.

        • Newmexican

          well, you can put it however you want, but fact is that the Relay after 4 months is BROKEN (and I take good care of my phones). I cannot reliably make phone calls, the whole accelerometer, gyro setup is not working anymore, the phone is vibrating all the time without any reason. Even a mid-range phone should still work after 4 months if it is not abused.
          I never claimed for this to be a high end phone. I claimed that Samsung rightfully should be worried about their built quality, if a well treated phone after 3-4 months is having as many issues as my Samsung phone has. Buy as many Samsung phones as you want, I will not do this anymore for a while as I have been burned.

  • Spanky

    If Samsung is capable of implementing LTE into the Exynos CPUs, why does the company insist on using Snapdragon chips in the carrier models of the Galaxy S phones? Wasn’t it the same situation with the carrier versions of the GS3, which came with the Snapdragon, and the Note II, which had the Exynos?

    • bobafettrules

      the Qualcomm chips are far more flexible in handling multiple LTE bands – it lets them hit the US market with fewer hardware configurations.

      • g2a5b0e

        That’s not the reason at all this time around. Samsung already stated that Octacore Exynos has all the LTE bands embedded. The reason why it isn’t shipping in most regions is because they can’t produce enough of them fast enough to supply the heavy demand for the S4.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    HTC has always had better build quality than Samsung. That has not affected their sales as of yet but it may now since Samsung is going with apparently a plastic body this time. Plastics can be fairly strong yes but Samsung has not announced what kind of plastic they will be using and that may be why they are worried now.

    • Shawndh

      That’s not necessarily true. HTC’s look better and have more attention to detail on the outside but the build quality is not better than Samsung’s. Apple’s build quality is better than the both of them.

  • Guest

    It’s not so much the build quality vs the GS4 is not that much of an improvement over the GS3. If HTC could have had a earlier launch they would have taken more of Samsung Market Share. I still think both phones will do well, and they both should have there I eyes on the bigger pie(Apple Iphone Sales). Both of them have a legitimate shot at slicing into Apple Iphone market share before the launch of the iphone6.

    • Chris

      Can you tell me why you think the GS4 isn’t that much of an improvement over the GS3? I’d love to hear this

      • auser72

        I’m strictly speaking from the perspective of someone who owns a GS3, and in my case the GN2. I owned the vibrant, GS2, GN2 , and wife has GS3. The move from the vibrant to the GS2 was a major improvement in design, hardware(screensize, processor, memory, camera) and software. As was the move from GS2 to GS3, not as drastic but still a major improvement. The GS4 has the basic overall design of GS3 and slightly bigger screen, better camera, and faster processor, and new software that would eventually end up on GS3. I an not saying that the GS4 isn’t a nice phone but it’s just not that much of a improvement to make most GS3 owners upgrade to. Just like the Apple Iphone 4 vs 4s.

  • tomnewtn

    I have no problem with non metal builds, but Samsung has chosen to use that which exudes a feeling of something cheap, when their hardware deserves better. There are other options, such as what I saw in a leaked image of the plastic iphone, or the Nokia’s and HTC 1X, that exude quality. If I spend that kind of money for a smartphone, I want a more professional build. Samsung could do better, but if it’s more interested in cranking out zillions of phones instead, ok, but I won’t buy one. If people are happy with the current build, then that’s fine, as it’s a personal choice. But just imagine a Samsung in a solid sleek polycarbonate body with laser precise cut outs, etc. Or a solid translucent one in tasteful color. That would be hard to pass up.

    • Dion Mac

      Somebody finally said it. If its more important for them to flood stores than have a qualify build, then they clearly are only about the dollar and WILL NOT get even a ripped off corner of my dollar… just saying

      • kalel33

        I’d rather them cut corners on looks instead of features, like HTC has.

  • They should be worried. With all the money Samsung made last year they could at least make their flagship devices out of better more quality materials rather than containing to have them feel like cheap toys. I hope the HTC One is a success and makes Samsung rethink cheap plastic for the Note 3 this year.

  • SocalTeknique

    As long as It has a removable battery, I don’t care what its made of

  • h_f_m

    Plastic != cheap

    I’ve had plenty of metal HTC phones that got creaky after a time. All the plastic Samsung phones I’ve owned were extremely tight and durable. That said, the HTC One does look nice and since it’s unibody it should defeat the wear-to-creaky that has happened in the past. Can’t wait to see one in person.

    • Its really nice, the guy at my malls at&t kiosk had one

    • M Westbrook

      Go to an AT&T store they got them Infamus HTC Ones on display. So Nice, So Sweet, So Precious. Just Beautiful and Sexy and Fast and Super Clear. I wanted to run out the AT&T store with it and think about the consequences later.

  • Hurlamania

    As long as they keep removable battery and sd it would be nice

  • the2000guy

    I think that they should be worry about the size. Because not every s3 owner will upgrade to a 5 inch phone. If that is so then probably they should got the note 1 and upgraded to the note 2 instead of taking the s3. To be honest, the htc one looks amazing and at a perfect size. The build quality is way much better than samsung flagships.

    • kalel33

      Huh? The Galaxy S4 is no bigger in physical size than the S3. It makes no difference if the screen increased in size when the overall size remained the same.

      • the2000guy

        But in my hand it is. Definitely the size is an issue. Increase performance and size? This is just unreliable. At least the iphone is increasing performance and trying to keep the same dimensions.

        • kalel33

          If the S3 is good for you then why is the S4 not? The S4 is skinnier, same height, shorter on width, weighs less, and has a bigger battery. They actually shrunk the phone with a bigger screen and battery. They did something better than the Iphone, they made it bigger and better without actually making it bigger.

        • the2000guy

          Now I noticed what you were saying. I forgot to read carefully, my mistake. Yes the physical size is the same, only the display size changes. But really looks ugly with that huge display like having no borders. Still dont find anything that impress me to upgrade the s3 for a s4. And what I meant in the iphone is to keep a smaller phone compared to the usual 4.2-4.8 size available. I now that apple increased their size due to high demands of GS3 and nothing else because they show no innovation in increasing to 4” display. I love that is less wide than the gs3.

        • kalel33

          Truthfully, if you have the S3 then it’s not much of an upgrade, but for someone who’s had their phone for almost 2 years then it’s a huge upgrade.

  • cardi dark

    Waiting for the note 3 skip both of them

  • ike

    I never had a problem with the plastic
    design and every smart phone I owned up to this point has a plastic casing.

    Samsung made a good business
    choice being that they are likely to sell several time more phones than HTC and
    they need to meet demands on time. An aluminum casing only changes the
    aesthetics of the phone and not its quality. If HTC get to be more popular than
    Samsung I would bet you can say good bye to the aluminum on their phones too.

  • lifeisgr84all

    Wish Apple could come up with 5″ iPhone this summer…that would make all including HTC and Samusung “WORRIED”.. is that happening anytime soon?
    i would pass all these and wait for the next Large screen Iphone

    • ingram1225

      no one is worried about a iPhone anymore… considering Samsung and many other companies build it…. those same companies also build android phones.

  • Shawndh

    Okay I’m going to play devils advocate here, since I am an HTC guy. HTC One has an aluminum body but there are still reports of gaps near the top and the charge port for this device. I have always purchased HTC phones and while they look great on the outside the inside, on the other hand, is another story. It’s a bunch of cheap plastic snapped together and I have always hated how they put their phones together. They always have ‘fitment’ issues. But the attention to detail on the outside looks really great.

    I have always hated how Samsung produces a simple slap of plastic for it’s phones but when you take them apart, the build quality is much better on the inside than the HTC’s. They have the motherboard screwed to a frame and the screen adhered with adhesive and it’s a very simple design that is easy to service. So in the end it’s just two different design theories. I’m going to go with the HTC because I just like them but I’m fully aware that there is no ‘better’ phone between the two. Just the one that’s best for you.

  • George

    I am ok with plastic (cheaper to build = cheaper retail price) BUT from the environmental standpoint the aluminum is better.
    P.S. lets see how many vote-downs I get by being environmentalist :)

    • ingram1225

      cheaper retail price for who? $639 for the SG4 is on par with the HTC One.

  • LeePaul

    The plastic body on my S3 is fine, since I use a case. What’s been my biggest gripe is the clickity-clack sound of the volume rocker. Just moving the phone around would produce a subtle sound, but screamed poor quality to me. Tmobile was no help on the warranty end.

  • Of course it isn’t!!!! Duh that’s one reason I bought a HTC One. Sammy has come a long way though.

  • Philip

    Front speakers! Get rid of the plastic! HTC One rulez!