T-Mobile Stores Closing Down Sunday For New Rate Plan, UNcarrier Training

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T-Mobile’s getting ready to kick off the UNcarrier approach this weekend and to make sure all their employees are up to speed will continue training their employees this Sunday. Depending on the store location, hours will vary for extra training including some stores closing mid-day as pictured, opening later or closing early. In any event, T-Mobile’s gearing up for something big with UNcarrier and thankfully we’ve got some pretty good indicators about what’s coming. If you’re planning on making a trip to your local T-Mobile store this Sunday, phone first and check their hours.

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  • Zac


    • jswing

      Iphone sucks. Team android!!

    • Tito


      • Bennett Cooperman

        IPhone is terribad…the nexus 4 is light years ahead of that old ass tech.

        • Zac

          Obviously those left on Tmobile are the ones who can live without the iPhone, and those who work there have been coached and conditioned to think the iPhone isn’t a big deal out of necessity, but its the world’s number one selling handset, and the single biggest reason Tmo has bled subs for the last 5 years. Get excited that you’ll have it soon.

        • Bob

          The nexus 4 doesn’t have wifi calling and that is a difference to me in areas without service as in my house where T-mobiles signal is gone in most rooms.

  • Can’t wait to see how this unfolds…

  • NYCTheBronx

    Yay! T-Mobile is #1!

  • Scott Walsh

    Come on bring on the iPhone dammit so I can get rid of this tired Android phone! NEVER LOOK BACK!

    • eanfoso

      Hey get a lumia 810 man, that’s what I always tell people that complain about Android and they fall in love with it

    • JointhePredacons

      You would hate the iPhone. Android is SOOO much better. I had the iPhone, and when I got Android thats when I never looked back. Get a high end Android phone, if youre using a cheap Android phone, you get what you pay for. But this T-mobile news is good news for you because you can get a new phone like the HTC ONE or GS4 with $100 down then pay off the rest monthly on your bill

  • JR

    It s nice to see that they are training their employees on the new plan. I have called in the past and they do not know about the deals and programs offered

    • JointhePredacons

      well not just the new plans, but im sure theyre getting training on the new EIPs theyre going to be offering, so I can get a Gs4 or a ONE, or a Note 2 cheap then pay it off monthly…..they have to have answers for people looking to migrate and if we can trade in our current phones, ever if theyre on contract till next year.

  • M42

    I wish they would announce more 4G coverage. Unplan, Noplan, Anyplan is useless unless you have a solid high speed network with broad coverage to enjoy it on.

    • eanfoso

      You get what you pay, if coverage for high speed is your concern, go to Verizon, but if you want to get the best of both worlds stay with t-mobile, not sure where you live but here in South East Texas t-mobile works amazing

      • samsavoy

        Unfortunately that “You get what you pay for” excuse is becoming less and less relevant as the value of the service goes down while prices go up. Just browse around their coverage maps and you’ll see some glaring pockets of EDGE that really should not exist.

        Edit: Yeah, I just checked. With these new plans, 1 line with T-Mobile is $80/month for 2.5GB of data. I can go sign up with AT&T and get vastly better coverage for $86/month. I don’t get unlimited minutes, but I’ll take better coverage over unlimited minutes.

        • TechHog

          Different people have different needs. I, personally, would have more to gain with a $90 unlimited everything plan than I would from AT&T’s coverage.

        • CRT24

          So do you base your wireless provider decesion on a coverage map or whether it works where you will use the service? …..At&t coverage is hardly “vastly better” as you put it

        • samsavoy

          Between AT&T’s site density and LTE rollout, it’s vastly better. Everything boils down to location location location, but on a national level, it is vastly better.

        • CRT24

          Like I said, if it works where you would use why would you care about that……what, so you can tell people “I pay more but the site desity is awesome”? Based on independent studies At&t’s network ranks behind t-mobile in several markets so your claim is unfounded

        • samsavoy

          When people say swiss-cheese, this is what they mean. http://i.imgur.com/OK5LWaI.png

        • M42

          There are no such national studies. Every “national” study I’ve seen ranks T-Horrible at the bottom, often behind regional carriers.

        • M42

          Beg to differ. I’m currently on T-Horrible and I’ve had AT&T. Everywhere I travel, I’m on EDGE 90% of the time with the big T, whereas on AT&T I”m never on anything worse than HSPA+ 4G. I would much rather pay a little more and have coverage and fast data.

        • CRT24

          Funny when I travel I have had coverage pretty much everywhere I have been, even 15 miles out in gulf when I went fishing. I am not going to sit here and say that att does not have a broader coverage area because they do, but the quality of their network is ranked last in many markets and that is a fact. But to say you pay “a little more” is understated at best but if that is what floats your boat then its all good but I think most people dont want to pay that much more for service just because they may have faster data in someplace you may visit once or twice a year. You can’t compare the value you get with t-mobile but if the service doesn’t work well where you live or frequently travel then then you shouldn’t have it, plain and simple.

        • Tim

          It will actually be only $60/month with Tmobile for unlimited talk, text, and data (including 2.5GB high-speed) if you bring your own phone.

        • I’m confused. Doesn’t T-Mobile offer no contracted unlimited everything for $70? Why would anyone want to pay more for metered data on these new T-Mobile plans?

        • CRT24

          The 70.00 post paid no contract gives you the ability to pay out a phone with installments….it’s also unlimited 4g data, not “metered”

        • tmotrololol

          you also don’t get overage free data stupid.

        • Fraydog

          Have you ever tried contacting executive levels about the service levels in your area? What good is it going to do to bombard every single comment section about bad T-Mobile service is in your area? No one else other than the people in Eastern PA give a crap about the bad service in your area. You live in Allentown, you should have solid service, and if not, maybe that’s what T-Mobile needs to fix first rather than blowing a bunch of money on rural outposts where most people are on Verizon anyway.

    • I-Troll-U

      I left Verizon for T-Mobile and I see no noticeable difference between hspa +42 and the LTE I hade on Vzw. I’m sure there are speed differences but here in Seattle the difference isn’t noticeable during day to day use.

      • M42

        I agree their HSPA is as fast as Verizon’s LTE; I’ve done my own tests. The problem is T-Horrible’s HSPA+ is only in large cities and nowhere else. And even in those cities the coverage rarely covers the city’s footprint. After that it’s EDGE. With Verizon you fall back to 3G, which is really 2.75G. You hardly ever find any 3G on AT&T’s network and when you do it’s a whole lot faster than Verizon’s.

  • Rudy Belova

    The store here had that same not but from 12:00-12:30. Been on the door for close to a week.

  • mdosu

    last chance to get the old value plan.

    • eanfoso

      It’s not really worth it, in the new plan you’ll get 80 $ unlimited talk text, Web but throttled at 500 mb, then add a line with unlimited minutes is only 10 $ whereas right now it’s 35 $ add a line with unlimited minutes, so if you don’t use more than 1000 minutes and don’t text then yes jump on value, afterwards all our plans will be unlimited

      • mdosu

        yes and no. It depends on whether you need a pre-packaged deal or not. Some people dont’ need unlimited text, or even data. I have a value family plan with 5 lines, but only 2 phones has the 2 gigs of data + text, and I pay $95 after tax after the AAL discounts….no way the new value plan can touch that. In fact, my AAL contract increases each AAL to only $5 per line next year. Needless to say, they’re going to have to pry this value plan out of my cold-dead hands before I give it up.

        Whether the new value plan is better than the old value plan is not a one-size fit all situation. Everyone has different needs, and different entry points (I got the free AAL promotion) you can clearly see the old value plan’s value in being able to add each feature a-la-carte.

  • tech916

    Maybe they will be patching the windows with bullet proof glass and requiring employees to wear kevlar vest because of the ghettos coming from metro

    • bleeew


  • Ninak

    Does this mean we can’t upgrade no more never even if we’re eligible !!!

    • TechHog

      No, it does not. It means that you would have to switch to a new plan. Your options are a value plan from T-Mobile, or a Classic Plan from a third-party (Best Buy, Target, etc.)

  • you

    Looks like progress for Tmobile. I was a call center manager when they introduced the Value and Classic plan. The training was literally a 15 minute team huddle to try and understand it all and a one sheet on the plans and then we said “go get em guys.” So much confusion that messed up people’s accounts for years to come…

    • M42

      And the lack of training shows, not only in the stores, but with the customer service reps when you call them, assuming you can find one who speaks English. Talk to any three reps about the same thing and you get three totally different answers.

  • MatthewMurawski

    Is there any clue as to when these go in to affect? Is it possible that they do immediately after the event, or will we be notified first?

  • Nina kany

    Does this mean no one can ever upgrade if there on older plans???

    • TechHog

      No. It means that you would have to switch to a new plan. Your options are a value plan from T-Mobile, or a Classic Plan from a third-party (Best Buy, Target, etc.)

  • taron19119

    Well when this uncarrer comes out im going to change over from a classic planca I pay 101 now

  • Palus85

    I will be at my store for the training at 8 am -_- on brighter news iPhone looks to be released in April.

  • Dakota

    They better also train the independent stores that look exactly like T-Mobile stores to consumers. When ive gone to my local store, the employees have been clueless

    • taron19119

      only T Mobile corporate stores will have value plans independent T-Mobile stores well have classic plan s

  • Dakota

    One thing doesn’t make sense to me. This is being unveiled next week, yet ive seen more tmobile commercials for thecurrent plans this week than ive ever seen

  • Jim

    It will actually be only $60/month with Tmobile for unlimited talk, text, and data (including 2.5GB high-speed) if you bring your own phone.

  • KarmenY

    What if I have a upgrade now and love my plan can I use it in like 5 months from now? We’re still gonna be able to get discounts in phones right if we are on that plan!?!?

  • TmoFan

    Is the iphone really coming April 1st

  • Tom

    The thing that is going to be not so good is offering unlimited talk option only and not offering the 1000 min or something not unlimited I don’t use that many minutes and some people might agree as well

  • Oliver Jackson

    They’re getting a quick course on the UNcarrier Value Plans.My store is the same way 11am to 2pm

    • tmorep123

      funny you say quick course….im in the northeast and our 4 hour training had nothing to do with what we were going to see when we opened as far as what an activation will look like…what the different down payments for different credit classes would look like…instead we got trained on crap that we did a year ago….my store was un prepared and had alot of questions with alot of wait times for the customers. i had to call my manager (who had to leave) about 30 times today..ya great training!!!

      other than that, things somewhat went smoothly and I ended up with 5 new acts and 3 “upgrades” if we call it that anymore

      • tmorep123

        its like getting your troops ready for battle and not giving them weapons or ammo

  • alan D

    I noticed today that part of the new rate plan is $20 sim cards.
    I went in a few weeks ago to pick up a micro-sim for my nexus phone (bought directly from google) and they didn’t charge me for a sim. Today I went in to get another for my wife’s phone (same thing, gift) and they said policy had changed and new sims were $20 as of yesterday. Don’t care about my long-term customer history, etc. If I want one, it’s $20 unless I bought the phone from T-Mobile.