T-Mobile Retail Stores Readying BlackBerry Z10 Inventory For Tomorrow

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Tomorrow’s a big, big day in the land of Magenta with the formal introduction of new rate plans, possible LTE and iPhone launch news as well as the release of the BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry fans should take note as company owned retail stores are receiving inventory today in preparation for tomorrow’s launch. While I haven’t had a chance to go hands-on with the Z10 as of this writing, and knowing that many of you have already written the Z10 off — I’m still eager to get my chance to see if BlackBerry hasn’t found at least a little mojo again.

With early reviews of the Z10 varying wildly from downright hateful to mostly positive, I’m eager to see how the T-Mobile fan-base reacts. I hope you are too. The more OS options we can provide the better.

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  • Eric

    T-Mobile is going to have a GREAT year!

    iPhone 5 (5S?)
    4G LTE
    No more contracts
    A new CEO (A cool one)

  • BornReady

    Going to pick up 2 Z10’s first thing in the morning (for my wife and myself)…it’s been a LONG wait, but I’m psyched! I sure hope more members of the T-mo community will check it out and give it a shot…you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the new OS!

    • timmyjoe42

      At this point, I’d rather have a new Windows Phone. I just don’t think there is enough room in the ecosystem for a 4th OS, especially since they don’t have tablets or a computer OS.

      • 21stNow

        The BlackBerry Playbook?

        • GwapoAko

          and it’s cheaper too.. some times they sell it on Ebay for $175 64GB.

      • Dierre Cook

        blackberry playbook

        • timmyjoe42


    • SeemSixty7

      I’m buying 2 Z10’s tomorrow too. I’m super excited about getting the New Z10. Blackberry has done a fantatstic job of putting this phone together and the OS is amazing. Can’t wait.

  • i played with a Z10 over the weekend .. it was nice .. you could tell it’s in the infancy stages though but a few things and swipe gestures were cool .. still not something that will pull many iOS or Android users away though.

    • thepanttherlady

      Do we have any price points on this yet?

  • thepanttherlady

    Can’t wait! =D

    • Zacamandapio

      You should.

      • thepanttherlady

        Grrrrrrrr!!! :)

        • Zacamandapio


  • MikeHunt

    Meh. Yawn. No compelling reason to switch from Android.

    • Brutally Honest

      Probably because you still work at the mall.

      • MikeHunt

        Ad hominem attacks are the weapon of choice for people with no real answer. You can disagree with the point by actually disproving it. Unfortunately you cannot. Bb10 is too little too late, and is not on par with Android.

        • KB

          with all due respect, wait until you try one out before making any assumptions. It will blow your mind away!

        • Dierre Cook


        • OOOO you checked the F&%UJ$K out him LMAO YES ! I love it

  • James

    I am not going to buy the z10 but I am happy for T-Mobile because now they have a lot more phones to sell and that’s also a good thing for customers, now they have more choices with the z10, galaxy s4, htc one, galaxy note, iPhone 5, and maybe the Xperia zl. These phones would be great for LTE launch!

  • conservative_motorcyclist


    I really hope I like it more than my iPhone 3GS. I really want to!
    Any word on UMA/WiFi Calling yet? That would definately push me over the edge tomorrow.

    • KB

      you will not be let down! I just switched from the same iphone 3gs to a blackberry z10 and I don’t think i could ever go back to the iphone.. my iphone seems so old and boring now!

    • Iam

      No wi-fi calling or HD voice.

  • TomRXE

    Yep, can’t wait for “Z10 day in the USA” at Tmo. Been waiting and watching this develop since last summer. Also getting 2 tomorrow. One for me, one for my wife. Reports look great. In other world markets about 50% of the units went to those who came from other platforms – and they LOVED them. It truly is the new Blackberry company represented with this new BB10 OS, new phone. new CEO, new everything. And they truly listen to their customers these days. Updated OS pushed out in weeks after going to market in response to what their customers wanted. That’s not the old RIM I knew but the NEW BlackBerry. So glad to see Tmo offering a great phone from a great new company. Like they say, “Re-designed, Re-engineered, and Re-invented”

  • Yep we got them today in stores. Going up for sale tomorrow.

    • thepanttherlady

      Price? Pretty please? :)

      • No info on the pricing yet as of now.

    • Ace the Great

      We got them in today too but isnt the launch day wednesday?

  • Zacamandapio


  • Bratty

    If it has UMA calling like other BB phones, then there could be some interest. Waiting for tomorrow.

  • Bigboss84

    i was just at a tmobile store asking some question,the guy had the z10.. i was playing with it. tomorrow im gonna have my hands on it… he said he loved it he couldnt put it down.. and he has an iphone .

  • Erick Amaya

    As the day ends here is Los Angeles, I’m going to put my hands on the new BB Z10.
    Tomorrow I’m expecting to get two of them. It should be a fun day.

  • Maynor G

    Yes Blackberry Z10 tomorrow!! Picking up two of them!

  • mavricxx

    I’m so pissed they didn’t do Pre-orders! There’s no T-Mobile store where I live so I have to order online, that means I won’t be able to get one till it arrives on the mail :(

  • mavricxx

    Any word on wifi calling/UMA?

  • Abe

    I’ve been LOVING my Z10 on tmo for the past week. Its a great phone and for those who want all the apps give them time they are coming

  • Kyle

    Have had the Z10 for a little over a month now. Awesome device. Best mobile browser and keyboard on the planet, bar none.

    Apps? I have Instagram, Netflix and Snapchat all sideloaded, which seem to be the big 3 that the negative reviewers have evidently decided to direct their hate. So there’s that…

  • tonkotsu

    Now what about the Q10? I want to be able to text without an aneurysm

  • So is this 42mbps fall back since LTE won’t be out far

  • marco

    wow.. $99 down isn’t too bad. Im getting it on Friday:)

  • GwapoAko

    Wow the price is amazin $531.99 ?? Ebay’s prices are more expensive

    • thepanttherlady

      That’s what I said when I looked this morning. I’m not bothering with an EIP for this.

      • GwapoAko

        I am tempted to get one hehehehe.. I still have my iPhone 4$ from last year paid more than $700 bwahhahaha.. I should have waited

  • GwapoAko

    Let the switch from Sprint, AT&T and Verizon begins!!!! BWahahahhah!!!

  • Guest

    I still don’t believe this will happen.

  • Chaotic Bliss

    I left Sprint about a month ago to purchase this phone and I haven’t looked back. This is a kick-a$$ phone and T-Mobile is leaps and bounds better than Sprint.