T-Mobile Bound Galaxy S III With LTE Passes Through The FCC


The passing of the Galaxy S III (SGH-T999L) with LTE for T-Mobile through the FCC isn’t in itself news, but the FCC sign off does bring us one step closer to release. Of course, it’s hard to get excited about the S III LTE with the Galaxy S IV on the horizon which will undoubtedly bring LTE to the T-Mobile table. Still, choice is good and as soon as the S IV hits store shelves, the price of the S III is likely to drop making it an even more enticing offer.

There’s a full complement of HSPA+ connectivity on board, and LTE bands 4 and 17 making it versatile with both the T-Mobile and AT&T crowds. Hopefully T-Mobile will let this one hit store shelves soon before it’s forgotten underneath the tidal wave of Galaxy S IV news.


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