(Updated) Newly Leaked Galaxy S IV Shots Confirm Specs, Larger Display?

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Update: A bit of an update on these images as the origin source has been identified as the work of an Expansys web designer. The designer created a placeholder image for the sites upcoming Galaxy S IV sale page supposedly on no insider information and only for illustration purposes. Famed internet tipster @evleaks has deleted the images as Expansys engages in a social media effort claiming @evleaks “stole them and added his own logo.” For my two cents, I’d just be really happy if the rendered images turn out to look nothing like the square shape and something far more appealing aesthetically is launched next week. 

Well what a Monday this is turning out to be with some newly leaked images thanks to the internets most loved Twitter tipster @evleaks. That’s right, we’re looking at what appears to be some placeholder shots for the Galaxy S IV  — which unfortunately don’t show the physical device itself, instead showing us a distinctly different shape  from the Galaxy S III.

So what can we gather from these images? For one, it appears that Samsung has eliminated capacitive buttons based on the small bezel toward the bottom of the device. As for those rumors rumors indicating the Galaxy S IV would arrive with a 4.99” display, they appear to be right on the money. As for the square shape itself, at first we thought these might have been nothing more than placeholder images, but then we compared them to some cases that leaked out at the end of February. Yup, that square shape also appears to be right on the money. As for the specs themselves, the images seemingly confirm an HD Super AMOLED display, 13 megapixel camera, 16GB/32GB/64GB internal storage, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

For now, we’ll take these images as with all leaked images of the Galaxy S IV with a hint of skepticism. As placeholder images go, there’s always some room for the famous grain of salt. Still, the shape of the device does match what accessory manufacturers are obviously hearing and readying for release so we’re definitely considering that this could be a “look” at the shape of the final device.

All we need now is some live and in person pictures, and we’ll get those March 14th.

@evleaks 1, @evleaks 2


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  • Could it be that Samsung FINALLY got the memo and ditched the physical home button along with the the hardware menu button? I mean they built the Galaxy Nexus and should have learned how great on screen button are.

  • Josue

    I can’t wait 4 it to see it

  • wowzerz

    Wow, looks good. Too bad it aint running vanilla android.

    • kalel33

      Thank you Mr. Obvious. I would have never have known that there wasn’t a phone that runs vanilla Android, outside of the Nexus, until you brought it to my attention. Thank you for your perceptive insight.

  • drewsg

    Anything about removeable battery? PLEASE LET IT BE REMOVEABLE !!!

  • lifeisgrea84all

    Hated those capacitive buttons and like the new look, any information about the processor?
    would love to have this S IV, i am sure it would come with killer specs to compete with HTC & others

  • mreveryphone

    I personally like the physical home button, gives me a second way to unlock my phone rather than using the power button all the time, but on screen buttons are new and cool too. Hopefully they perform better than my nexus 7 buttons #lag

  • wtfbigphones

    I hate how phones are getting bigger…and bigger…and bigger..

    • Why would you hate choice? You always have the option to choose something else that fits your taste.

      • wtfbigphones

        With this trend, it seems that there won’t be any more options, at pest when it comes to high end phones. That’s just me though.

        • Spanky

          Agreed 100%. I only use high end phones and would like to continue doing so without having to resort to having to use a mini-tablet. If anything, it’s lack of choice!

        • KP

          Totally agreed as well! My hands are not small, but I still prefer to be able to use my phone with only one hand. Using the Nexus 4 now, great phone, but still a little too bulky, I guess this is as good (small) as it gets with the way the trend is going with high end phones *sigh*

      • Spanky

        If there was an alternative high end phone with a smaller screen, it would be great. Unfortunately, manufacturers seem to think that everyone who wants a high end phone also wants to carry a brick with them.


          There’s the iPhone waiting for you.

    • TyRetr0

      Man you ain’t the only. This is cutting into phablet territory

    • Mike

      Right! The battery life gets shorter, shorter, and shorter!!

      • TechHog

        Doesn’t the Note 2 have better battery life than most phones?

        • Dj64

          It does. Way better than the n4. I have a note 2 and couldn’t be happier. I have big hands though. To each thier own..

  • Mark Hennessey

    I hate to say it, but every time I inadvertently launch Google Now while playing Temple Run on my Nexus 7 I’m reminded there’s an upside to the physical home button…

    • Snoopyalien24

      You know you can turn it off, right?

  • Nick Cannon

    Fake! It doesn’t say Samsung anywhere on the front…

    • Nick Gonzalez

      Did Mariah make you sign a Pre-Nup?

  • Impatient Waiter

    i really hope this isn’t the design… it’s not attractive, not a fan of the rectangle/square shape (which apple will end up suing for anyways) and I want a physical button and obviously removable battery and expandable memory *cough HTC One cough*

    • Chris

      I think it looks really cool!

    • turb0wned

      The HTC one is giving you 64GB storage. Why the hell would you need more? The DNA has great battery life with only a 2020MAH battery, the ONE has 2300… Stop finding anything to complain about.

      You wanted HTC to give more storage? They did that. You wanted the best build quality? They did that to.

      • Impatient Waiter

        I like the removable battery cause when things go wrong, and things always go wrong, you can remove the battery and do a factory reset, I don’t care about buying a new battery – I just want the option to remove it just for emergencies. Calm down fanboy.

  • galaxydude

    It looks a lot like the optimus Gpro now Samsung is COPYING LG

    • sushimane

      The optimus g pro look like the note 2 what u talking about bro. LG has no innovation on design

  • Jell

    I honestly don’t like this rectangular shape. I prefer the shape of the GSIII and it seems that 4.99″ is kinda pushing it in terms of screen size. BUT I’m still excited for this device!

    • well it’s not firm that this is the shape .. wait for the event .. i hope they don’t go back to the block form.

  • Sammie Bell


  • Whiskers

    Weak , no front facing speakers.

  • Dion Mac


    1. No SAMSUNG logo on the front(They are too vain for that)
    2. First Image, the sides are not even. Terrible photoshop
    3. Second Image, too thin. No volume up and down keys(not even room for it), too thin for a big battery (This screen will clearly drain the life out of phone, not to mention LTE), and too thin to be comfortable to the average consumers hand.
    4. Lastly, I said it aint so it aint. :)

    • It’s not photoshopped, it’s a RENDER. It’s a placeholder, didn’t I highlight this in the post? It’s supposed to take the shape and size of the real device. It’s not the actual device itself with volume controls, it’s a placeholder. The idea is to give you guys a glimpse at the size and shape, not tell you where the volume controls are.

      • Dion Mac

        Gee wiz David. I’m sorry :)

  • JOHN

    i am waiting for GS5 which will have 4GHZ, 20MEGAPIXEL CAMERA

  • daniel212

    Funny how when the galaxy s3 first released people yes a lot of people from here cuz I came to tmonews everyday they wrote how they HATED the roundish design of the s3 that they wished it would of been squarish like the s2 …. now that this s4 supposevly is gonna be squarish like the old s2 most people r complaining i dnt get them lol

    • Yeah I have a S3 and S2 and I prefer the squarish edges of my S2.

  • impasse

    if that’s relatively to scale, it’s too big..pass. i have pretty big hands, but if i wanted that big i’d just get a damned galaxy note. didn’t they learn anything from the xperia z or zl? you CAN fit a 5″ or 4.7″ 1080p screen in less space than the gs3. this is all getting a bit..out of HAND (ahah, i’m so funny)

    • Spanky

      Thank you. The GS3 is bordering on being too cumbersome. This is too much.

  • TyRetr0

    Nice but I don’t want a phone that big. I’m sure lots of others love it but not me

  • Richard E

    I’m loving my Nexus 4 but if the s4 can perform I’ll definitely switch

  • Singleweird


  • fixxmyhead

    meanwhile the HTC ONE comes out with 4.1.2. this is why HTC sucks they release a flagship with not even the latest version. samsung on the other hand delivers.

    • Spanky

      Indeed. I’ve given up on HTC.

      • Whiskers

        I’ve given up on ridiculous huge screens , that’s what tablets are for.

    • Whiskers

      But yet Samsung can’t even get rid of that constant blue tint on their screens, and if latest technology is their thing where is the front facing speakers .
      Huge screen and plastic builds just sets you up for easier breaks .

      • fixxmyhead

        that blue tint is from the AMOLED screens. i actually prefer amoled over LCD. i have a nexus 4 and the blacks look all greyed out cuz of the backlight LCD screens need. the only thing im jealous from my wifes galaxy nexus is the AMOLED screen. i came from a s2 and i miss the more vibrant colors and deeper blacks. as for the speakers, really? thats your biggest gripe? thats actually one of the things i care about the least. there just front facing speakers not really a big thing. HTC must be doing a good job if those gimmicks are getting to u lol

        • Whiskers

          I’ll take the 1080 HTC screen any day over the Samsung blues and yes front facing speakers do make a major difference.
          I can’t count how many idiots have to tilt the phone sideways while they listen to someone else talk to them. Common sense is to put the spaekers on the front so now you can hear it better and see the other person while your making visual calls or talking to someone whlie your doing something else on the phone.
          Not to mention the benifits of having them if you want to listen to music without always having ear buds on.

        • fixxmyhead

          just preferences i like deeper more vibrant colors, u like washed out blacks. plus amoled screens use less power due to not having a backlight. besides the blue tint is only visible when the screen is turned off which idk why it matters.

  • teeeheeeee

    they took off the home button before apple does!


  • Bokebo

    I just can’t wait for the event so I can see a PHYSICAL model of the phone. I was never much of a fan of the renders…

  • lovingmyGN2

    Sometimes I wonder if you guys are 10 year olds snobs posting or just plain retarded adults. This is NOT the GS4, my god! Samsung is good at hiding the actual phone till they launch it. I can’t recall a model that Samsung has let leak, there good at that. And people stop freaking complaining and being picky about everything. Allot of this technology didn’t even exist like 4-6 years ago, geezzz. Don’t you people think that’s at least a bit frightening? “Ewww I don’t want a button this”, “Ewww this is too big that” Chill people for the love of God.

  • ant

    it would be sweet if a phone company can make a fING 2 year phone shit stop making the new phone better than a phone that came out like 8 months ago b!<tch im still got another year with my contract

  • Wisdom

    Yeah, I going to roll with Mr. Sammy as soon roll out Note III (3 Tray) …!(lol)

  • Deihmos

    Might as well buy a tablet.

  • Eliyahu_ben_Yehoshua7

    Who wants to carry around a tv in their pocket. That’s one reason i downgraded and purchased an Iphone 4, i don’t want a tv, i want a phone. These big stupid phones are tacky, if you want to watch movies get a television or watch on a pc or laptop.