(Updated) Newly Leaked Galaxy S IV Shots Confirm Specs, Larger Display?

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Update: A bit of an update on these images as the origin source has been identified as the work of an Expansys web designer. The designer created a placeholder image for the sites upcoming Galaxy S IV sale page supposedly on no insider information and only for illustration purposes. Famed internet tipster @evleaks has deleted the images as Expansys engages in a social media effort claiming @evleaks “stole them and added his own logo.” For my two cents, I’d just be really happy if the rendered images turn out to look nothing like the square shape and something far more appealing aesthetically is launched next week. 

Well what a Monday this is turning out to be with some newly leaked images thanks to the internets most loved Twitter tipster @evleaks. That’s right, we’re looking at what appears to be some placeholder shots for the Galaxy S IV  — which unfortunately don’t show the physical device itself, instead showing us a distinctly different shape  from the Galaxy S III.

So what can we gather from these images? For one, it appears that Samsung has eliminated capacitive buttons based on the small bezel toward the bottom of the device. As for those rumors rumors indicating the Galaxy S IV would arrive with a 4.99” display, they appear to be right on the money. As for the square shape itself, at first we thought these might have been nothing more than placeholder images, but then we compared them to some cases that leaked out at the end of February. Yup, that square shape also appears to be right on the money. As for the specs themselves, the images seemingly confirm an HD Super AMOLED display, 13 megapixel camera, 16GB/32GB/64GB internal storage, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

For now, we’ll take these images as with all leaked images of the Galaxy S IV with a hint of skepticism. As placeholder images go, there’s always some room for the famous grain of salt. Still, the shape of the device does match what accessory manufacturers are obviously hearing and readying for release so we’re definitely considering that this could be a “look” at the shape of the final device.

All we need now is some live and in person pictures, and we’ll get those March 14th.

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