Samsung SGH-T999L Passes Through Bluetooth SIG, LTE Galaxy S III On The Way?

Nothing says the holiday is over like a juicy rumor, and rumors of a possible LTE Galaxy S III variant on T-Mobile is among the juiciest rumors we can think of. According to the governing body that handles Bluetooth requirements for devices, the Samsung SGH-T999L is a real device and could be headed to T-Mobile. It’s very preliminary at this point, but at least a few sites are speculating the “L” could stand for “LTE.”

As it stands now, the Galaxy S III model is sold as the SGH-T999, minus the L so it’s likely a new-ish model, possibly with some added features. T-Mobile is already kicking around LTE on a few towers in certain cities that shall remain nameless, so I wouldn’t be completely surprised if they picked up a new model early next year. It wouldn’t unheard of for an enhanced model to follow the release of the original as the HTC One X and HTC One X+ just showed on AT&T.

Still, I’m a little skeptical that we can positively call the “L” as “LTE” without a little more evidence, but it certainly was my first thought when I caught the news story. Current Galaxy S III owners shouldn’t jump to any conclusions just yet, especially regarding the notion that with this release, your device is obsolete. Our best response is to wait for the the SGH-T999L to show up at the FCC sooner rather than later and offer some more insight into exactly what the “L” means and if anything new is under the hood.

Proceed with caution.

AndroidGreed via Bluetooth SIG

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  • Bronze 6

    This also could be why they are phasing out the 16 GB Pebble Blue Variant, in favor for the Grey variant which may also be this new model number.

    • Jesse James

      considering the white and blue versions have the same model # on every carrier I doubt that a modified model number is just a color. It usualy means something hardware wise is different

      LTE seems the most logical… I guess another possibility is an increased resolution

  • no2apple

    Well, i need S4 not a LTE S3…. bcoz hspa+ is fast enough..

    • Anonymous


  • BigMixxx

    CES is coming….makes sense….that t mobie shows off it’s LTE capability….

    • JB

      This is actually pretty exciting if that’s what they’re planning… I’m very eager to see how T-Mobile’s LTE will stack up to the competition…

    • crystalbella

      i just hope tmobiles LTE is as fast as what im getting with att over here in san fransisco people talk bad bout att but i get 35-50 mbps dwn n 20-25 up on atts LTE on my s3 n ipad LTE on average which i think its fast enough to do most things . Only reason i wanna switch cuz i pay bout 200 a month for both my s3 n ipad .. which SUKZ and i only have 3GB of data on both which i go over in less than a week . If tmobiles LTE was that fast then i would switch if its not then i would just stay with att cuz i admit having a 50 mbps connection is awesome once u get used to it u cant go back regular 3G speeds.

      • TBN27

        Oh it will. Most likely it will be faster.

        • calichicka

          How do u know t-mobile’s Lte is gonna get more than 50 mbps? I also live in sanfransisco and like person above said at&ts LTe does get those speeds when they first brought LTE here I had speeds as high as 64 mbps now they went down to 45 ,lowest I seen is 35. Which I think its good for just about everything. But in case t-mobiles LTE did offer faster speeds at a cheaper price I would really have to think about getting them but I mean really think cuz my man has them and he always complain about dropped calls n no service in a lot of parts were he works in san Fran and in Oakland and salinas .. he said tmobile service is not good were as att comes tru.

        • TBN27

          T-Mobile will use LTE release 10, which has been said to be capable of 80+ mbps data speeds. At&t uses release 8. A little slower.

        • calichicka

          Ohh ok thanks but like I said I gotta think bout it lol cuz tmobile coverage ain’t that good were I’m at . Besides 45 mbps aint bad on at&t considering that I’m lucky I was able to keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan.

        • TBN27

          Cool. Stay put until their coverage is stronger.

        • UMA_Fan

          at&t throttles at 3GB though

        • Eric

          Release 10
          LTE= 100 Mbps with greater efficiency
          LTE-Advanced = Up to 1 Gbps

        • TBN27

          Thanks for the correction. Wasn’t sure. Now i know they will be the only carrier with true 4G for a little while.

  • JB

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being the LTE version of the SIII. Woah the pains of being an early adopter HAHA. Though it’s really a non-issue being that LTE won’t be fully realized until mid to late next year and I’m sure we’ll be on the LTE capable Galaxy S IV…

    • brubawil87

      OK so what if the L means possibly Exynos quad core GSIII with LTE. Would make sense to unify the manufacturing. Same processor as 9300 just with LTE added? As we know all of this is pure speculation but would be an awesome surprise.

  • terryjohnson16

    T-Mobile will most likely demo their LTE network at CES. I bet Las Vegas will be a test martket, if it isn’t one already. They probably put LTE on the towers closest to the CES show.

  • John Thomas

    Well I’m all for LTE on T-Mobile but I hope they FINISH the refarming. I use an unlocked phone (Non iPhone) and my 3G sucks!!!

  • eanfoso

    Wow I usually see phone arena use tmonews articles but not the other way around lol

    • Lex

      Well, PhoneArena got the rumor from AndroidGreed:

      So they have little merit on this. Not sure why TmoNews didn’t link to the original source.

      • I apologize, I didn’t see the link from AndroidGreed, but in the future if you have a concern about sourcing, feel free to shoot me an email. I’m very concerned about properly sourcing considering i’m on the receiving end of so many bad source links myself. Throwing it in the comments doesn’t seem like the appropriate way for an editor from another site to handle this.

        • Lex

          Hey David. We’re a very small website for now, so we’re used to not getting attention, even when a story originates from us. That’s why I left a comment here instead of sending you an email. Anyway, we really appreciate your reply and good intentions, and took note for the future. Cheers!

  • Richard Yarrell

    This would make actual sense. Now they will have the Galaxy Note 2 and the new Lte Galaxy S3 to go along with the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 running on it’s new LTE ADVANCE 10 NETWORK. Great job Tmobile.

  • While it would be nice to see their new network in action, I wanna see it on some new devices. Not the same ones they already have.

  • Jmogh

    Name the cities where LTE is active! Please?

  • maybe it’s just a new color :)

  • terryjohnson16

    I heard that Samsung won’t name their next Galaxy S device the “S4”, since the number 4 in South Korea isn’t a good number.

  • steveb944

    Whoa some LTE towers already?! At least tell us a state, or region at least David

  • Chris

    What?? While shall the cities remain nameless?? You’re supposed to leak stuff to us!! Ahh I’m so curious :S

    • Ha, there are certain things I don’t release until my sources tell me I can!

      • Chris

        Ha oh didn’t know that. Must be tough knowing that stuff and having to keep it a secret.

  • tmobile sales dude

    Windows phone varient of gs3

    • Wouldn’t have the same model number.

  • I have T-Mobile workers on towers in and around Boston suburbs and we allready have HSPA+ 42 and the 1900 radio refarmed in our area. It would be fantastic if we get LTE, Thank You T-Mobile.

  • Mike Ortega

    Has anyone ever noticed on the current G3 that it has LTE as an option in the networks menu?

  • Andrew

    Doesn’t the original S3 already have LTE capability? I would think this would be the smaller S3 if anything.

    • Andrew

      One of the engineers in my area told me that, that is why I am wondering.

  • Mae

    If the L does signify LTE capability – could this pose any new challenges for the devs… in terms of root and ROMs?

  • Actually according to T-Mobile the current model is LTE capable too after Jellybean update…

    • Jellybean has nothing to do with having an LTE radio or not. The note two has this antenna just needs software update to install. If the current s3 was LTE capable I’m sure this would have been discovered 6 months ago

  • I don’t care how “fast” LTE becomes on T-Mobile,I just hope the network stays clean and non congested and same pricing!

  • mmeyer4663

    Doesn’t the original S III support LTE already? When I go into Settings/More Settings/Mobile Networks/Network mode, the 1st option shows “LTE/GSM/WCDMA (Automode).