Nokia Lumia 810 Free On Through Tomorrow, December 27th

We’re always fans of the post-Christmas specials and the Lumia 810 on is currently rocking the low price of $0.00. T-Mobile generally sells the Lumia 810 for $0.00 and with the deal only good through tomorrow, you’d better jump fast to take advantage of this one. Keep in mind this is a web-only offer so T-Mobile stores likely won’t match the deal, but that’s ok, what’s a few days of shipping when you’re saving money?

In my recent review of the Lumia 810, I praised the smooth operating system, though I was a little critical of the size of the device. The Windows Phone 8 Lumia line is a little thicker than we’re seeing in recent smartphones to accommodate Qi wireless charging. For some this is an acceptable tradeoff, for others it makes for a try-before-you-buy experience. I will say the thicker body makes taking camera shots a joy — it’s one avenue the thicker body comes in handy.

Get this deal before the clock runs out!

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  • no2apple

    Well, for me to get this instead of my S3, I would say they will have to pay my bill for 24 months, then may be I will think about it…

    • BlackJu

      To get an s3, they’d have to give me another android free in case one craps out and/or doesn’t get upgraded like my last one.

  • Ordeith

    I have one, Awesome phone! The Nokia apps push it over the 8X for me, especially Nokia Drive+.
    Kids Corner is a life saver for those with children that like to use your phone.

  • Nick

    Is this only for new classic lines or upgrades too?

    • Rick

      I just upgraded to the 810 and had to pay $99 ($149 – 50 rebate). However I received free next month’s bill which is typically $225 (5 lines). So all in all a great deal. I have the 710 and it is an excellent device. And the Windows experience is smooth, easy, efficient and integrates well with Office and Exchange,. Skydrive is sleek and simple.

      • Nick

        Wow that’s nice, why did they offer a free month

  • Scott Walsh

    Windows Phone 8 is awful, I couldn’t sell it fast enough! Let it die Microsoft, you aren’t gonna cut it!