Samsung Galaxy S IV Reportedly Caught On Video, Shows More Than Jeremy Would

Samsung may continue to tease the Galaxy S IV with smoke and mirror images and Jeremy Maxwell, but they certainly haven’t provided the kind of secretive video coming out of China this morning. The video hands-on originates from the same source as yesterdays leaked images of Samsung’s newest flagship.

It’s impossible to say whether this is the real deal and we are in fact looking at the device we’ll see Thursday night, but there’s no question this is a real device with running TouchWiz. The video’s maker shows off at least one extra we might see in some international versions of the S IV with a pair of SIM card slots, as well a boot up animation with China’s Unicom logo.

There’s still some plenty of room for optimism whether this is the Galaxy S IV or some other 5” looking Samsung device. The jury is still out, but you have to find some humor in the Apple marketing spot playing the background. At the very least, the author of this video has a sense of humor.


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  • Quilvio123

    pretty cool

  • Cfu

    Well, seems that I’ll be looking to the Nexus 4 or HTC One to replace my iPhone. As great as the Sx series of phones are on the inside, the outside just does nothing for me.

    • Edgar Gomez

      Nexus 4 is great but the only thing I regret is that it doesn’t have a replaceable battery. I have to carry around a battery pack and when I’m low I have to leave the battery pack connected. I took the chance when I bought it knowing it was going to be an issue, but now I truelly see how inconvinient it is.

  • Eli

    Disappointed no new design

  • Paul

    The dual sim STILL has me sold on it being a fake.
    With that said…still looks freakin’ sexy.

    • China uses dual Sim

      • Paul

        One SIM isn’t good enough for China?! They have to have two so as to out SIM the rest of the world?! The US should have 3 SIMS!!!!
        (sarcasm, as I wasn’t 100% sure that was the case but suspected such.)

        • mdosu

          you get a bump up for this…lol

        • Paul

          Ha ha ha, thanks. Glad someone found it funny.

  • The fact that it has the English language Samsung S3 design video running in the background seems suspicious to me. Show me some new WOW software feature that has been rumored such as the finger AirPlay, or some thing new, THEN I may believe it. If this is real, and samsung holds a big event for this, they will get railed in the media.

  • Kenneth Warner-Shook

    China does duel SIM

  • Chris

    I don’t think this is it. I’m assuming this is a dummy unit. If this is the SIV, I think it’s pretty lame…

  • MMakoto

    if this is the real thing, then i feel it’s like the iphone 4 to 4S, i will stick with my III and wait for the V, unless the software and internals show a significant improvement.

  • urmom

    Yawnnn. Seems so boring. Ive had the galaxy s 3 and the note 2 and I dont think id like the size in between. Besides that its still the same boring phone as the s3. Plastic and cartoon menus

    • Paul

      Would it help if it came with a dancing Jesus?

  • jeez

    Front facing camera is not lined up with the hole on the case.

  • James

    Not a big redesign for me. The phone looks like a bigger s3. It’s not like the redesign with the HTC One. Also, the screen is half an inch from being a note 2. I think I’ll stay with my s3 :)

  • M42

    Surely this is leaked on purpose to gig up interest before the release.

  • Impatient Waiter

    I feel like this is a fake now.. honestly, Samsung knows they have to do something that will blow people’s minds by having something new and innovative on the GS4 so they don’t get grouped as iPhones (same design, same thing year after year with slightly better specs). On the other hand, they may do exactly that since it’s proving to be such a success for Apple, why fix something that isn’t broken? Whatever they do, I hope they keep the physical home button

    • 21stNow

      I really wish that they would get rid of the physical home button. I like that part of the original Note so much better than the Note II.

  • bb75

    Damn. I didn’t know there are so many Americans who are so vain about what the OUTSIDE of their phone looks like. Plan on accessorizing with the gs4?

    • If Americans plan to pay more than $600+ for a phone, they have the right to bitch about it.

  • Ann Droyd


  • Looks like a cheap Chinese wannabe phone. May I remind you of the Sciphone? The menus are all screwed up and some of the icons are a little off. Also, touchwiz doesn’t have a touch tone for scrolling through home screens. I’m saying fake. I like the design though. I never liked how the back of the s3 went LED-Camera-Speaker. This looks more like the s2, which I loved, but Apple will sue them for XD

  • Man! That dial pad looks sick!

    Love how the dude spent 30 secs showing us the new revolutionary dialing method of pushing big numbers….

  • jRi0T68

    It astounds me how many people here judge the device solely on the appearance. Samsung’s internals and features always impress and are at LEAST tied with best on the market.

    My upgrade isn’t due until end of the year, but it’s likely to be either this, HTC One or the next Nexus. With the help of xda, I loved my Vibrant and my GSII

  • Josue

    i have my doubts thats no the actual the S4….

  • brendan soliwoda

    Design wise, I’m muah. But the somewhat “new” Touchwiz doesn’t look all that bad, although i wish they’d pull an HTC and completely redesign their skins. And the camera functions looks good.

  • Is anti-HTC? There’s been dead air here for days about the HTC One, with tons and tons of Samsung hype in its place (along with that news item about how Samsung is blitzing the world with ads — interesting “coincidence”?).

    • Paul, look at all of articles and tell how many of them relate to T-Mobile? The reports of delays? Not going to report it since it wasn’t US related. The Sense 5 transfer to the DNA? Not related. I don’t have a review unit to do work on and I’m not going to intensely post hands-on from other sites just because I’m concerned someone might think I’m anti-HTC. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll actually see me joking with the HTC PR team about how much I want a review unit because I’m excited to see the device. Also, you’ll want to take some time to research my own history with Android to see that the HTC One S is one of my favorite Android devices. HTC Bias? Hardly. Also, I don’t pick what ads are run, but Samsung does FAR more marketing. Did you miss the HTC video we posted of the design process for the One? Unless you can tell me where Elvis is, how many aliens are hiding in area 51 and what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa, you might want to reconsider tossing conspiracy theories my way.