Samsung Galaxy S IV Reportedly Caught On Video, Shows More Than Jeremy Would

Samsung may continue to tease the Galaxy S IV with smoke and mirror images and Jeremy Maxwell, but they certainly haven’t provided the kind of secretive video coming out of China this morning. The video hands-on originates from the same source as yesterdays leaked images of Samsung’s newest flagship.

It’s impossible to say whether this is the real deal and we are in fact looking at the device we’ll see Thursday night, but there’s no question this is a real device with running TouchWiz. The video’s maker shows off at least one extra we might see in some international versions of the S IV with a pair of SIM card slots, as well a boot up animation with China’s Unicom logo.

There’s still some plenty of room for optimism whether this is the Galaxy S IV or some other 5” looking Samsung device. The jury is still out, but you have to find some humor in the Apple marketing spot playing the background. At the very least, the author of this video has a sense of humor.


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