Samsung Gives First Official Look At The Galaxy S IV, No Jeremy In Sight


For those of us who doubted the leaked Galaxy S IV image earlier in the day, Samsung’s first official look and tease of their next flagship device is making those images look more and more legit. It’s shadowy and it doesn’t give much away, but it’s definitely looking like the S IV keeps the basic outlines of its predecessor, the Galaxy S III.

There’s no question this image leaves a lot to the imagination however, if Jeremy is impressed, I can safely assume we will be impressed as well.



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  • The shape looks very similar to the S3. Could they be copying Apple by not changing the design much from generation to generation?

    I kid, I kid.

  • carloslacend

    To me that is a galaxy 3

  • Not.. HTC One.. and BlackBerry Z10/Q10 for me.. but I’ve never been a fan of Samsung’s hardware…(at least not the exterior..)

    • QBeastly

      Agreed. I’ve owned a lot of Samsung phones because of the internal hardware. The actually look of the phones…. that’s another story. I mean, ALL Samsung phones feel cheap lol. I love my Note 2, but I think the design is ugly -_-

  • Qbancelli

    They gotta be kidding me

  • Devin Fischer


  • Devin Fischer

    same ole shape =(

  • ex_nokia_exec

    A lot of people are going to be disappointed when this gets announced.

  • RonJeezy

    Why change what works? Note 2 is just the Note 1. IPhone just changed their model this last release. So people stop crying. When was the last time HP and Gateway changed the look? It’s all about software. Wait for the S5. All I really want is Key Lime Pie and Emojis. My S3 is fine.

    • EnoughWaste

      This is called planned obsolescence!

  • TechTinker11

    I don’t see the problem. The GSIII was the best looking smartphone device I seen from Samsung. Though the Front top doesn’t seem like includes an extra sensor for the eye scrolling and ect. I was hoping they wouldn’t change back to the hideous GSII

    • QBeastly

      Best looking device from Samsung… that’s true, IMO. I own the Note 2 and my bro has the GS3 and I’ll admit, Samsung makes some ugly phones lol. My previous phone, the HTC One S was the best looking phone I ever owned… heck, it’s still the best looking phone for T-Mobile, IMO. I can’t wait until the ONE hits stores, since I think that phone looks better than my One S.

  • Hyuri

    Definitely different from the Chinese “leak”. Note that this picture shows a vertically-centered “SAMSUNG” with no speaker bar — or camera/sensor openings. I suspect that the actual product will look slightly different from this as well.

  • Enzowned

    The “problem” isn’t that they aren’t changing the design, it’s that it’s still so plastic-y. It may sound silly, but some people are over so much plastic, now that there are more offerings that showcase different materials. They may be behind the curve in this regard, when they could easily be leading it, yet they choose not to. Sure, it won’t matter for the masses, though I don’t think it’s the masses that are on here commentating on it.

  • smacsteve

    And can you say nearly no LTE in sight for T-Mobile?

    • mmeyer4663

      Really? They wouldn’t do that twice, would they? Who would buy it without LTE?

  • mee02

    Could this be the next Sidekick? T-Mobile made announcement on Thursday, March 15 last year that Sidekick was being retired. Now Samsung is doing this on Thursday, March 14 this year.

    • No, most definitely not…this is the Galaxy S IV.

      • mee02

        I see, thanks, David.

  • urmom

    Phone is boring. Not enough new stuff to make me wanna buy it. Im using note 2 but am tempted to try the iphone 5 when we get it. I just wish tmobile would release lte for my note and ill be happy.

    • TBN27

      I swapped to the iPhone 5. Not boring like everyone else says. It is just a no frills No gimmicks OS that does pretty much everything android does except for widgets on your screen and google now. Apple maps is still crap compared to google maps, but it is getting better and better. I am so waiting for LTE now.

      • ant

        i cant stand not being able to download music n albums from the internet or seeing flash player stuff on the internet

        • TBN27

          And what does that have to do with the iPhone? I still download music from other sources. Of course when it is downloaded it has to be brought into iTunes. No biggie. Also there alternative browsers for those who cannot stand not having flash. For example, Puffin Browser for bothe iOS and android because Android in it’s latest OS no longer supports flash in the chrome browser. And since HTML5 has well taken the place of flash, that issue is a non factor

        • ant

          I should’ve stated I get complaints about ppl with iPhone not able to download music from my site n them not being able to use my flash player to play the songs but not needing I feel u I was just saying

        • QBeastly

          iOS ppl will always make your claims. HTML5 is slowly but surely taking over flash, but not yet…. not for another few years. Doing everything thru iTunes may not be a big deal to ppl with iPhones, but it’s never as convenient as drag+drop. If you want a “no fills No gimmicks OS,” then, IMO, Windows phones are the better choice. I used to hate on Windows phone for a long time. I told everyone that it was a case of TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. But, after my sister bought the HTC 8x, I have to admit that it’s a very nice phone with very nice functionality. I’ll still stick to my Android because of its customizing abilities, but if you like an OS with just pure practicality, Windows phones are better than iPhones.

        • TBN27

          As far as the flash issue, I used the alternatives in android and now on iOS. I wanted to switch from android because of issues I had and when doing so, I checked out windows 8 vs. iOS and I preferred iOS. For me, I found it more practical and it has apps that I will not get on windows phone.

    • How can you say it’s boring if you’ve never used it?

  • thatuptowncat37

    Apple is coming to Tmobile and so is LTE…not as quickly as u all would like but its coming. Oh and BTW THIS IS THE Sammy S4!! that is all…..

    • M42

      Yes T-Mobile has LTE is a whopping two cities. Almost as many cities as they have HSPA 4G.

      • taron19119

        What you don’t get is when the metro pcs deal close T-Mobile will have lte every wher metro has lte and buy june T-Mobile lte well cover 100 million people

  • M42

    As others have said, very boring and unimaginative design. But they’ll sell it on gimmicks like bumping two phones together to transfer music or something else just as lame.

    I like what HTC has done much better. They’ve put together a great design, terrific speakers and edge to edge glass. It looks like a game changer. The Samsung looks like something Crapple would release and hype as being the next great thing.

    • Samsung seems to be trying to be the next Apple while HTC is making better phones.

  • M42

    By the way, you can download this pic and lighten it in any photo editing software and get a better look at it. When you do that it does look a lot like the leaked images.

  • mreveryphone
  • Antdog

    Still going to wait for the Note3

  • this might just be my first ever Samsung phone. i wanted the Note 2 .. really close to getting it but i don’t do bluetooth devices and i’m definitely not holding that thing up to my ear to talk lol .. so if the IV is a reasonable size it might just be my first Samsung phone ever.

  • 20°

    I just hope they rid the buttons and do what the nexus 4 did.

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