Poll: Do you think T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier plans will push the company back into subscriber growth?


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With the introduction of T-Mobile’s UNcarrier/Simple Choice plans and “contract-free” experience, I’m curious how you feel about everything. T-Mobile still faces an uphill battle in stopping churn, but a tough-talking CEO and completely new way new of doing business in the US wireless industry will hopefully revitalize T-Mobile into a formidable competitor.

Do you think the new UNcarrier plans will bring T-Mobile back into the competitive mix? Vote now.


  • avataranjie

    Regular subscribers don’t give a shit. All “uncarrier” carries became contract carriers when they saw how much revenue a contract carrier made in Mexico( some country)

  • RonJeezy

    iPhone is losing steam or I would have voted for that, but alas I went with, “I want to believe, but I’m skeptical”. Phone junkies like us are the only ones who care. The regulars worry about coverage and just having a mobile phone. They don’t know anything about LTE in succession or how much money they can save. They just know the BIG 3 Sprint, At&t, and Verizon. To them T-Mobile is no better than Boost or Virgin Mobile. All my friends know better though because I beat them other the head with how much better T-Mobile is than the rest. Yet they still stick with the other. Oh well I rep T-Mobile until the end, hope this all works out. *End Speech*

    • Mike

      the iPhone is hardly losing steam. More like analysts having exceeding unrealistic projections for iPhone sales in recent quarters. if you look at the revenue, iPhone has been increasing qtr over qtr

      • Agreed. The iPhone is the top dog for the casual smartphone user. It gets the job done, and it’s pretty simple for the people who aren’t tech savy. I see a lot more people coming to TMO once they realize the network is there, the speeds are there, and now the top dog in the smartphone universe is there as well. Only room for more growth for TMO.

      • Actually this is false, Apple stock dropped because Iphone 5 sales didn’t meet expectations and the Galaxy S3 beat the Iphone in global sales qtr 4 of last fiscal year


    I voted I want to believe, but I’m skeptical, because I feel they can stand there and say the iPhone is coming and we are great all they want, but until the return previous standards of customer care they will never be successful again. The plans and the phones being cheap/affordable can only get you so far. You have to have a rock solid wide spread network and awesome customer service or your cannot compete at the same level as the big boys. Get rid of the GPRS crap, stop off-shoring customer service and return to what worked in the past and cut the BS that is not working now.

    • remister

      +1 on the Customer Care part

    • Drew Vallejo

      Legere knows that that’s the deciding factor too. The phones and prices will bring the people and the customer care will entice them to stay. I see this as the turning point for both sides of T-mobile.

    • lb7894

      I voted the same. I have been a customer since 2004 and I love T-Mobile….until I have to call in for an issue or upgrade. For the most part reps are friendly and somewhat helpful, but I agree there are servicing gaps. This doesn’t want to make me switch but having what does is anxiety about this new plan and upgrade that is long overdue (still have the Galaxy S), which I’m sure I’ll have to call in for. That call is going to long, long and include multiple xfers, I’m sure.

      About the new plan…I did the math. I pay about $97 a month on the unlimited loyalty plan with unlimited data and that amt includes my discount. With my current plan I’d pay about $97 per month + about $300 for an upgrade. With the new plan I’d pay about $88 per month + anywhere from $100-300 for an upgrade.

      A $9 difference is nice, but there’s that upfront fee that puts me off a little. Still cheaper than any other of the large companies, but for a customer like me. I don’t need the hassle every time I need or want to make a change or have an issue.


    • JayInCA

      I called customer care today, and as usual, I talked to a very helpful CSR. I think T-Mo is going to make darned sure from here on out that customer service is going to improve. I inquired about how it would be possible to migrate my current family value plan with two people to the new Simple Choice value plans, and was pleasantly surprised when I was told that I could move to the new pricing structure right away (and get a new HTC One with the new financing structure), while finishing out my “time” on contract that I committed to, all without any migration fees, because I am already on a “Value Plan.” No new contract re-upping or renewal! The CSR was very nice, spoke perfect English and knew her stuff. I am fairly sure this will be the norm from here on out.

      • james w

        You either work in boise or new mexico, the csr agents are good but you are an emplyoee, where did you buy your knee pads

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      This is how I feel. If they do not improve coverage( NO MORE 2G), then customers will not come. Cannot count how many times I saw people saying awesome prices or supporting Tmobile for the move, but then say I am not switching. Shoot, I am in the same boat. I absolutely love the concept and these plans, but lack of coverage and in building penetration are preventing me from signing up.

      These changes do not mean squat if it does not solve the problem of subscriber growth. Heck, Tmobile needs HUGE subscriber gains if we are going to see it truly shake up the industry.

      I hope I am wrong, but I feel like these changes will not be able to right the Tmobile ship.

      • Spanky

        I’m with you. I left T-Mobile due to slow data speeds in my area and will only return if they improve this aspect of their service.

      • Jan

        This. They are only as good as their network. I wanna love t-mob but having the signal drop the moment you walk inside is *not cool*, the [lack of] service starts to become more of an annoyance at that point. I will keep playing with the t-mob sim that I have, see how the re-farming goes. I truly wish them the best of luck as lord knows we need MUCH more competition in this space. Definitely respect them for being the only carrier that let’s me keep a sim for when i visit state side, so i can pop it in and have a number ‘on landing’ as it were, all for pennies on the dollar, that is just the way it should be ;) So big ups T mob & I hope you keep shaking things up, just please turn up the juice on those towers! ;D Best of luck!


      I hate the robotic Philippines, seems like I always get them. I wonder how much Americans are out of jobs because of companies like T- Mobile who outsource. Cheap Bastards.

    • UncleFan

      I’ve had both good and bad experiences with T-Mobile CS, so it’s impossible to generalize. My BEST experiences have been with online chat on the T-Mobile website, believe it or not. I wonder why that is? The online chat CSRs seem to be very efficient at finding the solutions to sticky problems.

    • Benjamin@tmo

      Totally get that one. As a rep, I’ve had to clean up some customer care problems before. They are getting better but its not as easy as firing everyone and re hiring. I’m hoping this boom in subscribers and change of T-Mobile gets a better customer care too. I have had customers who have never had an issue with CC and then people who refuse to call them without kicking and screaming.

      • james w

        theres no contract, there not obligated, watch your deacts/ churn from pre to post which in reality is not a new subscriber, but tm thinks they are

  • I love these plans so much, that I’ve switched from a plan I’ve had for almost a decade. These plans were made for people like me!

    • remister

      I am about to change my phone plan also. I was on the EvenMorePlus500 non-contract plan…

    • Can’t agree more plus I had my first taste of T-mobile LTE today :-)

  • Herb

    I said that it depends on the marketing. The cowboy thing is a cute shtick but T-Mobile needs clear, concise ads attacking competitors in real, specific ways. Attacking termination fees, 2-year upgrades, etc… They keep saying the gloves are coming off, and if that’s the case I think they pulled the punch on the cowboy spot.

    • Mo

      Totally agree! Marketing should match the CEO at the live event… without the cursing.

      • Herb

        Maybe a little bit of cursing. Or using strong non-curse words like “crap” or even “BS”

  • mnaz105

    I love my SGS3, I don’t even use my computer anymore, and T-Mobile’s pricing is unbeatable. As for the iPhone5, it’s a great addition and I hope T-Mobile will be around for a long time.

  • Mo

    So what if you get a phone and a new plan and want to pay the phone off earlier than 24 months? Do you have to pay it in full or can you put and extra $100 on a bill and ask to apply it to your phone purchase? This is not saying i would leave Tmo just want to lower my bill sooner.

    • thepanttherlady

      Yes, you can. If you have an EIP (monthly payment) and log into your account on tmobile.com it gives you the option to make additional payments or to pay the full balance remaining.

      Making additional payments will not reduce your monthly EIP obligation, it will only shorten the months left for payments.

    • pbxtech

      putting extra $100 doesn’t get applied the phone payment. I noticed that website has another button for phone payment.

  • Mobilewolf789

    Hey I didn’t see the answer posted elsewhere yet or I missed it. Just wanted to know has anyone within the LTE markets been able to use it on their nexus 4 (those who didn’t get affected by the last update)?

  • kpb321

    Overall I like their new plans and think they are a lot more customer friendly. The only thing I dislike is only having the unlimited talk and text but I guess if your usage really isn’t that high you are probably better off with pay as you go.

    Unfortunately, I think a lot will come down to how well they advertise it as this is a pretty big change from the way the big 3 carriers do things and the advantages aren’t immediately obvious. Also the previous value plan experience showed that people can feel like they were bait and switched when you advertise a 50$ a month plan but then end up having to pay 60-70 a month because of the phone payment plan.

  • TMoFan

    I’m skeptical but I think it can be done if T-Mobile markets it the right way. Having worked with the general public in the past people have a low tolerance for details even if it’s for their benefit. If reps start bringing out calculators and spreadsheets people will tune out. T-Mobile needs a concise way to explain why the current subsidized model is broken and why this is better. Emphasize the fees, overages, etc. When 20×20 LTE arrives it will annihilate the competition in those markets. Now you can easily hop onto that no contract required. It can be done but it’ll be tough since consumers have been sucking on the subsidized teat for years and have no idea what’s going on behind the curtain. This is definitely a good move though and I hope it brings the company much success.

  • kev2684

    definitely! $99 down on flagships on all major smartphone manufacturers are great in the eyes of the consumers.

  • jian9007

    Skeptical here as well. While we may see the good in these new plans, it remains to be seen what the average consumer will think. Yes, customer service has to be better and that is on all fronts, in-store, online, and call center. The only problem is that when you have no contracts, you really need to deliver a service (phone network and customer service) that is better than the competitors. Otherwise you will have even more churn, as there’s no ETF penalty for leaving, and an unhappy customer will not hesitate to jump ship when there is no financial barrier holding them back. And they need to make it crystal clear about their plans, as in the past they have been guilty of confusing customers with their plans.

    There is a reason that Verizon is the largest carrier, even though they have traditionally been the most expensive. And with a termination fee of $350 per each smartphone, they practically force many consumers to stay. They also market aggressively and have a strong network. I’m hopeful that T-Mobile can succeed in changing people’s minds about contracts, as I prefer the no contract model. Since they now have the iPhone, there are no more excuses as the high-end phones (Galaxy models, iPhone, HTC One, etc.) will be available on all four major carriers (and T-Mobile is official carrier of the Nexus 4 as well). Although they have a long-term outlook, by the end of this year we will start to see if this new direction will help or hurt T-Mobile. Fingers crossed for this working out.

  • Until it’s $50 taxes included unlimited no caps everything will I be a believer

    • Hatescheappeople

      Well then take your cheap ass self to a local carrier like net10 or cricket

      • Hahaha

      • taron19119

        Cricket has the iphone 5 in select markets for 600

      • ok B$$*$H lol you hate cheap people you created a page just to speak to my celebrity LOL I love my fans. My level of spending has nothing to do with wanting value, you are a bottom..period

  • BigMixxx

    Let’s See:

    ‘Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney told FierceWireless that Verizon customers “have for years enjoyed the ability to purchase a phone at full retail price on a month to month no-contract plan. Phones on our website are offered at full retail price as well as the discounted price to give customers a choice in how they purchase their mobile devices.” She also highlighted Verizon’s LTE network, which covers 273.5 million POPs, or close to 89 percent of the U.S. population.’

    What she didn’t say was — you can pay full price for the phone and we are gonna lock you into the service contract for our service for 2 years.

    Sprint — irrelevant, they WILL be number 4 really soon.

    AT&T — interesting response — ‘Whatever’. This REALLY scares them the most.

    ATT iphone 5: 699, T mobile : 579 <– win for T mobile

    What is the 'payment plan cost' for the iphone 5: ATT 199, T mobile $99….

    The message has to be, we offer you the 'Same service' at a better price and We also offer the same phones at a better price. 45 second commercial spots for 4 months REALLY should work. I do see a change coming down the pike — it's just who is gonna pull the trigger first, ATT or Verizon.


      T-MOBILE also offers truly unlimited data

      AT$T and Verizon do not have unlimited data also with T-MOBILE it is only $120.00 for two lines totally unlimited talk text and web!!!!!

      • james w

        plus insurance, eip, fees, its still 200 after taxes for limited 4g lte service but whos counting

    • RedGeminiPA

      The iPhone 5 (16GB) from AT&T and unlocked from Apple are both $649, but I get what you’re saying.

      • taron19119

        T-Mobile iphone is 70 dollars cheaper

    • Mahrenballz

      I understand what you’re saying and I’m a fan of tmobile over the rest, but technically all of the carriers are experts at blowing smokescreens. It’s one of the biggest reasons why here in the states we are still in the dark ages when it comes to cell phones. As long as people continue to perceive technology as frightening, these carriers will continue to rip them off by forcing them into spending more money. If you paid $50,000 (or any amount) for a car that you OWN, imagine what it would be like if you found out that the manufacturer altered the car so that it only gets 20mpg, in order to force you to get gas more often. People would riot in the streets, or lawsuits would be filed by people screaming injustice. So how can these carriers blatantly do the exact same thing with these cell phones, yet nobody has a problem with it? My device that I OWN is perfectly capable of creating a wifi hotspot from the data that I pay for monthly by using a freely distributed app, but the carriers purposely block my device that I OWN from being able to use the free app that would enable it, so they can FORCE me into having to pay MONTHLY for THEIR app! How is that any different from a car manufacturer altering a vehicle in order to force people into spending more money? It’s outright BS that these carriers get away with what they do, and as long as people keep letting them get away with it they’ll be happy to keep taking advantage of it.

    • UncleFan

      “What she didn’t say was — you can pay full price for the phone and we
      are gonna lock you into the service contract for our service for 2
      years. ”

      What are you talking about? You can walk into any Verizon store and by a slightly discounted (about $50 less than MSRP) smartphone and use it on one of their full service no-contract plans, although those plans seem to cost about $5/month more than the equivalent post-paid plans.

    • M42

      But at least with AT&T you’ll be able to enjoy 4G and LTE speeds with that iPhone. With T-Mobile, not so much. The lower priced plans are tempting, but if you don’t have the coverage then it’s no bargain. Most folks are willing to pay a little more for coverage and faster data speeds.

    • james w

      you look like a trainer for tm in nyc, you mix the kool aid.

  • Long time T-Mobile customer, I just paid 200 bucks to buy out of my old plan and changed my plan to the new unlimited everything with real unthrottled data. Now I just dropped my monthly plan from 90 t0 70 bucks a month and I can buy any new phone I want when I want. I am very excited over everything that T-Mobile has done,I think the new boss is just the kind of no bull shit boss T-Mobile needs. As long as they keep investing in their Network everything else will fall into place. This time next year T-Mobile will be the 3rd ranked US Carrier closing in on 2nd ranked. In just a very short period of time T-Mobile with the new Commander calling the shots have pulled this company into a Carrier with a very bright future. When the other Carriers are throwing digs at you they are very worried and they should be.
    Great Job T-Mobile.

    • I love Tmobile too but it’s a little over ambitious to think they can overtake Sprint for 3 in only a year. AT&T has more than 3 times our network customers. It would take several years of extraordinary growth just to get close to second.

      • taron19119

        when the next iPhone comes out everyone’s going to choose T Mobile

        • RedGeminiPA

          I’m not too sure about that. Not having at least decent data coverage in MOST areas will leave people picking the other 3 carriers.

          I REALLY want to make the switch to T-Mobile, but I REALLY don’t want to be stuck on EDGE nearly 100% of the time where I live and travel frequently, and that’s exactly how it’ll be at this point.

        • taron19119

          T-Mobile well get rid of 90 percent of edge by 2015 and well keep 10 percent

        • Jan

          20…15?? Sounds light years away…=/

        • mekskwpm

          TMO coverage is better than Sprint’s

        • jarobusa


  • Jim Mack

    T-Mobile cannot brag about its network until there are not whole states that only have Edge available. I like the new plans but the data part does me know good on edge. T-Mobile is going to lose customers because people do not want to pay $600 for a phone and not be able to use any of its features except when in range of a wifi connection.

    • aussiedog61

      First, I really like T-Mobile, but I have to agree with this. T-Mobile has a coverage perception problem and rightfully so. I travel throughout SoCal and coverage is pretty inconsistent. It goes from great to horrible depending on where I am (coverage in San Bernardino, for example, is pretty poor on average). I spend time in Yosemite once a year and even an edge signal is non-existent in the park and outlying areas (Verizon and AT&T are fine). Like some others have said, I would fore go LTE just to have better coverage with HSPDA (i.e. more towers).

    • Anonymouse

      that’s true. to hell with international roamers! this 2013! at least make it HSPA 7 or 14 not EDGE.

  • Reverend Jones

    Yes! The new plan will bring in new people to t-Mobile.
    No! It will be only a temporary increase and it won’t reverse the course.
    When t-Mobile decides to compete with a better variety of plans (less minutes!) for the same low price, they will have a fighting chance.
    Until then…
    Please have some of this magenta Kool-Aid that John has prepared for you.

    • RedGeminiPA

      Did you miss the $30 prepaid plan? 100 minutes and unlimited text and 4G data (throttled after 5GB). What more do you need with LESS minutes?

      • UncleFan

        You can’t use the EIP with that plan.

      • 21stNow

        And they are trying to charge us more for the devices just because we have the “old” plans.

  • Benjamin@tmo

    ABSORUTERY! I’m stoked so much for this! I am loving the uncarrier launch and so are our customers! The iPhone will only kick it up a notch! Our sales in the store have gone up a lot and I can’t be any more excited!

    • I, too am passionate about the direction we are heading in. Most of my customers love this. In fact, people with other companies are calling to ask how they can get in on this. Things are back to where they used to be. Positive energy everywhere! Some people’s glass will always be half empty.

  • Now that they finally have the iPhone combined with the best rate plan pricing in the industry and an unlimited data LTE network, Tmobile has all the necessary tools to return to postpaid growth. No more excuses now. Just continue expanding LTE rollout and upgrading 2G areas to hspa+ from here on out. By Q4 2013 I expect to see the bleeding stopped. They will get the iPhone 5S on launch day with the other carriers this time too.

    • james w

      your an idiot and tm lacks the resources that vw and att have so if growth improves, they will open there larger war chest, stop drinking the kool aid weiner sack

  • sloanie

    I feel like it’s the combination of UNcarrier plans, completely competitive phone lineup (inclusion of iPhone), and the LTE rollout that combined can move things the other direction. I don’t feel like the plans alone (or the iPhone alone) would quite do the trick.

  • Acnjr28

    I actually spoke to a customer care representative yesterday and he sounded very happy and positive about everything that’s going on right now. I thought the guy that I spoke to was excellent and that was the best time I ever had in a long time talking to a representative. So I’m being positive and hopefully everything will go great for T Mobile.

    • taron19119

      I think customer care got some more power because they gave me70 off the mmigration fee

  • coverage, coverage, coverage .. TMO should focus everything they have on improving coverage and letting people know in those weak areas that coverage is improving or improved.

    • RedGeminiPA

      I completely agree. It’s the only reason I haven’t switched. I live in the largest city between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, and we’re still stuck on EDGE. Meanwhile, Sprint launched LTE here. Craziness.

      On top of that, we’ve been seeing T-Mobile’s blazing fast 4G commercials for a few years now… Who’s getting those speeds? We aren’t. Why spend money promoting a network in an area it doesn’t exist?

  • Don Kim

    I give T-Mo props for ditching subsidy.

    The new simple choice plans make sense and it will work.

    You pay less up front and even with the EIP price attached to your monthly bill,

    it’s still cheaper than most other carriers which they don’t offer unlimited 4G.

    The problem with T-Mo is, was, and always will be about their overall coverage.

    For those living in metropolitan area, you’ll be ok with their services. Those living in outside of it, well, there’s no judgment because you don’t get any reception at all in most cases.

    I don’t know how much Metro PCS merger will help the coverage, but now that T-Mo has got their new plan in tact, and finally landing Apple products to their shelf, their only focus should be revamping and improving the coverage.

    It’s easier said than done. But I want to believe.
    We desperately need a game changer in US.

  • jim

    i have been with TMO for over 9 yrs and will cancel my line when my 2 yr contract expires. Having to pay full retail price for new phone and not saving anything on plan is nonsense.

    • Don Kim

      You clearly don’t know what subsidy is.

      • jim

        tell me how do I save on the new plan? If I don’t get phone upgrade or discount on plan, there is zero reason to stay with tmo

        • taron19119

          You pay full price for a phone and get a lower plan

        • Don Kim

          Instead of just whining, why don’t you start doing some research.
          Whether you can get a good plan on T-Mo with EIP.
          Then compare it to subsidized plans with other carriers.
          We’ll see if you complain about T-Mo then.

        • Don Kim

          Instead of just whining, why don’t you start doing some research.
          Whether you can get a good plan on T-Mo with EIP.
          Then compare it to subsidized plans with other carriers.
          We’ll see if you complain about T-Mo then.

    • CRT24

      So what your saying is you are going to cancel and spend even more money on another carrier? If you dont understand the math of these plans by now then there really isn’t any hope for you.

    • mingkee

      I think I will migrate to new UnPlan.
      Even I have to pay $35 more from 1000 shared to unlimited calling plan with 4 lines, the price is still cheaper because it’s just $10 per additional line can share unlimited minutes.
      On the data only side, I got Sonic 2.0 for just $150 and keep my contract intact (my data only is truly unlimited $40 webconnect plan).

  • RacistAnnoying12YearOld

    I’ll be honest the iPhone was the biggest announcement they made. T- Mobile is being deceptive as usual. These plans have sooooo much hype though
    $50 Un talk + txt
    $20 for a decent phone
    $10 for 2 gigs =
    $80 + tax and insurance
    still cheaper than VZW AT&T and Sprint

    • CRT24

      How exactly is t-mobile being deceptive?

      • james w


    • Wtf

      What the hell are you talking about ? What deception ? They are being transparent, all of the other carriers are being deceptive are you insane?

    • Benjamin@tmo

      Yeah…. Don’t see any deception.

  • Kat

    Horrible what Tmo did. I have been postpaid plan for almost a decade and I was happy with the phone upgrade and my current plan. With the new plan, I won’t get phone upgrade deal cos I have to pay full price on phone and the plan itself looks worse than what I got now.

    • cebo

      I have to agree… I called yesterday and currently have 4 lines. Switching would cost me more money per month and that doesn’t include the cost of the phone. Which would add anywhere from 15 to 20 dollars per line a month. Long time customers losing out. I explained this to the CS and he agreed for my situation it makes no sense. I asked he forward my information to leadership for review. nothing will come of it.

  • aantoine87

    these plans are awesome but the average person is stupid (acts stupid) and will talk bad about these plans regardless of them being better


    Just by looking at all the comments here, it seems like ATT, Verizon, and Sprint sent a massive memo to all employees requiring them to log on to website and talk trash about TMobiles new plan. On a side note, I will probably switch to TMobile when the Iphone is released.

  • I-Troll-U

    While I love what T-Mo is doing, they really need to push forward on extending coverage… That will bring subscribers.

  • scooby

    Just from the initial release of the plan, working at the store level i can definitely see the interest in the plans and upcoming phones. Traffic has improved but most has been to inquire about the iphone.

  • mingkee

    The corp stores in several locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan get much more busy this week.
    White Note 2 sold out as well as BB Z10.

  • doubleatheman

    None of the above?

    I think its a question of: how aggressive and how complete of a job will they do with lte and covering more rural areas.

    The new plans and pricing scheme are very attractive though.

  • UncleFan

    “I want to believe, but I’m skeptical”

    THIS. T-Mobile BLEW a huge opportunity when they got rid of the lower cost 500 minute voice option. If anything they should have ADDED a 200 minute or even smaller option. This idea that consumers are clamoring for “simple” plans is totally false – just a marketing gimmick. What consumers really want are SMARTPHONES, and they want to acquire them as cheaply as possible. Wireless service is a necessary evil. Now T-Mobile can’t even claim to have the cheapest *financed* smartphone plan… AT&T has it.

    • Shut up already

      Ok so look I see you posting a lot about how other carriers have this and that, why don’t you just switch and stfu?

      • UncleFan

        The truth hurts, huh? I remember when this site wasn’t full of shills. I have a right to complain when my carrier raises their rates and then tries to pretend like they’re doing everybody this big favor.

        • sidekik

          well to be honest that person is right.. i don’t think its “truth hurts”.. Every post i see is you whining about something, seriously if your not happy then move on, i as well am tired of your crying..

        • UncleFan

          Sorry, but that’s b-llsh-t. When companies make changes that hurt their customers, there needs to be some blowback. The only reason I ever post more than once in a thread is because idiots (like you) keep making dumb replies that need addressing.

        • jamie

          What changes did t-mobile make to hurt their customers? you must be the minority with a grandfathered plan, all good things come to an end, get real. What is your big gripe? If its a grandfathered plan sorry your plan is the minority and this is going to help 95% of the customers t-mobile currently has as well as bring over TONS of new customers.

        • UncleFan

          “What changes did t-mobile make to hurt their customers?”

          They got rid of the 500 minutes voice plan for one thing – that’s a big change and it’s a shame that tech sites aren’t mentioning it when they regurgitate T-Mobile’s press releases ad nauseam. It used to be possible to get a really nice subsidized smartphone on a plan that cost $50 or less – now it’s not. $70 is the minimum for the UnCarrier plans incl. $20 EIP. T-Mobile used to have the absolute cheapest plan – now AT&T does, and that’s ridiculous!

          “you must be the minority…”

          Maybe, but so what? Just because I’m in a “minority” my opinion doesn’t matter? That’s crap.

        • Singleanna

          Well, I’m a minority too, as I’m not happy with the changes and will consider moving away as my K expires.

          The problem with us unhappy people is that this site has a large number of employees that think about the company first and customers second. Forgetting that they are themselves customers first and employees second.

          I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy if McDonald’s decided to only sell supersized complete meals because most customers like it simple and it’s also good for McD.

          People have different needs and prefer choices to one size fits all. Unless, of course, I’m the one having to provide the choices…. then FU, you cheap, whinny, minority a-hole.

          So the problem for us customers is that this is not a site for people to voice their views anymore, this site is now part of Tmo propaganda, purposefully or not. You can see that even David skewed the poll choices to five positive, one neutral and one negative. A Fox version of fair and balanced.

          Only Pollyannas are welcome.

  • RobotChupacabra

    It should lead to growth, but Americans are by and large rather stupid and unwilling to think long term (regarding long-term savings on T-Mobile). All it will take is a few “hey look, SHINY! Cheap phones, just sign for 2-years!” ads from AT&T and Verizon and the public won’t give a damn about T-Mobile. I want T-Mo to succeed, but I’m skeptical.

  • Whiners!

    Look I’m not gonna lie.. Some of tmobiles customers would complain if they were PAID 50$ a month and given free service/free phones. They just, Dont. Stop. Whining. AHHHHHH!!!!!! quit complaining so damn much!

    • Benjamin@tmo

      As a rep, you have no idea how true that statement is. But people are getting there. The biggest hurdle, the older generation. That’s it really. That band people who maybe talk 200 minutes a month. They don’t like that there isn’t a smaller minute plan. I personally wouldn’t have a problem paying the same thing and getting more. Lol

      • Aaron Peromsik

        People who are using less than 200 minutes per month should not be paying $50/month. Plenty of good T-Mobile MVNOs to choose from with very nice per-minute rates. 200 minutes on PTel costs $10. Some people would pay a bit extra for T-Mobile branded service if it were offered in that ballpark… but not $40 extra.

        • james w

          selling pay as you go is a waste, 2.50 for the sale?
          19.99 sim
          15.00 minimum amount at sale
          10.00 kit
          or 30 1500 with 10 sim
          you get paid more for the 30
          the company is screwing you and now we must bang out the customers

  • NewTmoConvert

    $50 for unlimited talk/text 500mb data at 3G/4G, and a 10% AAA discount? SOLD. Good riddance AT&T. I can deal with the current Tmo network shortcomings to save cash on my monthly expenses.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I believe these changes will make a great difference.

  • krassin

    TMo formerly VoiceStream was the first GSM carrier in the US and AT&T followed TMo into the GSM bandwagon. I hope and wish that this move by TMo brings the other carriers to the same contract free position. I see a lot of comments on the coverage part. If TMo can get enough customers on the areas where it has good coverage, that will increase its revenue and help build out its network.

  • fcnyc

    Tmobile, needs to improve outside citys, the service drops to G2, G2 is just too slow and people rather pay more that be stuck with G2 when they travel. I spend most my time in NYC and when i leave NYC i make sure that I have wifi where i am staying (hotel or house), this allows me to save a lot of money. old Value plan was cheaper than uncarrier plans, if you dont use a lot of voice mins, like me, I have 1000 mins on family line, 2 lines, plus 2G + 5G data.
    Improve the rural areas to G3 and TMobile will grow big time.

    • fcnyc

      iPhone will help too, $99 down will be big selling point.
      But i rather have G3 in rural areas that LTE in the city, HSPA+ is good enough for me, TMobile spend money on network outside of cities and you will grow.

  • carlos perez

    unlike most people here, i still have the awesome G2X with a home replaced screen that still works awesome and fast. and its not rooted!!! still hoping for upgrade when i see newer phones getting the bump up. on top of that. the phone upgrade options sucks. full price on all phones? without a contract there’s no more loyalty to the customer. they wont care which phone you have and won’t upgrade the one you bring along. they can’t even upgrade their own phones. i say BAD move t-mobile. might as well shot for any old prepaid network like metro or simple or boost or virgin.sorry for the rant but i didn’t pay in all these years so that i can get second rate service. although that’s what they’ve been serving up for a few years now anyways.

  • CPPCrispy

    I believe that the new plans will help T-Mobile grow but there is one big bottle neck — Coverage. T-mobile needs to expand their 4G (HSPA+ and/or LTE) network to at least cover their existing 2G (GPRS, EDGE) and possibly new areas that they do not currently cover at all. They also need to fill in their coverage in areas that have coverage on all sides (like the laps in coverage north, north-west of Columbus, OH). Improvement of coverage will attract people that currently dismiss T-Mobile. These people might live in areas with no coverage/2G and work in areas with 4G or might live and work and spend most of their time in 2G areas.

    Bottom line, T-Mobile you need to improve and upgrade your coverage.

  • Mike

    I want to believe that TMO will have a great turn around – but they need to pay attention to some key elements if this is going to happen: 1) Customer care is essential. TMO was at one point THE BEST at providing high quality customer care, however, it got outsourced and chopped. They need to return to the days where customer care was the top priority. Now with no contract to hold people if the quality of their experience is poor they will just take a walk to the next no contract company or do prepaid. Quality customer care and quality service is the bottom line to what is going to attract and keep people with TMO.

  • james w

    This is how it starts. Front line people have taken a butt raping in commission from eliminating renewals/revenue, no benefits for new pt 1 employees, no raises this year, and the discontinuation of phone discounts. But the i phone is coming…ohhhhhhh. There justification is more customers, hence, more customers, more work, same to little change in payout. Managers at this company are a joke, so are dm’s. They need like 9 write ups to get anything accomplished. If your a top performer, like me, you can do whatever you want and nothing will be done because they dont want to tell there bosses of departures. The I phone will bring in customers but any reliable/reputable company will use att or verizon because of name and stability. As salespeople, we are putting lip stick on a pig. The customers for the most part are idiots and only have t mobile because of cost. Verizon and att people pay out the ass because they dont care and will pay there bill. Big difference between a and c credit for you rsa’s out there.
    The hourly Metro bozos are coming and adopting the Best Buy model of no commission. Customers pay our wages, not our bills. John Legere is gutting this company for sale on the open market and he is doing his job, as employees dont be nieve and think he cares about you.3



  • BahamasGeek242

    Marketing and explaining the plans to the public is KEY to this entire thing. It has to be crystal clear.

  • rip ham

    Regular pricing, I actually expect it to go a little
    lower since they are actually making more profit on this than the
    previous promo.

    Since the old Value Plan was $100 for 5 lines 2 unlimited talk/text/data 2GB at 4G, 3 lines 500 minutes each.

    The minutes and texts costs them next to nothing, what you are really paying for is the data.

    So in effect on this plan you are paying $10 more for 1.5GB less data.

    You should expect them to provide a better deal providing an additional
    10-15% of value, unless somehow they have amazing success.

    The best thing for the consumer would be for them to bump the data up to
    750MB on the base plan (coincidentally that’s exactly what I need). I
    expect a small savings on the device side instead.

  • Spokker

    It seems that what they are doing is overpricing the unlimited talk and text at $50 and under-pricing the $20 unlimited data and bundling them together.

    To test this I tried to add the $20 truly unlimited 4G data to my current plan, which is 500 minutes, texts blocked, and data capped at 5GB for $58.

    My argument to the retention agent, who was very nice by the way, was that T-Mobile is pigeonholing themselves and turning off people who do not need unlimited plans. So I look at that unlimited 4G data for $20 and wonder why I’m paying $25 for 5GB. But does 4G truly unlimited data cost $20? Not really, the game being played is that they tie it to the unlimited talk and text, which is not really worth $50.

    At the end of the day what they look at is the total cost of the bill. Mine is currently $58 which was a non-contract plan (I bought my phone outright), and they offered $68 after tax* for unlimited talk + text + data. Not terrible, but it’s still $10 higher than my current bill, and I won’t use more than 100 minutes per month and my texting is blocked.

    Of course, I did not expect them to add the unlimited data to my plan, but I did want my feedback on record, and I hope it was taken seriously.

    • why

      It wasn’t, that retention rep forgot about your “feedback” (which they probably hear numerous times per day) 30 seconds into their next phone call

  • Micah Madru

    The problem is the plans aren’t cheap enough to make up for having to pay for phones for full retail price. When you factor in the phone on a payment plan you’re basically to the same price as the old T-Mobile plans that had 2 year contracts but only $199 for a phone upgrade.

    The plans I think need to be a little lower, or the retail price of phones need to be reduced.

  • M

    Push it forward..Fast Forward when the IPHONE COMES and LTE RUNNING. OH YEAAA…

  • OnlineRefugee

    There was an interesting news story on TV. The lead in was “T-Mobile says that they are the uncarrier, but they still require contracts.”

    During the story the business reporter / consumer guy said that T-Mobile says they don’t require contracts, but “we were able to get one of their new phone contracts found out sure enough if you buy a phone on payments that T-Mobile requires you to stay with them until the phone is paid off. So they are still requiring contracts in some situations.”

    He wrapped the story saying we must read a phone contract carefully.

    I had mentioned before that for this marketing to work T-Mobile could not have any fine print (similar to prepaid carriers like Straight Talk) and that if one bought a phone on payments, that the arrangement should not shackle the user to T-Mobile until the phone was paid off. Perhaps have a “remaining balance due NOW clause.”

    I had also opined that most users would nevertheless stay with T-Mobile simply to avoid paying the full-balance-due clause.

    T-Mobile can little afford news stories where the storyline is that T-Mobile is not accurate in its advertising.

    Then there was a national news story on CBS This Morning. The business segment had a reporter talking about T-Mobile’s new pricing and contracts. He said that while some of the plans were less money, the money saved was not that much.

    The accuracy of the reporting is NOT the where the debate should center, it is that negative stories like these are being aired. While a few old saying may seem to apply: “the only bad publicity is no publicity; if people are not talking about you, that’s a bad thing.”

    It is great the nightly news is now (lightly) paying attention to T-Mobile, but if the stories are negative, T-Mobile needs to reconsider what it is doing and how it gets the message across.