Thanks For The Marketing Memories Carly, We’ll Miss You


In the heat of the last 36 hours and a continuous stream of T-Mobile news, I almost didn’t take notice that Carly hasn’t appeared at all. Not only did Carly not appear on stage at the T-Mobile event as she had in years past, but is also absent from the company’s new marketing spots. We knew that T-Mobile was adopting a new marketing strategy and with that, T-Mobile has confirmed to Business Insider that Carly will not appear in the company’s current marketing campaign.

“The current campaign will not feature the character of the T-Mobile Girl, however she is still a part of the company’s brand family,” a spokesperson says.

The comment leaves room for Carly’s return, but given the radical new direction of marketing T-Mobile is adopting, it’s likely the last time we’ve seen Carly all dressed in tight-fitting leather. Carly debuted on T-Mobile in the fall of 2010 with her soon-to-be easily identifiable pink dresses. The possibility remains that Carly could return as part of the company’s marketing campaign once the initial period of the UNcarrier launch is over.

If Carly doesn’t return, we’ll miss her pink dresses, speedy motorcycles and giant smile as the face of T-Mobile. I leave you with this photo, which just so happens to be the very first photo I placed of myself on this website. Who better to “out” myself with than Carly.

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  • She used to be the only good thing about T-Mobile…sigh…

    • Anton Buynovskiy

      The only good thing?

  • Amzad


  • Raylz

    im going to miss carly it made the company bold.

  • Jay

    Its wierd. I always felt proud to have T-Mobile. Feels a little better the past few days. They are doing big things and I am glad to be part of them for 6 years. Now I just need to pay 200 off on my EIP and decide what is next. Iphone. GS4. HTC ONE. Going to be a hard choice.

    • Raylz

      choose wisely

    • wyn50

      same here

    • bleeew

      There is only “One” good choice.

      • All2shop

        Right HTC One good choice.
        I like the way you slept that “One” in there.

      • Jay

        I had the HTC AMAZE and the ONE S. Both had some many OS bugs that I couldn’t stand them. There cameras were pretty sick though. Now I have a samsung with no complaints. If the ONE fixes all the bugs, then it will be a possibility.

      • Benjamin@tmo

        I see what you did there. Lol

      • fixxmyhead

        i dont know why u say the s4 is gonna flop. the one that will flop is the ONE and the s4 will sell tens of millions

        • bleeew

          Yeah. The SGS4 will sell millions. 1 reason is because they have developed a fanbase. A fanbase I call BotGoats(or Fandroids, and android equivallent to iSheep). People will buy it with minor upgrades and minor design change, like the iPhone.

        • fixxmyhead

          Or maybe cuz it really is a powerful good phone. It’s got high end specs

    • Eric Cochran

      Nexus 4. $300. Period. On time updates.

    • JustSaying

      psh! ONLY 6 years? amateur!! haha just kidding… 11 years here

      • nycplayboy78

        10 years here myself….I remember the days of VoiceStream :)

        • s0uLjah

          Yup! Same here. I had them when they were voicestream and AT&T hasn’t bought out Cingular yet.

          My tenure is about 10 or 11 I think.

        • kidosteele

          6…. 10… 11… years im kicking it old school… from 1998 16 years….
          455 number….. back when it was Ariel

        • ant

          oooo looks like we have a badas$ over here

        • sorandkairi

          pfft…. powertel…. :)

        • nycplayboy78

          PASSES OUT!!!!

        • (^.^;)

          Long timer myself as well. Used to call Omnipoint even before voicestream.

        • nycplayboy78


        • Dimitri Gatsiopoulos

          Ah the days of voicestream. I was in 8th grade playing snake on my Nokia 3390. Swappable faceplates FTW. I remember when phones with color screens came out. I called that one and bought the Nokia 7210 unlocked. About a year later the color and first camera phones finally came to America. I was so cool and the only one to have such a phone with color screen and polyphonic ringtones.

          I always wondered why no one made a larger screened phone after the Nokia engages. Also a touchscreen, besides the pocket PCs and windows mobile. Moved to an HTC Touch and been a fan since. Touch diamond 1 and 2. HD2. Amaze 4G and a sensation. Can’t forget the Nexus One. Now its time for the one.

          Sorry for the rambling. Got lost in thought. Big deal about LTE? Not much for now since it has about the same speeds I get with HSPA+. But in the long term the speed will increase. That’s exciting. And to know T-Mobile isn’t just rolling out LTE but LTE-A is great. Every one else is racing to expand LTE and will later have to roll out LTE-A while T-Mobile is finished with theirs and moving on to the next speeds. They will be a step ahead.

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        I came along in the good-ol Voicestream days and had a trusty Nokia 8290! I remember being the fist person to have EDGE With My Sony-Erecsson T68i. Holy Crap..that makes 10 or 11 years! (I joined in 02 or 03, I forget what year)

        Also, I’m still rockin’ the $5.99 TZones plan! ;) I really hope I can get someone to switch me to the value plan and let me keep TZones…it’s almost like a badge of honor at this point. When the Value Plans first launched, the t-mobile website was going to let me, I just didn’t want to sign a 2 year contract until after the UNcarrier thing was official. Now it appears they fixed it :(

        • Dimitri Gatsiopoulos

          Hell yeah! I had the old tzones $5.99 till 09 or 2010 I think. I broke my phone. Always bought unlocked. I needed a new one quick so I bought a used nexus One. It was hard times so I got one with a broken digitizer for $70 and fixed it. Couldn’t get online. I was forced to upgrade. Great thing was I ended up switching to the Even More Plus plan. You know the contract free deal they are pushing around now. Ended up paying $10 less a month. With 500 more minutes. Unlimited data,1000 minutes, and unlimited texts for $49. I don’t even think I had unlimited texts with the old plan. I had 500 or 1000.

    • guru

      S4 hands down. No need to think.

    • ant

      whatever phone cheaper trust me updates n all that tech stuff isnt better than money in your pocket

  • You met Carly, so cool!

    • She also punched him in the stomach. (My idea.)

        • Yes!! I was too lazy to go searching for the one I have … somewhere.

        • 21stNow

          Good to see you Taylor!

        • Dave took it like a good sport tho. No David’s were hurt on set, lol.

        • nycplayboy78

          OMG…David you are so cute….HUH??!! WHAT??!! WAIT!!!!!!!

        • thepanttherlady

          *gasp* Are you cheating on me?!!?

          Nice to see you around again. :)

        • nycplayboy78

          Never Panther Lady…David promised me candy to say those thing…Hmm I never received my candy though -.-

        • AM3RIG

          Thats AWESOME!

  • I know the campaign was kind of silly, but I really do like Carly. I follow her on Twitter.

    • I thought they would just give her a faster motorcycle to represent LTE ;)

    • bob90210

      I followed her too for a while but I had to stop after she got a restraining order.

  • Finally!


    Smart move I love Carly !
    Carly you rock!!

  • Eric

    Carly was the best, but it’s time to let her go.
    Now you have the best wireless CEO there is replacing you.

    • All2shop

      Damn I loved her Crouch Rocket Bike. One Two Kalamazoo Three Four Jersey Shore, Five Six West Phoenix and so on.

  • jon

    David, have you heard anymore about tmob and mlb? I know the calls to the bullpen will now happen a smartphone powered by tmob. Any word on a marketing campaign centered around mlb.(i.e. Barkley and D.Wade from a few years ago with the nba?)

  • monchis

    You look stoned :] is it weird that I can tell you’re wearing a forever 21 sweater o.o

  • mnaz105

    Damn you advertising department.

  • LovingmyGN2

    Damn, I don’t wanna say goodbye cause she’s so hot so I’ll just say. HASTA PRONTO!

  • NYCTheBronx

    Dang. Zeta is gone. Now Carly is gone. :( I really did like Carly in those T-Mobile commercials. Nostalgia. The good old times. I remember seeing her in MYTouch line up commercials just like it was yesterday. :(

  • Jimmy

    David has that journalistic look to him for some reason as if he was contemplating to report something on tmonews. Carly really did brighten up the tmobile commercials with her presence and smile. That appearance she made for that flash dance in a mall for the Christmas season was great too! I miss the dresses she wore before the leather suit.

  • James

    I really hope she comes back to do more commercials for T-Mobile! Now that T-Mobile has LTE, refarmed network, iPhone and other high end phones, a commercial would be the best choice to let people know and switch to T-Mobile!

    • Deadeye37

      I agree. I just hope that they change their marketing campaign with her. I liked her making fun of the other carriers. The biker chick was cool for a couple of commercials, but they turned bland quickly. They should have her poking fun at the competition again :).

  • superg05

    so thats how David looks :)

  • Whitney

    I had feeling that would happen

  • pug_ster

    I don’t think Carly is out from Tmo commercials. However, I do think that Tmo is probably not using her exclusively in Tmo commercials. The commercial staring Jason Jones and the one with the 4 cowboys are very good and there is no way to put Carly in those commercials. I am sure that she will come back, not she will no longer be the postchild of t-mobile as once was.

  • Guest

  • TechHog
  • Jack

    i love Tmobile the best keep the improvement coming

  • Mirad77

    This is good if Tmo wants to step up their game as CEO has been saying. I said this for a while, get rid of the bike n Carly and use anyone maybe David in an ad that reflect the change you bring not bike or chopper. A consumer should be able to get your massage in an ad even when the volume is not on( for TV only ).

  • M42

    Say it isn’t so!

  • King of the Phones

    He he… Maybe they’ll bring back Catherine Zeta-Jones :)

  • Benjamin@tmo

    Awe… Sad panda. Its funny, I have had guys come into the store asking if we had posters of her. I will miss the edgy cover girl of T-Mobile. But I’m very interested to see what they do next.

  • tomarone

    Carly maybe get some muscles and work out, and get boxing gloves.

  • Perry

    nexus 4 16gb $350 no contract updates directly from google, nuff said.

    I hope they don’t get rid of Carly. She “IS” the face of T-mobile, something the other carriers don’t have. Any easily identifiable spokesperson. Abnd she looks great in leather and is easy on the eyes too!

    • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

      What about the “can you hear me now” geek for VZW?

  • Saad Akhtar

    I’m going to miss t-mobile girl. I hope she’s in future commercials.

  • andrew.tmobile.customer.5years

    no good. Carly is TMobile. The new image and direction T Mobile is headed doesnt change T Mobile. TMobile is still TMobile, and Carly should be the spokesperson for the new direction. Carly with an IPhone 5, Carly when LTE is official everywhere Carly the holidays.
    Cutting Carly is a little too much. TMobile might as well change their name too, at least that is how I feel, since they dropped Carly.
    I think I might want to drop TMobile now that Carly is gone.

  • andrew.tmobile.customer.5years

    Congrats David.You and Carly make a beautiful couple. That was from 2012 CES Las Vegas.. lol. Follow Carly

  • Guest

    So since the Indian guys are the metro pcs people, that means we’ll see em in future ads?

  • sady!

    +1 for no hover hand!

  • sady!

    +1 for no hover hand!

  • Vladmir4

    Good riddance. Never liked her.

  • Jay

    Nobody cares about her.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    Did she get to keep the rice rocket?