Layoffs Continue At T-Mobile HQ Ahead Of MetroPCS Merger


In the midst of all the UNcarrier and Simple Choice news out of Bellevue, a bit of sad news today as another round of layoffs hit company HQ. We got word right after noon local time that around 200-300 employees were laid off from various departments. T-Mobile recently laid off 100 people earlier this month as the company prepares for the MetroPCS merger.

The Seattle Times was able to rangle a quote out of T-Mobile, which confirmed todays layoffs through a prepared statement:

As you know, T Mobile announced a series of moves Tuesday that are part of our new business strategy designed to address consumer frustration with the unnecessary cost and complexity of wireless. As a result, we are making some operational changes to better align our business with our new strategy and position T-Mobile for growth. This affects a small number of employees relative to the overall size of the business, and while we don’t take these actions lightly, these adjustments to how we invest in the business will enable us to better focus our resources as we implement this strategy. Customer service at every level remains our highest priority.

It’s unfortunate that in light of the carriers momentum given the news of the past week, that this hits folks who worked hard to make the rollout of the new UNcarrier T-Mobile a success. Best wishes to all of them.

@tmonews, Seattle Times


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  • Tmoemployees

    Lay off our over seas customer service they are horrible

    • mmunson

      The overseas customer service is the reason why many people pay more money to the Red wireless company.

      • brian90

        The overseas call centers seldom settle issue or concerns. The language and culture barrier is huge.

      • Dakota

        And the reason why thousands leave too.

  • theBatman

    Am I the only one seeing sprint ads?

    • superg05

      i refreshed and i am now

    • xmiro

      ad targeting. On the 26th I started to see Sprint then AT&T ads everywhere

      • bleeew

        Same day as T-Mob event. AT&T is mad.

      • I can’t stop who buys ads on the site, and I think it would behoove all of T-Mobile’s competitors to buy space and advertise. There’s nothing I can do.

    • Anon

      I see no ads, thanks ad block :)

      • Paul

        AdBlock Plus, it’s the most AMAZING plug-in for Chrome and Firefox.

    • g2a5b0e

      I currently see both an AT&T & a Sprint ad on this page. So, what? There’s only one wireless carrier that has been getting my money for the last 10 years & I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.

  • theBatman

    Am I the only one seeing sprint ads?

  • Guest

    In sure more outsourcing is likely to follow, T- Mobile is gonna make some people not want to support them with crap like this.

    • Dakota

      Average consumer these days care about price,nother other employees. Look at Walmart

  • steve1026

    This post didnt have anything to do with ads so why are you all so focused on them?

  • steve1026

    This post didnt have anything to do with ads so why are you all so focused on them?

  • Luis Carlos Diaz

    We are all going to be contractors in the near future…

  • Luis Carlos Diaz

    We are all going to be contractors in the near future…

  • phil prasisto

    Thats exact

  • Dennis

    I was laid off, I was the regional manger that help put together the event for the UN-CARRIER event. I was told Yesterday afternoon due to me only being with the company for x amount of years that i was being laid off and my position will be eliminated. GUYS BEWARE OF THIS ISSUE DO NOT SUPPORT A COMPANY THAT IS DESPERATE FOR CHANGE. T-Mobile was on the verge of being bought out and know its doing a due over and firing people that helped the company even when the company was on its knees. Three CEO in a matter of six years, that is not normal for a company. Also this new CEO John has a mouth of a Trucker. How are you going to sit there on conference calls cursing half the time. Just be aware of all the corruption that is happening within T-mobile stores. A lot of these sales reps aren’t trade properly.

    • Dennis

      So many errors do to me not thinking straight I’m sorry in advance

    • jon

      Sorry to hear about your situation. It is a crappy one to be in…My family has held our breathe several times over the years because of uncertainty with voicestream/tmobile. I don’t disagree with most of what you said….Just the way you said it. Sour grapes is the phrase that comes to mind. Where were you a few days ago? Helping to set up the Uncarrier event? Bet you were bleeding magenta then…
      No phone upgrades and a second year in a row my wife hasn’t gotten a raise is really crappy. I am hopeful that salaried employees are rewarded with stock options in “New Co”…but I wont hold my breathe.
      Anyway, I’m sure you’ll land on your feet..T-Mobile employees are usually sharp people. And it sounds beneath you to badmouth tmob just because you were laid off.

      • Dennis

        thank you sir for you kind words, i am bad mouthing tmo because they used me for there better good. I walk in to tmo taking a salary cut because i was promised growth in the company. The same person that hired me TERRY HAYES FIRED ME.

        • Zacamandapio

          I don’t want to say something that may come out the wrong way.
          My wife was let go of a company she helped create a new sales strategy. She worked under a manager and when the strategy was a success the manager took all the credit and she was let go.

          What I didn’t want to say is $h1t happens but usually when something like this occurs you will find something better. Don’t look at it as a failure, look at it as an opportunity.

        • Dennis

          I agree with you. I feel a company should not fire people that help make then grow and then keep the corrupted ones that produce sales in a fraud way. We fired a total of 89 people because of Social Security fraud in my market. The DM was aware of the issue and he was not let go but he encouraged them because it was producing revenue for the company.

        • ethan pinney

          So u admit u knew about the fraud and did nothing.the dm in question ethan please aka A.D.D was promoted by you. Trained by you. Noctured by you. Y? U mad cause they laid off ur ugly behind and kept the A.D.D retard?

        • terry for ever


        • thepanttherlady

          Comments regarding the article and others is welcome but continual attacks on others is not.

        • Dakota

          Sadly that’s corporate America today

        • Chris

          If you were laid off, then you were not fired. Fired means you don’t get severance packages. Laid off means you get severance package.

        • ornery

          This is not true.Washington state law does not require severance package, and to my knowledge, non of the people laid of in the last two rounds were given one.

    • M42

      Saying he has the mouth of a trucker is an understatement. He’s the most unprofessional CEO of a company this size I’ve ever seen. With his attitude and mouth all he’s going to do is isolate their partners and suppliers and put T-Mobile in a worse position than they are in now.

      • Zacamandapio

        Can’t please everyone. Actually I like his aggressiveness. I’m not saying it’s good. But I’ve a feeling that he’s going to help this company succeed.

        • Dakota

          Aggressiveness and forward thinking doesn’t require a potty mouth;yet I’ve seen plenty of executIves that curse constantly..but the people who gained my respect were smart,strong,confident And conducted themselves in s professional manner,always willing to share credit and promote a team effort because they aren’t insecure

      • shane_pcs

        I find the way he speaks refreshing. You aren’t working for IBM in the 1980’s. A comfortable company culture is what alot of the best talent is looking for. As for the all the other stuff i’ll hold out judgement until we see how the company performs.

      • Dennis

        EXCUSE ME ?

    • Chris

      It’s a crappy situation. But what can you do? I’m not just only talking about T-mobile. I’m talking about every company in this planet. Their goal is to cut cost and gain a decent profit margin. It doesn’t matter if you have worked your butt off, if you became replaceable you will be let go. It happens on every merger or even just when a company is cost cutting. If you’re logic is to not support companies that laid people off, then start by disposing of your car (this will also take care of the gas companies that has laid people off). Don’t shop at any grocery store (I suggest going to local farms & I don’t know maybe do a barter trade). Don’t use the internet (ISPs have let go of some people in the past, so if that’s your logic, start by not using it anymore) . There’s many more like (don’t use or buy a TV anymore, pc, cell phones, etc.)

      I hate it when people think that just because they have worked in the place for 5 years or more that they are somehow entitled to something.

      You work and that’s just part of life. If you really are good and you’ve helped them built the company that they are right now, it won’t be hard for you to find another job.

      • JASON



      • ChilenoinUsa

        While I do agree with you on your overall point, you put a phrase in there that caught my attention…”if you became replaceable” Do you know that everyone in any company is replaceable?

        Now, for those people that are pissed at Tmobile. Think of the business side of it. Tmobile is trying to change to increase the profit margin and increase the number of customers. Every company wants to be on top and nobody wants to be 4th and slowly slipping away.
        This is Tmobile’s way of going on that direction, this and the upcoming merger. If they don’t move forward, they’ll be left behind and eventually may be so low that they’ll be out of business. So to make things simple, do they let go of a few hundred and keep the company alive or keep everyone and watch it crumble. A few people without jobs is better than everyone without jobs.

    • Not Impressed

      I’m sorry but from your grammatical errors to your spelling errors, and then on down to simple punctuation errors, I have a hard time believing you were the regional manager of anything. Nice try buddy. Go lie somewhere else.

      • sonny souvannarath

        THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! How can you be of such a high position, but can’t use proper grammar? It’s times like these that make me think I can do those jobs.

    • Fraydog

      Yeah, all that corruption in the stores happened under Phil Humm. Did you speak up about any of that back then? Or did you consent?

    • joey

      i hear toy buddy in one of the call centers….they jack all metics ad writing and firing people for not meeting one metic… this is so wrong ..we all worked so hard for this compnay …and we get the shaft in return

    • rvg911

      I’m an assistant manager and winner circle 2011 I have been with the company since 3/28/2011 and I have notice the lack of talented people on the sales floor also the super bad customer service culture if the iphone doesn’t do the magic I’m not sure what is going to happen , btw so sad to hear about your job loss good luck

      • thatswhatshesaid

        They actually started losing their quality frontline people to other carriers before your start date! When T-Mobile was growing its business they had some of the best compensation for it’s frontline. But after many years of commission cuts, most of those quality people have already jumped ship.

    • disqus_iqDEUvldlt

      U mad?

  • rat28

    Not surprised by the layoff.. John Legere , the new CEO is not in T-mobile to do charity.. He was called “Mr Cut” during his time @ Global Crossing as CEO.
    A big building on lease billboard has already been placed outside one of the Factoria office. Expect more brutal cut coming to Bellevue HQ.



    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      But she liked it though

    • M42

      Maybe Carly heard about that and headed for the door.

    • Dion Mac

      Your name is one letter off from his… There something you need to tell us?

    • xmiro

      because accused is the same as guilty, right?

      • nogoodnamesleft90210

        Well, using $500k of company money to make them go away doesn’t exactly scream “innocent”.

  • james w

    This is how it starts. Front line people have taken a butt raping in commission from eliminating renewals/revenue, no benefits for new pt 1 employees, no raises this year, and the discontinuation of phone discounts. But the i phone is coming…ohhhhhhh. There justification is more customers, hence, more customers, more work, same to little change in payout. Managers at this company are a joke, so are dm’s. They need like 9 write ups to get anything accomplished. If your a top performer, like me, you can do whatever you want and nothing will be done because they dont want to tell there bosses of departures. The I phone will bring in customers but any reliable/reputable company will use att or verizon because of name and stability. As salespeople, we are putting lip stick on a pig. The customers for the most part are idiots and only have t mobile because of cost. Verizon and att people pay out the ass because they dont care and will pay there bill. Big difference between a and c credit for you rsa’s out there.
    The hourly Metro bozos are coming and adopting the Best Buy model of no commission. Customers pay our wages, not our bills. John Legere is gutting this company for sale on the open market and he is doing his job, as employees dont be nieve and think he cares about you.

    • GUEST


      • james w

        unless its written and you sign, they cant do anything. a girl at my store in nyc was late like 15 times and the manager opened a req before she was fired and still didnt get approval.

      • M42

        I’ve posted many times about the lies the sales people put out there and it always cranks up the fanboys. When I ask a question of an AT&T rep that highlights a shortcoming they’ve always been straightforward and honest and I appreciate that. When I do the same with a T-Mobile rep I get a used car salesman type of answer – skirt the question misdirect or just flat out tell a whopper. Every time I speak with a T-Mobile rep I feel like I’m talking to Tommy Flanagan.

        • Zacamandapio

          Saying that At&t sales people are “always” straight forward it’s not correct in my opinion. This is coming from a person that has been (in no particular order) on: pacific bell, at&t wireless, sprint, cingular, nextel, verizon, the new at&t and then tmobile (for the last 6.5 years).

        • Dakota

          Totally agree..prompted me to go to Straight talk,which isn’t exactly known for great service..but that and getting a phone directly from Google and not Have to deal directly with T-Mobile has been much more pleasant and less frustrating

    • Paul

      I was laid-off fro a company by a new CEO, they never care about the employees unless they offer some benefit to said CEO.

  • ianmoone

    Legere is a hatchet man. Plain and simple. He cut Global Crossing down to the bone to make it attractive for acquisition, made his millions doing do and moved on.

    People didn’t forget what you did to GC, Mr. Legere… And you’re going to lose several key players in the coming weeks and turn T-Mobile into Sprint in no time. Congratulations.

  • sino8r

    So glad you sh!theads got what you wanted! And look at the freaking cost! I wish all you fnuts got laid off once and you see what your precious LTE costs. I got laid off during Sprint Nextel merger and it sucked. I really feel for all the T-Mobile employees in the next coming months. Maybe the freaking board and higher ups show fire themselves since they are the ones who screw up everything lol! Good luck to all!

  • syed bukhari

    We are all fu***d let’s pack up and get out of here as soon as we can. Or strike lol

  • tommest

    What oversea, t-mobile company owner is oversea. Read on wiki

  • Guest

    change is always in this company

    • Guest

      Oh no doubt… you have this little IT group that used to be in this little building across the street from all those big impressive buildings on the hill. Busting their asses to build what the people on the hill want. And the people in those buildings? Idiots who come up with stupid ideas to try and get people to buy phones. Like the myFaves paw print. Long gone.. but the iPhone is still here.

      Fucking Dotson.. what an asshat.

  • Weezy

    Now this explains the clean out of a lot of ol’ timers at my fav busy-all-the-time Tmobile Corp Store. Right before the iPhone is released, kill contract commissions. Ouch!

    • LC

      They aren’t letting go of any front line employees.

      • joey

        yes they are they are trying to fire people in my call center in tampa for not meeting 1 of 10 metics BS t…..hey can keep there i phone …greedy company

  • Jay

    T-mobile is all I can say and I truly wish all those people well..

    • you


  • None Ya

    lol for god sakes go work at att as a unioned employee and you will see what a difference and pleasure it is to work at TMO. If you were fired from a sales position at a sales company you were doing something terrible wrong. Nevertheless everyone knew that the merger would bring job cuts. Grow up!

  • rfgenerator

    The more I learn about the new CEO the less I like him

    • xmiro

      how do you propose he handle a merger with overlapping positions? Mergers always result in layoffs. To me he should be laying off MetroPCS employees down in TX and keep everything centralized in Bellevue

  • Dion Mac

    It does suck to see people, especially at the mid top o_0, get laid off and thats after helping with the UN-carrier release. However, 300 people??? I’ve seen at&t and Verizon lay off their employees in the droves. 5000, 8000, and more.

    Now, I see yall talking about Mr. Cut… I mean Mr. Legere. I think he’s being an awesome CEO. At the same time, it does make me wonder why DT hired him. If he’s known to be Mr. Gut and Cut, what was your primary reason for putting him in office? IDK, but as long as he don’t start doing some shady practices that affect me negatively, then we cool.

    • pholocity

      300 in a company with 40+k employees is not bad relative to some of the cuts that ATT and VZW have done. There’s a lot of redundant overlapping people up there, 1/3 of the TMO workforce is at this HQ, it had to be done. That and the CEO didnt like seeing all the meetings and how most of them were catered lunches. Not fair to the markets when they’re asked to trim the fat while HQ still lives the good life…it sucks to get laid off but what can you do?

      • joey

        not true they are firing people in call center for not meeting a metric…it out of control …..they got us like lab rats

    • xmiro

      DT hired him because of his performance at Global Crossing. The company was in bankruptcy when he came on. Everyone wrote them off. Completely. And yet for 10 years he was the CEO, built it up and then sold it off to Level3

  • M42

    No surprise there. That’s what mergers do.

  • I-Troll-U

    Tmo can do whatever they want.. Layoffs, new plans, etc.. Until they expand their coverage, things will not change for them. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that they would go to Tmo if they had better coverage, I’d be a rich rich man.

  • thepanttherlady

    Losing ones job is a difficult thing, especially when it’s no fault of the employee.

    The reality; however, is that these actions are sometimes necessary for a company to achieve its goals. It almost never seems to be done in a fair manner (that we the employees can tell anyway).

    I’m sorry for the employees and their families that have been affected by this and hope they are able to find work quickly.

    • Guest

      Thank you capt obvious.

  • galaxydude

    At least they offer unlimited data without caps all for 70$ a month and the iPhone will be available on April :-) :-) :-) 12 for 99$

  • Dakota

    Wish they would’ve said what departments they cut…but given T-Mobile history,Bellevue is a great name for their HQ. It’s always sad when people lose their jobs but it’s inevitable in a merger situation

  • Rocky T.

    HEY T-Mobile!!! STOP sending your CALL CENTERS off shores Americans can’t stand that ishhh.

  • Mike

    Here we go again. TMO did the same thing ahead of the last UN merger with AT&T and customer care went to hell. Large groups of investors and financial experts are warning against the merger and it is not at all clear that the Metro people are going to go through with the deal. Shame on you TMO.

  • xmiro

    why don’t they wait and lay off MetroPCS people who are way down south in Richardson, TX

  • Atnegam

    Word around HQ is there will be layoffs every Thursday.

  • Mikey

    Ironic that the so called managers that got laid off can’t spell manager…it is not manger. Both have terrible grammar.

  • joey


  • joey

    yup firing is there main goal in the call centers….they want rid people left and right …..

  • joey

    its never going to change they want JD powers again but want to firing people make morale super low in the call center for the last 2 weeks we all are WARNED THEY T MOBILE IS PLAYING AROUND AND THAT THEY WILL FIRE PEOPLE LEFT AND RIGHT FOR MISSING THESE UNREACHABLE METRICS….C= CUSTOMERS TAKE CARE OF THEM WITH TENURED EMPLOYEES NOT OFFSHORED..E=..FIRE EVERYONE O= GET RICH …BE RUTHLESS….IT REALLY BAD

  • Crazy this is so rude

  • formertmosalesrep

    deja vu. I was severanced in 2011 from a retail store that closed because of the att merger which never happened. It was a stupid move because there was no store overlap and i still see customers and they think it was a crappy thing to do also. i have kept tmobile service but am considering leaving even though it will be more expensive. Everything going on just seems so wrong and i dont know if i want to support them anymore.

  • SCM

    One of our managers in Systems Configuration Management group was let go, and on same day his job was given to another manager in FSC. Everyone can see how a director like John Pottle can easily let someone go because this manager didn’t agree to falsify weekly report. This is a shook to entire group are we living in such unethical environment, where anyone can bring harm to anyone and no one can do anything, how is this a be a example of “Best Place to Perform”. This manager payed the price for just not putting wrong information on weekly report.

  • PreferAnonymous

    My comment is old news, but I want to add something anyway.
    I was laid off, fine, the director never appreciated my services although a great many recognized what I was trying to do systematically. He has always been after making an impression, not necessarily doing what is right systematically. OK, fine, my severance was good. (1) at 10:45 am, HR said I had until 4 pm to be out of there. I was chairing a very important (to the company) bridge at 11:00 am. I told them that. Director rudely said that’s not my problem. (Very caring for what company needs.) Director then followed me out and really urged me to be out within the hour. (2nd point) I have been tremendously loyal and gung ho for TMO in all the years I have been there – since 04. We have had rah rahs continually, expensive ones including a big expensive all day team off site, sorta. So I am charging along with all the others with full enthusiasm and loyalty and energy to the cause, then – drop to zero. Hard on the mind, not kind, and of all the companies been at and contracts I’ve had, I’ve always had two week notice and always given two week notice. So… what does this good manners do for the remaining employees? Watch your back.