T-Mobile Confirms Priority Network Management With GoSmart Mobile Launch

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T-Mobile has confirmed via a brief quote to PhoneScoop that “network management” techniques will be used to contain network congestion with the launch of GoSmart Mobile. While it’s not an unknown fact that carriers prioritize postpaid users ahead of prepaid and MVNO customers during times of network congestion, T-Mobile confirmed it once again with the launch of GoSmart Mobile.

“Certain T-Mobile plans may be prioritized over GoSmart Mobile plans during periods of congestion.”

The T-Mobile spokesperson explained to PhoneScoop that as network traffic becomes congested on any specific tower, T-Mobile will prioritize postpaid traffic to offer the fastest possible data speeds. Such a move leads to GoSmart Mobile customers to receive slower data speeds, which seems like something that will affect the $45 3G speed customer more than the two lowest GoSmart plans which only offers service on the already snail-paced EDGE network.

T-Mobile did clarify that all customers will have access to the same network for voice and data services at all times, this “network management” practice only applies to data speeds. Considering that this isn’t an uncommon practice for carriers, T-Mobile’s comments don’t come as any surprise. Still, something to consider for anyone taking a good, long look at T-Mobile’s newest prepaid offering with GoSmart Mobile.

PhoneScoop via GoSmart Mobile

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