T-Mobile Confirms Priority Network Management With GoSmart Mobile Launch

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T-Mobile has confirmed via a brief quote to PhoneScoop that “network management” techniques will be used to contain network congestion with the launch of GoSmart Mobile. While it’s not an unknown fact that carriers prioritize postpaid users ahead of prepaid and MVNO customers during times of network congestion, T-Mobile confirmed it once again with the launch of GoSmart Mobile.

“Certain T-Mobile plans may be prioritized over GoSmart Mobile plans during periods of congestion.”

The T-Mobile spokesperson explained to PhoneScoop that as network traffic becomes congested on any specific tower, T-Mobile will prioritize postpaid traffic to offer the fastest possible data speeds. Such a move leads to GoSmart Mobile customers to receive slower data speeds, which seems like something that will affect the $45 3G speed customer more than the two lowest GoSmart plans which only offers service on the already snail-paced EDGE network.

T-Mobile did clarify that all customers will have access to the same network for voice and data services at all times, this “network management” practice only applies to data speeds. Considering that this isn’t an uncommon practice for carriers, T-Mobile’s comments don’t come as any surprise. Still, something to consider for anyone taking a good, long look at T-Mobile’s newest prepaid offering with GoSmart Mobile.

PhoneScoop via GoSmart Mobile

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  • Hurlamania

    well they do the same with the unlimited data, 5 and 10 gig users get priority over unlimited users.

    • yeah but my interpretation of the fine print is that that’s for data only – not calls

      • Rudy Belova

        As is the unlimited data vs. 5/10Gb. The new prepaid plans are no different.
        The question we should be asking is what level of prioritization? Will it be even lower on the totem pole than the unlimited tmo plans?

    • Trevnerdio

      You sure? I was tethering to my PC on my unlimited plan and downloading a huge file and got a consistent 2.2MBps down (about 17.6mbps)

      • MacRat

        You are using a GoSmart account?

        • Trevnerdio

          No, I thought he was talking about T-Mobile does that for their postpaid accounts.

        • MagmaSpawn

          You can have truly unlimited and download all you want. if you have a phone pre oct/nov 2011 then the network wont know you are tethering. There are some 7$ apps that bypass paying 15$ fee per month.

          I still say congestion is not an issue. What you can’t do is pretend that you had 4G coverage and then act like the 2G you always had was 4G and complain that it isn’t 14 mbps. That wont change what hardware exists and suddenly make the impossible possible.

          I still highly recommend using wifi when you can. Most people sound like they are on a restricted plan or a plan that can’t use tethering. Wifi when you can either gets speeds you would get anyways or it saves you use of your data plan.

        • Trevnerdio

          Actually I have the Galaxy S III and a free tethering app…

  • jack

    The peasants have to wait to make their calls

    • jack

      I mean to check their email.

      • galaxyears

        most of t-mobile users are peasants.. the one’s on prepaid were suckered into a contract, so they’re enslaved peasants, not freemen

        • Zacamandapio

          Now I’m sad.

        • MagmaSpawn

          Prepaid were suckered into contracts? I guess prepaid is contract now says galaxyears.

          Well, good thing is network congestion isn’t an issue being as T-Mobile has the same foot print as AT&t with less then half the subs.

          I see not problem riding the prepaid train if you have handset options.

  • Same goes for Monthly4G and customers on 2GB or Unlimited Data plans…

    Basically: If you’re paying for the 5GB or 10GB – you get preferential treatment during times of congestion.

    …but this is referring to data not calls…

    • Julius

      dose 4g monthly customer get priority after post paid customers or equally and then comes gosmart customers.

      • *does

        The fine print doesn’t specify. It implies that 2GB, Unlimited, Prepaid & GoSmart are all on the same tier below 5GB & 10GB

  • DJ Lawless Oneâ„¢

    They are losing so many customers I doubt congestion will be an issue. It will likely be coverage as usual.

    • Steve S

      Which city are you in where Tmo’s coverage is worse than the others?

      • Mac

        I live in Cedar Springs, MI, not too far from Grand Rapids, MI. I get GPRS while Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T have at least 3G here. I wish they would upgrade. I’ve been waiting since 2002. Thank God for my home Wi-Fi.

        • Maxsilver

          From one West Michigan resident to another – Cedar Springs is never getting upgraded.

          T-Mobile doesn’t even cover Muskegon or Grand Haven, and Rockford only has GRPS/EDGE. The freeways between are also GRPS/EDGE only.

          MetroPCS at least has LTE in all of the city / suburbs, but they too stop at Rockford.

          Cedar Springs is super rural — you’d be best served by being on a rural carrier. For instance, if you switched to Sprint or Ting, you’d at least get 5×5 LTE within the next 18 months.

    • xmiro

      actually, they are gaining heaps of pre-paid customers, that’s where their growth is
      the churn is with contract customers

  • Verizonthunder

    Upgrade all your tower’s equal less problem’s and more happy customer’s new and current

    • Herb

      Yeah, ok. Let’s just do that. Sounds so easy.

      • Verizonthunder

        Sadly it is easy but T-Mobile’s poor marketing, commercial’s, removing unlimited data only to bring it back too late, they could of at least offered the much faster 3g in edge only area’s and again like unlimited data they were late, They need a real CEO not this new guy he’s a joke

        • Trevnerdio

          The new CEO is the best one T-Mo’s had in a long time

        • MagmaSpawn

          I want to point out that tmobile 3g is hspa. the so called 4g is hspa+ this LTE-A is a very compatible hardware and software upgrade. No excuses here for why it doesn’t exist but i do want to suggest that you state that making lower towers a higher tower is not as simple as you put it. As compatible as all of that is is just smart. It isn’t cheap. Considering the pockets aren’t unlimited means that this is a work in progress. Being smart means that it shouldn’t be as expensive to expand 2g into LTE-A.

        • Verizonthunder

          Well i hope the do upgrade all tower’s to LTE and I would not talk about LTE-A until we see real time speed test

        • Lmao LTE-A for t-mobile is laughable, its not happening anytime soon.

        • Is it not what they are rolling out right from the beginning?

        • zmblion

          I would be think 3g atleast wouldnt hurt them one bit….

        • Dakota

          They do need better marketing – especially commercials…A gal on a motorcycle doesnt communicate anything. You need to clearly show why someone should choose Tmobile vs others…WHat are the advantages…They dont do that.

      • zmblion

        No lets upgrade citya three times n leave everyone else on 2g edge hell wtf is that im on 2g and kc rocking 4g fuk that i pay my bill also

    • xmiro

      pay more and get priority?

      • Verizonthunder

        How about get some better management

    • Dakota

      Why do that when you can piss off more customers and damage Tmo reputation even more? Lets have prepaid customers say TMo sucks and not just post paid.

  • This is basically the GSM version of Cricket (lol), thats constructed to compete more with Sprint’s prepaid brands and the leeching MVNO’s especially Simple and ST.

    • jonathan3579

      I believe Simple Mobile and Straight Talk are still better options. You might save some money, but I get just as fast “4G” speeds on Straight Talk as my T-Mobile buddies. I’ve also never been throttled so this seems kinda silly to me.

      • magmaspawn

        If i recall both of those are mvno clients of tmobile. I wouldn’t say that those get better treatment than those of direct tmobile prepaid. Sounds like you get just as fast because you have a different billing system using the same network. Maybe you should test out better billing if you might consider better bottom line (billing) if tmobile network is as viable.

        • jonathan3579

          Yes, you’re correct. I’m using the BYOP plan with Straight Talk and their T-Mobile compatible sim. I was merely stating that in day-to-day use, my speeds haven’t been hampered in any way. This of course could (and might) change once LTE goes live.

  • Steve S

    Soon… most customers will be prepay, so the playing field will even out!

  • scsa852k@gmail.com

    What you pay for is what you get.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Seems like a lot of Verizon losers invading tmo page. I kicked your sorry over saturated over priced battery draining LTE network to the curb June 2012 gladly. My two lines here on tmobile are wonderful and this network just works. Matter fact tmobile bitch slaps Verizon here in New York City it’s definitely no comparison that’s for sure. If your on Verizon your only fooling yourself people are leaving Verizon in droves. If you don’t believe that check out droid-life.com that’s where all the Verizon heads hangout. Also check out Google plus and facebook pages people are fed up with Verizon and it’s pitiful way of being. I personally call Verizon the cosmetic network where handsets go to die with cosmetic changes and disabling bloatware crappy wifi notifications and just internal changes which are simply unnecessary. Ask Galaxy Note 2 owners on Verizon and Galaxy Nexus owners how they feel about Verizon. Can’t help but laugh Verizon sucks monkey balls.

      • squiddy20

        “people are leaving Verizon in droves.” I’d love to see your proof of this sorry statement besides “many of my buddies are leaving Verizon”

  • Willie D

    Sooo… they are throttling and capping and hiding things.. pass

    • Rudy Belova

      Not Throttling or capping. Just basic QOS stuff. They have been doing this the entire time with the unlimited plans vs. the normal 5 & 10Gb plans. It was fairly obvious when unlimited users where getting 15Mb down while the 5/10Gb plans where getting 20Mb. But, the 10Gb pay consierably more than the unlimited users. (I paid like $60 for my 10Gb data plan when i had it.)

      Not once have i ever been throttled with their network management with my network management enabled data plan.

    • magmaspawn

      You sound disgruntled. There is no throttle if you elect. Sprint can offer you that on a network that is shadowed by tmo results.

      Throttled and capping means the same thing so I will say I covered that in the first comment.

      Hiding things? Hiding speed throughput? I am not sure what you want when the results are above industry average on prepaid. Do you mean sur charges or taxes? Your hiding things comment seems to be hiding what you mean. If by reading exclusive/pre news that is stated at the head of this blog as unofficial means that you uncovered privileged knowledge then I apologize that David has mad us exclusive as a tool to use against tmobile.

  • No one is discussing the actual “3G” speeds and there output

  • Dakota

    Does Tmobile Monthly 4G prepaid have priority over GoSmart? Does GOSmart have priority over Straight Talk? I dont know anyone who would want a smartphone on Edge. My phone sometimes turns to E and I cant check email or do anything on that.