Samsung Introduces New Wallet App, Takes Design Tips Right Out Of Passbook

Say hello to Samsung Wallet, introduced this morning by the company during a developer conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Wallet, like Apple’s Passbook, of which it seems to borrow a few design cues will store event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards and coupons all in one centralized location. Wallet also features time and location-based push notifications, which is again eerily similar to Apple’s Passbook used to notify users when they can use Wallet cards stored in their account.

Third-party developers will have the opportunity to integrate Wallet allowing uses to add new passes and tickets, but Samsung has to approve all new apps. Passes stored within the app contain bar codes that can be scanned at payment terminals. Interestingly enough, Wallet doesn’t feature NFC capabilities, something Samsung will leave to folks like Visa with their new partnership with the Credit giant. As it stands now, Samsung has partnered with some of the usual suspects including Walgreens, Major League Baseball, Expedia,, and Lufthansa for the launch.

Wallet is only available as a preview for developers right now, with the SDK and API guides to along with it. Upon availability, the app itself will be available in Samsung’s own app store. All expectations are for Samsung to make Wallet a big part of their March 14th Galaxy S IV launch as well the announcement of more partners.

The Verge

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  • WW

    More lawsuits coming?

  • TBN27

    This is how it should be done.embrace eachother’s ideas instead of suing each other. Android uses ideas from apple and apple uses ideas from android. And it should be that way from now on. Wishful thinking though.

    • The idea itself is great, I’m totally thrilled Samsung rolled this out, Passbook is a nice addition, if not a necessity. But I mean come on, try a little harder not to copy the look and feel, especially the design of the icon.

      • Willie D

        Its not copying if its better – Shit Android Users Say

        • zifnab

          More like shit people say when they’ve picked a side. I heard the same thing when iOS added a notification tray “its not copying because its better, Apple made it”

    • Guest911

      In the real world its called “copying” of the design but lets go with “embrace each others ideas”.

  • Jo Smith

    The Verge writers are Apple fanboys all the way…I wouldnt be surprised if they get paid by Apple. Did apple invent push notification? No mention of Google Now either…Writers today are political and corporate propaganda machines…its pathetic.

    • Dude, you realize most of The Verge staff uses Android, right? Come on, you don’t have to be a fan or hater of either company to recognize enough similarities here to see that Samsung wasn’t exactly original in their design. Furthermore, neither myself, nor The Verge nor Apple said they invented Passbook like features, but a quick look at the logos and icons for both companies services tells me Samsung wasn’t even trying to avoid looking like they borrowed design cues.

      • Max H.

        Apple didnt invent the rectangle, or the home button…and sure as hell the didnt invent icons or the touch screen. The biggest direct theft from android so fat has been the Notification drawer. No one is talking about that? Apple is suing not because they have legitimate reasons, because they are scared to death of becoming a small piece of the pie. They cant compete with open software or survive without the suppliers they rely on….so they sue. It never worked and will never work, as it didnt with their computer business. Closed “Walled garden” mentality will never beat Open Source.

        • TBN27

          Yes they copied the notification bar but they differentiated it by putting widgets in the notification bar unlike where widgets aren’t in the notification bar on android. I believe nobody is talking about it because the design of it because it is something small. They are harping on Samsung and them only because what they are doing mimics apple through and through. I say it is all good that they use each other’s ideas but like David questioned or said, try to make it different from the originator and competitor.

        • zifnab

          But wait, there’s widgets in my notification bar?

          Samsung stole passport and they differentiated it by turning the credit card icons sideways. What of it?

        • TBN27

          even if they turned it sideways it apparently still looks like the the ios version that they are pointing out. if it didn’t look like the ios version or operated like the ios version then it wouldn’t matter. i am indifferent to it all anyway. if you have an android away from a Samsung phone, there isn’t widgets in the drop down menu. just notifications, from what i remember. if it is a Samsung then the exception is the quick settings widgets. in the iPhone so far i have noticed the weather, stocks and facebook post widget in the notification bar in iOS. you can also separately delete notifications instead of hitting the clear button and and deleting all the notifications. different design, differentiation in function, same concept.

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          Notice you got no response from David? Because you hits it right on the head. He never calls out Apple the way he calls out other companies, and why do you think that is?

        • TBN27

          I got a response from an earlier post within this subject. No need to for his response again.


        If you’re gonna be calling Samsung out on a small issue like this, then we expect you to do the same your beloved Apple friends copy Google and the notification center. I don’t remember you creating articles flaming Apple for copying Google. We know you’re an Apple fan but c’mon…..

    • guest911

      Next time open your eyes and see. It might help you not sound like an ….. i$%ot?

  • Guest

    This is how it should be done.embrace eachother’s ideas instead of suing each other. Android uses ideas from apple and apple uses ideas from android. And it should be that way from now on. Wishful thinking though.

    • zifnab

      All designers and architects expand upon what they’ve seen in the past. Nothing new here. Apple’s been doing it since day one, just like Microsoft and Android and any other designer or software manufacturer under the sun. Apple fans just like to point it out and make a bigger fuss about it than most. Though Android fans are getting almost as bad.

      • TBN27

        Right on with what you are saying. I believe android users are just worse.

  • Josue

    im sure you dont see BMW suing Mercedes Benz beacuse the new CLA has cup holders. thats how cell phone companies should be use each others ideas to help out the buyers (us)

    • MisterBlue

      That’s a terrible analogy. This is more like if Mercedes came out with a car called the N5 with similar design cues to BMW.

      • Josue

        it was in the morning I didnt have coffee in my system bro lol

  • D Velasquez

    a better solution is to get rid of all these new “standards” that pop up for mobile/digital/nfc wallet and use FeliCa which is adopted on most parts of Asia, adopting FeliCa would make the transition to NFC contact-less payments easier as companies “don’t have to support” or add support to new “standards” and FeliCa has been out there for years even way before ISIS, Google Wallet etc, etc.

    another way would be allowing users to add all the information of these coupon/member cards/credit cards/debit cards on the NFC chip which you can do on Japan with Osaifu keitai and you don’t have to restrict yourself to only ISIS, Google Wallet, Samsung Wallet etc etc. heck in Japan you can even add your train card to the phone and happily ride………but nooooo we have yet another “possible standard”.

  • Kodak

    I’ll wait for gn3 Booo to gs4

  • Jtothada

    Coping or not….Samsung is making sure theirs nothing the iPhone has that it doesn’t…..and when people are comparing the two the differences to an average customer are getting narrower

  • Kahlayoh

    Nice, Lot less to carry around in my wallet case for my phone.