T-Mobile Confirms Blackberry 10 Availability In The Future

As we count down the days till Blackberry’s late January showcase, T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed to Reuters that his company will carry Blackberry 10 products.

“We’re extremely optimistic that it’s going to be a successful product and our business customers are extremely interested in it,” Chief Executive John Legere said.

T-Mobile was joined by AT&T and Verizon in announcing their intent to carry BB10 products. For its part, RIM says we can expect six Blackberry 10 devices this year, none of which will be carrier exclusives. You hear that Nokia? HTC? Carrier exclusives are the devil. RIM will unveil the full Blackberry 10 experience on January 30th with a media event in New York. They are expected to release low, mid and high-end devices to cater to every customers need.

In a statement to Fierce Wireless, RIM CMO Frank Boulben stated that the first two devices will feature one all-touch device, the other pairing a touchscreen and keyboard. Both of these devices will be previewed on January 30th.

Boulben also stated that the transition away from Blackberry 7 will take some time, allowing for the company to continue to offer low-end products around the world.

“We intend over time as we transition the portfolio to have a full range of devices” Boulben said

Anyone excited for Blackberry 10? I am, I really am. I want to see RIM return to glory.

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