Rumor: T-Mobile Stores Receiving Nexus 4 Inventory As Early As Tomorrow?

We’re chalking this up as a rumor until we can get more confirmation, but I’m getting word that T-Mobile stores will begin selling the Nexus 4 as early as tomorrow. That’s not to say that all stores will receive inventory right from the start, but with T-Mobile expanding the number of stores selling the Nexus 4 — we expect those sales to begin as early as tomorrow. For now, we’ll chalk this up firmly in the rumor category, though I can confirm some stores have received their Nexus 4 demo devices with a note that says sales can begin tomorrow. We’ll update the post as soon as we know more.


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  • bender23

    and that means that play store will have stock? I dont think so…

    • Not necessarily but it would be sorta messed up that they get t-mobile their stock before play store customers. Though T-mobile customers pay more so I would be able o see why they have priority but principle priority is first come first serve then everyone else follows.

    • Ketan Gandhi

      I hope this doesn’t mean tmo will start blocking tzones on nexus 4..

  • Addam

    It seems to me that IF it’s possible to purchase at the play store in the next 30 days or so, then there is absolutely no point in purchasing this phone from TMO. I wish GOOG would be a little more transparent about when we’ll see at the Play store again.

  • tmofosho

    Retail stores were told last Friday that all store would be receving demos soon and all winter marketing says its coming soon. not a rumor full retail launch on the 9th..inventory will prolly be spotty but will be a full nationwide retail release.

  • tomnewtn

    I love this phone. I purchased from Google. The battery life is amazing, HOWEVER. Be aware that sometimes it doesn’t charge normally, or very very slowly. There have been a few times I took it off the charger it was plugged into all night, and within an hour or so noticed it was down to 14% or similar. There are several reports in webdom about it, some say it’s the LG power adaptor (would not surprise me), some say the battery. Google will not/cannot send you just a replacement power adaptor so they swap the device for a new one. Google is great in their handling of these swaps and assured me they send new not refurbed devices. (something you may wish to consider if you’re thinking of getting one from TMO since carriers usually give you refurbs as a warranty swao if not mistaken). Anyway, before I swap mine for a new replacement, I’m trying the little iPhone power adaptor. The print on it is nearly microscopic but I believe it is rated the same in terms of amps/voltage. I’ll give it a couple days or so to see how it performs. Google said that they believe it’s a bad battery and who knows, maybe the initial batches of these batteries are questionable. But on another note, this raises the issue in my mind that since TMO is carrying the Nexus 4 now, I would think you can get replacement power adaptors from TMO stores, or online. Which might be a nice option for some. Or buy a similarly rated adaptor that IS NOT LG. I highly recommend the Nexus 4. Stock Jellybean is elegant and works beautifully.

    • yanivc

      Normally you would be correct, but at this point in time you can pretty much be sure there are no refurbs available. So you would most likely be getting a new one even from TMO

    • Rob Daman

      if you think battery life is that good, try a samsung note2. that is a really good battery. this one is decent. i have both phones.

  • TmoJho

    My store got our demos in today..we were advised that once we got shipment to start selling them but who knows when that will be

    • unknown

      obviously i dont think you would get them and not sell them??wtf??

  • ant

    how much do this phone cost from the play store n y is this cheaper than the s3 n note 2 on tmobile site

    • tomnewtn

      $349- 16gb from Google

    • the2000guy

      It is cheaper to buy it directly from play store

  • s10shane

    i ordered a nexus 4 from t-mobiles customer service yesterday and now its on back order. T-mobile doesn’t know when they will get some in. this sucks. lol hopefully i won’t have to wait long

  • ceegii63

    so how much is it OFF CONTRACT from Tmobile stores?

  • the2000guy

    It looks amazing but no wifi-calling feature and I prefer to buy it directly from play store

  • yanivc

    What I dont understand is why TMO is charging $499 for this phone.
    Also is TMO going to be adding their bloatware to it?? G-d I hope not.

  • Alphonso T Wilson

    I ordered one a week ago throught tmobile . It was time for an upgrade so i call asked for customer loyalty and got a deal you would not believe( 200? ) (100?)(NOPE) if i put the price i got there would be a lot of mad people.Also if you check XDA you will find that tmobile nexus 4 has no bloatware and if you really want wifi calling there is a way!!
    I only hope is if the stores get them that mine is on the way !!!

    Please update us!!!!

    • s10shane

      how long did it take you to get the nexus 4 through customer loyalty? i just ordered one on 1/7 and its on backorder

      • Alphonso T Wilson

        Oh i’m still waiting for the phone to ship but i was able to have the rep place my order.Told them that i was ready to leave and try att. they look and seen how long i have been with them and gave me a deal.

        • s10shane

          same here. i am waiting for it to ship. it just says back ordered. hopefully we don’t have to wait that long for the phone. at least you got a good deal. i ended up paying 241 with taxes. but its ok i sold my galaxy nexus and it paid for my upgrade. lol

  • Peter

    Just called my local TMO retail store and they took my name for a phone upgrade next week to the Nexus 4. They said it would be Tuesday or Wednesday for the arrival. That would be pretty cool if it really happens

  • Klm

    Looks like I can add Nexus 4 to my cart as of right now on

  • Klm

    Never mind. It disapeared as quickly as it arrived

  • Cramill

    I called a T-Mobile store today and they had 2 in stock, so sounds like they are selling them now.

  • Tmobile Rep TX

    We have the phones but we can not sell till I THINK the 16th…

  • Tmobile Rep TX

    400? No the pricing is 195.36 (Texas tax included/value), 249.99 on classic (18 upgrade fee & taxes not included) then 549.99 full price (without tax)

  • s10shane

    t-mobiles customer service is shipping the nexus 4 i think. i ordered my phone 1/7 and it was back ordered till today.i just got the tracking today. i cant wait!

    • Brian Poole

      Me too! I haven’t refreshed TmoNews this much since the G1 preorders! I can finally stop lol.

      • s10shane

        sweet. when did you order your nexus 4? now i don’t have to check the status of my order on t-mobile anymore. lol now time to bug ups website lmao

        • Brian Poole

          Well, I originally ordered on the 21st of December, but my plan was so old it had to go through management. Finally went through 31st and backordered 1st.
          Haha, I know right? Check out the Parcels app on Android, it’s pretty nice and you can set it up to keep checking every 30 minutes.

        • s10shane

          i never used parcels but i dont have a phone at the moment since i sold my galaxy nexus to pay for my upgrade to the nexus 4. lol but i downloaded package buddy on my gfs one s and i really like that app. thanks though. now i cant wait till i get my phone. lol

  • Bought two from Google a couple months ago, no waiting for TMO and more cost effective. Best value, activation SIM kits were nearly free at the time from TMO, switched to monthly 4G on both phones saving $100/month compared to previous family plan. At that savings, phones will be paid off in just over 5 months. Best Android phone I’ve ever owned upgrading from the original Samsung Galaxy S, S 4G, S II and S III. No waiting for OS upgrades from carriers any more either, awesome.