LG Tells Korean News Outlet No Problem With Nexus 4 Inventory

I had high hopes 2013 would find us done with the finger-pointing in the case of the “scarce and erratic” LG Nexus 4 inventory. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case as LG indirectly deflected blame through a comment made to Korean news outlet Chosun IIbo.

The official who spoke with the outlet says that production of the Nexus 4 continues as planned at their Korean plant and denied any supply issues. The LG officials also shot down rumors that the Nexus 4 was being scaled back or that it had stopped production altogether in favor of a new Nexus device. Those rumors were said to be “unfounded.”

At this point, someone from Google and someone from LG need to get together and get their story straight. Where is the inventory? Someone also needs to ask Google whether they drastically underestimated the number of orders they would receive?

Whoever is at fault, whoever is to blame, the customer is the one suffering and that shouldn’t be ok for either company. Let’s just hope inventory makes its way to T-Mobile stores and stat.

Android Central via The Verge

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  • Value Plans Blow

    Yes, lets hope its makes it to the TMobile store…..so we can pay an extra $200 for a cell phone. I’ll just wait for the play store to restock it. Its not that important.

    • drzfr3shboialex

      Technically about $111.60 more. The one in the play store is $350(16gb version same as t-mo), and after tax and everything its about $388.40.

      • JLSocks

        Only people who happen to live in a state where Google has a physical office will have to pay taxes, and the tax amount will vary dramatically state by state. You’ll actually be paying over $200 more for the phone from T-Mobile because there’s no way around the sales tax you’ll pay at your local store, and with the higher base price, you’ll pay more in taxes.

        • Adrayven

          Even then, it’s about $150 more, not $200

        • drzfr3shboialex

          The stores by my area take off money if you’re planning on buying without contract. I’m happy that I was able to get a fully functional Nexus 4 from the play store.

      • Lanh Nguyen

        tax is going to be different state to state. Mine was 390 and some change after tax. If you live in a tax free state all you pay is the price of the phone and shipping.

  • Nexus 4

    according to XDA-Developers, production is now at 20,000 a day.
    Over 600,000 Nexus 4 have been delivered.

    • ogopogo

      XDA-Devs have no insight into production.

      • Actually they do. There’s a post right here on T-mo news that breaks down how they can determine production run and number of units built.

      • Nexus 5

        424110 10-th AUSGBK
        425110 8-th AUSGBK
        430110 5-th ATMOBK
        435110 5-th ATMOBK
        445110 9-th ATMOBK
        450110 9-th ATMOBK
        451110 8-th ANEUBK “EUROPE OPEN” – something new
        455110 8-th ANEUBK
        456110 8-th ACAGBK CANADA_OPEN
        461110 8-th ATMOBK
        463110 8-th ADEGBK
        465110 8-th ADEGBK
        467110 9-th ADEGBK
        469110 9-th ADEGBK
        471110 9-th ATMOBK
        474110 9-th ATMOBK
        476110 9-th ATMOBK
        479110 9-th AUS8BK
        482110 9-th ATMOBK
        485110 10-th AUKGBK “UNITED KINGDOM_OPEN”
        487110 10-th AUKGBK
        489110 10-th AUKGBK
        491110 10-th AAVCBK VIDEOTRON – seems to be a Canadian telco?
        493110 10-th ADEUBK
        495110 10-th ADEUBK
        497110 10-th AISRBK
        499500 10-th AUKGBK
        502035 11-th AUSGBK
        507035 11-th AUSGBK
        512035 11-th AUS8BK
        513035 11-th AUS8BK

        Production rate seems to be accelerating to 20k devices per day.

        577,000 2 days ago (see the msn below)


  • I think Google just decided to not work with them, and will be releasing the next nexus device with Motorola or another OEM.

    I called the play store, and they it will be back in stock in 3 to 4 weeks.

  • turb0wned

    That source is unreliable.

    Picking LG to make the Nexus was a mistake from the beginning. LG makes shit phones. Yes I have the Nexus 4 and I love it but it never really “WOWed” me when I received it. We need HTC again. Motorola would have been a better pick also. There just hasn’t been a better Nexus to this day since the Nexus One.

    • I think it’s becoming harder and harder for a phone to WOW me. There aren’t enough advancements left to make those huge jumps. I certainly can forgive the hardware not making my jaw drop, that was done by the price.

    • fixxmyhead

      your stupid

      • thepanttherlady


        • PantherFan

          Thanks I just sneezed coffee through my nose. Hahaha, it’s always funny to spot a stupid person calling someone else “stupid”.

        • C.Powell

          That was a clever way to say, “right back at ya!”. Kudos!

    • jeremy

      Having had two high end HTC android phone prior to the Nexus 4, I’d like to disagree. I always felt that the parts they used were subpar compared to the others. Weak speakers, cheap plastic, and build problems. Not to mention their warranty support sucks terrible, and rooting your phone automatically voids your warranty, regardless of the problems.

      • turb0wned

        That is your opinion and I respect it but I will disagree. The One X+ to me is a much better device. Of course let’s put software aside because software is the reason I have the nexus instead.

        The One X wows me when I pick it up. The camera is great and plenty of storage.

        The camera on the Nexus is crap!
        Storage sucks also.

        • Rob Daman

          i agree the camera sucks on the nexus. i own one as well. like they didn’t learn from the g2x. my friend has the LG cousin version of Nexus and the camera is way better but not great as well. The storage thing to me because Google wants people to use their cloud services to upload pics and vids which I am actually doing to back up the phone.

      • Andrew Baxendale

        Cheap plastic? HTC One S, One X, Sensation, DNA…all high quality, very durable plastics used. And rooting automatically voids any warranty. The only thing I agree with is the use of cheap speakers. HTC upped their game with the DNA’s speakers, so hopefully that will continue.

        • jeremy

          I had the One S, though it’s mostly metal which suprisingly hasn’t scratched, they had problems with the black finish chipping, and the plastic sim cover gets loose after a while, the screen bezel is starting to peel on mine. Maybe it’s just me but I haven’t really been impressed with them.

        • Andrew Baxendale

          That’s strange, I’ve never really heard of a few of those problems. Hopefully HTC fixes little things like those in the future (loose sim card cover, etc).

    • Spokker

      I was wowed when I saw that I could make a phone call without having to be inside of my house. Everything is amazing but everybody is miserable. Look it up.

  • The one place we DON’T need more is in T-Mobile stores where the arrogant, Smart A$$’s who man them can laugh at us as we leave after paying a 60% premium for a $300 phone! Let’s get them into the Play store where we can maintain some dignity after the purchase.

  • 0neTw0

    I want the Optimus G available for the same price.

  • My belief is that Google is doing what it should have some in the first place. They are allowing enough inventory to build up so they can ship the majority of the orders right away. Then once they get close to the end of supply, they can switch to “ships in 1-2 weeks”

  • JTrip

    Too late now for me. At this point I’m waiting for the S4 or Google X phone.

  • Production is accelerating

    Production Rate is something like this (according to XDA-Developers sleuthing)

    October: 70,000
    November: 90,000
    Dec: 210,000
    January: 400,000? (it’s possible since it is at 20,000 a day in mid-January).

    So LG is accelerating production to meet demand. It usually take a while to accelerate production. Making a smartphone is not like making a cheeseburger. You have to order parts from other suppliers….hire more employees….overtime….make more room for assembly….

    • Wendy

      You don’t understand making cheeseburgers, those steps are similar, nice try though. You just need to work on making better comparisons.
      Do you really think making more cheeseburger doesn’t involve ordering more ingredients (parts), hiring more employees, overtime, and making room for supply and product inventory? You don’t no much if you think they are all that different.

    • Spokker

      If you want to make a cheeseburger you have to go to the planning commission and convince them to approve your plot plan and then advance it to the city council. Then the City Council will hold a public hearing where members of the community can say that they don’t want another cheeseburger place in their neighborhood. Then you might have to do an mitigated negative declaration on your cheeseburger joint and go back to the city council showing them you’ve addressed concerns raised at the hearing so you can have another public hearing. If you are trying to make cheeseburgers in a black neighborhood, you might have a special interest group slamming you for selling unhealthy food to minorities and/or not hiring from disenfranchised groups, so you have to spend money on outreach. Hell, they banned fast food places in South Central L.A.

      Doing anything anywhere is pretty hard.

  • NeednewPhone

    I’m ready for the Nexus 5.

  • TechHog

    When I say bull, you say ****! Bull-

  • edy

    Maybe the only “inventory problem” around is the one those who want to buy one for $299 are having. Maybe Google realized the phone is underpriced on Play and, rather than sell them at an excessive loss, they’d rather not sell them at all. Maybe it’s a web version of bait and switch–only the switch is to the TMo store for the same phone at a higher price.

    • Bajamin

      I’m fairly certain that Google took the time to figure out manufacturing cost and make a profit. It is extremely unlikely this is the case. They are making a small profit but getting android into peoples hands is worth more to them through adds, apps etc.

  • edy

    If it really is a capacity problem, I hear FoxConn has a lot of spare capacity, what with the low sales of the iPhone 5 and who knows what other disappointing overpriced Apple products they make.

    But seriously, I have a rooted HTC One S with AOKP 4.1.1JB ROM, and it is a very sweet combination. Physically the phone looks and feels like a grown-up Nexus One–same trim, same quality, bigger screen, thinner–I’ve had no glitches with the ROM, the GPS works fine and fast, and the battery lasts just as long with similar usage as did the one on my Nexus One (with GB) and G2x. GB to JB was a tremendous step in terms of usability and because the One S takes advantage of that, I can see it keeping me happy until the Nexus 5 or even 6 comes along. And my mint, rooted, ROMed, One S only cost about $250, too.

  • perry

    yeah saw that screen shot of supposed inventory going to a tmo store…5 units!!!!! If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be comical

  • Dave

    My local TMobile store had five of them in stock yesterday when I went in there. They wanted almost $300 on a full upgrade discount for me to take one home. I want this phone, but I’ll wait at that price. Ridiculous.