Nexus 4 Units On Their Way To T-Mobile Stores

With rumors that T-Mobile stores were set to receive inventory of the Nexus 4 any day now, we’ve been waiting for official confirmation that units were in fact on their way. As the above image shows, we’ve now got that confirmation as a shipping order indicates a small volume of units are being distributed to stores. It’s unfortunate the quantity is low, but that’s not terribly surprising given still high demand.

How quickly more inventory will follow-up this first shipping order is unknown, so make sure you call ahead to your local store in the coming days to see if they’ve received their own inventory.

On a side note, it seems that some customers who placed orders on the Nexus 4 within the last few weeks, or as far back as the middle of December are finally receiving shipping notifications. Are you still waiting for your order?

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  • Trav Montana

    Only 5 Nexus 4’s??? That’s very low smh

  • HM

    There may be good demand but it seems like Nexus 4 production is intentionally being kept low just to generate hype and to create “cool” & “high Demand” perception. Of course, it may not be real to expect Google to subsidize the phones at high volumes.

    • HM

      In fact, yesterday and article mentioned; LG declared at CES 2013 that they will not be making more Nexus 4 and move on to other future devices (may or may not be Nexus).

      • You got a video of this?

        • PCJ

          just google it. its true.

        • archerian

          All news articles zero in on one “source” from an Australian site, and offers no definitive proof. The author of that article also wrote a few others, titled “Robert Pattinson Trying to get Kristen Stewart Pregnant? ” and “Justin Bieber Said Mean Words to Selena Gomez After Breaking Up? ” so we all know how much truth there is to this one… I’m not joking with the article titles

    • Daniel Nava

      I was thinking the exact same thing. I hope that is not the case.

    • The hype game worked for the Nintendo Wii… They made sure that demand was very high

    • Nick

      I think that kind of strategy could work…..but if so few people ever get the phone it loses its coolness and people will move on to the next big thing.

  • It will be back in the play store in just a bit, wait on it. You will save $200. Suggested retail shows $549.99

    • Anon

      $150, but you’re right, not worth $150 to get the phone a few weeks earlier.

      • I disagree it is well worth the wait. It’s better than waiting for a rebate from T-Mobile.

    • It’s more like $150 difference since the T-mobile version is the 16GB model. Example for me in Virginia via Google Play it would be about $380 with tax and shipping while via T-mobile it would be $525 with sales tax.

  • Deihmos

    Too bad they cost $550 off contract.

  • Alphonso T Wilson

    For those that ordered one after they went into backorder.Go check your Tmo account- phones are shipping out NOW !!!!

  • dquestic

    Also looks like you can order the nexus again on the tmo site, but not as a upgrade…

    • dquestic

      Maybe it was a glitch in the site, but i was able to add one to my cart. but now it’s showing out of stock again.

  • Esmail Sewid

    does any one know if you buy the nexus 4 from tmobile you will still be able to use google wallet?

    • They are the exact same devices through and through I don’t see why not…

    • ColoradoGray

      It does.

  • Really 5 units? That’s it? They know this thing is selling like crazy right?

    • Herb

      At my store, 5 units is a lot.

      • How much is 5 units like 50 devices?

        • dquestic

          5 total, not 50…

  • Nicks

    Ugh, I just can’t bring myself to buy an LG branded phone anymore…

    • weinerschnitzelboy

      It’s more of a Google Branded phone that just happens to be built by LG.

    • Drew Vallejo

      Would not trade my Nexus 4 for any other phone. Although I had an initial hesitation about LG branded device, it all went out the window as soon as it powered on.

    • I understand your concern but believe me when I say the Nexus 4 looks, feels, and acts like no other LG phone that came before it. Honestly, its just that good.

    • Anonymous

      not only is this a google phone (manufacturered by lg) but LG now is much different than 2 years ago. Their phones became upper mid level phones almost overnight due to their willingness to fix their problems. can’t say the same for their older crap phones like the g2x tho

    • Leo209

      It’s a Nexus… LG manufactures it, Google controls it. Best Nexus phone to date :D Nuff said.

    • Gary Jenkins

      Stop living in the past, the LG 4x, The optimus G and the Nexus 4 are three of the best phones out there right now.

    • NinoBr0wn

      The Nexus 4 might as well nothing even have LG on it. Its as Google as its gonna get, and really has no ties to any reputations.

  • Nate26*(

    I was one of the lucky ones to get my N4 from the first Play Store batch and can’t be happier! The Snapdragon is a beast and 4.2.1 feels very polished and snappy without any crappy UI overlay (ie touchwhiz o sense). For $350 it’s a steal. This will keep me happy until the Nexus 5 with 1080p screen comes out :)

    • Nearmsp

      you do not get the Wi-Fi calling on Nexus models do you?

      • tomnewtn

        No, but I have never needed that feature. I would think if someone does need it, they should pass on a stock unlocked google device. Unless there is an app out there that will do this for you. I haven’t ever checked.

        • Deihmos

          Wifi calling comes in handy when overseas. I was able to use my phone on wifi when I was on vacation just like I was on my home network.

        • tomnewtn

          Yes indeed. I was just in Italy again, but I ended up forwarding Google voice to talk and spoke to people over my laptop on wifi. I used TIM sim cards both times I went in unlocked devices. Wi fi calling would have been an extra added bonus.

    • While I appreciate your comment, Some people like UI overlays and they are not crappy. lol, just because you like something…doesn’t mean it is the way EVERYone feels.

      • tomnewtn

        Another example of how many apparently look for opportunities to be offended these days. The guy was expressing how HE feels, and as I read it, UI’s are crappy to HIM. I didn’t see how he suggested that they are crappy for everyone.

        That said, they are crappy- (that was ME, speaking about how I feel about them…ME). Do you REALLY appreciate his comment? And trust me, if we were face to face, my response would be no different.

        • lol, grow up and get out of the mirror. Drama queen. Stop overreacting to what you read…lol.

        • tomnewtn

          You described yourself well. Whatever you’ve been inculcated with, it’s not workin.

    • tomnewtn

      Nate- you are correct. It is elegant, and just works does it not? What I don’t like about UI’s is that they create a barrier to timely system updates, and in some cases conflict with the OS or mainstream apps, or task processor and battery resources, leading to a variety of problems.

      • Anonymous

        if you care, you’d root your phone. if not, then buy a nexus or be quiet.

        • tomnewtn

          or be quiet? This site really is riddled with kids skipping middle school. But perhaps I’m overreacting. Please…..accept my most humble apology for creating what must have been a most uncomfortable and traumatic virtual moment for you. Also, thanks for implying I don’t care and what I “should” do. Really, I don’t know how I missed any of this. I only wish I knew who I could attribute such wisdom and good form to…but alas, you’re anonymous.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Ditto… managed to snag mine in the 22-minutes the first batch was on sale.

  • s10shane

    i ordered mine on 1/7 and i logged into my tmobile account yesterday and saw my phone was shipped and i had a tracking number for ups. i cant wait to get my N4.

  • LG Least Good

    I ordered 2 from the play store. I went with the 16 GB models because the 8GB was out of stock. After waiting for several weeks I canceled the order. Clearly LG doesn’t want our money badly enough to actually ship the phone. Google also failed to treat its customers right by at least keeping them informed. Don’t make promises you can’t keep!

    • I had ordered my 16gb on the Play store on December 14th and it just arrived last Thursday. It was worth the wait, especially at that price!

      I’m using the t-mo $30 unlimited text/data/100 minutes and between that and the cost of the phone I feel like I got an excellent deal. If it keeps working well I may fully ditch AT&T and save tons of money.

      • sai balu

        same here. I also use talkatone with google voice to make and receive calls.

    • tomnewtn

      Yeah, they sure screwed up the process of order fulfillment. I was able to get mine in the second wave…and could not believe I succeeded. I’ll probably appreciate it even more.

  • tomnewtn

    Just got my replacement from Google. Google sends you NEW not refurbed replacements…..something to keep in mind I guess. The first one had incredible battery life but started having problems with not charging. I tried a different power adaptor, same voltage/amp, and after 8 hours on charge battery was at 27%. When I unplug and reconnect cable it then charges. So far the new one is outstanding, and having unlocked, unfettered JB at this price makes it even more so. I won’t buy one from TMO but it might be the only option for many.

  • Anonymous

    the nexus 4 is probably the most overrated piece of trash ever. the only redeeming factor is that its priced at half the price of the competition. and when phones are this cheap, you have an excuse for mediocrity.

    • you wish troll. such lies if I ever heard them.

      • Anonymous

        oh no, i had one and i’m speaking the truth:

        horrible battery life with actual usage? check!

        processor with unsolved thermal throttling issue? check

        no sd card slot? check!

        no larger storage options? check!

        no removeable battery? check!

        mediocre camera? check!

        no LTE? check!

        washed out screen? check!

        official qi wireless charger nowhere to be found? check!

        seriously, the only things it has going for it are the low price and direct updates. if you root, this phone shouldn’t even be considered.

        • truth? no. Ignorance? yes. Your mission is accomplished. Such big words coming from a coward using the name “Anonymous”. ; D

        • Anonymous

          yawn. your name says so much.

        • Horrible battery life? My battery life is just fine and I use the phone a lot. Its a personal experience there are differing experiences of course.

          Never had an overheating issue except for when I left it charging overnight on my bed next to me… happens with everything laptops etc etc if you don’t let them breath the heat will go up go figure.

          No sd card slot? Not even something to complain about if you had one… You should do research before you buy.

          There are larger storage options its called cloud. Again you were aware when you bought the phone.

          No removable battery? again aware of that when you bought the phone…

          Mediocre Camera? yeah I will agree the camera is not the best but it works well.

          No LTE? it does have LTE just not in the traditional sense. Again you were aware of it when you bought the phone.

          The screen is fine sure its not SAMOLED good but it is what it is.

          Official wireless charger… Don’t need it, Are you not able to plug in a usb?

          The Low Price,Stock Android, Direct updates, The Premium feel, The smoothness that is unlike any other android device makes it well worth the money and the fact that it costs less than $400 off contract is a huge point because nothing in that price range is even remotely comparable.

          Sure you could have a note 2 or an s3 with all of those features that you want but there is a reason you bought into in the first place. You negated all of that what you noted as complaints here because either 1.) This isn’t your only phone. 2.) Those features really don’t matter. Or 3.) The price point. Either way you look at it you bought it not caring about your complaints now. Quit trolling.

          An S3 and Note 2 costs Double of a Nexus… i love my nexus.

          Do research before you buy. If you root you won’t have the same experience, A month later your phone will definitely glitch out no matter what because you use unrecommended settings.

        • Anitemous

          Blah blah. All this crap to say you agree with the above comments. Waste of space.

        • I didn’t say I agreed with comments moron.

        • Also nice try posting with 2 different user names.

        • Anonymous

          so if someone doesn’t agree with you, they’re a troll? good logic…….i’m not trolling, i’m stating my findings after i used and returned this POS phone.

          the hilarious thing is that while you try so hard to defend this handicapped phone, you always fall back on price. price price price. like i said, it’s a mediocre phone at best. if it was even $100 higher, no one would buy it

        • No you are just trolling because majority of what you have said is not a problem with the phone itself rather than you just complaining about what it didn’t come with. Actually I even doubt you have actually owned the phone.

    • tomnewtn

      I wondered what I would think of the display and I really like that it’s more natural vs over saturated like the Note II was. I also thought my iPhone 5 was a tad over saturated but the N4 is very comfortable and pleasing to my eye….like my iphone 4s.

  • havent we all moved along to the Galaxy S IV and the S3 LTE now? the Nexus 4 seems so last year eh?

  • icecoldcherrypepsi

    I ordered my nexus 4 on December 14th and just got my shipping notice. T mobile gave me a 50 credit since I complained about delayed shipping.

  • Jesus Razo Jr.

    I got my back ordered for two weeks shipping confirmation finally.

  • tomnewtn

    Well my new Nexus 4 is sitting at 67% battery after 8 hours, 17 minutes off the charger on battery. That’s with some moderate web browsing, photographs, email. I anticipate updates that will improve battery life even further, and am excited about a new Nexus in the works as well as an X phone built by Moto….as their builds are beautiful. I also have Nokia E7, iPhone 4s, Nexus One, G2x, and I am very impressed with my N4. I tried the HTC One S black and it was beautiful but it had some issues, so I sent it back. I had the Note II, which was very impressive but I had the Nexus 4 as well, and the N4 was much nicer (to me), with a better display. Also the Note II would stutter when swiping screens, but the N4 has remained very fluid and elegant. Note went back to TMO. Thus far, the device I find most useful and enjoyable to use is the N4, with the iPhone 4s right behind it. The device with the best build of all those I have is the Nokia E7 hands down. I wish the hell Nokia would have gone with Android. Their builds are top shelf. I tried the iPhone 5 too BTW and returned it. I like the 4s better as if feels like a higher quality device. Just my observations. Great thing is we have many choices to meet the varying needs of people.

  • tomnewtn

    Place an Internet (SIP) call

    You can place calls over the Internet when connected to a Wi-Fi network, rather than over your mobile network. To do so, you must first configure your phone to use an Internet calling account.

    After you set up the account, placing an Internet call is no different than placing any other call. However, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. When you’re making an Internet call, the phone displays Internet Call near the top of the screen.

    Internet calling is based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for voice calls on Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

  • Ihateverizon

    My crappy verizon contract is up and I really want to dump my tbolt garbage phone and get a nexus 4. I can’t believe this this has been sold out for over a month….if they don’t come in soon, I’m going to be forced to get another phone with verizon. It’s a shame, I want to give google my money, they don’t seem to want to take it.

    • thepanttherlady

      I didn’t think the Nexus 4 worked on Verizon?

    • Just buy it from T-Mobile then

  • dquestic

    So, will T-mo have any accessories for the nexus 4 when they get the little stock they will be? Maybe the bumper?

    • JeffreyME

      Check out the bumpers and soft cases from Poetic. I’m very please with my Atmosphere case. I’m not so sure a bumper alone will protect your phone, but I welcome feedback from those who have them

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        I got a bumper from Poetic, and loved it for 3 weeks, then it started peeling apart. They published on their storefront on Amazon that the first batch was bad and they would replace them with no problem.

        I emailed them and they sent out another one in less than 24 hours. It does have a 3 year warranty, as well. I’m hoping the new one doesn’t have the peeling problem.

  • AnGeLo

    Good phone I like the Galaxy s3 more.. I had both decided to sell the nexus and keep the s3.The camera on the nexus is a let down and the screen is washed out lack of sd card no bueno!

  • enoch861

    There is a point where you just and can’t wait anymore. If you need a phone right now, go buy it. No point in waiting since the next big thing is so close otherwise you’ll be stuck waiting forever. In my case, looking at my opportunity cost, I’m just gonna go and buy it from T-Mobile. I’m tired of waiting for Google to start selling it. I’ll buy the phone and if its available within 14 days of buying it, I’ll return it and buy it from Google. Either way, I’ll be happy camper although around 150 short.

  • nexus1981

    I know Google an LG are some what to blame when it comes to the amount of devices they have in stock, but the biggest problem is the people who go on the play store an buy multiple devices just to turn around an sell them for a profit, not giving anyone who actually wants a device a chance to get one.

  • Brian Poole

    For anyone who was backordered and got the status saying it shipped Friday– Has yours *actually* shipped?
    Mines been stuck on “Order Processed: Waiting For UPS” since Friday. Either the box fell off the cart, they forgot to scan it, or they haven’t got to it yet. I wish I knew what was going on…

    …or maybe I’m just being impatient, lol.

    • Brian Poole

      Weird, I just got a second email saying it was shipped… *so* confused…

  • perry

    would be nice if you could actually buy it! Thus far google has been a joke as a retailer.

  • NinoBr0wn

    I want to know about official accessories.

  • Wolphman007

    I ordered my N4 on Dec 13th and I just got it on Monday!

    Took a while but glad it finally came. Now i’m switching to this from my HTC One S. So far the big difference is in the camera. The N4 cam is not as sharp and clear as the 1S. There is no music equalizer so the music does sound a bit flat.

    The quadcore processor seems to be doing it’s thing and doing it very fast! The browser (Chrome) is nice and fast but I haven’t used this mobile version of the browser so i’m still getting used to it.

    Other than a couple small things I have to get used to which happens when you go from one manufacturer to another, so far so good.

    Although the phone itself is not much bigger than the 1S, I can feel the difference. The one thing that is noticeable is when i’m holding it in my right hand, I would use my right thumb to push the “go back” button. But on this phone, it’s just a bit wider so it’s a little harder to hit that button.
    Again, it’s a small issue.
    Overall, i’m happy with the phone and hope it stays that way.

  • uop129

    Quick question: 5gb/100 min plan for $30, what happens after i go over the 100 minutes, does it automatically renew the whole plan for the next mont or is there a Per minute Charge?

  • Woody

    Some stores already have it. I picked mine up at the T-Mobile store by my house. They even have a waiting list. lol