Deal Alert: Fry’s Selling Windows Phone 8X For $49

If you’re a Windows Phone 8X fan and you live near or around a Fry’s retail location, check out this special offer. Good through January 17th, Fry’s is offering the WP8X for $49 with a new two-year service agreement. The price is good for both new and existing customers.

Compare Fry’s special offer against the $199 after $50 mail-in rebate on and you know this is one deal you shouldn’t pass up.

Fry’s locations are only found in a small number of┬ástates, so hit the store locator below to see if you can take advantage of this offer.

Fry’s Store Locator

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  • Meh…

  • ceegii63

    Lumia 920 or nothing

  • Bill Smith

    I tried it for a week, brought it back and got a Galaxy Note 2, much happier now!

  • jaybee58

    The features they choose to display on these tags is sometimes humorous. I thought the tmo model was 16gb? anyway, the “signature” wp8 isn’t going to catch on for tmo if they only offer it in blurple. It’s a really nice phone though. My wife can get away with the color, not me.

  • unfaix

    the question is why? why would any one get this?

    • jay_max

      I have an 8x and absolutely love it. It’s a good phone. The best? No. But good.

  • Jake Johnson

    Meh ++
    The sad fact is, Windows Phone sucks @ss. Not a fanboy, I just use what works the best, and that my friends, is Android. I also tried out the 8X. No notifications? No multitasking? No file explorer? Need I go on?

    • tegz

      agreed. i hate rooting my windows phone and installing a custom rom just to get it working correctly. oops, wrong os.

      • UncleFan

        I bought a Windows Phone the week they launched, and I would have given my left nut for a custom rom to fix all the problems with WP7.

      • Jake Johnson

        Nice try, but my Nexus 4 works beautifully stock. Custom Roms are a bonus. Windows Phone on the other hand is terrible stock, missing too many key features like the ones I mentioned.

    • Foxeh

      Based on your assessment, I find it hard to believe you’ve even touched an 8x…

    • Philosoraptor

      WP8 (and 7) multi-task using the card view when you long press the back button. In WP8 you can browse the files through USB connection. Notifications are Live Tiles. You clearly never owned one.
      I think WP8 isn’t a hot seller because of misinformation like this, bad pricing, bad advertising, and the word “windows” just scares people off. If you can get over that, its a very good phone.

  • impasse

    this was the same price on for the end of last week (since they rotate prices roughly twice a week like on thursday and monday). it needs to drop back down to that black friday price of free, hahah..

    that being said, all these complainers need to realize that wp8 is not going to convert someone grounded in ios or android. that being said, for someone coming from a dumbphone or say, symbian, this is fast, fresh, and nicely designed, to boot.

    • tegz

      who’s complaining? all i see is a bunch of people bashing windows phone for no reason. it’s pathetic.

      • UncleFan

        There are a lot of legit complaints about Windows Phone, and Microsoft either refuses to fix them or makes you buy a new phone. Music management is actually *worse* with WP8 than it was with WP7!

  • AndroidProfit

    It’s too bad that Windows phones aren’t doing as well as they would like. I do like Windows 8 for the PC but personally couldn’t switch away from Google to a Windows phone.

  • moises1204

    i am surprised they still charge for windows phones, kidding!!!

  • RockmanNeo

    Called my local Fry’s, they said the price is at $129.99 and they’re all sold out.