Happy New Year From TmoNews!

Another year in the T-Mobile world gone by and for the first time in recent memory, things are truly looking up for our beloved Magenta. With the promise of Apple Products this year, a brand new CEO and a merger with MetroPCS expected to complete by summer, T-Mobile is poised to turn things around.

As for me, I want to thank everyone, even those of you who laugh at me as a silly iOS fanboy from the bottom of my heart for reading and coming here every day. TmoNews has been a dream come true and I owe all of it to all of you. This truly is an amazing thing to do every day and it’s only with your patience, love, loyalty, engagement and feedback that I’m able to do it. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Now, what are your new years resolutions? Did you make a promise to buy a brand new Android device every month this year? How about finally giving Windows Phone 8 or iOS a chance? My tech goals are to hit inbox zero every day, go as paperless as possible and find a better way to organize my daily work flow. Some of those tasks will be easier than others but they are all something I want to achieve.

So, what’s your tech resolution for the new year?

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