T-Mobile’s “Faster For The Holidays” Video Highlights Speed Improvements

T-Mobile’s newest promotional advertisement is one for the holidays and highlights the number of times Magenta has improved the speed of the network. Let’s be honest though, there’s just one more speed improvement I’m looking forward to right now…LTE. Bring it!

At T-Mobile, we’ve given our customers an amazing string of holidays presents. We’ve doubled the speed of our network three times. Talk about creating some impressive holiday cheer!



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  • Chris

    I can vouch for this Speed Improvement. My Speed test is now showing 23-25 mbps, up from 12-14 that I was getting before.

    • od312

      Screenshot, location :)

    • Ver

      Same here. San Fernando Valley in So Cal.

    • nyuhsuk

      The thing about this is… although I’m happy for you that you went from warp speeds to ludicrous speeds, I do wish that the consistency was better across the board. I’m in the DC metro area and there are too many iffy areas that drop to EDGE easily and even when on 3G/HSPA+, you still don’t see speeds breaking or even reaching 2~3Mbps. These are areas right on the capital beltway and other major highways, and then spreading to areas just inside and outside the beltway. I don’t expect phenomonal speeds out in Clarksburg (although areas there are spotty with super fast and complete dead zones) but friggin’ Tyson’s doesn’t get consistent speeds.

      • Chris

        I never said anything about consistency. I just said I can vouch for the speed bump.

        • nyuhsuk

          I’m not bashing your speed increase. I just wish they’d do a better job of filling gaps in their service rather than just improving areas that are already far ahead of the curve.

      • 21stNow

        I just tested in Prince George’s near the Beltway and got 9 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.

        • nyuhsuk

          Okay. I’m not implying that the speeds don’t exist in the area (wife gets roughly 13-16Mbps in Montgomery Village on a GNII). What I’m saying is that even with that same phone, going from Bethesda to Vienna on the beltway, you drop to EDGE near McLean and even with HSPA+ detected, speeds barely break 1Mbps. There are other spots along the toll road with similar issues. That’s what irks me. If it were 4G to 3G drops, that’d be acceptable. Not 4G to EDGE or lower fluctuations while traveling the span of 5 miles smack dab in middle of T-Mobile’s touted NOVA/D.C. 4G/modernized coverage area.
          Sent from my HTC Sensation

        • 21stNow

          OK. From your original comment, I thought that you were saying that you never see 2-3 Mbps anywhere in the area.

          I agree that there are too many gaps in the 4G coverage in this area.

  • vrm

    she traded in her motor cycle for a chopper – definitely a speed upgrade !

  • jarjar2007

    Now hopefully they get rid of EDGE!!

    • TBN27

      In due time.

      • jarjar2007

        The next decade I guess.

        • bleeew

          They will barely be removing GPRS by then.

  • for whatever reason i simply DO NOT get blazing speeds in Dallas .. i never have on any of my 4G phones (currently using One S). i’m in all parts of Dallas too .. Arlington, Duncanville, Downtown Dallas, North Dallas, Grand Prairie etc and it’s hardly blazing fast.

    • blazem25

      I am in fort worth and when I go to dallas or the fort worth are 3mbs to 28 mbs I beat almost everybody when we do a speed test even beat lte

  • Denver Metro is still mediocre, 2-5Mbps typical, not exactly blazing fast IMO.

  • cielomoreno127

    I had consistent 4G coverage until about September of this year. Now I get E as in edge. I was told because of the upgrading of the towers and its a known issue.

    • Ver

      I dropped to E but only for a couple of weeks while they were upgrading. Now I get from 16-25 Mbps. Where are you?

      • cielomoreno127

        Detroit here, I’ve been patient. I can’t even send texts.

        • Ver

          That’s terrible. Do you have wifi? On a more positive note, if you can hang in there the speed is great. Are you on an iPhone?

        • cielomoreno127

          Wifi calling doesn’t work, drops consistently. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One. My speed was around 20-26mbps. Been a customer since Voicestream.

        • Whitney

          Which area of Detroit? I live in metro Detroit in Farminton Hills

        • cielomoreno127

          I’m in Detroit, northeast side.

        • Whitney

          Well I hoping that we both get it soon. Checking at the map it looks all of detroit and metro detroit is getting it. I am worried about Farmington Hills

        • cielomoreno127

          I hope they do. If not I’m leaving.

        • Whitney

          I am not leaving even I did threaten to leave if they did not get the iphone. Now they the iphone. I use wifi my at house and use data when I am out at school or somewhere

        • I’m Detroit-Metro area in Livonia, and I have phenomenal service. 20-29Mbps regularly plus no issues with calls or texts at all ever. don’t know what your problem is.

        • Whitney

          @Galen20K:disqus Do you know if the Farmington Hills getting the refarm?

    • chris

      The EXACT same thing happened to me in NJ. Perfect service then BAM I cant even connect to 3g and barely edge.I tried waiting it out but I saw no resolution in sight and no one was providing me with any real reason.

  • Whiskers

    i’m getting 1.74 Mb/sec in Columbus,Ohio on my HD7

    • techymexican

      pretty decent speeds for a 3G device

      • Whiskers

        Not to bad , but i do wonder what HSPA+ 42 would be like.

        • Joseph Lagalla

          22 Mbps here in nyc

        • TBN27

          20mbps. NYC

      • fixxmyhead

        not even


    Now if they could only improve their service in the blotchy Chicago suburbs. As mentioned in previous posts, in the north O’Hare region of Des Plaines, I can quickly go from 4G, to 3G, to Edge to nothing, which results in my streaming music stopping and waiting till a better signal be reached. Really annoying… hopefully they will redeem themselves when Band 4 LTE goes live and I can utilize my Nexus 4.

  • jay

    LMAO I cant believe the video, I am suffering from the blazing speed of EDGE.

  • jay

    speedtest.net in 08641 area of NJ, 0.06 Mbps, amazing speed.

    • Romanol Sarker

      I get 0.32mbps down, 0.71 upload, Bronx NY, 10472

  • Josue

    i get 1-3MBPS in Boston :[

  • macman37

    Great commercial! Gang, take as you wish; but I feel that after all of these years waiting for T-Mobile USA to become an official iPhone & iPad carrier, T-Mobile should release a commercial similar to the one Verizon Wireless released saying “Thank You to all of those who never stopped dreaming that this day would come.” With that said, I really look forward to next year and more refarmed markets/areas.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      +1 indeed macman37

    • bleeew

      I remember that. The clocks, and in the end it would say “It’s here”.

    • Winski

      I concur because RIGHT NOW if 2G is their idea of speedy, they’ve clearly had too much of their own egg-nog..

  • Gavin Smith

    I just got 6.3 down 1.57 up in Louisville, ky.

  • caliluv78

    yay im enjoying t-mobiles blazing speeds rocking 1.1mbp dwn 0.9 upwith full bars of 4G yes full bars on my s3 over here in dwtown los angeles on 7th n hill while my friend is getting 12 mbps dwn ,9 mbps up on his at&t galaxy note with only 2 bars of LTE i wonder what speeds would look like if he had full bars ??? anyways im loooving tmobile yay…… NOT..

  • AndroidProfit

    Lol! We have doubled the speed of our network 3 times? People wonder why T-Mobile is in 4th place!

    • Bteague13

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that statement.

  • jbhotnessmon

    gettin that zero coverage on broad street newark woohoo go tmobile getting that super fast zero speed. *funny enough there is a tmobile corporate store down there with just plastic phones and a loney gs3 on wifi – gotta love that tmo coverage

    • D Velasquez

      i hear you i work on downtown Newark and the coverage is really bad, i live on West New York NJ and coverage all over WNY to Jersey City is great, every time i go down to Newark my data speeds go down significantly.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I was shocked that Tmobile sent me a video message without me telling them to. I mean I know they send the little spam ads but now they sending video messages?

  • jim

    tmo should stop lying!

    • TBN27

      They aren’t. They just didn’t improve in your area.

      • TBN27

        Most likely before then. Edge is antiquated and sooner or later they will shut edge down. However i do believe they will expand hspa+ all over sooner than we think. They will have to to sray competetive.

  • T-Mobile needs a new chick or somethin, no one is really buying her and its not helping the churn.

  • charlieboy808

    Anyone else get this ad sent as a text message (MMS)?

  • charlieboy808

    Also, Victorville, California: as a 4G connection I get 0.280 mb down and 0.600 mb up.

    • Bigjavar101

      I’m back and fourth between Victorville and San Bernardino area, the most i’ve ever seen in Victorville was 9 up and 2 down.. that was downtown near the 15 & the mall! Where I’m in San Bernardino I usualy see around 23-25Mbps down – 3 Mbps up..

      • charlieboy808

        wow… I’ve never come close to 9 up let alone 2 down. I wonder where about that came from.

  • srr79

    I just got 9.04 mbps download and 1.06 mbps upload in Birmingham, AL on an HTC 8X WP. No complaining here!!!

  • Mark

    In Columbia, SC most of the area is at speed of EDGE and the suburbs (where almost everyone lives) are on EDGE. Most of Irmo is EDGE, almost all of Lexington is EDGE or NO coverage. Whitehall is virtually all EDGE. Their maps show this HSPA coverage but you either get 1 bar outside or EDGE….. Ballentine is all EDGE…. But I guess they say it’s better… not here it isnt.

    • M42

      They only seem to have 4G in major cities and even there they don’t cover the entire city footprint, only selected parts. Then it’s Edge all the way.

      • Mark

        That much appears to be true. These areas I talk about have great EDGE coverage… if it was all EDGE okay, fine. But the HSPA coverage is so spotty that your battery ends up dead because your phone is switching back and forth. They came in and upgraded half the systems and left the other half alone so you get extremely spotty coverage and dropped calls because of it. I dropped 3 calls yesterday alone.

  • Willy

    Today i got 3G 5 bars on MY iPhone 4S is really fast now am happy. :)

  • Marc OKelly

    I hope T-Mobile stays around the bottom, at least it will force them to continue to improve drastically unlike other networks with a lot more cash.

  • signal at “1200 South Canton Center Road Canton, MI” is terrible, I can only get EDGE, and it it is only 2 bars out of 5, the T-mobile 3G signal has even worse building penetration that their maligned AWS 3G signal. Once they have so many iPhone customers, lots of them will e angry and dump T-Mo and go to AT&T, I mean the phone will be unlocked, right?

  • tony

    yea right I’m using a iphone 5 and so freaking sloooooooooooow is running edge sucks im get tire of tmobile liars so slooooooooooow i takes one day to load Facebook in my iphone 5 on tmobile.

  • sidekicker89

    Anyone in Ohio see any increase in speeds or iPhone 3G?… I haven’t noticed anything yet.. still hopeful..

  • outta da bleu