Samsung Galaxy Note II OTA Update Adds Multi-Window Feature Beginning December 19th

The long-awaited update for the Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile adding multi-window support begins Wednesday, December 19th.

A software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note II to Baseband version T889UVALK8 is expected to be available onDecember 19. The software update, which will be available by Over The Air (OTA) and through Kies, will provide new multiscreen functionality, along with a few bug fixes.


  • New multi-window feature
  • Resolves Exchange calendar events not appearing on device Calendar
  • Resolves issues with being unable to swipe through Gmail messages

Galaxy Note II units will be updated to Android version 4.1.1/T889UVALK8. The update can be completed by Samsung’s Kies software as well as an OTA update all beginning this Wednesday.

Begin your happy dance Galaxy Note II users.

T-Mobile Support

Multi-window support in action:

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  • Woohoo! I’m ready! Bring it on! The Note 2 is the device to have!

  • Finally !!!

  • thepanttherlady


  • hogasswild

    So does that mean GN1 is next?

  • dkbnyc

    Yep. Yep. Was going to root this week. Glad I didn’t.

    • al

      I’d still recommend doing it. Just being able to freeze apps is worth the root. I charge mine every other day.


  • Anonymous

    thats great but going to 4.1.2 or 4.2 would have been preferable..

  • Oh thank you, been waiting almost 2 months for this!!!

  • predation

    Now I’m just waiting for a deal to pop up. :-) when the heck is tmo gonna lower the price! Hoping a Christmas sale comes soon. Anyone know any details? David?

    • Olivier Boss

      I got mine from (for T-Mobile with 2-year renewal of my classic unlimited plan). It’s not free but much cheaper than the T-Mobile price. It’s exactly the same product – including T-Mobile’s support – as if you buy it from T-Mobile’s store/Website – only it’s less expensive.

      • predation

        thanks olivier. but i scored the GN2 titanium for $120 yesterday from loyalty with NO REBATES and no changes to my plan!!!!! i’m going to submit the $50 rebate anyway and see what happens. if that goes through…. $70!!! heheh. i’ll be getting it as the OTA rolls out!!! perfect timing!!!

        • chris

          How did you manage to pull off a 120.00 price tag?

        • predation

          maaad leverage.
          i was like 2 weeks away from contract expiration. i’ve also been with them for 10 years. and i mentioned the sprint deal for $99.99 on new contract. also being nice and doing a little psychology mind FCKNG with them. lol

        • wellington armelin

          I did the same for myself and brother the week it came out I ended up paying 169 though

        • predation

          you get taxed on the $699.99 amount??? i specifically stated to the rep and confirmed my tax amount would be off of my discounted price.

        • Olivier Boss

          Way to go! Re. sales tax on subsidized amount, it depends on the state you live in. Different states have different policies on this point (as well as different sales tax% – some have 0%). I know that in MA you pay full sales tax (6.25%) on subsidized price (i.e., ca. $700). PLUS, you’ll pay sales tax a second time over the next 2 years (2-year contract).
          That’s if you buy the phone from T-Mobile (they make business in MA, so you pay the sales tax).
          You do NOT pay sales tax on subsidized price (or any sales tax at all on phone) if you buy from

  • Chris

    Finally yay! Since I rooted mine and flashed CWM (still stock) it says I’m not allowed to get updates when I try to check. Can I still update through kies? I don’t really care if it breaks root, but I do hope it doesn’t ruin google wallet :S

    • Chris

      You’d have to go back to Stock via Odin as far as I know.

  • paul2834

    Exciting news! I’ve got my fingers crossed for more reliable wifi calling as well.

  • Richard Yarrell

    We have waited for this it’s going to be a great addition. This is such a wonderful device something never seen before in android land. Tmo Galaxy Note 2 owners let’s enjoy this.

    • squiddy20

      The Verizon version has had this for several weeks. So much for “never seen before”. -.-

      • AndroidProfit

        Having a bad day?

        • predation

          he is just angry he’s got an ugly verizon logo on his home button.

        • squiddy20

          Nope. Just pointing out a glaringly obvious error.

          Oh, and @predation:disqus, I don’t have, nor do I want, the Note 2. In any version.

        • Asquared

          Then why are you commenting on a product that you don’t have, that you’re not interested in, and in such a negative fashion?

        • squiddy20

          I didn’t know any of that was *required*. Surely you’ve heard of something called “freedom of speech”?

        • Asquared

          Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing — yours and mine. Been using it for over six decades, and will defend it to the death. BUT I won’t use it as a shield to retreat behind after taking pot shots at others (“so much for ‘never seen before’ “). More to the point, the feature hasn’t been available prior on Android on a T-Mobile phone, so it’s all good. Finis.

      • Jeez give the guy a break, he’s just happy okay?? always somebody who’s got to ruin another persons day… smh

      • Wilma Flintstone

        MeeGo has had it since 2010. But yeah, it’s a first for Android yes.

      • al

        I’m on 4.1.2 on mine.

      • dkbnyc

        Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing. “Never Seen Before” refers to the device, not the software update.

  • mreveryphone

    This update should last me until the galaxy s4

  • kev2684

    FINALLY! this prevents me from throwing my Note II to the wall with all its radio problems. why do i get less signal, higher pings and slower data speeds than my Galaxy S II lately? i don’t get it, i hope they’re just upgrading towers in my area because if it’s not it, i’m gonna die.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Really? Wow, haven’t heard about those issues yet. How soon did it start happening? This may keep me from buying it. I just saw that Sprint had it going for $99 from Amazon.

    • thepanttherlady

      While I normally get “4g” in Costa Mesa, I got nothing but Edge today. Grrrrrr :/

      • kev2684

        Oh good! so it’s just not me. it’s the first time i saw Edge again at my work place (outside the city) in 9 months. i barely got any WCDMA signal at work today where i normally get 2 bars and HSPA+ speeds at 5mbps. i had to switch to GSM/WCDMA Auto mode. annoying i can’t check apps or open image heavy newsletters. slower than usual but manageable inside the city @7-10mbps average. i clocked 15-17mbps last week and haven’t checked last weekend. but damn my coverage at work today was a nightmare. even with GSM i get no bars. i had to walk out the door to get a decent signal. i really hope they’re just upgrading towers.

  • I didn’t realize that this wasn’t included from launch.

  • The Architect

    About damn time!

  • ccnet005

    Great, now all I need is the docking station!

  • Deadeye37

    So….uuhhhh….when is this feature coming to the GSIII? That feature pack looks cool and this feature would make my life a whole lot easier when I’m trying to cheat at Words With Friends….I mean reading the FFVII walkthrough while playing the game on my PSX emulator. :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

  • achusaysblessyou

    YAY :D

    Just saw a Note II at verizon today… playing with multiview, but the carrier branding on the Home button so ugly

  • Paul

    My Android version says 4.1.1. I think this update might be 4.1.2. I could be wrong, and I’m just basing this off of what my phone says.

    • al

      still 4.1.1

  • farfromovin

    Awesome news. 4.1.1 vice 4.1.2 is no big deal, the only changes that I can see is the ink on the lockscreen gimmick and assignable toggles. This is the firmware that all the chefs on XDA have been waiting for, multiwindow PLUS wifi calling. Should be the go to baseline firmware for a long time, or about the amount of time it’ll take for a true 4.2 update (aka long).

  • Nestor

    I just updated mine via Kies.

    • dkbnyc


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  • mikkej2k

    Any update for the original Galaxy Note?

  • good new for sure

  • paul2834

    Software update is live over the air now!

    • thepanttherlady

      Just finished installing mine! =D

  • mreveryphone

    Just manually checked for the update and it’s ready to download. Sweet!

  • francis

    ok looks like not all apps support this, particularly 3rd party email apps such as maildroid :(

  • SkywalkerJedi

    downloading the update now. ;)

  • 3:05am EST I go to about phone, hit software update get the message about incurring data charges over mobile network versus Wi-Fi. Boom 73mb file download, where is SCREEN RECORD that’s all else I desire, and LTE once it’s ready #TMOGNII

  • ruthlessimage

    Just did the update, multi view works great, down side not all apps are supported by multi view, but all the most common apps are.

  • ruthlessimage

    just did the update on my note2, multiview works great, down side not many apps are supported, but the most common ones used are. yall should enjoy its pretty cool.

  • Surf East

    All good in the hood no issues

  • got my update this morning

  • Anonymous

    got the update last night.. unfortunately it doesn’t work with many apps and they also removed the “sync” toggle from the notification panel………. so now i need another widget……….

  • mreveryphone

    Loos like the lag is gone when first unlocking the phone