Samsung Shows Off New Feature Multi-Window Feature On The Galaxy Note II And It’s Awesome

Samsung’s not wasting anytime kicking up more promotional talk for the Galaxy Note II with a new Korean video showing off a feature we haven’t seen a lot of: multi-window. This is a seriously cool addition to the Note II and while it reminds me of the Note 10.1 in some way, the ability to use this looks not only fun, but completely functional as well. This could be a big reason for some to grab the Note II, even if the feature is limited to the stock browser, S Note, messaging and a few other stock apps.

In fact, we’ve got a live ┬áMulti-Window function video down below which shows how it functions in a real-world environment. We’ll still have to test it out and gauge it for our own use, but if it works as well as what we’re seeing here, this could be a major bonus feature. Let’s just hope this isn’t an international bonus and it makes its way stateside as well.

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  • Brian

    that’s it! I am sold for this Note 2. Anxiously waiting for the official available date on Tmobile.

    • nycplayboy78

      Same here…..Dang…November 2012 can’t come soon enough…Forget Turkey Day…I want my Galaxy Note II Day :)

  • Mirad77

    Man! I want to get hyped on this Gnote 2 but am willing to hold my breath for what Nexus brings us next.

    • Alex Alexander

      I really doubt the next GNex can do something like that…
      All those features in the Note 2 are from TouchWiz than Jelly Bean.

      • Mirad77

        Am talking about the device as a whole not just the features. For me Sammy has a bad rep when it comes to updates unless they plan on doing a better job going forward. All these heavy add on from touchwiz are a contributing factor of Sammy’s late updates. Holding my breath for the next Nexus is in terms of hardware and specs, more so than add on. Am sending this post from my Gtab 10.1 and we just got ICS ,and every indication stipulates the end of the road as far as updates goes.

        • DUDE

          assuming you have the galaxy tab 2 10.1, samsung did release a statement that the galaxy tab 2 10.1 will receive the jellybean update in the near future, as far as updates go for samsung’s phones i’m sure all the international versions get their updates on time but the delay in the US is due to each specific carrier

        • Mirad77

          Why would you assume when I clearly said I have a Gtab 10.1 and not Grab 2 10.1. Also am in the US and my Gtab 10.1 i bought it full prize from Tmo US.

  • shack180

    Man I really hope the update the s3 to add some of those features .

  • Stunning.

  • wp genius

    Nice video but what about the Ativ WP no word on it and its soon to be release where do we stand with apps and support.

  • wp

    Nice video but what about the soon to be release Ativ WP where apps and support is important.

    • archerian

      you’re seriously saying that WP8 has more apps than Android?

      • wp

        No just asking Sammy about WP support since everything now a days is geared towards Android

        • TMOLOYAL

          Got to put your development budget where on the system that make you money. While WP may be a good system, until it is seen as such by the masses it may be hard for OEM’s to sink more money into it. Maybe Microsoft should throw some serious advertising dollars out there and tell everyone why they should love WP.

        • Guest


  • Realest Ever

    Wow this Video alone made me almost by this phone. David you were right, that multi-window feature is amazing. If I have to abandon my HTC G2 for an all touch screen phone this might be the one, but I am going to wait to see what else is coming out first.

    • ShonnyG112

      I’m still using the G2 as well. I’ve been holding out for the One X plus but it’s starting to look like a no show. So I’m definitely gonna get this for now when it comes out. I usre hope it’s gonna be before the end of the year.

  • matt


  • jim

    the koreans have galaxy NOTE 3 with android 5.0 strawberry.

    this is old device!


      Do you have any links that we could go to, to see what you are talking about? I have searched for anything referencing Android 5.0 or any version of Android called Strawberry and cannot find any evidence of what you are talking about.

      • They don’t have it, he’s teasing.

        • mikkej2k

          Really? I mean REALLY?

    • tom

      yes the note 3 with android 5.0 was just released NORTH KOREA, only one made and being used by dear leader KIM UNNNNN


  • Chimphappyhour

    Wow! It’s looking really good. With the LTE onboard, I just might be sold if no one else has a LTE enabled device coming soon.

  • Mo

    Strawberry is a photographer’s pocket helper application for Android.
    Strawberry provides an easy user friendly UI to calculate depth of field settings for your camera. Use the sliders to set the distance, focal length and aperture and get instant feedback. It NOT the next upgrade to android OS.

    • JIM

      the koreans have galaxy NOTE 3 with android 5.0 strawberry.

      this is old device!

      • TMOLOYAL

        Do you have any links that we could go to, to see what you are talking about? I have searched for anything referencing Android 5.0 or any version of Android called Strawberry and cannot find any evidence of what you are talking about.

  • Chris

    I hope the Multi Window comes to GSIII on the Jelly Bean Update. that’s just awesome.

  • why does android remind me of windows with the windows and widgets

  • sorandkairi


  • steveb944

    I can’t believe it’s the first time I watch a promotional video fully AND it wasn’t even in English. I can’t wait for this device!

  • notelover

    Wow, not even my galaxy note tablet does that!
    I can’t wait to get this phone!

  • lol, Multi Window -_- sorry but not an innovation. sony has this before with their tablet, they call it ‘Small Apps’. samsung might just steal that idea from them. i dont know what is rightt anymore.

    • i guess Sony just have to improve on their marketing techniques. lol

    • g2a5b0e

      Like you said…tablet. I’ve never seen this feature on a phone before.

      • hahaha, yes that was on their ICS update in April. now the upcoming xperia phones (T, V & J) which were introduced during the IFA will also have this feature. its sad to hear that people call this an innovation plus most people (from what i have observed so far) likes the multi window feature.

        like i said, sony just has to improve their marketing techniques like apple and samsung haha. but they have made many new innovations too. like the water proof xperia phones which was introduced last year and also the recent glove mode.

        • masguapoako

          one sony fanboy over here!

        • GwapoAko

          May be I need to trademark my name :0)

  • mreveryphone

    Why would anyone want to buy the same phone over again when the only thing that gets updated is the os when you can buy real INNOVATION like this?!

  • YOpops

    im returning my SIII coming on tuesday lol!!!

  • Tmo_Fan

    that was AMAZING!!

  • kathy

    WHY ARE WE ALWAYS GETTING used release?

  • StinkFinGr

    I hope they have patented this!

    • bleeew

      its existed already. computers can do it.

      • StinkFinGr

        Right, thanks for pointing that out, in the same way that rectangles with rounded corners have existed for many decades I suppose. But not yet seen on tablets/phones.

  • auser72

    It’s getting harder to pretend that I’m happy with my GS2, Nexus 7 combo… LOL. The Galaxy Note 2 is biggest upgrade for T mobile since the Samsung Vibrant.

  • M42

    They had better patent it before Apple copies the feature, claims it as theirs and sues Samsung.

  • i could see a lot of use for a feature like this but that phone is too big :( despite its awesomeness i just can’t invest in one.

  • ephilly

    WOW this will def be my next toy!

  • Craszh

    Just can’t wait for it to get here. For sure will upgrade it from Gnote I.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    LOL I’m sorry but I thought at first that at 2:01 ralph’s message said “Check out these Boobs” LOL

    Very cool video and I’m highly considering purchasing a Note 2. I’m going for the 16GB version due to possible pricing. I’ll buy a 64GB sd card. 3100 mah Battery is very nice. This device and a Jolla MeeGo device should set me straight. I just want to see what Jolla has in store for MeeGo before I make my GNote 2 purchase.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I just thought about it, this feature was somewhat done on the prototype MeeGo devices from a few years ago. Not the N9 but the Intel ones.

    Anyway, it’s a VERY nice feature and I am highly considering getting one of these. It’s going to be either this or the Jolla MeeGo device. Either way, by this years end, I will finally rid myself of the HD2. *Applause* :D

  • ccnet005

    Has anyone ordered one from england yet?
    I’m so tempted…….

    • 21stNow

      I just saw one, but it looked like it didn’t have LTE included. I’m not buying the Note II without LTE.

  • Matt

    im glad someone finally implemented this, i was expecting this feature with the introduction of ICS/JB to be honest (been a missing feature in my book for such an open source system). lets hope that the next big android update includes this feature for all apps

  • NOTE Taker

    If you are a Galaxy Note 2 fan of my caliber. you might puke after watching this…. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!

  • Tbyrne

    This is great! Just keep R&D all these cool new features and eventually, Samsung, Android and Google will be running the show.Life is good. On a side note. Where have all the trolls gone? It’s nice to come in here and not have to bicker with T-Mobile haters!

  • AM3RIG

    that WAS very amazing and can’t wait to pick up GNOTE 2 when hits the tmobile store.

    • Can’t wait

      Of course now the rumors of the next flagship device are rolling in. November is going to a wonderful month for Android and T-Mobile.

      • Can’t wait

        Flagship Nexus*

  • looking better and better all the time.. Just hope Tmo doesn’t kill it with all the junk they will add

  • 4st3risk

    This feature is unavailable to Note 2s outside Korea.

  • Guest

    This is me and my husband’s next phone…

  • Mike Mack

    the US versions of the Note 2 still don’t have the multi window feature, what gives??