New T-Mobile Training Videos Pop Up On Vimeo, “Ask Why…”

Some new T-Mobile training videos popped up on Vimeo today, presumably indicating how the company is instructing sales staff to sell a particular operating system as well as the service itself. The videos cover rate plans, overcoming customer hesitations as well as closing deals for Android, Windows Phone and even Blackberry sales.

The videos aren’t going to win any awards for production, but they are simple, straight forward and should be very easy for an employee to pick up on. If nothing else, they are pretty standard fare and will help provide¬†employees with a quick and easy way to transition into putting a phone into a customer’s hand.

WMPoweruser via Vimeo



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  • The Observer

    tmobile outsource actors too? the guy barely speaks english

    • Tim

      I think i talked to him when I called 611…

      • Magenta Man

        Must be the same guy I talked to haha


      Believe it or not T-Mobile does not hire only white English speaking people. America is a diverse country and so should any companies employee base.

      • Singleweird


  • bigM

    Horrible training videos, the guy in the videos sounds like he rides the short bus and wears a helmet.

    • nycplayboy78

      Oooohhhh you wrong for that :p

      You know you going to Hell for that comment :)

  • Noor Mahmoud

    The obvious greenscreening is killing me. I don’t like people with blurry edges…

  • gmobile

    I know him. He’s the store manager.

  • Beydoun

    why would you put me through hell all over again !!!!! I HATE YOU I HAD TO SPEND 8 HOURS LEARN PYP

  • loy

    This is definitely RPS, not acting, its a terrible script.. there’s nothing new in sales here for t-mobile. If an employee needed this training, then they shouldn’t be selling to anyone. maybe a training on manners and being nice would be ground breaking for JD-Powers award.

    • j5ive

      Rps died august 18.

      • Roberlini

        R.I.P R.P.S. pour one out for the homies that aren’t here anymore haha

  • Eddie

    I know her she work at t moblie store at el cajon blvd in San Diego . I see her every time I pay my bill her name is Sara

  • Geek Man

    T-mobile should not show this video to anyone or else they will lose costumers. The acting and script is horrible.

  • Christopher_McG

    This is the training they provide? I want to vomit. I could sell these phones better half asleep

    • MagentaMadness

      Looks like the vids were taken down so I can’t comment, but I could only imagine. The training(or lack there of) we get in engineering(the heart of the network) is abysmal. We constantly have to fend and learn for ourselves.

  • Gouv

    the last video is just sad…. T-mobile’s ultimate downfalls are completely captured and visualized in that last video…. low credit, high risk customers needing a deposit, no iPhone but everything else, and reputably bad coverage while promoting wi-fi calling to patch the holes and making things seem far less worse than they really are.. The regional carrier part was just the icing on the cake. I can’t be the only one that thought that last video was just painful to watch. I seriously feel bad for all of you that work in the stores or in customer service. You guys are the ones that pay for t-mobile’s sins and stupidity.

    EDIT: and just like that someone from tmo land pulled the plug!

  • YoureProbADumbass
  • YoureProbADumbass

    rumor is an htc event october 2

  • Sean Glickman

    Off topic, but I’ve been eagerly waiting for your review of the Relay.

  • Mirad77

    What happened to the video? It’s gone.

  • Singleweird

    videos were removed. im pretty mad i missed that.

  • rfgenerator

    These were really pathetic. Also the reliance on determining if a potential customer has coverage on the maps is shaky, because the maps are shaky. In my neck of the woods I find the actual coverage one can expect to be one level below what shows on the map.

  • well guess they were taken down lol

  • no videos are there.. what the hell

  • Where is the trainning videos gone.