HTC Posts First Look Windows Phone 8X Teaser Video

HTC is helping us get very familiar with the Windows Phone 8X thanks to a teaser/first look video that went up a few days ago on their YouTube page. The teaser itself doesn’t offer us anything new, like  a release date or price, but it does focus on color choice, Beats Audio technology, Skype and XBox Music (Zune’s new music name).

Of course, we’re not really expecting any release dates until Microsoft makes the actual date of Windows Phone 8 official, which is scheduled to happen later this month. For now, just check out the video and try to see if this convinces you to go the Windows Phone 8X route.

MobileSyrup via YouTube

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  • Ugh, does those sexy earphones come with it too?
    I’m trying to resist & just love my HTC One S for another year, but it’s hard to do so with stuff like this.

    • MattB

      Nope, They don’t. On the image that shows the controls for the headphones it says “sold separately”.

      • Oh didn’t see that. It was very hard to see.

      • EeriePhenomenon

        It’s possible that the headphones come with it but not that bluetooth dongle (looking at 0:28, that’s what it seems to be). Thus “sold separately” only being shown for the dongle.

  • Garrett

    At 0:32, what’s that new remote control thing? I haven’t seen any info about it yet.

  • addicusbrown

    That’s nice. Well done HTC.

  • Fish

    what does windows phone have in the way of pandora? I know pandora doesn’t make an app for them…what about spotify? is there a website I can go see all the apps in the wp8 market (like the android market)?

    • Philosoraptor

      There are unofficial Pandora apps. Since they’re unofficial, the might break if Pandora makes API changes but the devs usually fix them quickly.

      Also Spotify is available.

      • Fish

        I appreciate the info!

        • Wyn6

          Also, there will be Nokia music on Nokia phones and Xbox music on ALL phones. Xbox music is reported to have added a free streaming service a la Spotify.

    • Philosoraptor

      My 1st response went into “pending moderation” or whatever because I used links (I guess) so sorry if this ends up as a double post.

      Anyway, unofficial Pandora apps exist. And yes, an official Spotify app exists. Try googling “windows phone marketplace” to see the website with all the Apps.

  • AM3RIG

    I am the former W7Phones user –

    For straight records, this isn’t WOW FACTOR! They running 95% of simulated image and 5 % of actions. MSFT don’t wanted you see it in actions as crap, Because they CAN’T fix Window OS phone’s many issues. for example they can’t fix the config of between Memory card and Windows OS phone issues if corrupted a files . it will force you to set a factory and wipe your personal data and files out and lost it of what customers are most complaints about.

    anyway –
    for example –


    GALAXY Note II

    see both Samsung and Apple phone take the real actions without simulated image or deceptive. WP can’t do that since MSFT knew W7/8 Phones are so flat and boring…

    • Tony

      You are a former WP7 user not WP8 user so try the new phone first before you comment. WP8 is a complete re-write of the OS based on the NT kernel (same as Windows desktop). WP7 was based on the Windows CE kernel which ran Windows Mobile OS. the only thing they share is a similar user interface but they are two completely different operating systems under the hood. WP8 will completely integrate with Windows 8 desktop and Xbox 360 and will prove to be a seamless ecosystem based on uniform experience and cloud services. Windows Phone 8 will be amazing. Can’t wait until launch!

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    They get pretty good reception out there in the woods…

    • nycplayboy78

      Yeah I noticed that too…hmmmm….

  • bobblehead

    Until I see some real reviews of real WP8 phones, no one gets my credit card. MS still has WP8 on lockdown with only select screens and apps allowed to be displayed. Sure it’s still a few days from unveiling… waiting for miracle to occur.

  • Carl Camera

    My T-Mobile contract expires in 34 days (not that I’m counting) and if T-Mobile does not land the Lumia 920 it’s bye-bye-magenta for me and my wife after ten years. My HTC HD7 has been great but it pains me to see Nokia launch exclusive app after exclusive app after exclusive app while all HTC seems to update is its weather app animations. Nokia Lumia owners get free music streaming service and full-blown GPS and augmented reality apps while HTC gives their WP owners post-it, flashlight and compass apps. Lumia 920 or bye-bye for me.

  • Perry_F

    I was really thinking of giving WP8 a try after years of android. Not that I’m not happy with my little green friend but sometimes change is good. But I am disappointed in the fact that tmo wont be getting the lumia 920. Once again tmo gets the little brother, in this case the 820. The 820 would have been a great phone but the screen resolution is crap and supposedly it only comes in 8gb flavor although it does support sd cards. DUH! You better if you only offer 8gb!!! And we’ll get the 8x from HTC which has the lowest specs of all the “high” end WP8 coming out. The 8x has the smallest screen, smallest battery of the top WP8 devices and it comes with only 16GB and no sd card. My current GSII has better specs!!!