Deal Alert: Galaxy S Relay 4G Just $99.99 At Best Buy

If you’re looking for a deal on the Galaxy S Relay 4G, turn your eye to Best Buy with a price tag of $99.99, is one of the better prices I’ve seen for this brand-new QWERTY device. I’m currently in the process of finalizing my review, and while I would emphasize not to expect a whole lot from the five megapixel shooter tucked inside of the Relay 4G, the phone has almost zero lag and puts up wonderful HSPA+ speeds. An easy recommendation at $99.99, especially when the price is good for both new two-year activations and qualifying two-year upgrades.

Best Buy

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  • The Observer

    should also point out that the galaxy s 3 is $150 cheaper than what they are selling at tmobile

    • where at?

      • The Observer

        uhh, best buy?

        • The Doer

          uhh, no! $179

        • The Observer

          ok $100 cheaper, sue me. still better price than what you get from tmobile

  • Deadeye37

    I would want to get this phone, especially for that hardware keyboard. However, I am finding more and more that I want a really good camera on my phone also. That is why I’m leaning towards the SGSIII. I’m wondering, is the camera on this phone pretty much the same quality as the camera on the G2 (ie. Mediocre at best)? I was hoping that since it was Samsung that they would slap a higher quality camera on the phone.

  • Sean

    Still waiting on David’s review of this phone.

  • randomnerd_number38

    Looking forward to the review!

  • TIM

    WHERE DOES IT SAY IT IS FOR $99? i will be right now if its $99. but it is certainly not worth $549.99. amazon will soon sell it unlocked for $250, guaranteed! Tmobile charges 50% more on brand new tmpbile phones.

    • HieuKy02

      Where do you get the info on amazon will sell it unlocked for $250?

  • Newmexican

    Any news on availability at Costco?

  • PG

    Costco rocks

  • Dood

    T-Mobile also has the Galaxy S Relay 4g available for $399 including a $50 prepaid card from their no-annual-contract division.

    That’s cheaper than their “value plan offer” by $150.

  • dko3tgk

    I really wanted this phone, and was willing to look past the low res screen for the dual core S4 and keyboard. But I went to the T-Mobile store and hated the keyboard. The buttons are both small and flat. So you feel like you need to click very tiny keys with the tips of your fingers, not the pads.
    So I went with One S. If the Relay had the G2 keyboard, or the Sprint Galaxy S Epic keyboard. Or the more recent Droid keyboards, I would have totally went for it. But if you can’t use the keys well in a tactile way,then you lose the advantage over touch screens.
    I’ll still want to come back to a qwerty keyboard, but sadly it’s not on this phone.

    • Ed

      I was left with the same impression when I gave the Relay an in-store, hands on test; this phone may have a physical, 5-row QWERTY, but it’s poorly designed.

  • Andy Kailhofer

    I got the phone, and I’m quite pleased with it. I have enough issues with some of UI choices in the Sammy stock that I’m considering a different launcher, but that’s not an issue with the hardware. The camera isn’t as fast as the camera in the One, but it does have a very nice macro mode and OK responsiveness. The color balance on the flash isn’t as woefully green as that in my G2. I have had the phone crash once, and sometimes the WiFi is a bit spotty when Power Save mode is active (no great surprise there). The colors on the screen are good, but the screen does wash out in sunlight (again, no surprise). It gives me a quadrant score of 3650ish with “forced 2D rendering” off and about 3830 with it on.

    The keyboard is pretty easy to get used to, with the annoying exception of the location of the Alt and Shift keys (and I wish there were an un-Alt-ed @ key), and the microphone key (right next to Enter).

    All in all, I’m really happy with it. I expect I’ll wind up rooting it so that I can have Ti Backup and a bit of keyboard remapping, but I don’t hate the stock (and that comes from a G1 -> G2 never running stock kind of guy).

  • noni

    So I finally went to the store today to check the relay. To my surprise the $99 price is not a BestBuy exclusive deal. The corporate stores are selling it for $99 as well. That’s a 33% price drop in only three weeks.

    But after testing the keyboard they might as well give it for free because in my opinion the feeling is even worse than on my HTC-MT4G. The keys are very low and not much different than screen keys.

    Then I took another look at the S3 and said to it, “drop your price and I’ll take you home”… no answer. It’s so pretty that it probably hears that all day.