T-Mobile’s “Life Without Limits” Marketing Continues With Professional Surfer Jamie Sterling

T-Mobile’s series of marketing commercials focused on “living life without limits” continues with professional surfer Jamie Sterling. This is the second in what is expected to be a series of at least 4 marketing spots focusing on how T-Mobile helps you live your life any way you want.

Do you live your life on the go? T-Mobile brings you Life Without Limits.

Take a look into the life of pro surfer Jamie Sterling as he plunges into his latest surf adventure tracking the biggest swells on T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III. Then submit your own photos that show us how you live an unlimited lifestyle with #LifeWithoutLimits and you could be featured in T-Mobile’s campaign or even win a Samsung Galaxy S III (Subject to Official Rules http://bit.ly/VmAWhv).

Go to http://t-mo.co/SlC3xh to see more.

As an extra bonus, T-Mobile is offering a chance to be featured in a “life without limits” campaign spot by submitting photos showing how you live an “unlimited lifestyle.” You can read all the rules and contest entry methods by hitting the T-Mobile link below.

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  • Mark

    OT for this story, but did anyone else notice in the MetroPCS letter that the address Tmo has set up for updates on the merger is http://www.t-mobile.com/tmonews ? It currently redirects straight to the blog entry about Metro. Royalties on the name, David? :)


    As a surfer this really hits home. Love it. Good stuff.

  • Deadeye37

    That was a cool spot. The guy’s got balls to surf waves that big! Although not very much about T-mobile except him pulling out his Note 2 to do some stuff for a few moments.

    Being a bit facetious here, but they should do the next one with a cross country truck driver, or maybe and insurance adjuster in a rural area. Right now, it would be a none-story since they wouldn’t have reception (and definitely not data) for most of the time.

    It would be nice to be able to include those types of people in a few years if T-mobile decides to build out their network to greatly improve rural coverage!

  • Me

    Now how about getting some real coverage already to go with unlimited. Whats the point in having unlimited data if you can’t use it. I want to switch to T Mobile but the coverage is terrible.