T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday Sale Now In Full Swing, Get Em While They’re Hot

T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday special’s are now in full swing with special savings on new purchases. Savings include the Windows Phone 8X (free after $100 mail-in rebate), and the Lumia 810, Ceramic Black HTC One S, Galaxy S II (Steel Gray and White), all free with instant discounts. The Galaxy S III (both colors) will run $99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and the 32GB model offered for $149 after the same rebate card. The Galaxy Note II is being offered for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate in both White and Gray colors.

As it appears online, the deal looks to be good for Classic Plan only customers beginning new service or adding a line to an existing plan. Pretty standard fare for these deals. The Cyber Monday sales require signing up with a Classic Talk+Text+Web plan or Classic Talk with web service of at least $20 a month. The rest is just a rebate form, fill it out and send it off.

See the full range of deals at the T-Mobile link below, all sales are good for today only.


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  • This is just the same as last week’s deal.

  • Nothing for us Value Plan customers but a kick in the head. At least my HTC HD7 seems indestructible.

    • Value Plan customers don’t get discounts, you pay full price for the phone and receive savings over the length of the contract with rate plans.

      • I knew what we were getting into with the value plan. :( Can we at least get a free toy Carly on the motorcycle, or something?

      • dkbnyc

        Value plan is perfect for me. I never wait 2 years to upgrade so I hadn’t gotten a discount on a device since the original Razr. Just picked up the Note II over the weekend. I’ll have this beast for a while.

      • PiCASSiMO

        There should be SOME discounts applied… take a look at the pre-paid phones that have discounted price applied to them. Pre-Paid Relay 4G costs $399 compared to $499 from Value Plan.

        • a5ehren

          You can buy the pre-paid one and activate it on a value plan right? That’s kind of the beauty of the whole thing.

      • tmofasho

        you mean aside from the instore value sale goin going on till dec 20?

  • psaux

    Hmmm, truly free sim cards ..

  • nutzareus

    How about discounting the full retail price of phones, T-Mobile?! Some of us hate contracts and happy with prepaid $30 Monthly4G 100 minute/5GB plan. $300 for the Galaxy S2 this summer was great, how about a deal for Galaxy Note 2?

  • Diamond_Prince

    im tired of T-mobile offering “rebates” with everything its annoying why cant it just be $99 or $199 down no rebate im sure more ppl would have gotten phones.

    • Wala lang

      If they do this, a lot of people will buy the phone at a discount and then pay the ETF and sold the phone making money this way. Rebates prevent them from doing this at least they are hook to pay at least 2 months of service before they an make money.

  • Garrett

    No deals for people eligible for an upgrade?

    • Bill Smith

      No there just trying to reel in new suckers.

    • Ordeith

      No, see previous discussion on T-Mobile’s churn rate.
      Enter this as evidence.

  • Neribil

    Web-only discount part of $149.99 is only for new customers. So, if you are an existing T-Mobile customer, this Cyber Monday deal isn’t any cheaper than any other day.

    • Garrett

      So, it seems it would make more sense to let my contract expire (in January) and sign up for a new one to get the ‘new member’ discount?

      • rfgenerator

        I think you have to be away from T-Mobile for 90 days before they will treat you as a new customer… Now if you have a spouse who could sign up instead of you, that might work.

      • Ordeith

        Not if you have a great grandfathered plan. That would lose it.

  • All I here is how T-Mobile is moving away from classic plans and how they are doing away with them. Now they are running Classic only deals? Either people are spreading wrong news or T-Mobile doesn’t know what they are doing.

  • I saw that HTC 8X in person and I love the design and feel. If Windows had a more developed platform or more apps, I may have picked it up.

    • Ordeith

      The apps are coming.
      But I would be intersted in seeing some elaboration on “more developed platform” the platform is pretty well developed.

  • Bill Smith

    And once again T-Mobile tells there existing customers to shove it.

    • AndroidProfit

      Not really if you need to add a line.

  • Splaktar

    What a waste of time.

  • thepanttherlady

    If the company I work for treated their long standing customers the way T-Mobile treats theirs, we’d be out of business. :/

    • AndroidProfit

      Ya because THE LOWEST PRICED national carrier somehow owes you EVEN MORE since your a long time customer. This red herring needs to end.

      • thepanttherlady


        Don’t misunderstand my posting as a typical temper tantrum throwing customer because I’m not getting what I want, when I want it. There is a reason I moved my 3 lines from Classic to Value and have no intention on leaving.

        What I don’t agree with; however, is the way T-Mobile is treating their long standing customers. Period. Because they are “THE LOWEST PRICED” national carrier shouldn’t give them the right to their nonchalant attitude they continue to display. They aren’t bleeding customers purely for lack of carrying the iPhone. The sooner they realize this and take action, the better off they’ll be. ;)

        • AndroidProfit

          Based on this forum I can only imagine the huge numbers of calls and wasted time dealing with a holes who think they are OWED something.

          That’s rich,.. someone who can’t spell their own handle name correctly correcting my misuse of your.

          I realize you take your mod duties seriously but only. 0000001% of humanity cares that one misuses your.

        • thepanttherlady

          And for every “a hole” that thinks they’re “OWED” something, are several more customers getting treated like crap and eventually leave. See previous post regarding customer bleed.

          I know panther is spelled with one ‘t’. I choose to spell mine with two and have for many years. It’s obvious you have an issue with me but I’m not going anywhere so just keep your posts on topic instead of continually trying to be a cyber bully.

        • AndroidProfit

          LOL cyber bully that’s rich.

        • No, she’s pretty much right on topic.

        • AndroidProfit

          I am sorry that differing opinions makes you cry.

        • Seems like anyone who does anything you don’t like makes you troll like a wannabe badass.

        • AndroidProfit

          This coming from the guy who knows that whenever he posts about Apple brings out the trolls to cry about Apple. These and the posters complaining about Tmobile owing them something makes up at least 80% of your posters.

        • I don’t care about all of that so long as people participate and I post about Apple news as it relates to T-Mobile because this is a T-Mobile news site.

        • why is it important that readers have to care about what you care about?

        • dude i completely get where you’re coming from, but its 2 mods versus one casual commenter…that explains it all…

        • With all due respect, Robert fully admits to trolling, there’s no hidden secret to his methods. I’ve banned him numerous times and eventually lift it or he works his away around it. There’s no “ganging up” here, but for someone who points fingers at everyone else while ignoring he’s part of the problem draws our ire.

        • No, she’s pretty much off on topic….see how that works? its called an opinion

        • sorry we all cant live in a socialist society…this is capitalism afterall

    • bleeew

      Try getting a subsidized upgrade from Verizon on Unlimited data. Thats what i have to go through.

  • TiredOfPeople

    I love how everyone says “no deals for existing customers?” Two weekends ago you could have picked up any Samsung phone with the exception of the Note II free after mail in rebate. Oh yeah, if you’re not eligible for an upgrade why should they give you deal? Think people.

    • That free after rebate leaves a sour taste in customers mouths. You should see how many rebates are denied even though the rebate is valid. Also numerous customers stated they couldn’t log into the system to upgrade during that sale. Some even went to the store and were told only new customers could get phones.

      • TiredOfPeople

        I have always received all my MIR from TMO and other companies. People think they can scam the rebate system by changing required parts to the rebate (i.e. Data or Voice requirements). Second, T-Mobile said they took down their online systems due to it slowing down in store systems on that promo days. They promo was for New and ELIGIBLE upgrade customers. I had no issues upgrading to the S III in store. Don’t give me this I don’t live close to a TMO store crap, those are the same people that complain about 3G/4G service not available in their area. You could also call customer care to upgrade. Why would you upgrade if the service is horrible? People just want to bitch about everything even if you give it to them on a silver platter. Keep your excuses for the judge.

        • No excuses, I’ve been a customer since 2001. Where was it said that my service was horrible? I didn’t upgrade during those sales.Had my GS III, since it was out. Just because you haven’t had problems with MIR, doesn’t mean others haven’t. I have a grandfathered data plan and t-mobile’s own system kept denying my rebate. My plan was unlimited data, always has been. So anywho.

    • Aaron Tant

      Don’t forget the running sale in the stores until Dec 20th for Samsung phones. The Note II is still $100 off after rebate and doesn’t require unlimited voice like the deal 2 weekends ago.

  • Will

    I was pissed about not being able to take advantage of the two day sale they had on the Galaxy S3s because they wanted me to switch my plans. I even talked with Customer Loyalty a few times during the two day event. They offered me not deals unless I changed my plan. I called back the Sunday after the event and got two Galaxy S3s for free (kind of) last Sunday through customer loyalty. They gave me the phones for $200 and billed it to my account and will automatically credit my account the next billing cycle. I didn’t have to change my plan at all and kept my FAVs.

    • TSOfan

      Were you still under contract at the time?

      • Will

        No, my contact was had just expired.

    • Bob

      Oh really? So that means no out of pocket money from you and you didn’t have to change anything on your plan? I have been with them since Voicestream and that’s how I got my G2’s. I would love to be able to do something like you did.

      • Will

        Yes that is right, no out of pocket money, and I didn’t have to change a thing.

  • kev2684

    They keep pushing people to Value Plans but they keep doing specials on Classic Plans only. make up your mind! ridiculous.

    • GwapoAko

      That’s right they should give us (Value Plan Customers) some discounts on the Phones :0)

      Thinking of getting a Note 2 or Lumia 920 (unlocked – Rogers for $698 from Negri Electronics) hmmm :)

  • xxGBHxx

    I’m guessing no one took advantage of Best Buys $49.99 Galaxy S3 this past weekend? I did, but was wondering if anyone else did.

    • Hesiquio

      I got a GS3 at Wal-Mart for 129 and received a $100 gift card on the spot. Better than what loyalty department was offering me (an S3 for 279).

      • Bill Smith

        I know what you mean, even the person in the loyalty dept told me to go to Walmart or Wirefly. Strange company T-Mobile.

    • sigewulf

      I got their free Samsung Galaxy Note deal on Sunday. I can live with the S3 processor as I use my phone as an Ebook reader more than anything else. I was tempted to get the S3 though and seeing as it’s sold out, a lot of people went for it. No mail rebate hassle makes it so much easier.

  • chev

    I just got off phone with loyalty department. they tried top change my contract from grandfathered to value. I said no. they ended up giving me the upgrade and gave me the Note II for $269+tax. is it a good deal or should I cancel?

    • thepanttherlady

      If you got to keep your original plan I’d say it was a good deal.

      • chev

        Yes…I was able to keep my original plan……its tempting to switch……I have a family 700 shared my fav plan…….haven’t gone over the 700 mark yet :)……they were giving me the value 1000 shared…..but im afraid of going over the limit if I switch……..Ive been with Tmobile for over 10yrs and kinda plan on sticking with them for alittle longer if good deals come through…….this a first one for me paying more than $200 for a phone………wife better start treating me like a king a least for a day…..this is one expensive x-mas present….

  • $200 with $100 back for the note 2 is le steal

  • tried getting a micro sim so I can wifi call again and not have to do keep cutting sims, but it went out of stock, spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone going from wait lines and departments only to be told they couldn’t place an order and send it to me when in stock…so I went online and bam there it was again. Free overnight shipping guys, never a mad idea to keep an extra sim around when its totally free.

  • Gallon of Milk a Day

    Phew, day is finally over. MAD hold times in primary departments and issues with webiste not allowing many customers to take advantage of deals…

  • ecma

    I think I got a pretty good deal on Galaxy Note 2 today from T-Mobile. I called T-Mobile CS this afternoon and asked if there is any deal on Note 2. The CS Rep offered me the phone at $276.99 + taxwith $50 MIR & $50 1 time credit to my bill. The net cost is $176.99 + $61.25 (tax) on the phone itself. I ended up purchased 2 Note 2.

    My current plan is $73 + tax and fee without data plan. I am able to get the $59.99 family 1K minute plan + $20 data plan @. So the monthly bill is $100 + tax & fee. The the CS rep. said T-Mobile will take $10 off each month for the new contract for being a loyal customer (4 yr). Then I am also entitle for corporate discount of extra $15% on monthly billing.

    In fact, I called T-Mobile on Wednesday and the best deal on Note 2 was $300+tax so I wait. Then when I called today, I got a pretty good deal.