T-Mobile Launches Ceramic Black HTC One S, Offers Web-Only Special

Ever since we first saw the existence of a T-Mobile branded HTC One S, we’ve hoped Magenta would release it to all the world. Today, we get our wish as smartphone is now for sale through T-Mobile.com and customer care. T-Mobile’s even holding a limited time offer for the Ceramic Black edition through their website: free after mail-in rebate with a new, two-year contract. No word on upgrade pricing.

Quick spec recap:

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean upgrade is coming
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 8 megapixel rear camera, 1080p video recording
  • 4.3? qHD AMOLED 960×540 display
  • 16GB internal memory

Hit the T-Mobile link below to grab this long-awaited Ceramic Black edition of the One S.


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  • Whyrd

    Does this version have the same problem with the ceramic cover chipping off as the international htc one s had?

  • HTCJunkie

    Total waste of an upgrade. No way would I want to be attatched to those specs for 2 more years.

    • Singleweird

      free is a nice price

  • jonkoz311

    I wanted this exact phone 5 months ago when the blue one came out. Still haven’t upgraded my phone yet…is it THAT outdated now? I’m liking FREE right now.

  • those bastards they waited 8 months to release this to their costumers! I waited until june to buy a One S in hopes the Ceramic one would be launched a few days or weeks after the Grey one.

    • Singleweird

      its a different material than the original one s?

  • fort

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 7 years now. I’m getting sick having to buy a phone from somewhere else.

    • Singleweird

      what’re you buying?

  • JB45

    should have been the one x+

  • impasse

    showing as full upgrade for the same price as the current one, $149.99. same as the gs2 sigh. they even still have the g2x back from the dead for $119.99, and the g2 for $79.99!

    why is calling retentions the ONLY way to get a reasonable price on an upgrade?

    • NardVa

      T-mobile ignores it’s loyal customers again.

  • Todor Iliev

    Just an updated info the NOTE 2 is 699 on value plan 299 down payment, well i am happy i was almost ready to get this phone on 650 but now this is going to keep me not getting it and wait for the next new htc on t mobile(hope it will be similar to verizon`s dna)

    • thepanttherlady

      Prices constantly fluctuate on T-Mobile’s phones. Next week it may go down and another phone’s price will go up. With Black Friday around the corner, you may find some good deals if you’re willing to be patient. :)

      • Todor Iliev

        i guess i can wait ,although i doubted there is gonna be deals for eip plans, for nexus 4 i really wanted to get lte phone,so i hope on the next batch of t mobile phones maybe in january…

        • thepanttherlady

          The things that would change would be: full value price of the phone as we’re seeing now. The Note 2 was $649.99 now it’s $699.99. That price could come down which would directly affect EIP. Also, Magenta day deals. They had one not that long ago for “zero” down (of course you have to put something down then recoup it via a MIR) thus making the full retail value of the phone less outside of the sale.

          As for the Nexus 4, if you can afford to buy straight from Google’s Play Store, that’s the best route to go and save your EIP for a more expensive phone. :)

    • The Note is $249 here at the stores where I am, in value plan.

      • thepanttherlady

        Online it’s $699.99, up $50 which means the down payment will also go up $50.

        Now, can the stores have a lower price than online? I’ve seen it the other way around but never where the stores offered a device for less.

        • Yep, I just got another one 2 days ago, and it was only $249 down, very nice price. The first one I got it on a classic plan and it was $420

        • brubawil87

          No, here’s the story . What happened is a new rebate program on value. Classic/legacy prices remain same. New activations on value have MIR. Upgrades have instant rebate if prime credit. Lesser credit classes have 12 months then $50 credit to phone balance automatic. So, this gives an existing customer with prime credit a “better than new” pricing in the store. While those with lesser credit have to wait 12 months to get that $50 back which then is applied to the Phone’s unpaid balance.

        • thepanttherlady

          Huht? The full retail value of the Note 2 has gone up $50 (online), to $699.99 versus the $649.99 it launched at. If you go to T-Mobile’s website you will see this without ever logging in, therefore, this is not a Classic vs. Value plan thing.

          Value plans do not get MIR (unless it’s a Magenta Days deal) as we pay full retail value of the phone. Value plans also don’t get “upgrades”. You can get as many phonesIf a customer is charged $50 based on their credit, and said $50 is returned to them after 12 months that is called a deposit. Said deposit is on the line, not the phone.

          Additionally, a deposit is returned a couple of ways: via refund (check or EFT/ACH into customer’s bank account) or applied to the customer’s account.

        • brubawil87

          Apparently you just don’t know all the details. As a rep. I do. So effective today are the changes I stated above. And yes the $50 dollar credit after 12 months will be applied to that lines unpaid phone balance. So yes effectively most prices on most phones have gone up $50 paid in full or not. but the “upgrades” on value get their money back in a different way than. New AAL’s or New customers in general. Visit a store. Prove me wrong ;-)

        • thepanttherlady

          Thank you for reminding me that I need to call and yell at some poor soul in the Philippines regarding my bill. :/

        • He’s right, though I’m hesitant to post about this and make a big deal about T-Mobile’s credit classifications.

        • marbo100

          Why would I want to pay an extra $50 as a deposit on my line? Is T-mobile just looking for new ways to alienate their long standing customers?

        • psaux

          Does the extra $50 also apply to full-invoice purchases? If so that’s a move that may cause people to be far more inclined to go get an N4 from the Play store, or other compatible phone from a third party.

          (Viva la Even More Plus!!!!)

        • The One S is also up at $549.99 again. Just 2 days ago it was $499.99 wth is going on?

    • bleeew

      Doubt it. Verizon made exlusive deals for the DNA. Pattern? Everytime a carrier gets a high-end HTC phone, a few months later a nearly identical device goes to VZW, and then the TWO series will come out and make the DNA obsolete. Look at the Rezound, when HTC gave AT&T the Titan, and Sprint the EVO 3D and T-Mobile the Sense 3.0 phone, and The high build quality aluminum phone. Then VZW got a Rezound, and becomes obsolete when ONE came out, while the others get a longer shelf life. Also look at the EVO, and then the T-Bolt.

  • Hmm. I don’t know about you, but I would never switch devices for a color. Much less a dated one, just saying. Still, it’s a sweet phone.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Buying a nexus 4 on launch day…much better deal!

    • Chris

      thats nice. No one cares

      • Jeff Martinez

        It is nice , I don’t care if anyone cares or not you pitiful looking doush.

        • Chris

          Truth hurts sometimes kid

        • DrScope

          I care. You mad Bro?

        • thepanttherlady

          Enough. Back on topic.

  • Aurizen

    I hope the upgrade price is free

  • Singleweird

    that thing is sweet.

  • Metal maniac

    NEWS FLASH, FOR ANYONE PLANNING TO BUY THIS PHONE WITH A CURRENT VALUE PLAN. In addition to this color only having online availability, Any current value plan member WILL NOT be able to use there EIP to buy this phone and that’s just ridiculous!! While I do love the overall monthly savings….THE CONSTANT changing of retail prices and device exclusions need to end. If I’m buying the device at full price, I should be able to buy any phone t mobile has in stock.

  • Noel

    I really hope HTC makes a variant of the J Butterfly/DLX/DNA to work on Tmo HSPA+ 42 with latent LTE radios. I keep asking this Question…Does HTC make these flagship devices like the One X+ and now HTC DNA/DLX to really sell them to the masses or just to let them languish on one carrier? Do they really know why their revenue has been taking a nose dive lately? If lay ppl like us could see where the problem lies, how come they can’t? They make fantastic devices but figure a way to handcuff it to one carrier or leave out a few crucial specs that the masses really want..making many to abstain from purchasing the device. On the other hand Sammy gives u every possible crucial spec and spread the love to all major carriers. The question i have for HTC a company i love is…why do they think Samsung is number one and making a boat load of $$$$$?

  • G1andonly

    This phone sucks ass, no extended memory, non removable battery. I passed on this and got myself the amaze instead just 2weeks ago. A much better phone with everything you could want with 32gb of memory thanks to a memory card slot.

  • Why does T-Mobile offer the ONE S for FREE to Classic Plan Customers, but no Discount at all to VALUE PLAN CUSTOMERS? I Guess they feel They’ve got you screwed and they know it!!~

  • Why doesn’t T-Mobile offer discounts on it’s phones to Value Plan Customers? Special prices and promotions to Classic Plan Customers … IE Free ONE S to Classic Plan, but VALUE PLAN… No Discount, we have to pay FULL RETAIL Price. Looks like they changed us to VALUE PLAN with the plan of treating us so bad we would leave them and go to another carrier.