T-Mobile Customers Get Ad-Free Exclusive Version Of Words With Friends For Windows Phone

Windows Phone users on T-Mobile have a little surprise in store as WPCentral reports that Words with Friends is being offered as an ad-free version exclusively to T-Mobile customers. According to the report, not only are T-Mobile customers getting access to the game earlier than anyone else, this version has no ads to bother you during gameplay.

We’ve reached out to T-Mobile to confirm the story, but it’s definitely a little bonus for Windows Phone users on T-Mobile. There’s no word on when the rest of the Windows Phone world be able to download Words with Friends, but we can’t imagine T-Mobile’s gameplay exclusive lasts for very long.

Grab the game from the link below using your Windows Phone directly as it won’t work using your desktop browser. Don’t wait too long, you never know when this special offer will end!


Words With Friends Link

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