Samsung Announces Five Million Galaxy Note II Units Have Shipped Worldwide

It seems like just yesterday that Samsung announced the Galaxy Note II had surpassed three million in sales as they highlight a new milestone. It took an extra three weeks, but Samsung has passed the five million mark for Galaxy Note II units shipped around the world. With a brand new ad, the holiday season and Samsung’s incredible momentum, we have no doubt that the five million number is just another checkmark on the Note II to-do list. It may not challenge the Galaxy S III for total sales worldwide, but locking down the number two spot is an awesome achievement for the 5.5″ smartphone/tablet combination.

Samsung Korea

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  • thepanttherlady

    Glad I could be a part of this! :)

    • Same here. Absolutely LOVE this phone even more than I loved my S3

  • ccnet005

    This so cool, just like being a part of the ‘KISS army”!!

  • John

    Unlocked T-Mobile iPhone all the way!

    • Whiskers

      Enjoy edge most of the time , once your 20 minutes outside any major city your lucky to get internet at all.

      • samsavoy

        More like 3 minutes

  • dkbnyc

    Loving this device!

  • Jack Lynch

    Did anyone get in on the Samasung deal two weeks ago? I ordered my note 2 and a gs3 for my wife as we were due for an upgrade…. We ordered on the 17th. The guy told me that the note 2 was in stock and that they had plenty, and that the gs3 was backordered but their stock would be replenished Monday so he expected hers to ship then too. Here it is now the 26th and both phones are STILL backordered. I’ve called twice and have been told it happens and I will just have to wait. Funny how Tmobile didn’t wait to charge me for the down payment, or to start my new contract. I was planning on downgrading my plan after the rebates hit, but now it looks like I will be paying the more expensive bill even longer, and I have no phone right now so tmobile is just raking in free money. Screwed again, yet they keep running sales on these phones everyday. Is anyone else having backorder issues????

    • Chris

      I went to a store and they have plenty of GS3s and Note 2. If you order through web, ask if you can just pick one up in store and then they don’t have to ship yours and your wife’s phone. If I’m in a hurry for a phone, I always go to the store.

      • Jack Lynch

        Thanks- I tried that but was told they can’t cancel the order now because it has already been placed and the upgrade has been burned. Just wish the rep had given me correct information. I would have never confirmed the order if I knew I was going to have to wait this long.

        • image29

          you should just keep on calling and check what’s going with your oder. Some reps are just bad when it comes to orders. When I place my order through retention for my note 2 and my wife’s S3 it took over 4 calls and 4 days before I got lucky with a CSR who finally push the order through and actually give me a call back when the order was ship and have a tracking number. The others CSR just told me to wait it out and it will be shipped within 24-48 hours which the order was never process. So keep on trying maybe you will get one that can push the order through

    • auser72

      I ordered my Note2 on the 11/19 and received it 11/21. And hadn’t put down yet.

      • dkbnyc

        Picked mine up on Friday, 11/23 and am presently buying 5 Hour Energy in 15 hour increments. No sleep.

    • I just ordered my Note II on Friday (Black Friday 11/23) and it will be here on Wednesday (11/28). This is with ground shipping mind you. I think something is up with your situation. You may want to be a bit more aggressive and tell them this doesn’t make sense. If I ordered on the 23 and will have mine the 28 before yours has even shipped that seems suspect. Only thing I could think of is that I went with Loyalty dept.

      • Jack Lynch

        I went with loyalty dept as well….

  • Not surprised. Our store can’t even keep these things in stock. They sell out shortly after we receive them.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Galaxy Note 1 for FREE on For New Users ONLY (Us Upgraders get the Shaft again).

  • pbxtech

    Contributed 2 and possibly another 3 on the next sale event – if theirs one.

    Hope Samsung would bring the dual sim version to US of A.

  • yozo

    Under settings / additional settings / auto redial. Anyone use that cool feature for dropped calls?

    Love my Note2 since day one of availability.

    • dkbnyc

      I’m not seeing “additional settings” in the settings menu.

      • yozo


        Go to
        phone/menu/call settings/additional settings/auto redial

  • GwapoAko

    Hey Tmobile!! Why don’t you give discounts on the MSRP so that Value Plan customers can celebrate for once? :0)

    Sent from my iPhone 4$ (with 3G on certain parts of Colorado Springs)

    • GwapoAko

      Oopps wrong post hehehe..This should in the other article

      • anon

        im pretty sure the Samsung sale right now in stores is exclusively for value customers…

    • dkbnyc

      They give us discounts every month.

  • Ant carter

    Got my wife’s gs3 from Walmart on Black Friday for 129 and got a free $100 Walmart gift card with the purchase. Picked up black ops 2 with the gift card. The offer ends on the 1st wonder if the note2 will be in stock by then.

  • bleeew

    Hopefully this device, and as well as others is lowering the churn.

  • tomnewtn

    Just ordered!

  • wanderson

    the best phone ever…made !

  • And watch the next Note 3 have a 1080p screen.

  • philly8

    to bad it doesnt support flash

  • AgDon

    The Best Phone now, I’m finding new stuff it can do every day.

  • Richard Yarrell

    What more can I say after 14 days of use…WOW…My tmobile Galaxy Note 2 gets 18plus hrs of battery life daily. That’s with heavy use and 7 to 9hrs of on screen time daily. I have never seen a device delivery this kind of daily battery life and overall performance it’s crazy amazing. I have been doing tests ever other day nothing beats this device on the market. I called it months ago and here it is the best ultimate productivity/all purpose device ever made. Tmobile is rocking…

  • Chris

    I have a great story guys, I had a gs3 about 3 weeks ago and loved it well i started having signal issues or what not and called to get it replaced. well after a week of trouble shooting i was promised a replacement and it was notated but they told me to call back in 24 hours if my phone still had issues.. I did call back to get my replacement and Tmobile jerked me around really bad and didnt want to help me even though it was clearly notated to relace my device.. To make a very long story short I got jerked around badly 3 different times in 1 week and because of all of that I now have a Note 2 that I paid 300.00 flat for and no bill for the next 2 months… :) F yea!