Samsung Galaxy Note II Sales Have Already Passed 3 Million Worldwide

We knew Samsung’s Galaxy Note II was going to be a hot seller, and we were right on as Samsung announces sales have already surpassed 3 million units. That puts the Galaxy Note II on a pace that has it selling at three times the original rate of its predecessor, a number which is likely to be helped even more as it rolls out on multiple carriers across the US over the next month.

The Note II may not match the sales numbers of its smaller Samsung counterpart, the Galaxy S III, but 3 million is nothing to be ashamed of. The Note II should easily defeat the 10 million mark for the original Galaxy Note and in less time too.

I’m finalizing my review of the Galaxy Note II later today with plans to post this weekend, but if you don’t want to take my word that this is a device worth grabbing at the first possible opportunity, listen to King James.

Engadget via Samsung Tomorrow

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  • Get_at_Me

    i passed on the S3 for this beast #bestdecisionever

    • Paul

      I did too, and I can say I made the right decision. This thing is a BEAST!

    • Richard Yarrell

      I applaud all my Tmobile friends who purchased the GalaxyNote 2. It is the ultimate overall entertainment device ever. Nothing will beat this device for the next 180 days. I will be purchasing the GalaxyNote 2 on November 15th for Tmobile. I am a current GalaxyS3 owner and will be selling the S3 can’t wait till November15th.

      • Ziggy123

        Why the note2 over the gs3?

        • Samuel Makun

          Because it is the big brother to GS3.Period.

  • Got it on Release date !!!!!!

  • schova

    When I originally switched up to the GS3 I was like this thing is kind of too big.. but like a month later I was like damn it I want the Note 2 now. haha

    • zacamandapio

      I’m on the same boat. I’ve had the note 2 since day 1 and to me it seems like a normal thing. Now, put it against another phone and it looks huge. (Previous GSIII owner).

  • wanderson

    The beast best phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM BRAZIL !

  • joe

    I’m waiting for a price drop or deal before I upgrade to it.

  • mikkej2k

    Will the dock accessory for the Note II work with the original Note ?

  • GeekNerdStuff

    Make that 3 million and ONE because I should be getting mine today. Lol ;)

  • Chimphappyhour

    Soon as I heard the latest Nexus wouldn’t have expandable storage past its tiny 16GB and verified the LTE radios were in the GNote2, that decision was sealed and TMo finally got me back on a contract. (And coincidentally, they’re saving me a lot of money over what I was paying before. Not a bad deal at all.)

  • MarcusDW

    I’m waiting for Black Friday sales to get mine since I can’t get it for $299 right now yet anyway.

    By the time Walmart carries it, ill probably have the leaked info on BF deals.

    • skywalkerjedi7210

      you can get it at Wirefly for $279.99

      • MarcusDW

        I don’t like their policies and don’t like the overseas aspect of the company so I’ve never used em.

        • skywalkerjedi7210

          can you expound on that so that i’m aware next time on who i am dealing with? bought S3 with them and had no problems.

        • guest

          I also bought my Note 2 from wirefly and had no problems with my order or my plan. Infact i will only purchase my phones from wirefly from now on. Fast shipping, cheap prices on phones, and excellent customer service! I even called Tmobile CSR right after i placed my order just to double check and make sure everything was correct and it was. U cant beat purchasing a Note 2 for $265 including taxes the day it was released for Tmobile!

        • Bds

          Wirefly is in Reston, VA, right in the Washington D.C. Metro. And they are selling the same Note 2 from Korean based Samsung?

        • MarcusDW

          Their call center is in India.

          Who is questioning the authenticity of the device that they are selling. I’m not.

      • not only that, WireFly forces you to chose a default data plan. I have been on a grandfathered $20 a month unlimited 4G with no caps + tethering plan for ever, and tmoble was nice enough to let me keep it, but WireFly refuses to let me purchase the device with out downgrading to 2GB a month -_-

        • paul2834

          ^I had the same problem. I had a grandfathered data plan and wirefly was making me buy one of their data plans. The above site worked without having to change any of my plans and there’s a 25% off promotion on the front page. My phone shipped today and it should arrive on Wednesday. I’m really excited!

    • Dakota

      Thats smart…Buying from Tmobile at the launch always is a bad financial choice. Whether its a retail store like Walmart or third party sites like Amazon or Wirefly, you will always find better prices…And Tmobile always does sales – whether its a big holiday sale or theyre regular online promotions. ( I still dont get why they have these great deals online and yet they keep them secret from current/future customers). Last month they had a weeklong website promotion where they offered the SG3 for FREE with a 2 year contract. Imagine how many they might have sold and how many new customers they might have gotten if they actually promoted that. Even if they dont want to buy ads, then at least text your existing customers or those that are due for an upgrade. I just never get their marketing choices and especially their continuous clinging to Carly and the motorcycle which seems to be very ineffective. I wonder if they did a survey, how many people were even aware that they now h ad unlimited data – for real. People on this and other blogs are the minority. Ive casually spoken to various people and not a single person was aware of it. They need tocreate better advertising which really emphasizes it, demonstrates the savings and the advantages. Having a girl on a motorcycle riding through TV monitors does not do that in any way. Esp since Tmobile has always throttled and most still think Sprint is the only one that provides truly unlimited. They have a great differentiator and yet arent taking advantage of it like they should.

  • ccnet005

    I love this phone and so does anyone who sees me using it.
    Believe it or not, I get stopped when I’m using it and have to answer questions and give a little demo.
    Can’t wait for the docking station!!

    • achusaysblessyou

      Me too :p… at least once or twice a day

    • Dave Martiuk

      I’ve been having to do that with my note, since day one. I have a feeling it will continue.

  • kev2684

    day 1 purchase for me. best purchase ever!

  • thepanttherlady

    Why oh why are those beautiful phones on the ground? *sad*

    • ccnet005

      Looking cool in front of Barnes & Noble or something like that.

      • thepanttherlady

        LOL Would look way cooler in my hand!

  • achusaysblessyou

    Release day purchase for me :p

  • jb45

    Tried getting mine through customer service last night and they wouldnt help on the price…even though I’m due for my upgrade Dec 1

    • DUDE

      then ask again on Dec 1st … you’re an entire month too early

  • Impressed

    Purchased mine and absolute adore this thing…Trifecta here, gNote2/iPad4/15″Retina MacBook Pro…My tech life is great. My wife wants the gNote2 as well

  • bryck

    Amazing phone. love it.Glad I passed on th Internet GS3. know just waiting for 4g LTE.

  • Currently using the SGS3, love it, my new beast, Note 2, is on it’s way. They will make a great tag team. Thank You T-Mobile and Samsung, What a Great Team

    • 21stNow

      Get the Note 10.1 for your tag team, too. The writing is superb on the Note 10.1.

  • Ktwist

    For my fellow tmobile customers, buying this phone on the value plan is your best and cheapest option.

    Value plan: $249 and 97.99 monthly for single line unlimited everything. After 20 months your plan drops to 77.99 and this includes insurance.

    Classic plan: $419 upfront w/$50 rebate and 97.99 for single line unlimited everything and insurance. Plan will always stay at that price.

    Both are two year contracts and the value plan gives you the option to pay off the phone early too. Current classic or grandfathered customer can only switch for free to value if your out of contract or 18+ months since your last upgrade. Hope this helps.

  • Motoki_Mo

    I bought the note 2 on release day and love this phone. I can honestly say I think it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned thus far. After using it for a while I feel like the size is just right for me. In fact now every other phone seems way too small when I look at them.
    It’s not cheap but I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone.

  • James

    So it took the iPhone about 30 hours to reach the same amount.

    • mikkej2k

      When you only have one phone for that particular OS , that’s what you get.
      If Android only offered one high-end phone I’m sure you would see similar results.

      • jim

        The iphone and the note 2 and not even in the same stratosphere

        • Jimboslice

          Agree. Quality vs…whatever crap google sells.

        • Tbyrne

          It’s nice that you can agree with yourself jim, jimboslice or whatever you go by.

    • the2000guy

      There is someone who mess up everything, Please next time type something constructive dude. This phone is really way toooo low after 2007. The same thing in a different aluminum case.

  • john

    get the galaxy NOTE 3, go to korea

  • Zach Mauch

    Glad to hear the review is coming. I was going to ask about it till I hit that part of the post. Engadget and android central reviews are nice, but it is also nice to read it from a T-Mobile perspective.

    FYI, a data speed comparison to other phones would be great.

    • pbxtech

      Using Speed Test app from the Play Store gets me 18Mb (down) and as high as 3Mb (up).

      After side-loading Adobe Flash, installing Mozilla Firefox from the Play Store, and using, I get 24-26Mb(down) and 4Mb (up) – early morning testing though.

      My daughters SGS3 gets about 20-22 download speed but using the Speed Test app from Play Store.

      Another thing to note also is that from my location on 2-level house, on the second floor, T-Mobile’s antenna is right 2 blocks away from me.

      • Zach Mauch

        Dang! Where do you live with those speeds? that’s amazing. I’m running a Gnex that is admittedly only 21+, but I only get 10-12 on a good day.

        • pbxtech

          NYC suburbs, Bergen County, NJ.

  • Josue

    i wanna sell my s3 lol

  • Its because LeBron is in that commercial, thats why the Note 2 is only 3 million and not 20million.

  • They should have a sale around the holidays, they will really rack up like the S3. Good news.


    That commercial makes LeBron seem like a massive narcissist, despite the cool phone.

  • theRED_1

    I got the Note 2 on Tuesday. Tuesday night it slipped out of my hand from my back pocket on the way to bed and…the inside screen shattered! No more working Note 2! Samsung nor T-mobile will take care of me due to physical damage! Lesson treat your Note as if it was a baby!

    • ccnet005

      Tragedy of major proportions!!
      Was it an actual surface impact to the screen or did the shock from the drop cause the
      screen to shatter?
      I actually dropped mine face down onto a concrete surface with no damage yesterday.
      It scared me to death.
      But when I picked it up and turned it over it was in perfect shape.
      I printed out the 30% off coupon and I’m headed to Tmo later today for one of those
      Note 2 covers.

      • theRED_1

        It looked like it fell flat but upon close inspection it looks like it hit on the upper right of the screen about 1/4 of an inch down. What seems strange is the same impact happened on the lower right hand side about a 1/4 of an inch up! The phone fell onto tile floor about 3 feet up. About the cover, I have a One S and it fell from my couch to the floor even closer than the Note 2 and it cracked the outside glass top middle to right middle! Still works perfectly though!

      • theRED_1

        Oh…The One S had the OEM thin cover from HTC on at the time of fall.

  • Dakota

    One of the problems with Android contracts is that a month or two later theres a latest and greatest thing, and most people, cant afford to buy a new phone outright or break their contract. Thats one reason so many people are still on Gingerbread…When they signed their 2 year contracts, it was the latest and greatest and many still havent been able to get any upgrade…Now many casual users dont care; they dont even know there are new versions and as long as their phone does what they want it to do, theyre fine. More educated customers are probably mad. New phones are still launching with 2.3 and some with 4.0 and few with JB…Who knows how quickly there will be KeyLimePie or something coming up. Say what you will about iPhones and yes theres a new one released every year…I realize its just one phone so there arent new, improved phones every couple of months…But at least when a new iOS version, it usually works not only on the new phone, but on 2-3 or more of the older versions. And the updates happen quickly. So even if they are out of contract, they can go prepaid and find cheaper plans. Android just makes people frustrated…Just think what Android version might be in place in late 2014. and how long the carriers will take to push upgrades to your phone (unless you have a Nexus)

  • scase66

    Anybody know where I can download the user manual for the T-Mobile Note 2?

  • I got mine for cheap with this link – i got mine for 269 shipped.. best buy mobile has it for 329.99 and with 25% off code “ebsave25” hope this helps you guys

  • KOD


  • KOD


  • Aman Singh

    This is the crazy device of the years 2012 I love my Samsung galaxy note ll I get the day come at tmobile store for 379 + 18 upgrade my line + tax come up to 432 or some some. Crazy note ll

  • Unknown

    I am fairly new to Android phone and I really want to get a Note II. Just wondering if 16GB internal memory is enough. I understand you can always plug in a SD card for your music, movies….etc. Regarding apps….will there be enough room left on the phone for apps. How much does the phone itself takes for space and how much do majority of Android apps eat up on memory ?