Samsung Galaxy Note II Sales Have Already Passed 3 Million Worldwide

We knew Samsung’s Galaxy Note II was going to be a hot seller, and we were right on as Samsung announces sales have already surpassed 3 million units. That puts the Galaxy Note II on a pace that has it selling at three times the original rate of its predecessor, a number which is likely to be helped even more as it rolls out on multiple carriers across the US over the next month.

The Note II may not match the sales numbers of its smaller Samsung counterpart, the Galaxy S III, but 3 million is nothing to be ashamed of. The Note II should easily defeat the 10 million mark for the original Galaxy Note and in less time too.

I’m finalizing my review of the Galaxy Note II later today with plans to post this weekend, but if you don’t want to take my word that this is a device worth grabbing at the first possible opportunity, listen to King James.

Engadget via Samsung Tomorrow

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