Samsung Teases Galaxy Note II Event, Expects Huge Sales

Samsung just sent out a “Save the Date” for October 24th, teasing the “Next Big Thing” with an S Pen front and center. Without any additional details, we’re left to guess what this could be, but we really can’t imagine it being anything other than the Galaxy Note II. Our money is on a US focused Galaxy Note II special event launch and hopefully we’ll get some concrete dates and pricing details this evening as well.

On a separate but related note which I was typing up just as this invitation hit my inbox, Samsung isn’t wasting any time setting expectations for the Galaxy Note II thanks to a new Bloomberg report. Samsung’s Mobile head JK Shin expects the device to sell three times faster than its predecessor. The Note II will go on in sale 128 markets and 260 operators, including T-Mobile and four other US carriers. With the first generation Galaxy Note selling 1 million units shortly after introduction and going on to hit 10 million units in August of this year, Samsung has high expectations the Note successor will far outpace those sales numbers.

With an announcement coming in late October and a launch coming shortly afterwards, are you ready to make the Galaxy Note II the top “want” on your holiday shopping list?

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  • Dan Rubin

    FIRST COMMENT and soon first person in line at T-Mobile to buy this new phone.

    • predation

      i would have been the first comment, but needs to be approved by david apparently.

      • hitman69

        I was actually first!!!! I said, “Ready!!!! Just bring it!”

  • predation

    hurry the F*CK up samsung.tmobile.. lol

  • Hitman69

    Ready!!!!! Just bring it.

  • JB

    I’ve got money in hand, ready for Samsung and T-Mobile to take it! :-)

    • Justin

      Me too…

    • JB

      Dude don’t hijack my comment with your ignorance…

      • Josue

        you should the ignorant comment he replied me with….but im not lowering my self to a 10 year old who lives with his parents

        • Craig Hansen

          What 10-year-olds don’t live with their parents (or other guardians)? LOL

  • ben

    We will all get that phablet. Can’t wait. I have been so excited since day one.

    • note_lover

      Same here! I’ve been waiting since day one and I will have it on day one!

  • skymitch89

    I think that if it does come with the same specs as the international, I might try to get the money to upgrade early and buy the phone.

  • mbcls

    so that means we wont get it before this date?

    • SDJB

      I know… I was thinking the same. WTF.

    • No early reports state it won’t be out until late November

  • Paul

    I already have the cash in the bank, just have to not spend it on other crap.

  • When the Note 1 came out I was like damn thats big. Now that I have been using the GSIII I am like damn I want the Note II! :)

  • rocdizzle

    I’ve been waiting for this device for months already. Hurry up!

  • paying off my credit card just to get this phone!!!

    • Josue

      I’m not gonna eat till the phone is out lol

      • Gouv

        HAHA that’s funny!!! but probably true :-(

      • Josue

        im a vegan…

    • hitman69

      And you might have to do a little street walking on the side.

  • TATAYmo

    Haha. I just got a gs3 from magenta deal extending for 3 years on value plan.. I should just return the damn thing huh??? . Will returning it make me disqualified? Hopefully not because Im expecting them to reset my EIP.

    • TATAYmo

      I meant 2.. it’s a typo.

      • YOpops

        i havent even received the phone. Not til oct 2. i opted for ground shipping instead of store pick up.. i have 30 days to return it in california. The only problem i have is when i had an EIP that i had to return before. I can only upgrade though customer care since stores are showing me ineligible for some technical reason.

    • GwapoAKo

      Hindi siguro :0)

    • Will cost you $50 to return. Better off selling it on Ebay. Once you file a rebate form you can’t submit another for a long time – I think a 20 months.

  • SDJB

    This is Torture man… this means another month waiting as they are not releasing anything before.

  • Josue

    I wants NAOW!!!! lol

  • I use to want this phone but now all i want is a nexus. It will have jellybean for a month then be outdated for another 3-6 months. By the time samsung or any oem updates it. Android will already have another update. After that good luck getting any updates. I don’t care if the nexus has the worst camera sensor and 1 mp camera. I will not be buying anything except for nexus devices.

    • shack180

      I understand what you
      Are saying . But I remember when u bought a phone and didn’t expect a update time’s sure have changed . But I feel you .

    • I was a Nexus One owner and I did love getting the updated right away. But like the iPhone OS, I got bored. And with the N1’s not so high hardware at that time, it caught up when I couldn’t install apps anymore coz I’m always running out of space. Plus the awful camera, etc., etc.
      Then I learned, at some point I will root and install my N1 a new ROM, especially when Google stop updating after Gingerbread. ROMs out there are awesome, but with mediocre hardware, I couldn’t enjoy much of it.
      So now, unless you’re NOT a geek (and I emphasized that), get the best and greatest hardware on that time, because sooner or later you will get to taste the new Android OS from the ROMs out there by rooting your phone.
      Another pointer, and this is for everybody. Enjoy what you have, and not what you will get. (Android version-ly speaking)

    • theking_13

      Remember this then.

      Hardware can not be improved. Software however, always can.

  • 21stNow

    OK Samsung, you’ve got around 20 customers so far just in this thread. You can make us feel special by giving us preview copies to build word on the street!

  • B-Mobile

    i was interested in going through the motions: selling my SGIII on eBay, buying the Note II for the retail price. But i like my SGIII alot, and the Note II isn’t future proofed with LTE-A bands. The Note II does have a HD Super AMOLED Plus (non pentile) screen though
    for though buying it im sure you will enjoy it – my 2 cents

  • mreveryphone

    Those new s pen functions look pretty nice and real world usable. Looks like I’ll be samsunged again!

  • Zebulon Dak

    This is the one. I’ve waited 2 years for this.

  • Bring it on!!!

  • g2a5b0e

    October 24th is the day my full upgrade is ready. How fitting. The only thing that could have made it more perfect is if that was the actual release date.

  • ccnet005

    Hey TMO! Get this one out as quick as you did the SG3!
    Heck, why not try a midnight release, on Oct 24?!?

    • paolo99

      that would be nice but as an employee i dont want to be there at midnight :p

  • get off my banana

    i cant wait until this phone drop by then i can upgrade.

  • Justin

    Well im past due for a upgrade im gonna wait til this phone comes out.

  • Anyone who lives in ny looking to get this but is not eligible for an upgrade, come talk to me

    • jeremy

      in what way can u help us?

  • bryck

    I really hope this comes out by November because i need to replace my vibrant lol.

  • Ok I am ready to buy.

  • Gouv

    I just hope its not more expensive than the AT&T and VZW variants .

    • 21stNow

      I agree. T-Mobile, can you hear us?

    • hitman69

      who cares I’m buying it anyway .

  • masguapoako

    this or lumia 920?

    • nycplayboy78

      Ummm a no brainer buddy….GALAXY NOTE II :)

  • I have an international Note, but don’t use it as my main phone because TMO don’t have their refarmed 1900MHz HSPA+ going in my area yet (Chicago suburbs). Sure wish they’d get a move on, because I absolutely LOVE the Note. I’m VERY tempted by the Note II, and will likely get a TMO one if they don’t get a move on with the refarming in my area. If the refarming is done soon though, I’d like to see how my original Note does first, when it gets its JB update (which should be reasonably quick given it’s a carrier-free model).

  • yvrcouve

    I’m In Hong Kong until November 7th and the International Note 2 releases today for $700USD. Do I buy today and bring home or wait until I see Tmo pricing?

    Any thoughts guys and girls?

    • GwapoAko

      Just wait. The Note 2 international has no AWS 1700/2100 I believe

      • nycplayboy78

        Exactly and that means you can’t get onto T-Mo’s 4G Network….

  • steez12


  • Man, my GNote’s time is getting obsolete fast. Luckily, I git this damn thing really cheap.

  • steez12

    Retail price $800 lol

  • bobblehead


  • judok

    “after introduction and going on to hit 10 million units in August of this year”, bbuuuuuaaaaaaa iphone 5 reached 5 million in last weekend!!!

    • kahlayoh

      I doubt 5 million recieved there phones…especially with that riot in the factory…

      • note_lover

        I heard there were “A LOT” of returned iPhones :(

  • no2apple

    I think this is the new HD tablet from samsung. Not note II….

  • AM3RIG

    it’s James Bond’s pen

  • Richard Yarrell

    I predict 350.00 on contract for Tmobile. It will be a day one purchasefor me that’s for sure. Having both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 will be the best of both worlds..

  • Craig Hansen

    Absolutely my top want when my upgrade eligibility comes up in November. I was going to get the SIII, like my life, but now? Nah, I’ll wait for the Note II. Hopefully, Wal-Mart will sell it at a better discount than T-Mo, just like they did with the SIII.

  • BuddyLuv

    Hey Samsung! We don’t want another event that attendance is only by invite. We want you to release the dam thing already.

  • nycplayboy78

    AT LAST!!!!! YES!!!! I am getting mine on T-Mobile….ON DAY 1….

  • CDavisUnlimited

    The general release for the Note 2 (including in the UK) is tomorrow. It seems very strange to me that Samsung would hold a press event in the US for a phone almost a full month after it’s been on the market everywhere else.