HTC One X+ Makes Cameo Appearance In UK Brochure

There isn’t much to go on here and while the image itself isn’t particularly relevant to T-Mobile, we’re still interested in HTC One X+ news because the chance remains super smartphone could still wind up on Magenta store shelves. What’s more, it’s  a chance to put yesterdays image side-by-side with this new image of the One X+ to see how they compare. Th image itself comes courtesy of GSMArena and a leaked brochure from English carrier O2, which is both awesome and unfortunate because we’re definitely looking for more details on potential US launches.

Oh please T-Mobile, let this come.


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  • Freddie Lopez

    But how much RAM will it have? Not sure if I should get the Note 2 when it releases or wait for this.

    • it’s rumored its still 1GB RAM but we’ll see if that’s correct. I really think they should bump it up a bit so it can have non-gimped Multitasking.

      • Freddie Lopez

        I’m wondering if it’s better though. I herd they said it will have Tegra 3 CPU. Would that beat Samsung’s Note 2? I just might go for Note 2 only for the pen and I trust Samsung devices.

  • kitpogi

    HTC should start coming on board with 2GB RAM on their devices….I hate these random screen refresh. Still love my HOX …can’t wait for LA’s turn for refarming.

  • kitpogi

    HTC should start coming on board with 2GB RAM on their devices….I hate these random screen refresh. Still love my HOX …can’t wait for LA’s turn for refarming.

  • UMA_Fan

    I hope it looks more square-ish like in that ad versus just an enlarged One S.

  • HalfwayCrook

    64 Gigs internal??? I’m very interested

  • Get_at_Me

    There isnt anything scheduled to launch in october is there?

    • Dave

      I think we are looking towards the end of October with the note 2. But I’m hoping HTC hits Tmobile with something really nice this year.

  • JBrowne1012

    By the looks of the price $479.99 for an off contract price is a good deal

    • Anonymous

      that isn’t in dollars

      • JBrowne1012

        Of course not I am sure everyone can see the British Pound Symbol, Companies typically don’t convert European prices to American dollars as in my example of a ps3 costing 299 euros or british pounds and here it costs… guess what? $299 American dollars, you can find many examples of this and I am never wrong when someone points this out.

    • lol


  • thinmanXXS

    I might have to import that if its compatible with hspa+ 42mbps

  • theking_13

    64 GBs? Hell yes.

  • kd

    Ohh come on! Not the Ads again.

  • Noel

    I am glad to see HTC doing a good job trying to shed the term SPEC MISERS i coin for them. They’ve proved me/us wrong on the int. storage side of things, now what say U my beloved HTC when it comes to bigger removable battery, i won’t knock them this time on an SD card expansion slot given the ample int. storage on this device, but it is always good to include on for a myriad of reasons. I think it is time for them to do 2GB RAM on their marquee devices. One more thing i would like to see on a Tmo One X+ is pure JB…please make it so. I am really looking fwd to this device on Tmo, and hopefully an HTC JB Nexus (Nexus X5 or Nexus 5X). If not then i will see what Sammy’s GT-i9260 the rumored GNex 2 or LG’s Optimus Nexus or Sunny’s Xperia Nexus has to offer. Very exciting time to be an Android fan considering the other top notch Android devices on the horizon…with all the incoming who needs that stretched old/new device.

  • mfor33

    any news on the amaze getting jelly bean?

  • one x+ baby one x+ it could be the nexus phone too –> delay??? no disrespect to other phones but if it were to be released right now it would be the top phone…similar to asus memo 370t –> becoming the nexus 7

  • i want a Nexus with the same specs.

  • Well something is coming soon from HTC since I’m noticing that all of the stores in our market are either out of stock on the One S or only have a few left and they haven’t shipped us any in several weeks. Usually that’s a sign that a device is about to be discontinued and replaced with something else.

    • YoureProbADumbass

      YESSS very nice!

  • I hope this didn’t get yoinked from T-Mobile’s roster because AT&T stuffed a fat roll of exclusivity cash in HTC’s G-string.

  • David

    Maybe the delay is cause Tmobile decided to make this device an other LTE??? what you all think???

  • dsg32

    phone is listed with full specs on htc’s canada website. nvidia tegra 3 1.7 quad core with 1gb ram and 64gb internal storage.