Newest Android OS Breakdown Shows Android 4.0+ Adoption Closing In On 30%

Google’s newest Android version breakdown chart is out and declares that Ice Cream Sandwich now sits at 25.8 percent of all Android devices. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean saw an increase from 1.8 percent to 2.7 percent with plenty of expectation for that to grow as Samsung starts to trickle out Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III along with Galaxy Note II sales starting in the US. Ice Cream Sandwich is up 2.1 percent since October likely due to a number of software updates rolling out combined with a bevy of new releases worldwide.

The release of Android’s version breakdown comes on the heels of a new report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) that says 75% of all smartphones shipped in the third quarter of this year ran Android. That’s a big number, but it’s an even bigger number when you hear it equates to 136 million Android devices shipped during that 3 month timeframe, the first time Android has surpassed 100 million devices sold in a quarter.

For reference, Apple shipped 14.9% of the smartphone market, or 26 million devices which doesn’t sound so hot in comparison until you look at how much profit Apple takes in from iPhone sales. Still, Apple is the only other carrier to ship smartphones in the doubt digits, with Blackberry shipping just 4% of all devices and Windows Phone at 3.6 million units worldwide.

Android Developers, Business Wire

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  • Schneider

    fascinating figures.. But I want my Jelly Bean! Less than 3% adoption of the latest OS is not good. I guess it’s time for a Nexus device :-(

    • eanfoso

      Or a Galaxy Note II that comes with jellybean out of the box ;)

  • qpinto

    Gingerbread came out 2 years ago. ICS and JB will soon take over due to people buying new phones after their contracts are over

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      Exactly. And in 2 years ,we’ll probably see this same chart again, but with ICS or JB as the largest slice.

      • BallaOnnaBudget

        And there will be 3 newer updates beyond ics and jb that’ll be at less than 50%

      • qpinto

        agreed. we should see more updates from ics to JB since ICS and JB are very similiar. every device that was released with ics should be upgraded to jb, but thats carrier specific. it seems that the safest way to get updates is via nexus device or international device.

  • not sure how you can look at this and not be upset at the ridiculous adoption rate of Android OS. it’s really sad that Google cuts practically all of its family in pieces with each new OS release. every phone should be Nexus i guess eh? the one thing i hate about Android is this ridiculous update process that leaves 90% of phones on older versions.

    • You can update your phone if you want just root. Google has nothing to do with why the OS percentage is so low. GB for low end phones is fine I bet you can’t detail a non-UI feature thats missing from GB and thats in both ICS and JB. A lot of devices running GB run just fine as is and that is the main goal.

    • theKingofAndroid

      don’t blame google for that blame the manufacturer like samsung with its touch wiz htc w/ sense motorola w/ blur etc they are not update they ui fast enoungh

      • good point .. which is why i’ve been seriously debating on ending my love for HTC and going Nexus

  • Dakota

    It still shows the fragmentation …a year after ICS you still only have 1/4. ..guess I’m lucky to have gnex with jb..but that’s why so many of apps no longer work. And r these stats just people who download from GP? Not everyone does that. And still. Almost 2/3 are on gingerbread or earlier. And you guys would be surprised but many avg users have no idea what OS they’re using & don’t care

    • ICS and JB are mainly UI updates theres nothing you are missing really from those 2 OS’s

      • 21stNow

        Google Now is a lot to miss, in my opinion.

        • Google Now is nice I run it on my sensation running Elegancia better than some other voice search and so on but every manufacturerhas their rendition whether its siri, genius button, etc etc

        • 21stNow

          For me, Google Now is not just the voice search functions, but also the information cards to alert me to weather and traffic conditions. The only similar app that I have used is Vlingo and Google Now is better than Vlingo to me.

        • Htc sense has weather but I do gotta hand it to google for traffic conditions but that aside there are apps for it all

  • Nogdolan

    It would be helpful to know the release date of each OS

  • jbhotnessmon


    • Todd Malvano

      root and use ics it works pretty flawless

  • bleeew

    Low-end phones come with GB

  • yozo

    Yep I have JB on my Tmo Note2. Contacts cross-referencing never happened to me with ICS. I kind of miss some of the other customizations that I had in ICS.

  • I wonder if and when the gs2 will get jellybean?

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