Nokia’s Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Is Pentaband After All

After a bit of confusion surrounding the launch and release of the Lumia 920 with Pentaband support, Nokia clarified that their website had accidentally posted their flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone as pentaband capable. Except, it seems that Nokia may have actually been right the first time around the Rogers release of the Lumia 920 to our friends up North confirmed that not only does the Lumia 920 have WCDA 1700/2100MHz, it runs on Wind, an AWS Canadian carrier.

If this pans out, not only could you grab an unlocked variant from Rogers, but we’re hopeful that Nokia was in fact mistaken all around and that the Lumia 920 will come pentaband, at least internationally. Either way, the opportunity to run a Lumia 920 on T-Mobile unlocked with AWS excites us greatly. There’s always the opportunity to run the Lumia 920 inside refarmed areas of T-Mobile’s network when it launches, but AWS is so widespread that we’d love to have the best of both worlds. If these signs are any indicator, we are getting exactly that.

Howard Forums (1), Howard Forums (2)

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