T-Mobile Black Friday/Holiday Deals At Walmart, Target Offer Up Savings, Google Play Credits


In an effort to keep you all in the loop with the best T-Mobile sales during the course of the holidays and specifically for this week and Black Friday I’ve added a special Hot Topic. The ‘Holiday Sales’ hot topic will give you one click access to Black Friday sales and T-Mobile deals throughout the holiday season.

I’ll add new blog posts as deals come out which will also appear on the main page, but can easily be found all in one place using the ‘Holiday Sales’ hot topic. All T-Mobile sales in one place? Why, I think that’s a great idea.

First up are the Black Friday deals for Walmart and Target, along with some extended deals from Target that will run throughout the season. These include two different ways to score Google Play $50 credits which includes the purchase of a Galaxy S III or a purchase of a T-Mobile Android device. We’re not sure if the two gift-cards can be stacked, but hey, it’s worth trying! As for Walmart, they’re matching the same deal they ran last year with a $100 gift card for the purchase of any smartphone, regardless of carrier.

Keep an eye on this page as we’ll add more deals as we learn about them!

For the moment, we’re not sure what kind of deals T-Mobile itself will be running this week, but we’ll get something up on the blog the moment we do.


  • SIII for $129 with $100 gift card, SII for $79 with $100 gift card
  • November 23rd – Dec 1st, $100 gift card with all smartphone sales
  • WP8X: $148
  • Note II: $299
  • Lumia 810: $79.88
  • L9: $0.97
  • Google Play Promotion: $50 credit on GSIII across all carriers, 11/18-12/29
  • Google Play Promotion: $50 credit on all Tmo Android devices 11/25-12/29
  • One S: $49.99 and GSIII $79.99 from 11/18-12/24
  • GSII: $19.99 from 11/23-11/24
  • Blaze 4G: $9.99 11/25 – 12/1
  • One S: $69.99 from 11/25 – 12/1
  • Target opens at midnight Black Friday, Mobile will be staffed

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  • david

    Has anyone found the note 2 for sale at Walmart

    • Robert C

      I’ve called every Walmart around and some say they are expecting but mostly they do not know much if anything

    • I found a Note 2 but… they did’t have the print out just yet for the pricing they just wrote a note on paper saying “Coming Soon”

  • I’m assuming this is all on-contract?

    • MacRat

      Of course.

      It is all about bringing in new customers.

  • John

    It would be useful to know which prices are non-contract. i have the value plan and would like to get a new phone. So often the deals posted are only for new contracts or extensions to the classic plan.

    • Captain Obvious

      Cell phones never go on sale at full retail price. That’s pretty much common sense. Wal-Mart does not do Value Plans. All of these prices are with a 2 year contract. They’re not going to give you a $400-$800 phone at those prices with no contract.

      • Exception being t-mobile themselves altering the prices lately on contract devices I.e. Galaxy Note 2 was 649.99 of contract on release now its $699.99

      • colombiatulua

        value plan it is a 2 yerars contract.

    • Fact of the matter is value plan only deals with FULL PRICE with that being said NO 3RD PARTY RETAILER IS GOING TO GIVE A DEAL ON VALUE PLANS…. You will always pay more for a brand new device from a 3rd party, Value Plans are best for buying USED and Out of contract. Only places to look for deals are 1.) Ebay 2.) Amazon 3.)T-mobile with EIP down payments. This is why I have not moved over to value because its tough to save on the newest phones by buying off contract.

      • Dakota

        or getting a Nexus device but unless you need true unlimited data, it makes no sense to sign a 2 year contract and get locked in. especially with so many android updates, people with 2 year contracts really get left behind…thats why so many people are still on gingerbread…and 2 years from now when were at version 5 or 6 people will be shocked as to how theyre still on ICS or JB. I was impressed that the GNEX got updated within 24 hours. The bad thing is that now so many of my apps just dont work …I dont know if Google doesnt give developers enough advance information like Apple does but am really shocked at how many problems Im having with apps and devs have no urgency to fix it when like 1% or probably less right now have 4.2.

        • Signing contracts with t-mobile is a no brainer for me I love t-mobile and the service I receive. They were my 2nd cell phone carrier after being screwed by using a TracFone Prepaid as my first ever cell phone was a basic Nokia bar phone that could play snake and use polyphonic ringtones lol

          I wouldn’t necessarily blame contracts solely for people being behind with the OS system. Sure with a 2yr people can’t get new phones with new OS’s but the carriers and manufacturers could easily if they wanted to just update the phones. Gingerbread is still usable as an OS sure its now considered ancient after 4.0 4.1 and 4.2 but not much is being lost by not upgrading.. The GNex will always get quick updates Google handles that through and through. Apps take a while to get updated because of devs having to add support for new devices and go through testing, that is a problem as well. Nexus devices have at least 3 months of exclusivity to the new os before new devices start shipping with them… They just aren’t getting paid as much as apple would offer them… Even more so some devs develop for iOS too so that needs to be taken into consideration as well..

    • MacRat

      Easier to just wait until T-Mobile via Best Buy dumps their excess inventory on CowBoom.com

  • RLB63

    So are they saying you PAY 129 and then you still get the $100 gift card? Meaning that it really costs only 29 for the GS3?

    • MacRat

      You’re also paying an extra $20 per month on the 2yr contract for $480.

      • TSOfan

        Not sure where the extra $20 is coming from. Currently I’m at 20 months and missed out on this past weekend deal. I have the Android web plan and prefer to keep it. I thought walmart employees cant change plans….

        • thepanttherlady

          Value plan customers pay a down payment then the remaining portion of the phone is broken into $20/month for 20 months.

      • RLB63

        I am on a clasic plan. The $20 would be for the value plans.

    • UncleFan

      I’m also curious… do they give you the gift card right away, or do they send it to you later in the mail?

      • JWu

        “You’ll walk out with your working phone and a $100 Walmart Gift Card.”

    • Dakota

      well didnt they just have it this weekend for free? or was that only for new customers – if it was and they keep screwing current customers, its just another reason why i moved to straight talk. im fine with under 2gb per month and can do without streaming on my data connection for that price.

  • ceegii63

    would be awesome if there was any kind of sale on Full Retail prices on the NOTE 2 coz that $699 is a tough cookie to bite

    • jonathan3579

      What happened to the $649.99 price tag? Did it go up?

      (I’ve seen T-Mobile do stupid stuff like that before…)

      • thepanttherlady

        Went up about 2 weeks ago.

    • al

      I got mine for $550 on craigslist. Used for a day.

  • I work for Target, we are opening at 9pm, not midnight!

  • Law school girl

    Are any of these deals for upgrades or just new customers?

    • Cat MacKinnon

      i’m hoping they’re for upgrades too. at the very least, if the upgrades are more expensive, i’m hoping it’s not by much. i went into Target yesterday to look around and they had the Galaxy S Blaze for $39, and i confirmed that price is for both new AND upgrades. i almost walked out with one right there, but i’m going to wait until Sunday and hopefully snag it for $10 (plus the $50 GPlay card). even if it’s a bit more for upgraders, say $19 or even $29, with a $50 Google Play card that would still be a great deal.

      • Law school girl

        Yeah I’m interested in the s3 and I called target and they said its only for sprint for the 79 price =(

        • Cat MacKinnon

          you might want to try calling a different Target store to verify that. T-MoNews might have been mistaken when they listed it as a T-Mobile deal, but whoever you talked to at Target might’ve been wrong too. also, when i went into Target yesterday, the salesperson working hadn’t seen the details for all of the sales yet.

  • Bill Smith

    My Target doesn’t have T-Mobile….

  • Please correct me if i am wrong
    If i go to walmart I can get an 8X for $150? and a $100 gift card?
    I am transferring 2 numbers from AT&T to Tmobile – So i get $50 from t-mobile for transferring lines .. essentially I get 2 free HTC 8X? Good deal for me … am i missing something?

  • Eric Echevarria

    Where is this info coming from? I haven’t been able to find any info on this on Target’s website. Is it store only?

    • Well, I listed it with a picture and if you’re familiar with this site, you know I have my sources! :-) I don’t know the deals are online, I know they are all available in store however.

      • Eric Echevarria

        That makes sense, just wanted to be sure

      • Eric Echevarria

        Also, make sure to call your Target first. No stores in my area sell T-Mobile phones except for the rinky dink prepaid ones.

  • johnny

    Neither Target nor Walmart have Galaxy 3. I just looked.

    • johnny

      online that is

  • johnny

    Nexus 4 no longer listed on Tmobile site.

  • Hector

    Got a T-Mobile Galaxy S3 last night 8-10pm at Sam’s Club for .96cents. Early Black Friday for plus and business members.

    • Eric Echevarria

      I went and they ran out, so they took my name and set me up to come in Tuesday to get one for the same price. Then they called and basically said “Never mind lol.” This was after they said they weren’t going to run out so they didn’t give me a ticket in line.

      • Hector

        I got a ticket in line, my phone got activated instore. Place was packed!

        • Eric Echevarria

          My mother in law called me earlier. Turns out she bitched out the manager so hard he changed his mind again and we’re getting our phones tomorrow for the sale price.

        • Bob

          The Sams Clubs here in central Florida don’t carry T-mobile phones.

        • Eric Echevarria

          That sucks dude, the sale was bananas. This phone is insane compared to the HTC HD2 I’ve been using the past year or so.

  • Charles Smith II

    Did it. Used the upgrade I was planning on getting an 810 with and got my wife a new SIII. I’m now using her Galaxy Nexus. We’re both pretty happy so far. $80 for an SIII that comes with $50 of play credit was a no brainer for me.

  • AndroidProfit

    Hmm don’t see the GS3 for $79 via target .com so maybe it’s in store only….

  • fooepi

    Is there more info on the Walmart sale? What minimum classic plan is required? Also, my mom attempted the Sam’s Club special sale last night $0.96 for SG3. Line out the door and only a handful people got them. They were unprepared :(

  • burms888

    Just saw this: http://www.booksnreview.com/articles/1683/20121119/black-friday-deals-samsung-galaxy-note-2-galaxy-s3-smartphones-amazon-best-buy-sams-club.htm

    “Sprint is offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G for free during the entire Black Friday weekend: Friday, Nov. 23, to Sunday, November 25. Of course, this sounds amazing on the surface, but you’ll only reach the “free” price point after mailing in a $50 rebate and signing a two-year contract.

    Similarly, T-Mobile has priced five 4G Samsung smartphones as “free” – after a mail-in rebate and standard two-year contract. The “free” phones are: Samsung Galaxy S3 4G, the Samsung Galaxy S2 4G, the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, and the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G.”

    • burms888

      Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G still LTE compatible?

  • Nibbley15

    Just bought the Note 2 at Walmart, upgrade price on Classic plan was $279.99 plus tax.

  • mediak

    Just went to the WalMart closest to me, of the electronics staff there, one was answering a craigslist ad concerning work on his album, another was on the phone and walked right past me, and a third was simply hanging out. When I asked about the GSIII, he said they don’t sell anything T-Mobile. I told him stock was there (pulled up on my Vibrant) and he showed me a GSII.

    I called another store, which did have them in stock. I asked her about the store I was currently in, she said they were sold there as well. When I told her what had happened, I was put on hold, and was disconnected.

    This isn’t looking good.

  • mediak

    BTW, my stores aren’t activating the deal until Friday.

  • HumorPrint

    I’m confused, why are people going now if the sale isn’t until the 23rd??

  • Flores

    Last year I got the s1 for a dollar, and still got the $100 gift card great deal!!!’

  • Keron1st

    Will the note 2 actually be 300? Or will it be 300 after mail in rebate?

  • Alicia

    I checked the local in-store ad for walmart and the Note II isn’t on there, nevermind for $299…I noticed in your screenshot its says 233 doors — does that mean the deal is only in 233 stores nationwide? And probably not in my area…. =( ??

    If so, is there a way to find out what stores have them, aside from calling each one individually for the next 12 hours lol

    • Yes, just 233 stores nationwide and no, I don’t know a way to narrow down the locations, it’ll require some elbow grease to find out!

  • 216Ant

    Does anyone know if the Walmart gift card a instant one or future dated?

  • Cat MacKinnon

    just thought i’d let everyone know that if you live in a state that has CarToys (Colorado, Oregon, Texas and Washington according to their website), ALL of their cellphones are $100 off for the next three days. that’s for new AND upgrades, all carriers! i snagged a Galaxy SII for the princely sum of one cent (i literally gave them a penny:) IIRC the price of the T-Mo SIII’s were $99 with the deal. also, there are no rebates required.

    if you’re lucky enough to live in a state that has CarToys stores, i’d highly recommend checking their sale out. it’s a four-day sale, but today (Weds) is obviously over. the salesperson said that their stores had a good supply of most phones, but he expected a lot of the desirable stuff to start selling out on Friday and Saturday….which is why i went in today;)

    btw, it looks like you can get the same deals on their website, so if you don’t have a local store to check out, you should be able to order online at the same price.

  • UncleFan

    I was able to buy a GS3 at Walmart today for $148 and it came with the $100 gift card, too! I’m also happy to report that they let me keep my old service plan.

    • Carrie Johnson

      Same here. Very excited. Now if I could just find a Walmart with Note II’s, I’d be set!