T-Mobile Announces LG Optimus L9, Available October 31st

T-Mobile’s just dropped word that the LG Optimus L9 is set to be stocked on store shelves beginning October 31st, for $79.99 with Classic plans. I’ll readily admit that I’m looking forward to some hands on time with the Optimus L9 given its size and price point.

The L9 will be available in stores and online beginning October 31st for $79.99 with a two-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate. Value Plan customers are looking at an out-of-pocket down payment of $49.99 with 20 equal payments of $15 per month over 20 months.

As a quick reminder, if the official T-Mobile price doesn’t suit your fancy, there’s always the anticipated $0.97 deal from Walmart.

Now, how about some CyanogenMod love for this thing?

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  • GwapoAko


  • UMA_Fan

    Is this HSPA+ 42 or what?

    Can’t find out for sure either way anywhere. Typically, if it’s hard to find out if it has HSPA+ 42 it isn’t. If that’s the case, the Galaxy S II is still a better buy imo.


      I think it is. Pretty sure all but feature phones will be 42 capable from here on out.

      • UMA_Fan

        It’s still not listed anywhere that I can find for this device. That raises some flags. I’ll believe every high end phone launch on T-Mobile will have at least HSPA+ 42 but just last month the mid range Huawei myTouch’s had only HSPA+ 14 radios in them.

    • mingkee
  • ooooYEAAAAA

    benchmark scores on this phone blew everything but the s3 and the one s out the water.

    • jonathan3579

      Where did you see benchmarks for it? I can’t even find any details on the processor.

      • ooooYEAAAAA

        i work at a tmo store got to run them last week.

  • Grimbeaver

    Don’t want to go anywhere near LG with their history of problems and slow upgrades.


    $350 for a mid-range phone is not bad… but given the fact that the Optimus G’s camera sucks (both in photo and video), I doubt the L9 will be any better.

    • mingkee

      According to phonescoop, it’s said to have a decent camera.

  • MorningWood

    I hope its available on the Monthly 4G for a little cheaper.

  • macho man

    I played with this phone allllll day yesterday while at work. Games, videos, everything. It is nice for a budget phone. Made me think LG finally fixed its flaws. Truly a nice phone for those on a budget. Good battery too.

  • Cute !

  • gomez

    only 97cents at WALMART…..

  • mreveryphone

    What size sim does it take

    • Little Jimmy

      Micro SIM. I’m literally holding one right now.

      • mreveryphone

        Might be a good back up phone! Thanks for the response.

  • mingkee

    $350 paid in full?
    It sounds good for me.

  • Joe g

    Will the optimus l9 be available on t mobile monthly 4Gs. 30$ a month plan.?

  • nuvia

    I was looking for a case for this phone and the only kinds that pop up are fit phones with the camera lens in a corner, not in the middle. Are there 2 different versions of this phone?