Samsung’s Latest Series Of Galaxy S III Ads Include Plenty Of Reasons To NFC Transfer

Samsung’s latest series of Galaxy S III marketing spots have hit the airwaves via YouTube and well, they include plenty of reasons to use the smartphone’s NFC transfer function. With “Work Trip,” you’ve got a father taking off on a business trip and is presented a video from his daughters to watch on his trip. As for his wife, she too has a recorded video, but she definitely doesn’t want him watching it on the airplane. I’ll let your imagination run wild with what she has in mind.

“Date Night” shows all the reasons in the world why a man should never, ever have the Spice GIrls at the ready, especially if you ever want to impress a woman. The date is saved with Samsung’s NFC transfer feature yielding a much improved music selection.

“Game On” shows two friends playing side by side, one with an iPhone and the other with the Galaxy S III and as expected there’s plenty of complaints about screen size. Just wait for the end though, the old woman drops the best line of the clip.

Samsung doesn’t need to do a lot to persuade us to pick up the Galaxy S III and they’ve proven that with millions sold, but these videos highlight just a few of the many reasons S III ownership has its advantages.

YouTube 1, YouTube 2, YouTube 3

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