Samsung’s Latest Series Of Galaxy S III Ads Include Plenty Of Reasons To NFC Transfer

Samsung’s latest series of Galaxy S III marketing spots have hit the airwaves via YouTube and well, they include plenty of reasons to use the smartphone’s NFC transfer function. With “Work Trip,” you’ve got a father taking off on a business trip and is presented a video from his daughters to watch on his trip. As for his wife, she too has a recorded video, but she definitely doesn’t want him watching it on the airplane. I’ll let your imagination run wild with what she has in mind.

“Date Night” shows all the reasons in the world why a man should never, ever have the Spice GIrls at the ready, especially if you ever want to impress a woman. The date is saved with Samsung’s NFC transfer feature yielding a much improved music selection.

“Game On” shows two friends playing side by side, one with an iPhone and the other with the Galaxy S III and as expected there’s plenty of complaints about screen size. Just wait for the end though, the old woman drops the best line of the clip.

Samsung doesn’t need to do a lot to persuade us to pick up the Galaxy S III and they’ve proven that with millions sold, but these videos highlight just a few of the many reasons S III ownership has its advantages.

YouTube 1, YouTube 2, YouTube 3

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  • Deadeye37

    I love these commercials. I especially love the game on commercial with the old lady calling the guy a whiner. XD

  • zapote21

    Just saw the video one on MLB network…lol

  • Deadeye37

    Looks like the Game On commercial isn’t on there. Here’s the link:

  • shack180

    Hey David I noticed you didn’t have a article up on sprint galaxy s3 owners receiving the jellybean update first starting today . As much as T-Mobile push this phone I sm surprise we didn’t get it first smh.

    • Well, I generally don’t cover that kind of news considering it’s related to Sprint and not T-Mobile directly. If it was a more mainstream announcement, I would.

      • shack180

        Sorry about that was just wondering .I

    • Benjamin@tmo

      Sadly, T-Mobile doesn’t push updates as fast as others but we’ll get it! Don’t worry! I’m keeping my eyes open everyday for a lot of my customers.

      • Spanky

        By the time we get it, it’ll be time to upgrade the phone. :)
        Sorry, just had to take a dig at the glacial U.S. update pace. It’s not just T-Mobile, it’s all carriers (with the exception of Sprint, apparently).

        • Benjamin@tmo

          Apparently, you are right.
          Even as a rep, I rom my phone.
          Mostly cause I’m a nerd and stuff
          But the major thing is, I want all that my android has to offer. Do I recommend it to everyone? NO. lol

        • nycplayboy78

          XDA-Developers are your FRIEND…Now say it with me Ben….YOUR FRIEND


        • Benjamin@tmo

          so true man, SO true! Sadly, too many people are unfamiliar with XDA

  • SDJB

    LOL… great commercials. They need to keep this type of advertisement going.

  • I love all three commericals

  • shack180

    They need to Put these commerical’s on tv not just YouTube

    • unknown

      They are on tv

  • Sweet lol

  • Josue

    they make S Beam seem easy but it isn’t lol

    • davedsone

      yeah, kind of like apple made siri seem instant. I laughed at that one.

      • Josue

        Siri is just a gimmick google search is faster & better

        • davedsone

          I’m not with you there. Siri is fairly cool. I just take issue with the commercials instant response and instant answers. But mostly I use voice input for texting while driving. Give me offline voice recognition and I’m pretty much happy. I don’t need an electronic girlfriend living in my phone.

    • You’re kidding right? Have the media that you want to share on the screen, touch the phones, tap the screen, done. Even wifi-direct is a sinch and even faster because it’s wifi speed rather than just bluetooth speed that SBeam uses.

      • Josue

        i tried S.B on a GNEX and its not easy trust me lol

        • Andrew

          Probably because the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have S Beam.

  • joel

    i love my galaxy s3 <3

  • Benjamin@tmo

    I LOVE IT! Haha, “you might not want to watch it on the plane…”

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    These are all good ads, and I’m a Samsung guy, but (in fairness) the “Turn up the brightness!” / “It’s already up!” exchange [in “Game On”] may be misleading, considering how much brighter the iPhone’s screen is than the GSIII’s (i.e., see

  • Chimphappyhour

    Ha! I’m sorry but so far in my experience, beaming content doesn’t happen that fast. That guy would have lost at least half of the first video which means he never would have received the second.