Report: Microsoft Will Lose Dominant Marketshare To Android In 2016

According to a new Gartner study, Google’s Android operating system will be used on more computing devices than Microsoft’s Windows Platform within the next four years. The study shows the massive shift happening in the marketplace as Android continues its rise to world domination. At the end of 2016, Gartner expects there will be 2.3 billion computers, tablets and smartphones using the Android platform, compared to 2.28 billion Windows devices.

As for 2012, Gartner anticipates 1.5 billion Windows devices against 608 million using Android which indicates just how fast Android is expected to grow in the coming years. Worldwide shipments of personal computers continue to fall, as much as 8% in the third quarter which is the steepest decline since 2001 as consumers continue to move to increasingly powerful tablets and smartphones for basic computing needs.

The report highlights the tremendous effort Microsoft faces as it struggles to stay relevant in the ever-increasing smartphone and tablet world along with maintaining its personal computer marketshare. It’s clear that with the introduction of Windows and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft faces a whole new battle and one that will take place on multiple fronts. If this report proves to be correct, Microsoft’s days as the worldwide leader in personal computer could be numbered.


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  • wow. good article.

  • Oscar Dominguez

    I I think it would be wise to wait and see what Windows 8 does before coming to this conclusion.

    • Jose Hernandez


  • TheCudder

    This is hilarious, Windows 8 is coming….watch. Netscape & Linux were also thought to kill Internet Explorer & Linux, we see how well that went.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Netscape and Linux might not have done it, but Chrome is number 1 for most users around the world. The only place were IE is still ahead (if not tied for first place) is in the US. All I’m saying is never say never. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

      • Brian

        Chrome is in second place, actually, and is due to be pushed WAY back into a distant second place with Windows 8.

        Face it, Googlers, most users don’t want all their online activities archived, catalogued and sold to advertisers. Microsoft values our privacy more and helps protect us from Big Brother Google.

  • Deadeye37

    Who would’ve guessed that Linux (albeit heavily modified) would overtake Windows as the primary computing platform. I guess iOS would be considered Linux too since its using the Linux Kernel.

    • NuShrike

      Wrong! iOS and MacOSX are the largest deployment of the mostly original, real UNIX, aka BSD UNIX. Linux is only a kernel and there are no naked deployments in existence. Only GNU/Linux, Android/Linux, FreeBSD/Linux, etc.

      iOS and MacOSX both use the Mach kernel – neither Linux or BSD.

      • Brian

        BSD is not “original UNIX.” It’s an open-source POSIX clone of Unix. “Real” unix is the original AT&T Unix.

  • Was this to make people laugh? People need to realize Android is not secure and just about the easiest OS to hack manipulate. If this becomes dominant then we are better off going back to the old caveman days.

    • Because Windows is hard to hack? and if its so easy to do so to Android lets see you do it, post a vid of you “hacking” bet you won’t.


      You sound so unintelligent. The only way Android gets hacked is by people downloading and installing pirated apps. And if Android, which is Linux, is so easy to hack, let me see you do it then Mr. Smart guy.

  • Ulysses Geist

    Sure, assuming current trends remain as they are. Does anyone really think that these trends will stay static with Win8, Surface and other upcoming products launching? I wouldn’t be dumping my MS stocks just yet.

  • Cozzy

    I don’t know why people think this is so funny. People are doing more computing now on smartphones and tabs. Android is a large part of both those spaces where as Microsoft is not.

    I love microsoft computers myself but doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see which way the wind blows.

    • As it still stands, and as much as I love android this is stupid.. until a Android tab can not go the lengths of a laptop in its current state. Its a mobile OS I will still use now Windows 8 as a desktop/ Laptop preference.

      • TonyJ

        Totally agree. Windows does so much more with peripherals. Windows 8 will be app based as well as be able to run legacy drivers also and the new Windows Phone 8 and RT based tablets come with free Office 2013. Windows 8 along with Windows Tablets and Windows Phone 8 will change this forecast dramatically. People still need to be able to print documents and use usb peripherals. Android is a mobile OS while Windows is both desktop/laptop as well as mobile. I don’t see android ever taking the place of Windows especially with the new Windows products and services launch plus the head start they already have. I can’t see enterprise upgrading from Windows 7 computers to Android while Windows 8 is available and will run on their current devices. This article is amusing to me also.

  • dkbnyc

    Well, I see these AnalList are pulling crap out their butts once again.