Quick Update On Those Android 4.2 Rumors, They Were False

It’s unfortunate whenever any rumor that has us excited turns out to be wrong, and that’s exactly what has happened with the recent Androidandme Android 4.2 rumor story. As it turns out, the intel wasn’t double and triple checked leading to some confusion and now a retraction by the site. At the very least, this explains why Googler Dan Morrill had a good laugh on Google+. We’re disappointed to see that this information, or at least some of it won’t pan out as the ideas behind some of the information weren’t half bad. Still, this is why rumors are rumors and truths are truths. Hopefully it won’t be long before Google announces all the new Android 4.2 changes themselves.


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  • Eurohomie

    NOOOO!! oh well, My SK4G is still stuck in 2011… Patiently awaiting the Note 2

  • Noel

    Even though there maybe a retraction…those are very good ideas which i strongly hope Google/Android team should try to incorporate into Android to make fragmentation a thing of the past and make sure all/most of Androids Army enjoy the latest of the latest in their OS.

    • squiggleslash

      Fragmentation wouldn’t have been fixed by any of the proposed changes. Pretty much the only way Google can handle the fragmentation thing – outside of making it not-an-issue (which is pretty much the case anyway) – would be by freezing the kernel and employing an update mechanism that updates the rest of Android from a centralized, uncustomized, source – which would preclude manufacturers from being able to customize their phones.

      Other good ideas seemed a little far fetched. I loved the battery life project one, but you’d have to completely rewrite Android and make it as efficient as, say, the Nokia Symbian series, to get anything significant.

      • samagon

        it seems to me, that if the rumors about Google opening their Nexus brand to more manufacturers, their goal is to make more phones available that get updated to the latest version of the software quicker.

        If more ‘Nexus’ phones exist, consumers will either embrace the quickly updating phones (and force reaction by manufacturers to push updates quicker), thus taking the wind out of the sails of the fragmentation fairy, or consumers won’t care, and Google can say look, consumers don’t care about immediate updates to the software because they don’t seem to buy all these phones that are guaranteed to be updated quickly, the fragmentation fairy is a figment of Apple marketing imagination.

        Either way, it will hopefully kill the fragmentation meme.

  • Noel

    OH!.WHAT ABOUT THE RUMORS OF MULTIPLE NEXUS DEVICES??? My own conclusion seem to zero down on three possible Nexus devices so far…Samsung GT-i9260/GNex 2, LG Optimus Nexus, Motorola RAZR Nexus/Occam phone. I also strongly feel there will be a HTC Nexus (Nexus X5) type device fashioned from their rumored 1080p screen device HTC DIX. Probably Sony, ASUS or Huawei might also be given a crack at a Nexus type device. Not too long now…we will have the correct answers from Google. Really excited and looking fwd to the end of the month or early next month.

    • samagon

      what the devices are is rumor, but it was from Google’s own lips that there would be 5 Nexus devices released this year.

      N7 and NQ are two, so there’s at least 3 more coming.

  • Jimmy

    I think we are going to jump up to 5.0

    • samagon

      Maybe, I’d like to see more integration, capability and polish given to Google Now. It’s a fun app as is, but it can do so much more if they give it legs.

  • Anonymous

    a bit disappointing, but at least some of those ideas were decent. Personally I feel that jellybean is “good enough” for most people, and any future updates will be icing on the cake. Though a software upgrade specifically to deal with battery life sounded.. too good to be true.