Best Buy Taking Pre-Orders For the Windows Phone 8X On October 21st?

The boys from WPCentral got their hands on this image from an upcoming Best Buy store advertisement for the week of October 21st that shows the Windows Phone 8X as available for pre-order. There’s no sign as to which carriers Best Buy will offer pre-orders for given the Windows Phone 8X will be carried by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. The device in the image itself is AT&T branded, but given that Best Buy carries T-Mobile (online) and Verizon, it’s possible it could be for all three carriers.

We’ll have to see what happens this upcoming Sunday, but we’d be happy to get our pre-orders in early for HTC’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device.

The Windows Phone 8X features a 4.3″ Super LCD2 Gorilla Glass 2 display at 720 resolution, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, and an 8 megapixel camera.

Our most recent bit of intel shows the Windows Phone 8X launching on T-Mobile store shelves on November 14th, so any pre-order might not ship until around that timeframe.


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  • Adrian Torres-Vega

    At 4.3″, that 720p display is going to be gorgeous while web browsing and YouTube’ing… Very nice.

    • It’s a damn shame Microsoft has yet to get an official Youtube app on the platform.

      • Adrian Torres-Vega

        Wow, I had no idea! Indeed, a damn shame…
        Previously owning the One X, the 720p SLCD2 screen was absolutely beautiful to behold. Colors were vivid, text was sharp, a truly great experience on a mobile and that was on a 4.7″ screen. I can’t say I would go back to Windows mobile (didn’t really like the experience on my HD7 a while back), but I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the phone live and in action.

        • Wyn6

          While there’s no “official” You Tube app (Google won’t support it) there are superior third party offerings like MetroTube and SuperTube. These, in my opinion, destroy any You Tube app on any platform in terms of UI and function.

      • David

        There is no official app because Google doesn’t want to support Windows Phone (perhaps scared of competition) and also doesn’t let Microsoft to access to what needed to have a good official app.
        So really shame on Google for being such an evil company that by bloclking other compnaies tries to sell their own crap.
        Please do more research yourself and find a truth behind it before just go ahead and blame Microsoft for it.
        The truth is Google is the problem here no one else.
        But still there are some very nice appas on Windows Phone for YouTube which is even looks better than other platfroms apps.

        • Anonymous

          it’s reasons like this that keep me away from windows phone. When i can easily find each and every app i want, the same ones i get on android and ios (yes i own both types of devices), will i ever consider windows phones. I think that will be awhile.

        • Smith

          You are very wrong!
          Go search Windows Phone Store and you will find very very nice fully functional YouTube apps or other apps. I have Windows Phone for 2 years now and I never had problem with watching any video on it from youtube or web in general.
          And never felt there is an app missing. So there is nothing to keep you away from Windows Phone unless you are looking for 100 different FART APP!

        • Anonymous

          until windows has all of the same apps that i use on my ipad and android devices, i will not use it. plain and simple.

  • bby

    its true

    • Herb

      You seem totally credible and I believe you 100%. Thank you for all the supporting information to back up your claim.

  • nycplayboy78

    Hmmm with the Galaxy Note II hitting T-Mo’s shelves on November 15….Well at least it will give us here on T-Mobile some more choices…Always a good thing :)

    • UMA_Fan

      Where did you get this date from?

  • red

    eeck…people spend money to buy windoze phone???

    • Wyn6

      Yep. Myself and many others really enjoy using a fresh and innovative OS on our phones.

    • John

      the problem with you is you are using lot of DOZE! If you were using Windows then you had no problem.
      Nice try troll!

  • greentea

    I’d rather have the LG Optimus G. Guess I’ll be waiting, hoping, and praying TMo gets a Nexus device before the end of the year or I may become Verizon customer.

    • Herb

      Don’t expect the GSM carriers (T-Mo, AT&T) to offer the Nexus. Google sells the GSM Nexus unlocked on the Google Play store. Verizon & Sprint often get carrier-branded Nexus devices because of their unique networks.

  • Singleweird

    why does the phone menu feature a BLACK HTC One S, but tmobile doesn’t offer the device in black? i dont get it.

    • Anonymous

      i’m wondering as well.. guess they’re trolling

  • i just wish windows gave u an option instead of tiles. theyre so ugly. not to mention the menus look exactly like the zune from what, 5 years ago? egh… let us customize!