ISIS Mobile Wallet Android App Shows Up In Google Play Store

With yesterdays confirmation that T-Mobile was prepping to launch their ISIS Mobile Wallet trial in Salt Lake City, Utah and Austin, Texas on October 22nd, comes the release of the ISIS Mobile Wallet app for Android. The app itself requires that you have an ISIS ready SIM card which can be picked up at retail stores in the two test pilot locations beginning sometime next week.

Reminder: This app will not work on rooted devices.

The Isis Mobile Wallet … everything in your wallet … now on your phone.

By holding virtual versions of most things in your existing wallet or purse right on your phone, the Isis Mobile Wallet™ lets you:

• PAY WITH YOUR EXISTING CARDS – Store your existing, participating American Express, Chase or Capital One card right on your phone. Or use the free Isis Cash™ card that comes with every Wallet. Choose the card you want to use, tap your phone to the contactless payment terminal at checkout and you’re on your way.

• SIMPLIFY YOUR LOYALTY CARDS – No more over-stuffed wallet or key chains. Conveniently store your loyalty cards from participating merchants in one place so you always have them with you.

• SAVE WITH OFFERS – Send offers and deals directly to your Isis Mobile Wallet – no coupons to clip, no emails to print, nothing to forget.

• CHECKOUT IN A SINGLE TAP – Seamlessly transmit your payment info, loyalty and offers at checkout with just one tap at Isis Ready™ SmartTap™ merchants. No more fumbling through your wallet or purse.

If you’re wondering about the safety of the Isis Mobile Wallet, you needn’t worry…in fact, it’s safer than your existing wallet. To start with, the Wallet app is PIN protected. Further, you enjoy the same protection against fraud that you have today on your physical cards. Lastly, if your phone is lost or stolen, one quick call to T-Mobile freezes your Wallet.

SUPPORTED BY T-Mobile – Questions? Customer service is just a phone call away.

GETTING STARTED – The Isis Mobile Wallet uses near field communication (NFC) technology to transmit your payment card information to a merchant’s contactless payment terminal. Please check with your mobile carrier for a full list of supported devices.

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  • gtdeaner

    No thanks

    • AM3RIG

      why is that?

      • Techie Fan

        I guess he feels the Fraud potential is to high for him.. Not any worse then entering your information on the internet to pay for things or even going to an ATM an inserting your CC or Debit card to take out money. IF the Fraudster is trying to get your money they can get it directly from your checking account without you having to swipe your card or accessing your money!

        It isn’t about if he will do it now or not. The question should be when will he give in and use it because of the convenience? Or who knows, what if we moved away from Bills all together and this became the only way of making payment. You wouldn’t have an option put to use the process.

      • Freddie Lopez

        Well for one I rather use Google Wallet. But just not sure if T-Mobile support GWallet.

        • fixxmyhead

          we would rather use google wallet but some of us dont have a choice so i’ll use this on my s2. better than nothing

        • Justin Georgeson

          I had a friend pull the Google Wallet APK off his AT&T Nexus S and share ti to me with Google Drive. I downloaded it on my non-rooted phone and it installed cleanly and seems to work. Ridiculous to have hoops to jump but not that difficult to get through. Didn’t have to root and download from a mediafire link posted on a random page.

        • fixxmyhead

          uhmm it doesnt work on the hercules (s2) trust me if it did i would be using it.

  • noelsito

    I never heard why the carriers, excluding Sprint, went with this and blocked Google Wallet

    • Herb

      Why does any business do anything? $$$$$

    • It’s all about the $$ my guess is that the eWallet provider is getting a cut. .the way it works with GWallet, is you actually make hte purchase with a virtual mastercard provided by google… and then google charges your credit card.. separately.. I would definitely think the provider is making something off this.

  • Garrett

    I been using Google Wallet on T-Mobile somewhat frequently. Does Isis offer any advantages? I haven’t seen a reason to switch yet.

    • Techie Fan

      It is currently just another format to make a payment… Like VHS and BETA or Blu Ray and HD DVD’s. Once the war is over and we have more vendors/companies deciding which process to adopt, then it will make more sense. Right now it is more of a luxury or a pain in the neck if you have to bounce from Google Wallet to ISIS.

      • You wont be able to bounce from one to the other.. they both store their payment info in the secure element.. Me thinks that it’s an either or situation which is why google wallet isnt available for hte most part on most tmo phones.. if you started using google wallet they’d be locking themselves out of the market because then you couldnt use isis.

    • shack180

      I do u get Google wallet on a non rooted gs3 T-Mobile???

      • nope has to be rooted.. actually it wont run on the latest update for GS3 at all.. had to completely switch roms.

  • Tito

    very interesting. spotted a Verizon Wireless ISIS Training at a SLC venue yesterday on my way home from work… was this close on just walking in :)

    • Tito

      the only reason i’m kinda excited for ISIS still is because my city is a launch site…

      otherwise they’ve so far kind of been a hit and mess.

      I’ve very much liked my Google Wallet… and probably still use Google Wallet over ISIS.

      I just need ISIS for it’s forward momentum of getting retailers, etc. to getting my city mobilized with NFC terminals :)

      they’re app seems kind of ugly and amateur. I’ll probably be alternating between services. but Google Wallet has been fine for me. as much little opportunity I get to use it.

      Won’t stop myself from picking up an ISIS SIM next week though!

      • My guess is you wont be able to alternate between the two services… because they both require the use of the secure element to store payment info.. my guess is that only one of them can control it…


    Do not see it in the play store.

  • sorry tmo you waited to long.. Google wallet already rocks.. Took me 3 days to get it working on my Galaxy S III but it’s AWESOME! I love paying for stuff with it. It’s fun too!

  • predation

    will never use these services because i will not get the rewards from cards.
    now integrate that some how and i will use.

    • cozzy

      Im not sure about other credit cards but I know rewards work for the discover card my friend uses. He gets cash back and what not.

      • cozzy

        talking about google wallet, not sure about isis.

  • nycplayboy78

    MEH…I’ll let the geniuses at XDA come up with a way to make this work on rooted devices it is only a matter of time :)

  • kirbi182

    I’m not unrooting my device just to use ISIS, hell I need a “special” ISIS sim card for it to work anyway I wish there was an easy way to get google wallet back on my s3

  • kev2684

    Lol will not work on rooted device. Mostly the ones who wants mobile payments also roots their device. Boooooooo bring Google wallet on t-mobile!

  • s10shane

    to bad my htc one s doesnt have an nfc chip. lol

  • ColoradoGray

    All the one reviews complaining that it isn’t working yet kill me. It hasn’t launched and the SIM cards aren’t out there yet! Oi.